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Choke Chamber – Power Yoga

Choke Chamber - Power Yoga

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: After finally hitting it big on the silver screen, Erika Jordan has changed her attitude about who she can or can't be seen with in public. Realizing that as a big time movie star, she needs to only associate with celebs of similar caliber, she meets with her current lover/yoga instructor to end their romantic relationship. Arrogant to the bone, and callous at heart, she dismisses her beau, and tells him to leave. She pulls out a gun, and forces him to exit. Angered by her rude attitude, he grabs the gun, and takes it from her grasp. Cocky, she pushes him away, and says, "What are you gonna do?Shoot a huge movie star? The cops would be all over you. " The yoga instructor calls her bluff, and immediately shoots her right on the chest. She is taken aback, and writhes in agonizing pain. At first she maintains composure, and attempts to call the cops, but then he shoots her again. She wails in pain. Now the tables have turned. The instructor now taunts and teases his target. He shoots her twice more, one slug right on the breast, and another on the navel. She squirms, and groans, until alas, the pain is just too much to bear… she expires. Now dead, and spread eagle against some steps, the instructor takes a few photos. He remarks, "Here's a pic I'll send to TMZ. This will make ME famous!" Then he exits.

Power yoga
Power yoga.mp4

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Choke Chamber – Friends With No Benefits

Choke Chamber - Friends With No Benefits

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Sexy Chelsie has been known to being the highlight of every social evening. Although she's fully aware of the fact that she's the object of every man's desires, for years, she could count on her best guy friend to be her platonic confidante. However, after one sexy, all niter at club, their comfortable friendly dynamic changes into a fatal tale of unrequited love meets demise. When the best friend decides to profess his undying love and loyalty, Chelsie, rudely, and arrogantly dismisses his heartfelt confession. Insensitive to her friend's feelings, she starts talking about all the guys she'll soon have sex with before him. The blatant disrespect enrages the friend. Like a ticking time bomb, he explodes, and attacks Chelsie. He charges toward the brunette beauty, and puts her in a fierce choke hold. She manages to escape at first, but he captures her and puts her in an even deadlier throat-lift. But her demise is caused by the inescapable, agonizing, garrote he ties around her soft neck. Within minutes, Chelsie dies. I guess this means their friendship is truly over.

Friends with no benefits
Friends with no benefits.mp4

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Choke Chamber – Seven Deadly Sins

Choke Chamber - Seven Deadly Sins

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: After months of investigating a highly respected, well-known priest for embezzling church donations for personal exploits, a sexy undercover cop posing as a prostitute collects the final bit of evidence necessary to lock up the corrupt father for good. The priest visits the brunette vixen at her home, thinking she's a paid escort. Little does he expect she's law enforcement wearing a wire. When the priest finally verbalizes his intentions… to "pay for sex" Chelsie instantly pulls out her gun, and tells him he's under arrest. The father doesn't concede easily. He pushes her off, and makes a run for it. She shoots a few rounds, and chases after him. Being a crooked priest, he keeps a gun handy. He grabs his weapon and starts a shooting match with the beauty. They shoot back and forth until the priest decides to "give-up." He relinquishes his weapon, giving Chelsie a false sense of security. Almost immediately, he pulls his hidden gun out and shoots a couple slugs in his target. She gasps in shock, but maintains her composure. He shoots her again, taking her down. She writhes in agonizing pain. Within minutes, she dies. The priest collects his cash, gives his blessing, and walks away.

Seven deadly sins
Seven deadly sins.mp4

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Choke Chamber – Pick Up Artist

Choke Chamber - Pick Up Artist

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Gorgeous, blonde Playboy model Ossy plays an unlucky girl who meets her untimely demise when she accepts the aid of the wrong a man. After her car breaks down, beautiful vixen attempts to fix the problem herself. Like most women, she's clueless with the parts under the hood. Luckily, a man offers assistance. At first, she's relieved. Shortly after they fix the car, he offers her a drink inside his home. She accepts. Bad move. He prepares a cold beverage. She takes a drink, and almost immediately gets dizzy and passes out. She awakens, and finds herself in her sexy bra and underwear tied to the bed post. She panics, and tries to break free. Suddenly the man jumps on top of her, and starts to taunt her. He removes her bra, and kisses her neck. She pleads to be set free. He then starts to choke her with his cold, bare hands. She fights for dear life, but her attempt is futile. She dies, and is carried out, naked, and lifeless.

