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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Dance Throttle Necro

Dance Throttle Necro.0010

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Dance Throttle Necro

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Lucretia

Once there was a lonely man who wanted to get laid, so he called a girl from the local free paper. She looked good in the ad, a dark haired, big-eyed beauty. His favorite kind, and boy did she look like a freak. He had been saving up for this moment since Christmas to get some ass. As the lovely, tall, and shapely Lucretia shows up, she is greeted with a smile at the door, Memo is anxious, but comments that she is much taller than in the ad. They sit down and have little conversation, then merge to the bedroom to get things going. She offers a dance, which he willingly takes. He has no music, so she imagines disco being played. She gives him a great dance, and strip tease, as he hurries the pace along, so he can get some pussy quicker. This man loves FEET! He asks if he can rub her feet as she leys on the bed, so he can get his fix before he fucks. This is his big day! After a lengthy massage and foot worship, the young man starts to work his way towards her inner thighs. She slaps his hand away and says, “sorry but I don’t do that”. She states she is an entertainer, and that she doesn’t do tricks! She finally gets up, grabs her things, and heads out towards the door. This infuriates the guy and he grabs her hair, pulls her back with his forearm in her throat, from behind, and throws her up against the wall. He then grasps her by her throat and starts bare hand throttle choking the call girl. He is rough with her and gets her up off of the ground. Her FEET kick against the wall when he does so. The girl goes for the door with her hand and pulls, but it only makes him use that force to throw her against the other wall. He THROTTLES her with two hands this time. Now he is even more aggravated! She chokes and kicks more as he lifts her up off the floor. After more intense choking, he throws the girl through the air, and on to the bed. Fuck it, now he can watch her go down in the bed! Then he can fuck her warm body! As she hits the bed, with the little strength she has, the young lady lunges towards the door, but is yarded back into throttle position. The man bears down and gives her a stiff choke. He is hard now, and ready for his treat! She starts to fade in a few minutes, and leaves with a small bit of air vacating from her beaten lungs. As Memo gets himself ready, he plays with her limbs, flopping her around like a rag-doll, molesting her boobs, removing her underwear, fingering, and inspecting her tight pussy, licking her, playing with her feet a few more times. He is now ready to put it to her. He gets her in position on the bed by dragging her down to the edge, then undoes his pants, plunges his dick into her, then begins to pump. He does the dead girl hard, as her body jolts, and her eyes stay wide, and still. So much pleasure he is getting. He finishes his business, then, positions the girl on the bed, so she will be ready for round two when he returns. He leaves her in the room for us to enjoy!

Dance Throttle Necro

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Cat Burglar Smother

Cat Burglar Smother.0012

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Cat Burglar Smother

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Coco and Kiki

A sexy Cat Burglar sneaks into the apartment of a naughty college co-ed and finds the place full of sexy pantyhose and stockings. She gets caught up in the aroma of the pantyhose, sniffing them, and getting aroused. The naughty college girl hears the cat burglars moans, and sneaks to the room, peering around the corner, with her chloroform in hand. She has the chloroformed soaked pantyhose, but stands to watch for a second, rubbing her clit with her free hand as she watches the cat burglar sniff her pantyhose, unknowing of her presence. The sexy girl moves to her quickly, covering her nose and mouth with the chloroform soaked pantyhose. She mocks the cat burglar asking her why she loves to sneak around and sniff others panties. The cat burglar thrashes, but the chloroform starts to take effect, she is almost drunk like but continues to fight, the naughty college girl pulls her to the leather sofa, and watches her eyes drift in and out, until she is passed out. She watches her pantyhose covered feet as the cat burglar fades out, eyes rolling back into her head. She rolls the cat burglar off of her and on to the couch, checking out her tongue protruding, so she sucks and kisses her tongue, tasting the sexy cat burglars lips and tongue. After she is done sucking, she stuffs the chloroform pantyhose as a gag in her mouth. She bends the sexy cat burglar's legs to see her black pantyhose covered bare feet and loves them kissing, sucking, and worshiping her feet. She removes the black tights she is wearing and sees the black pantyhose underneath. She checks out her limp body for a bit, then she decides to take it into the bedroom.

