Choke Chamber – Whoop Ass Episode 1

Choke Chamber – Whoop Ass Episode 1

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

TRIO, is an elite team , well versed in the art of corporate espionage. They are infiltrators. The beautiful, large breasted Mrs.Green leads the team. Janis is a super agent with deadly fighting skills. Moe is the newest member of the team, and the first male ever, to be invited in. The teams seems to be working well together, until a big job comes in. But Moe is playing both sides. Once he gets the info, he warns the target, who orders him to take out his partners. He agrees. So, gun in hand, Moe searches the house, finding her in the hall. He sneaks up behind pointing the gun at her head. Enraged, she spins, grabbing his weapon, kicks him in the balls, then follows up with a barrage of kicks and punches, driving him to the floor where she stomps his genitals over and over. She finally snaps his neck with a behind the knee snap.

Fetish Elements:

Erotic garrote strangle, Tongue out,1 kill scene, 2 models, wardrobe (high heel pumps, pantyhose, sexy business attire, mini skirt, body moaning, writhing, agony, gasping, heavy breathing, tough girl, Neck snap, One male victim, Leg lock, Ball busting, kicks, punches, Karate, pantyhose, short skirt, sexy business attire, Spy Assassins, Femdom , Female domination, Blonde and brunette


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