Pick up artist
Pick up artist.mp4

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Choke Chamber – Realty Bites

Choke Chamber - Realty Bites

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Chelsie portrays a realtor, anxiously awaiting a prospective client for a multi-million dollar property in Beverly Hills. After waiting for over an hour, he calls and tells her he'll be a half hour late. In the meantime, she decides to walk to the car for her briefcase and get some work done while she waits. On her way back inside the condo, little does she realize some random onlooker has just taken notice of the lovely, brunette beauty. He follows her inside. When she sees the gentleman, she assumes he is the person she's been waiting for. Gracious, and eager to make that paycheck, she diligently shows the unit. The stranger plays along, and checks her out. Little does the agent realize that the man in front of her is not who he appears to be. Only after receiving an unexpected phone call from the person she's scheduled to meet, does she understand the situation. She is in deep trouble! Before she can run away, the man blocks her escape, plays cat and mouse, and chases her until she is caught. He knocks her out, and drags her unconscious body to the bedroom to get a more intimate look at what's underneath the clothing. He caresses, and fondles the beauty, and strips her. Unexpectedly, she awakens only to live a horrifying nightmare that will soon end in her untimely demise. He wraps a tight rope around her soft neck, and squeezes mercilessly. As hard as she tries to persist, his hold is too strong… she dies. Now a corpse, he continues disrobing her, and then exits.

Realty bites
Realty bites.mp4

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Choke Chamber – Hammer Time

Choke Chamber - Hammer Time

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Gorgeous, leggy Playboy blonde Miranda stars in this erotic segment as the cold, mean employer who refuses to compensate her hard-working contractor for all the work he's done on her house. Complaining that she's stressed, and inconvenienced by his loud hammer, she orders him to leave without pay. He pleads for payment on behalf of his staff. Unwilling to compromise, she starts to throw a temper tantrum, and suddenly starts pushing, and yelling at the disgruntled contractor. He walks away, but decides to pay the bitch an unexpected visit, later that afternoon when she's least expecting, to teach her a lesson she won't soon forget. Out to collect what's his, he sneaks in, and attacks her from behind. He tightens a wire garrote with his hands then grabs her by the neck, squeezing her neck with the rope. He chokes her. She struggles, kicks and squeals but her fight is weak. She manages a temporary escape. He runs after her and lifts her by the throat, forcing her to throttle in the air, feet kicking wildly. He drops her and finishes her off with a tight strangle by the wire. Upon her demise, he lifts the slender beauty, and carries her to the couch to do wit her as he pleases. Now that she's dead, he proceeds to stripping her until she is completely stark naked. Once he's had his fill, he leaves her naked, manipulated body on the couch. That should teach her to pay her debts on time!

Hammer Time
Hammer Time.wmv

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Choke Chamber – Deep Cut

Choke Chamber - Deep Cut

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Beauty attracts attention, and sometimes, not the good kind. Successful, and well published lingerie model Chelsie Farah has always had stalkers, but none worth being alarmed about. But one evening, while taking a nap after a long day of shooting, an all too eager fan has decided to pay her an unexpected visit. Now if this admirer were only interested in her autograph, that would be one thing, but this uninvited guest stealthily enters her property wearing a mask, and holding a kitchen knife. It's obvious his intentions are anything but "friendly." The fan sneaks inside the house, and awakens Chelsie from her relaxing slumber. She is at first cautious, and explores her apartment. The masked intruder hides in the bathroom, and peeks out. He watches Chelsie, as she obliviously inspects her home, and crawls back into bed. Alas she's asleep again. The intruder creeps into her bedroom. He watches the brunette vixen as she lays on the bed dressed in only her see through neglige. Suddenly feeling a weird presence about her, Chelsie opens her eyes, and at a state of shock sees a masked man hovering over her. She screams is terror, and runs out of the room. The man chases after her, then pushes her against the wall. He grabs her by the throat and lifts her a foot above the air. She chokes, and struggles, losing focus. He then drops her once she loses consciousness. The fan carries Chelsie over by the couch, and starts to play with her sleeping, limp body, toying with her like a doll. Then he removes her lingerie, and admires her smooth, sexy curves. Before he can remove her panties, she awakens, only to receive a hard, long penetrating blow in the abdomen by his sharp kitchen knife. She gasps in utter horror. He pulls the blade out, and lets blood gush out. She squeals in agony, and falls to the floor. He pushes her down, and stabs her repeatedly. Her body arches and writhes in terrible pain. One after another, her life diminishes. After several fatal stabs, the vixen dies. Bloodied, and lifeless, the fan takes one more look, and leaves. Onto the next model.