A while later the sexy cat burglar is tied up to the bed with stockings and pantyhose, spread eagle, she is encased in pantyhose from her neck to her hands and feet. She has the pantyhose in her mouth from the chloroform as a gag and is starting to stir a bit, still groggy. The naughty college girl is going to town on her sexy feet, kissing and rubbing them, licking and sucking her toes. She mocks the cat burglar about her pleasures and searches through her dildos for a vibrator. She finds the pulsing vibrator with the remote control and places it on the cat burglar's clit and pussy to pleasure her while the naughty college girl plays with her in a 69 position, sharing the pleasure of the vibrator on her clit as she mashes it against the cat burglar, moaning and smelling her pantyhose covered feet. The naughty girl plays with her more, telling the tied up burglar she can't get off and orgasm before she does. She mounts her face with her pussy, grinding her vagina into her face, mouth, and nose. The sexy cat burglar being smothered and pleasured at the same time by the vibrator. She kicks her tied down legs and spreads her toes. She fights but is being smothered by pussy and pantyhose. The naughty college girl reaches back and sticks her hand down the pantyhose of the cat burglar. She uses the vibrator to rub harder and make sure the cat burglar cums as she dies, and at the same time as her naughty self. As the cat burglar kicks her feet, twitching and spreading her toes, her eyes flutter and roll back into her head, then relax. There are a couple of twitches, but she is gone. The naughty college girl dismounts the cat burglar's face, her mouth still gagged with the hose, she starts back to the feet, and arms, dropping the limp arms, still tied to the post, then goes to the feet to suck the toes and kiss the feet. Good postmortem play. She is so excited about having an orgasm and disposing of a sexy cat burglar. She leaves the room after a few words, leaving the sexy cat burglar's dead body to be viewed and enjoyed.
Cat Burglar Smother

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Call Girl Strangle Fuck

Call Girl Strangle Fuck.0013

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Call Girl Strangle Fuck

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Introducing: Sylvia w/ Chris B.

Chris is out of town on business and wants a call girl for some pleasure time. He phones his favorite service and asks for his usual. He is pleased that the call goes well and that his new escort will be there shortly to his hotel room. When she arrives the door is ajar, and he is still in the bathroom. She sits and waits for him to come out of the bathroom. They introduce, and he asks her a few questions, she answers and quickly wants to see the money. She seems aloof, and not too much of a pleasing type. He asks her to put on his favorite type of thigh high stockings. She gets undressed and puts on the black, lace top thigh highs. He helps her finish, getting them high and tight, then checks out her sexy feet. He tells her what he likes, and she looks at the clock and says, "well you have 43 minutes left in your hour." He is stunned, but tries to get her to listen and be what he wants. He wants control, but she is also trying to control the situation. She is wasting his time arguing about time, so he gets infuriated and knocks her out cold with an elbow to the top of the head. She goes down like a ragdoll, and he starts to do as he pleases, treating her like trash and flopping her around. He is still a bit upset, but starting to calm down and come to his senses. He knows what he must do, and when she is dead, strangled to death, then he can be in control with no back talk. He drags her around the bed a bit, then carries her to the head of the bead. He grabs some pantyhose under the pillow. He takes off her necklace and places it on the nightstand, then moves her long hair so he can tie the pantyhose around her neck. He gets her in position and the hosiery wrapped around his hands. He gives her a pinch of smelling salts from his pocket and slaps her awake. She comes to slowly, but as he pulls hard on the hosiery, she springs to life, choking and gasping, slapping his face, and clawing at the pantyhose digging in her neck. She bucks and tries to crawl and weave away but he pins her hard with the pantyhose. He is choking her hard, pulling with all his might as she fights to stay alive. She kicks out and twitches her black thigh high clad feet and legs. He mound bucking up digging her panties into her pussy, and she has no chance. He is dug in and she can only wind down with each grunt and pull. After a long hard bout, she sticks her tongue out and bugs her eyes, they flutter, then go still, dead, empty. She is dead. He pushes her off of him like a bag of trash. he flops her on the bed and rolls her over, he checks her out some before he decides to move aside her panties and fuck her warm, dead, body. He pulls her thin frame towards him, thrusting quickly, slamming her tiny body hard and fast. He cums inside her, and then discards her on the bed like she is nothing to him. He goes to get cleaned up after positioning her on the bed. He still has his cash, and no more bitchy, cold, call girl to run her mouth.
Call Girl Strangle Fuck

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Business Woman Strangled Fucked

Business Women Strangled Fucked.0019

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Business Woman Strangled Fucked

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Caroline Pierce w/ Chris B.

