Psycho-Thrillers – Savage Hearts

Psycho-Thrillers – Savage Hearts

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: If you like lots of consensual sex turned into a slow, painful, intense strangulation with lots of tongue action and fighting intensity, then you‘ll love this one. Filmed in FULL COLOR HD! Description: Vicki is a fairly sweet looking girl; she is rather average in height. Her breasts are moderately sized, neither too big nor too small. Caine on the other hand looks dangerous. He looks like a man not to be trifled with. Together, the two of them have left nothing but senseless violence, pain, misery, and death in their wake amidst the chaos of their crime spree. Vicki usually acts as the decoy. She will go into a convenience store ahead of Caine and distract the clerk before he comes in not to long after with gun in hand. They pull a similar routine for home invasions. Vicki will feign distress, pretending her car has broken down and that she needs to use their phone. Once inside she will leave the door unlocked for Caine, or even sometimes take the initiative herself to pull the gun on them. Together, they control their victims with fear. They don’t look just to rob their victims, but to torture and slowly kill them before the eyes of their loved ones before robbing them.

Even on Valentine’s Day the deadly duo doesn’t take the day off. After a drunken and drug induced outing where they murder a young girl they return to their hotel room, laughing about the deadly deed. The two partake in taking some more recreational drugs as well as downing some more booze. They are seated on the couch, still laughing, talking about where they will head next and reminiscing about the past. He reaches into his pocket. He pulls out jewelry he took from the dead girl from earlier that night, a wide grin upon his face. Vicki holds her gift up to the light, admiring the ear rings in the dingy hotel room light. Smiling, she stands up, leaning down to place a firm, wet, hard kiss to Caine’s lips, “I have a Valentine Day’s present for you too, babe.”. No sooner do the words leave her lips does she begin to do a slow and sensual strip tease for her boyfriend.

His eyes watch her every movie in rapt appreciation, hungrily drinking her in. He nods his head slightly in approval, his hand coming down to rub at the bulge in his pants. Soon Vicki is upon her knees, unbuckling and helping remove Caine’s pants. She gives him a nice, slow and sensual blowjob before he lifts her chin. She looks at him knowingly, standing, climbing up onto his lap. She begins to ride him there on the couch, clutching onto his shoulders for support as her lush perky breasts bounce tauntingly in front of his eyes. He reaches up, grabbing her tits, kneading them roughly. Vicki move to the bed and Vicki sprawls out on her back. Caine lowers himself, licking at her pussy, tasting her. Caine fucks her once more passionately in several positions. By the time the two of them are spent, they lay there reflecting. Lily sits up, grabbing her purse from the nightstand in search of her lighter.

Her judgment still somewhat clouded from the drugs and alcohol, she ends up dumping the contents of her purse in frustration out on the bed. There, sitting amongst a few dollars bill, a lighter, a wallet, and a pack of smokes is Claire’s necklace. Vicki reaches out to conceal it but Caine grabs her hand, stopping her. His eyes burn suddenly intense, his jaw hardening as he looks between Vicki and the necklace.
Caine: Why do you have Claire’s necklace?
Vicki: Babe, you know I love you right?
Caine: Vicki, I asked you, why do you have this necklace?
Vicki (Vicki looks uncertain, grasping for the right words) Claire had like a million necklaces, she didn’t want it anymore, she gave it to me. (She lies).
Caine: That makes sense; you two were best friends.
He relaxes his grip on Vicki’s wrist. Vicki looks relieved. He spreads his legs, opening his arms for lily to come rest against him. She crawls into his lap, sitting with her back to him, her back pressed to his chest. He reaches out, grabbing her purse from the edge of the bed behind himself.
Without warning, he brings it down around her throat, pulling tightly & Vicki’s eyes go wide, she gasps, fingers reaching up to claw at her throat, “Caine?” She is barely able to croak out. Finding she is still able to talk, he pulls tighter till all she can do is gurgle, choke, and gasp for air. Once she’s dead, he relaxes his grasp. He wraps his arms around her hugging her before gently laying her out on the bed. He looks down at Vicki, the realization of what he has done finally hitting him. Filled with regret. tears begin to stream down his face, he leans forward kissing her lips, her forehead, “Oh baby, Vicki?” He shakes her but she is unresponsive, “Vicki, I’m so sorry..” He lays down next to his dead girlfriend, stroking her hair from her face before grabbing and squeezing her hand, holding it .

Contains: Set-up, dialogue, theft, extended consensual sex, drugs, undressing, strip dancing, fondling, breast view, ass views, vaginal views, consensual blow job, breast worship, ass worship, vaginal worship, surprise, nudity, cow girl sex, death by female purse strap strangulation, near escape, ligature mark, drool, death stare, long tongue, body pans, body twitches, cuddling, sweat, foot views, bare feet, brief taunting, body handing, slow neck snap, body handling

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