121 Fantasies – Fight To Live

121 Fantasies – Fight To Live

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Description: This is a very well done fight and choreographed wrestling and submission fight. It is brutal to the core with real wrestling moves, takedowns, punches, kicks, scissor holds, figure four choke holds, pinning, and breaking holds. The ladies did a fantastic job and we are impressed with Jasper’s wrestling champion choreography.


A detention center that holds beautiful, fit, and fighting women against their will. Each woman has to fight to be able to leave and go home to their families. The loser stays, the winner goes home. But the rules have been changing as of late with the new administration. Now it is a fight to the death, but the women don’t find out until they are already fighting. They are thrown into it from off screen and forced to fight to live. First round Coco gets the upper hand and quickly gets Dani in a choke hold from behind. Dani fights hard, trying to break the hold, but she fades out and is knocked out cold. The jailer throws a jug of water out and Coco dives for the water, slamming a good bit. Dani comes to and snatches the jug out of Coco’s hand and takes a swig. They round each other again, slapping hands away trying to break free from each others grasp. Coco gets Dani in another choke hold, despite her fighting back hard, she fades out and is KO’d again. This time Coco rolls and rag dolls her body, removing Dani’s tank top. She flops her around the ring and straddles her, telling her to wake up as she twists her nipples hard. Dani surprises Coco and springs up grabbing her head and and headbutting Coco off of her. Dani is mad and punches Coco, taking her down, straddling her and punching lefts and rights to her face. Coco dodges one punch and Coco bucks her off giving Dani a great lead into a scissor hold on Coco’s neck. Coco is so surprised that Dani got her in a hold quickly and effectively, Coco trying to breathe but she is cut off, gasping and trying to fight, but Dani has her hair in one hand and her wrist in the other pulling, making Coco incapacitated. Coco fades out to nothing, K.O.’d Dani Rag dolls Coco around the ring, rolling her over and over, then removing her shirt after sitting her up and flopping her. She grabs a swig of water then she starts to kick Coco in the front, then the back over and over again. Coco is not done and gets up to face her opponent. As they grapple, Coco flips Dani to the ground and gets her in a guard, before reversing to a scissor hold on Dani’s neck. She squeezes her off with the scissor hold until she is out cold. Coco is exhausted and falls back to the floor breathing heavily. She doesn’t notice Dani stirring and jumping up to grab Coco and throw her against the wall a few times, bashing her head in the wall. She punches Coco with combinations, then in the gut a few times making Coco stammer and lose control. Dani gets behind her in a bear hug, right under Coco’s breasts, tightening over and over again. She grunts hard as she breaks Coco’s back in a few places, and Coco is a drooling mess, still alive but pretty much paralyzed. Dani is still mad and wants to go home right away. She lets Coco flop to the ground in a pile, but Dani scoops her up into a final choke hold from behind and is putting her all into it. She goes so hard she breaks neck bones in the end, but Coco twitches and chokes out until she is dead and still. Dani releases her hold when she knows she has done the deed. She asks twice if she can go home but the Jailer has other plans.

Proud of these ladies and their fighting capabilities. Girl power forever! I think we do a great job entertaining you! Irma

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