Caroline is at a conference for her business selling fine stationary and paper goods. She is in Oregon for her annual meeting with the paper producers and is excited to get back to her room and relax, have a cocktail, and read a sexy novel. When she gets to her room she checks herself in the mirror, then hangs up her jacket. She stretches after sitting for hours in a conference, then walks over to the kitchenette where a man is waiting behind the wall. The man comes out of nowhere and elbows her to the head, she falls instantly to the floor and chair unconscious. The man starts his long journey of spending time with the woman who he asks to dinner every year, but she replies with, "No thanks, I have plans." he knows she just reads sexy novels, and he is sure that he can make her feel better than some book. He plays with her limp body, then her mouth. He picks her up and carries her to the bed. On the bed, he plays with her ass, and slowly undresses her outer wear. He plays with her sexy body and hair, checking out her tits, flopping her and rolling her over. After a long time of playing with her and getting her down to bra, panties, and stockings, he gets behind her in position. He grabs a nylon stocking out of his pocket and wraps it around her neck. He gets it right, then pulls hard, she is stirring and wakes with the hard pull, eyes wide and freaked out! She goes crazy, trying to escape from the strong man who just wanted a date, and had to kill her to get one. He strangles her and her tongue fishes for air, her eyes bug out and she fights to get the nylon from her neck but to no avail. He gets her upright after she starts to lose steam, making her come to life again, and fight harder. She flails her arms, and tries to hit him, but it is too late, she is too far gone. She fights, and twitches till the end, then when he knows she is dead, he gives her a slight push to see her fall face first to the bed form a couple different angles. She is done, but he is not. He checks out the sexy woman with super long wavy hair, almost touching her butt. He admires the hair and picks her up again, clearing hair from her face.. He plays with her neck and the nylon, then tips her over again. This time he does it so he can stick his face in her glorious ass, and worship it with his hands and face. He is getting the urge to fuck her corpse, so he finishes undressing her and does just that. He fucks her body, and as he fucks her removes the stockings, now he can fuck her and play with her bare feet too, the best of both worlds, because he loves both. He screws her in multiple positions before cumming inside her. He then smells and plays with her more, showing her off, as his own. Then he positions her spread eagle, and puts on his shoes. Before he exits, he puts one of her stockings around her neck to show her death, and beauty. We see pans and views of her in many different positions to showcase her lovely body and beauty. Bonus positions...Thanks! Chris
Business Women Strangled Fucked

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Ashleys Perfect Date

Ashleys Perfect Date.0014

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Ashleys Perfect Date

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Introducing: Ashley Lane w/ Rex

