Cruel World (911 Entertainment) – Uninvited Guest 1

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Cruel World (911 Entertainment) – Uninvited Guest 1

Categories: Hanging, Asphyxiation, Execution, Prisoner, Torture, Inquisition, Strangle, Real Hanging, Naked Slut, Morgue

File Info: File Size : 274.13 MB
Resolution : 1280x720
Duration : 00:20:03
Video : H264 (Main) :: 1.73 Mb/s, 50 fps
Audio : AAC (LC) :: 130 kb/s, 48000 Hz, 2 channels :: Eng

Description: The mafia boss ordered a bandit named Bald to kill an uncooperative girl journalist. The girl wrote an article in the newspaper about the machinations of the mafia. The Bald asked-BOSS!! Can I have some fun with her first? The boss replied – do whatever you want with her, as long as she is dead later. The Bald grinned and went to carry out the order. The girl journalist just rented an apartment in a neighboring city to do a journalistic investigation there as well.

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