121 Fantasies – Cocos Raze Part 1 – Fight

121 Fantasies – Cocos Raze Part 1 – Fight

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Description: Coco is very pissed off because a fighter she has gone rounds with before is screwing her man behind her back. Coco has hired a videographer to document her beat down of Belle, she is naked aside from a thong, and her hands are well taped. She tells him to record it all and that she is going to destroy her. When Belle shows arrives her hands are taped and ready, Belle does not bother to undress but just gets in Cocos face saying, “Are you ready because I am fucking your man later”.Coco swings at Belle several times but Belle blocks her punches and then gets to work on kicking her ass. Belle starts with her heavy right hand with a cross, then a left knocking her to the wall, and a barrage of combinations many of them and knocking her to the floor with a big right cross. Coco is stunned and already bleeding from the nose and some redness and bruises showing up. Her eye is slightly closed from a big shot to the right side of the temple. She coughs a bit and tries to sit up but Belle straddles her and punches her face left and right as she sits on her.Coco is getting the snot beat out of her and blood comes from her mouth and nose. After a big right hand Coco is knocked out cold. Belle stands up and slaps her awake telling her she wants her to be awake for the beat down. Belle stands up and starts kicking Coco in the ribs.She kicks Coco over and over in the side, stomach and in the back. Coco is hurting bad but Belle isn’t close to done. She pulls her up by her hair and Gets her up against the wall Punching her a couple of times before she looks at the camera man and says she is glad everyone will see this and winks at the camera. Belle starts working her body, punching her in the stomach, ribs, and kidneys over and over until she is coughing up blood on to her tits. She punches her again and again as more blood darker blood comes from her mouth. Belle grabs her by the face and decks her in the face to the floor, knocked out. She goes to Coco’s twitching body, battered bruised and bloody from the beat-down. Belle stands over her getting Coco’s legs up and stomps her pussy with her foot. Stomping over and over as Coco grunts with pain and moans from being pussy stomped repeatedly, her pussy bleeds from the trauma. After repeated pussy stomps and Coco is ready to submit, Belle makes Coco say, “I submit” over and over as she is about to get pussy stomped. As Coco lays there grabbing at her bloody swollen pussy she rolls over and crawls toward the camera guy and says, “please help me, please” Belle pulls her up by her hair again and stands Coco up, Belle stands behind her and knees Coco in the pussy over and over again until the pain and trauma cause Coco to collapse to the floor and pass out cold. Belle stands over her and says she can’t wait to post the video online, but she needs to clean up and grab something to finish the job..

Cocos Raze Part 1 – Fight.mp4

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