Ashley Lane is a sexy Graduate student finishing up her degree in Philosophy before joining the workforce and a new exciting career. She is always so busy, and has no time to date, but she yearns for companionship and definitely someone to man handle her. Ashley is five foot nine, and slender, a fashion models body, and a one in a million smile. In a silk blouse, tight skirt, and open toed heels, her painted toes show off her sexy feet. Her azure blue eyes and genuine sweet smile make her irresistible to Rex as they chat on the couch after brunch. Rex asks her to check out his indoor garden, and she is very interested. As he explains and she is looking at the flora, he grabs his bottle of chloroform, and a small rag from the drawer as he lulls her with his voice. He walks up behind her explaining the plant names as she asks what they are, and just like a doe, sipping water in a cool stream, she is unaware of the poacher right behind her. Rex swiftly covers her nose and mouth with the chloroform drenched rag and pulls her close to him, her eyes go wide with panic and fear as she tries to free herself. He is very strong and as she kicks her long legs and tries to escape, it just makes him more into it. As she slowly falls unconscious, he lets her down with him to the chase lounger, so he can check her out as he messes with her sexy, long body. He fondles her getting her just the right position, her long, sexy, arms and slender hands, with long fingers are so limp and floppy as he moves her around to smell her hair, kiss her neck, face and inspect her mouth and tongue. He takes his time, going over her perfect body, unbuttoning her blouse just enough to reveal her perfect, natural, C cups. He grabs them roughly, pinching the nipples hard and groping her roughly. He moves around checking her out, playing with her legs and feet in the sexy heels, unbuckling the buckles on the shoes so he can watch them come off during the struggle. He hikes the skirt, revealing the freakishness, she has her clitoris pierced with a sexy little silver stud. he goes wild as he gropes and sniffs, licks and sucks her body, breasts and shaved, little pussy. After getting very aroused he starts to be a bit more rough with her, biting her nipples and pinching and groping her hard. It has been a while since he put her down with the chloroform and she starts to react a bit to the advances, bites, grabs, and pinches. When he grabs her pussy and uses her own hand with his to stimulate her clit she starts to slightly moan and get more into it, subconsciously, she flexes and bucks her hips against his hand trying to get into it. Deep down she is trying to wake up, but the chloroform is still affecting her. As she finally flutters her eyes and starts to come to, it is too late, he has removed a long, silk stocking from his pocket and is wrapping it around her neck and getting into position as she realizes what is happening. She starts to come to a bit more as he bears down on her pulling the stocking wide away from her neck so he can see her sexy neck as she struggles. She finally opens her baby blue eyes wide and mouth open with a loud gasp as he pulls tight cutting off the air. He toys with her as she tries to grab him and the stocking digs into her long sexy neck. He pulls very hard and her back arches, feet kick and she goes wild, in such a sensual way, as if he just found a girl that likes it. She bucks and kicks hard, trying to get free, her movements are long and sexy, and she tries to move around the floor but he just moves with her, then he gets her in a position so he can see her better, she is still draped over him and then he is behind her letting her move about on the floor as she thrashes, her size nine perfect feet flex, toes spreading as she flexes her long, leg muscles. As it goes on she slows down, dying so erotically, face red, stocking digging deep into her neck, so right at the line is two tone from the blood trapped in her head. Face beet red, torso milky white and tits pink and sexy. As she is being finished off, she tries to roll, but it just gets him to go harder, seeing her perfect ass, legs, and soles, that are a bit soiled from walking on the boardwalk after brunch. He goes absolutely nuts and finishes her, rolling her back over and pulling tighter than ever. Her eyes go wide and her tongue protrudes a bit and she rattles, twitching as she dies, blue eyes wide open, mouth slightly agape. He is so turned on he flops her around on the floor, then pulls her sexy body to his as he kneels on the floor, so she is in his lap, laying back head on the floor, he raises her up and screws her as she sits in his lap, her head on his shoulder. He them moves her to the chase lounger and drops her down, she thumps on the sofa and he puts it in her, pumping her hard, her head and tits bobbing as he pummels her with his sex. He flips her over like a rag doll, and pumps her from behind, so hard that he lifts her whole body up and them buries her head in the arm of the chase. As he cums very hard he collapses on her for a few seconds, then puts himself away before grabbing her up in a carry. he carries her to the bed, tossing her like a rag doll onto his King sized bed. He checks her out kissing her and playing with, checking out and kissing her feet. He looks in her eyes and kisses her face and neck, then arranges her on the bed for later. He tells her if she liked brunch, wait till you see what he brings home for dinner... He exits to go find his next victim, or dinner date, as we take a look at this sexy, over the top hot gal, dead on the bed, with the sexiest soles you have seen. Beautiful.
Ashleys Perfect Date

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Annoying Pantyhose Wife

Annoying Pantyhose Wife.0013

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Annoying Pantyhose Wife

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Introducing: Eve Lynn w/ Ted Michaels

A couple sits while the husband surfs to find a movie for them to both enjoy. She keeps playing with her hand held video console, and he is highly annoyed. Not a word is spoken as she goes to get some water, and her beautiful ass and thin waist look hot with her pantyhose clad sexy feet. She comes back and says nothing, but pays full attention to her game. He tries to touch her hair, and get closer, but she brushes him off like a flea. He finally gets the look and takes the game, she looks and gets in his face, he snaps her neck and she falls limp on the couch. Now he will have some fun playing with her limp body, and massaging her sexy ass in pantyhose. He fondles her body, moving the clothing around to see her sexy breasts, and suck and pinch the nipples while she is wide eyed and limp in her sexy suntan sheer hose. He rolls her on the floor exposing her ass and feet in hosiery. He plays with her body passionately and roughly before he places her on the sofa and positions her to play with her sexy tits again, then he sets her up in the corner of the couch. He positions her so he can see her as he sits and plays her game.. He gets bored so he leaves, positioning her again.
Annoying Pantyhose Wife

