Peachy Keen Films – Apprentice Spy Girls In Training

Peachy Keen Films – Apprentice Spy Girls In Training

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Lily LaBeau and Mona Wales
Directed By JohnM

NOTE: This is super sexy. An original new series! Lots of content…2 dream deaths and 2 deaths.

Lily and Mona are both training spies for the Girls of CK.A.O.S agency. Every night, each girl is tasks with a sexual project to complete before they sleep. They are required to complete this task and always keep their guns ready.

Tonight, they are using the Ben Wa balls. Each girl must use them to her best ability, then put them in there pussies and keep them there until told to remove them.

They both do this, then drift off to sleep.

Each one has a dream. I the dream, the girl is in a room when another training spy comes in. That spy is unarmed and is shot. Then the girl plays with her body, eventually pulling out the Ben Wa balls and realizing something is wrong—she has the same ones inside her!

After both girls have this dream in reversed roles, both wake up with an unshakable fear there is a conspiracy to eliminate the trainees within the agency.

Mona heads to the master spys office with her concerns. He comforts her, then shoots her in the back as he embraces her. She then staggers back and he shoots her two more times in the belly, collapse and dies.

Lily witnesses this and assumes it is a test. She goes to the dead girl, fondles her and herself a moment, then retrieves the Ben Wa balls for her master. He leads her on a bit, letting her think he wants her. But when the moment is right, he shoots her 3 times in the belly.

She falls back in agony and he shoots her twice in the left breast, finishing her.

He is satisfied with how the project went, and calls to ask for two new trainees.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Graphic Sexual Content, Ben Wa Balls, Spies, Masturbation, 2 Dream Sequence Shootings–no wounds, Lesbian, Multi-shooting, 5 Belly Shots, 2 Breast Shots, 2 Back Shots, Body Views, Foot Views.


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