[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Macbeth 014

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Macbeth 014

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Lady Macbeth waits for her husband in her bedroom, she gets her makeup finished, and stands in the doorway. Macbeth returns from killing the King of Scotland, bloody dagger in hand, and goes to his wife’s room. She is there waiting in a robe, she drops the robe and unveils her sexy body in lingerie. She asks Macbeth why he did not leave the murder weapon at the scene, after some deliberation, she unhands the dagger from him and commands him to take what is rightfully his, her body. He gets lost in her sexuality and control of his emotions. She undresses, then undresses him. Macbeth takes her standing up, he flings her into his arms and makes passionate love to her. He then throws her on to the bed, going deep as she moans with pleasure and claws his back. She now rides him cowboy, taking the pleasure, and throwing her head around. Macbeth flips her over and rams her from behind. As she looks up she sees an apparition of Macbeth, bloodied chest, stabbed by the dagger, she smiles and gets into the sex. When she looks up again, she sees her own ghost with a bright red ligature mark on her neck. She quickly shuns these visions and tells him to cum. Her words are harsh as he finishes, so he takes one of her lace top thigh highs and wraps it around her neck. He pulls hard on the stocking and it lifts her up to her knees. He stands over her, strangling her to death, letting her arms flail, fight, and claw at his legs, but pulling so tight she can only let out small gasps of air. She fights hard but he pulls way to hard and is very determined to get her down. After she fights for a long bout, she is dead, eyes wide open, mouth agape. Macbeth pushes her and she topples over to the bed face down, and head cocked to the side(From a few angles, she drops).

After she is dead Macbeth goes for round two, slamming her from behind to get his last fuck in before he buries her. After he finishes he gets up to get dressed as we see her panned and viewed ass up. He comes back in and flips her over to see her face and lovely breasts. He plays with the thigh high on her neck, then leaves..More body pans and views of the sexy Lady Macbeth follow.

Number four in our Shakespearean adaptations. This one is very well done, gritty, with f/x, and a 24P film render, lots of great music and suspense! Salang does a great job! Thanks to Othello for the script! Chris


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