Peachy Keen Films – Tragedy Strikes Twice

Peachy Keen Films – Tragedy Strikes Twice

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Dr. Stella Cox is working with Dr. Max CoXXX, performing a forensic exam on a body found dead of mysterious circumstances. A young Jane Doe, with red hair and pale skin. Trying to focus on the facts of the case, Stella can’t deny being resentful at being teamed up with Dr. CoXXX. For one thing, because of her youth and her model-hot body, she has always worked harder to be taken seriously as a medical professional. To be teamed up with someone feels like an insult, a slap in the face. The second thing is Dr. CoXXX himself. He’s always seemed like a perv and Stella has caught him more than once ogling her large boobs or staring at her ass. Pushing these thoughts to the back of her head, she starts the exam.

The Jane Doe is like a floppy rag doll, as the two doctors lift and bend and roll her, stripping her bare to expose her lithe body. The two doctors investigate her corpse meticulously with their latex gloved hands that grope and fondle her tender flesh, with metal tongs used to pull her tongue out, exploring her oral cavity, even penetrating her tight, puckered anus with a thermometer. During the course of the thorough and impersonal examination, Stella starts to notice Dr. CoXXX acting oddly. He seemed to know aspects of the woman’s death that are strangely specific, given the lack of evidence. He took far more photographs that would be necessary, and of the more intimate areas of the body. Sometimes, his examination appeared to stray from the clinical and become more (dare she think it?) … erotic.

Dr. CoXXX realizes Stella’s suspicions and panics. She’s just the type to report him to the administration. Desperate to keep her quiet, he locks his hands around her neck and throttles her from behind. Surprised from the sudden attack, Stella is defenseless and flails ineffectively, as the life is choked from her. Now, with two, sexy corpses at his disposal, Dr. CoXXX’s night can really begin. It’s a necro fuck fest in the morgue! Hoisting Stella up on the table, next to the Jane Doe, the doctor whips her pants off, exposing her juicy, shaved pussy, and pulls her shirt up to show off her huge tits. He takes a moment to shove his cock into the open mouth of the Jane Doe and fuck her face, before returning to Stella’s lifeless body, and forcing his dick deep into her tight hole. As a finale, the doctor holds the soft soles of Stella’s dainty feet together, and pushes his meaty pole between them, a necro footjob that causes him to blow a load right on pretty Stella’s belly. That is his mike drop, as Dr. CoXXX walks away, leaving the used and defiled bodies exposed, sticky and in disarray.

Fetish Elements: (SC) Morgue, Body Fondling, Body Flopping, Morgue Examination, Fingerprints, Mouth Probing, Breast Exam, Tongue Examination, Foot Views, Body Views, Limb Play, Medical Fetish, CSI, Body Inspection, Medical Clinic, Nudity, Hand Strangle, Necro Footjob, Necro Face Fuck, Necro Sex.

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