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Alana Morgue

Alana Morgue.0017

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Alana Morgue

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: -
Alana Morgue

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – A Horror Story 2

A Horror Story 2.0014

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - A Horror Story 2

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Introducing: Ana Molly as Lt. Reddit and J.D. as Forensics
Starring: Genetica, Kiki, and Lexxi as the Boutique gals
w/ Jigsy and Chris B.
Irma as Reporter Christine Skylar(Voice Over)

This is focusing on dialogue driven scenes with lots of shoe play and of course sheer to toe panyhose, along with specific death scenes where the killer is just a dark figure and not a face with a name. I love the new gal Ana Molly and look forward to more with her coming out very soon, in fact even a spin off kill from this film.

Chapter 2 revisits the horrific murders that occurred in the Belloti home a couple months prior. The detective working the case, Lt. Carol Reddit is at her desk going over crime scene photos of the killings, which are baffling authorities. The accused killer has been found, thinking it was the husband, but once he is in custody, the same type of scenario happens at a boutique in a quaint strip mall in Southern California. Yazmin, who was friends with one of the sisters, Lisa, explains how she was beheaded, and others even worse. Even telling them how her head was placed in the fridge. After a chilling story, the three gals in the shop continue with closing duties, two having inventory, and Monique dealing with numbers and the till. As they complain of their sore feet, two in pumps and one in slingback heels, they all wear sheer pantyhose that make their legs look perfect. All three gals constantly play with their shoes, dipping them in and out, taking them off sliding them back on, sometimes doing it without notice, while doing their duties. Monique calculates the numbers and the budget while Yazmin and Kathrina work in the back storage on getting the last of the shipment inventoried. As they discuss the work dynamic and how they all have man or boyfriend issues, Monique hears a sound and thinks it is one of the gals coming to ask a question, but instead, it is a dark figure dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, not a word, just action. Be fore he appears Louie the guard, who checked in on the ladies, and let them know the killer had been apprehended, stands outside the boutique smoking a cigarette, when he feels a strange aura and looks up to the trees to see a strange vision. He goes catatonic and just stares as the cigarette continues to burn. As soon as he is blank and motionless the dark figure approaches Monique who is sitting in a tall chair still working on numbers. He grabs her from behind with one hand covering her mouth to muffle the scream, the other on her throat. He takes the jewelry on the counter and starts to pile it into her mouth, making her swallow all the jewelry which scrapes and gets caught in her throat. She gags hard and chokes on the jewelry, which he keeps adding. She kicks off her heels spreads her toes and goes wild, trying to move but the dark figure is so strong her just continues. As she takes more jewelry to the throat, she winds down, her kicks become less frequent and eventually she goes down. Dead stare, face red, eyes bloodshot from the pressure. He leaves her in the chair with her head against the counter looking like she is napping, but eyes open. He plays with her feet putting her shoes back on then having them dangle from her toes as he plays with her sexy, pantyhose covered feet and toes. In the backroom Yazmin and Kathrina talk about their infidelity and being bitches to their men, since they found an expensive necklace that needs to be entered into the system, Yazmin heads to Monique to get things straight. She comes out of the backroom and sees Monique leaning against the counter in her chair. She calls out to her but nothing then goes to shake her a bit and she slides down off the tall chair and on to the floor. Yazmin freaks out and turns to run but the dark figure is there and grabs her by the throat. He chokes her then lifts her up by one hand and drags her to the corner of the room where he lifts her up to a small shelf where he can see her feet kick and crush her throat on the wall. He grabs harder and harder and eventually he breaks her windpipe in may pieces, crushing it multiple times and making sure he finishes the job. Yazmin is red faced and dead instantly after a couple of crushes. He fashions a piece of thick rope into a noose and hangs her from the door, where her body is still hanging barely on the shelf, and her body dangling from a noose, so he can play with her shoes and feet off the floor. He takes of and slides her heels in and out of the pantyhosed feet. he continues to play with her feet, then he walks over to Monique on the floor and picks her up like she is a feather and lays her on the sofa so her legs hang over the arm rest. He plays with her shoes and feet, dangling taking them off and sliding them back on. Soon Kathrina is getting antsy and it is closing time so she heads into the main boutique where the other gals are out of her direct line of sight. She is very intent on the missing merchandise from inventory that she screams because she sees the necklace that was supposed to be inventoried on the floor. As she leans down to grab the necklace she hears Yazmins heels fall off and kit the floor. It freaks her out when she turns and sees both of her coworkers dead and dangling from the rope and the sofa, she screams in terror and backs up to run, but the dark figure is there and raises the machete. With one powerful swing and swish, he decapitates her clean as the head tumbles to the floor and she wobbles and her heels clack as she stands for a few seconds. He catches her as she slumps then sets her in the tall chair Monique was in. He puts her shoes back on sliding them on and off while he admires her headless corpse. He is really turned on so he takes her warm, pantyhosed feet and rubs his crotch with them. He does this for a while then goes to Monique and Yazmin for the same thing. After taking time to get his crotch rubbed by the soles of the dead, he knows it is time to leave and report to his master. He gets all the shoes on perfectly dangling in their hosiery, off the toes, then picks up Kathrina's head and pl;aces it on the counter next to the sign saying 50% off. He exits and their sexy bodies are viewed and panned with extra foot and shoe views and pans. If the husband is in custody, and he is the suspect, who is doing the murders? I know Lt. Reddit wants to find out, but Tom O'Neil will have something to say or do about it, able to posses humans to do his bidding. We shall see what happens to her, and the others..
A Horror Story 2