Deep cut
Deep cut.mp4

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Choke Chamber – Broken Vows

Choke Chamber - Broken Vows

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Karma's a bitch indeed. Great actress, blonde vixen Miranda Nicole portrays a good for nothing, unfaithful, spoiled, kept woman, who is shot to death by her frustrated, fed-up older husband. After an erotic afternoon of private yoga lessons with her instructor/lover, Miranda hops in the shower and gets ready for dinner and dancing. While relaxing by the bed, smoking a cigarette, in walks hubby. The topless beauty with cig and stocking in hand, rudely dismisses her spouse, and says to him: "What the fuck are you doing here? Looking for your viagra? I told you. You're a total failure. I need a younger man…" After a barrage of insults, she storms out to the balcony where she meets her final destiny. Now equipped with enough ammunition to teach blondie a lesson, justified hubby pulls out his 38 caliber, points it in front of his target, and shoots her with 2 in the lower lower belly. She is taken aback, and moans in agonizing pain. She holds herself up, still in disbelief that her husband is about to end her life. She then gets one in breast. The last shot ends her slowly, and ever for painfully. Upon her untimely demise, hubby laughs, and takes her still lit cig, and puts it in her lips. His anger satiated, hubby exits the house, leaving his wife's corpse bloodied, and full of holes.

Broken vows
Broken vows.mp4

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Choke Chamber – Lie Cheat Steal

Choke Chamber - Lie Cheat Steal

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Ali plays a wealthy, high society woman who just discovers that her husband has been having an illicit affair with a local babysitter. What with the exorbitant costs of divorce, she decides to personally ensure that the infidelity is true, before confronting her cheating spouse. Ali invites the mistress Michelle to her home, and pretends to need her nanny services. Oblivious to the fact that the affair is known, Michelle saunters in her lover's home, half and hour late, and careless. She's been wanting to see their home for many months now, but for the sake of discretion, have been meeting in hotels instead. Ali observes the sitter, and pretends to interview her for the nanny position. After a few minutes, she offers her the job, and exits. Michelle eagerly looks around the house, and tries on Ali's dresses. Deep down she wishes she were the wife. Little does the asian vixen realize that Ali only pretended to leave. She has been watching her from outside of the room the whole time. After Michelle puts on the the skirt, the hose the tight top, and shoes, Ali explodes, enters the room and confronts her. The meeting is anything but copacetic. Ali calls Michelle a "cheap whore." Michelle replies smugly, "Honey, ask your husband... I'm anything BUT cheap." This arrogance infuriates Ali. Without further hesitation, the angry wife lunges toward Michelle, wraps her hands around her throat and throws her down the bed. She chokes her furiously. They struggle. Within minutes, Michelle expires. Pleased with herself, Ali decides to call her husband and show him his new "gift." Hubby comes home only to be devastated by his loss. So red with rage, he attacks Ali, and strangles her with a tight rope until her last dying breath. Now he has two dead bodies on his bed. What to do? One thing's for sure. He won't be having another affair anytime soon.

Lie Cheat Steal
Lie Cheat Steal.wmv

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Choke Chamber – Hit Girls

Choke Chamber - Hit Girls

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Starring 2 Chokechamber vixens… (First released Feb 12, 2014) PLAYBOY'S Miss October Cyber girl… Two gorgeous assassins have been sent to terminate a vicious crime lord for a generous sum of $100,000. Seasoned killers, Ali and Michelle deliver on the job, and take-out their target with relative ease. After 3 years of partnership, Ali is taken by surprise when Michelle changes the plan, points the gun at her threatens to kill her for the money. Betrayed, but still on guard, Ali dodges Michelle's initial few shots, and runs for cover. They engage in a shoot out, and fire back and forth. Alas, after a few minutes of backfire, Michelle hits her former partner in the chest, stopping Ali at her tracks. She maintains composure, and stays standing. She refuses to go down easy. Michelle shoots another3 slugs… a couple on the belly, and then the breast. Ali slides down, back against the wall, blood staining the paint. She pants, and breathes heavily, but her life is slowly fading away. Shortly thereafter, the brunette beauty expires. Michelle kneels down next to her victim, and plants the gun in her hand. She attempts to frame the scene to make it look like a shoot out gone awry between the crime lord and Ali. After leaving the evidence, Michelle exits and heads over to her boss's place. At first, Michelle thinks she's won, but her glee is short-lived as an unexpected twist awaits the exotic bombshell. Karma is a bitch.

Hit girls
Hit girls.mp4

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