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – A Horror Story 1

A Horror Story 1.0015

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - A Horror Story 1

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Awesome, Belle Fatale, Karma, Steevie and Rex as Dark Figure
SFX by: Irma

Four lovely sisters; Karen, Lisa, Sonia, and Bonnie have decided to have a sisters only weekend starting tomorrow, so when Karen gets home from her long lecture at the Governor's mansion she is ready to unwind and get out of her high heels. The kids were away at camp and her husband Ralph, who is a workaholic Lawyer on a big case is working late. They have had much strain on their relationship lately, and Karen just stays with him because he earns a lot of money. He has also been sick with a nasty cold and she has ordered him to sleep on the couch tonight, or stay in his office downtown. As she stands in the kitchen, Karen plays with her sexy heels click clocking them on the tile, and reading her mail. She stretches her sheer stocking clad toes and flexes her soles as she unwinds looking at the voters pamphlet. She takes off her heels and heads upstairs to get into her nightie and brush her hair. While she strokes her hair with the brush, looking in the mirror, she notices how sexy her legs and feet look in the sheer thigh highs, and as she hears a creaking door she shouts down thinking her husband is home. "Ralph, is that you? I told you to stay downstairs, i don't want to catch your cold, argg...." As she is trying to finish a dark figure emerges from the closet and wraps a thin wire garotte around her neck and takes her down. She claws and gurgles as the thin wire digs into her neck and the dark figure pulls tighter, leaving a thin line of blood emerging from the wire. She fights and kicks with her sheer thigh high clad legs and feet. As she fades, she twitches and a bit more blood covers her neck from the thin wire digging into her skin. She rattles her last gasp and dies eyes wide open. The dark figure throws her to the side like garbage, leaving the wire looped around her neck still dug into her skin. He pulls her across the bed and hoists her up on to the back of the door, then looping the ends of the wire on to clothes hooks then lifts her up by her neck, about a foot off of the floor. She dangles and her feet are rapping against the door as he closes it and heads to hide in the house, resting up for the next morning when the sisters arrive.

The next day Bonnie, Sonia, and Lisa arrive ready to have their fun weekend, no husbands, no kids, and no work, only four sisters. There is no sign of Karen so Sonia heads upstairs to check on her to see if she is ready. She comes in the door and looks around calling for Karen, she hears a sound near the closet and opens the closet door, revealing her sister, dead, cold and hanging from the inside of the door. She freaks out and starts to back up towards the bedroom door, but the dark figure emerges and shoves a large sharp machete through her back and out between her breasts. She gurgles as blood comes out of her mouth and around the machete sticking out of her chest. He guides her around with the handle of the machete, then lifts her up off the ground and sticks her to the door with the machete, as the long end with the handle hangs from her back. She is stuck to the door, face first gurgling and twitching, and her high heel slides fall off her feet and on to the floor. She twitches then goes completely still, hanging from the door by the machete. Bonnie and Lisa are downstairs talking about their day and what it will entail, but they are tired of waiting so Lisa says she will head up and see what is going on with Karen and Sonia. Lisa walks up the stairs in her D'orsay pumps, her legs and feet clad in the sheer thigh highs, like her sisters, she gets upstairs to the room and opens the door, but when she gets inside and sees Sonia hanging from it, she starts to scream, but the Dark Figure grabs her mouth, covering it and uses a large kitchen knife with the other to start sawing Lisa's head off. he cuts deep and saws away, the sound of flesh and sinew are being cut and ripped away. When he gets most of the way through, he twists her head around 180 degrees and with a jolt snaps the neck and removes her head, letting her body fall to the ground, still holding her head. As the lifeless body lays flat on the floor, he starts slowly down the stairs to put the head in the fridge. Bonnie is getting restless on the couch and needs to pee so she heads to the bathroom on the other side of the kitchen. She closes the door and turns on the fan right about as the dark figure is putting Lisa's head in the fridge. When she is done, she heads to the kitchen and stops, she calls upstairs to her sisters to see if they want a glass of wine, not knowing they are all dead and hanging around, except for Lisa who is headless on the floor. The dark Figure is right around the corner waiting for her to find her sister's head and when she opens the fridge, she sees Lisa's decapitated head and screams with a wide open mouth, just wide enough to get a long lance through her mouth and out the back of her head. He takes her down to the counter where he jumps up and keeps tension on the lance, leaving it in her as she gurgles blood and shivers and twitches, clicking and banging her heels on to the cabinets below. As she dies, her blue eyes go wide and her gurgling stops. He then picks her up by the lance that is still driven into her mouth and head, and throws her over his shoulder, carrying her up the stairs by the lance, and her feet, high heels, thump against the steps on the way to the killing room. When he gets upsairs the Dark Figure sees all his handiwork together, he tosses Bonnie on to the bed, lance still in her mouth, then heads to Sonia hanging from the bedroom door. He grabs Lisa's d'orsays and puts them on Sonia, letting them slide off of her stocking clad feet to the floor, and repeating a few times. he then heads to the headless Lisa and puts her shoes on her, letting them fall to the floor, showing her sexy sheer stocking clad soles a couple times, then sets her shoes between her feet on the floor, neatly arranged. He walks over to Bonnie playing with her heels, removing them and letting them fall off, revealing her polished toes through the sheer fabric. He does this a couple times then turns and opens the door that Karen is wired to, she clunks against the door, as she dangles from the wire and the hook. He takes Bonnies shoes and puts them on Karen, dangling them and letting them fall. He does this a few times before he is satisfied. The dark figure stands up and kisses Karen on the cheek, and without a word, admires his array of lovely sisters who met their demise by his hands, and his implements of death. Now he will have to figure out what to do next, but until then, no more bitchy wife, or annoying sisters to deal with. The lovely hanging and headless corpses are panned and viewed to show his work. This is A HORROR STORY!
A Horror Story 1

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – A Burglars Tragedy

A Burglars Tragedy.0015

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - A Burglars Tragedy

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Ashley Lane, Mercy West, and Ryanne
Story by: Manoir X

A college dorm burglar and thief(ASHLEY), who has an obsession and ultimate fantasy of being caught, sexually tortured, and disposed of, sneaks into the apartment of two female coeds. The coeds are in a dominant(RYANNE) and submissive(MERCY) relationship and have been know to have loud wild crushing orgasms, so this is the place the burglar figured she would be caught. She sneaks into the apartment, quietly, snooping around in her daisy dukes and tight tee shirt, sneakers, and nylon socks. She goes to a room where she sneaks around, bending over to show ass shots, and eventually finds a computer, she turns it on and sees some revealing pics of the two coeds with another gal, her tied up and them all orgasming. She gets horny and puts her leg up on the chair, unbuttoning her shorts and reaching in for some flicking of the bean. She masturbates with one hand and plays with her tits with the other, getting so into it. She doesn't notice Ryanne peeking through the doorway, watching closely, letting the burglar get caught up in an orgasm will be the best way to capture her. She grabs a knife and waits for her to cum. As the burglar is cumming Ryanne interrupts her with a knife to the back. She explains how she is doing things wrong, and there is nothing to steal. She leads her back to the room where her sub girlfriend is sleeping in bed. She wakes her up and orders her to help her with the new play toy who needs to be sexually punished for breaking in. The burglar still is masturbating, never stopping even after being captured. This is fine with Ryanne and Mercy who is waking up excited like it is Christmas morning. What a gift! Ryanne orders her to remove the girls shorts, and she takes of f her top, they all get a bit closer together and Ryanne runs the show. She gets her on the bed, getting the gal in position so she is pinned down by her arms over her head, laying down, and her legs are pinned by one of the gals legs, each. They start to torture her with their hands caressing and kissing the burglar, getting her even more wet and bothered. She moans with pleasure and all three gals start to get hot. Ryanne allows Mercy more freedom to play with Ashley, you can see in her eyes she is jealous that Mercy is so infatuated with the new specimen. She lets her finger her and suck her tits, and Ryanne does the same on the other side. As they get going good, Ryanne notices that Ashley is liking what Mercy is doing too much so she decides to switch things up, telling Mercy to shed a stocking to tie around Ashley's neck, then tie each end to Ashley's wrists so she can control the tightness and all three can be involved. They start to rub their crotches on her thighs and they both rub the burglars pussy as she really starts to climax a bit. They pull on her arms so she chokes while they rub her and scissor her thighs. All three gals are in a rhythm of sensual passion and as they really get close to orgasming, they forget that the burglar is being choked fully, but they cum shuddering hard orgasms and let go of the stocking just in time as Ashley takes a deep breath when they release the stocking. The burglar pants and regains her breath then smiles. They all bask in the afterglow of the sexual triad of orgasm. Ryanne notices Mercy staring at the Burglar with a love smile then actually saying, "I love you!" to Ashley. This infuriates Ryanne, but she just uses it as her muse when she pulls out a filet knife and sticks it in through the back of Ashley's heart, leaving the knife in for tampanade. Ryanne explains that the knife is blocking the hole but when she pulls it out her body will fill up with blood and she will die. The burglar is shocked and her eyes are wide. Mercy continues to play with Ashley's tits and pussy, as Ryanne asks the Burglar if she wants to die now, or cum and die later? Ashley pics "cum", so Ryanne carefully holds the knife in place and orders Mercy to finger fuck the burglar and when she starts to cum she will pull the knife out. They all get close to climax and when the burglar stats to cum she pulls the knife out. The burglar falls back in convulsions, twitching from the blood filling her body up. She is still cumming when Ryanne tells Mercy to pinch the gals clit so she can finish her cum and die. That is exactly what she does and the burglar's body erupts as it was being shocked, and then dies, twitching a bit until she goes still, just a faint trickle of blood coming from the mouth. Mercy and Ryanne both have crushing orgasms and collapse next to the dead body. After they glow for a bit they roll the dead body to the edge of the bed. Ryanne immediately goes to Mercy caressing her and wrapping the stocking around Mercy's neck. Mercy is into it as they usually play with hosiery, but Ryanne gets her up and says to her, "You told her you loved her, arggg" She hoists her up and pulls tight, grabbing the double wrapped stocking in one hand and lifting her like a rag doll. She takes the other hand and directs Mercy's own hand down her own panties, sending her into a sexual frenzy. Ryanne pulls hard, brutally pulling her by her neck all over the bed. Mercy is fighting and they go down to the bed, but Ryanne is on top and strong. Mercy somehow gets the knife in her hand and bucks Ryanne off for long enough to stab her in her liver and kidney, which pisses the dominant Ryanne off to the point of strangling her harder. It doesn't take long for the violent strangle to finish. Mercy's face goes rad, eyes wide, crossing and lolling around as her head does the same in the hands of Ryanne. She gives one final twitch and she is dead. Ryanne goes hard just to make sure, then tosses her to the bed. She knows she too is fading fast, losing blood inside her body, coughing up a bit that got int her lungs. She lays down next to her freshly deceased sub girlfriend and humps her lef, using Mercy's dead hand to get her off as she dies she jolts and her eyes go wide as she cums and dies at the same time. All three girls are dead on the bed, still, wide eyed and still. Their bodies are panned and viewed. What a Tragedy!
A Burglars Tragedy

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