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Choke Chamber – Babysitter


Choke Chamber - Babysitter

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Juliana acts as a bad lazy girl. She works as a babysitter and misses watching over her client’s little son. He drowns. The bitch just runs away. Later her lawyers make a case that it was just an accident. Father decides to seek revenge. He finds a contract killer (Hass). She is a young girl, the daughter of ex-GKB agent. She is cruel, murder is her job and hobby. She should kill Juliana by drowning to make her suffer like the poor son. Juliana was doing her morning exercises when Hass enters her place. Just looks at this bitch – no guilt, no depression, she is doing fitness to keep her body young and sexy. Hass chloroforms her, then bonds her and put her away and waits for her to wake up. Juliana is in panic. Hass explains her fatal situation and after some enjoyment of Juliana’s pleas for mercy, slowly drowns her in aquarium. We see all her agony under water, her frightened look, bubble from month, eyes wide opened and her death stare in the end of execution. Hass checks dead Juliana’s pulse. Dead. She takes photos of the corpse to send them to the father. After her job it’s time for fun. She strips body and has some sexual games with dead victim, touching her feet, legs and breast…

Fetish Elements:

Chloroform, bondage, panic, begging for life, dialog between victim and killer before executions (with subtitles), drowning in aquarium, death stare, Miniskirt, black sexy suit, high heels, red lipstick, glasses sport microshorts, T-shirt, socks, crosses, Playing with dead body, Necro stripping, Necro lesbian games, foot fetish (much)


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Choke Chamber – Nurse No More

Nurse No More.0011

Choke Chamber - Nurse No More

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Plot: An All-American guy living in gorgeous Malibu overlooking the ocean has an interesting hobby… a hidden agenda… a deep dark unquenchable thirst. After the taste of his first real kill he realizes there’s more to life than money and stunning million dollar views. He found a more fulfilling, more intoxicating hobby to occupy his time. His hot, blonde, busty nurse! During the struggle we see multiple up skirt angles (some close ups of this) eyes open, tongue out, eyes crossed. After a short strangle( 1-2 minutes) she becomes unconscious, the patient thinks she's dead. Then the nurse wakes, the man gets the stocking again and strangles her again, this time from different positions. Within moments, the beauty expires. He continues to caress her body even after death.

Fetish Elements:

Super sexy death stares, Erotic Garrote Strangle, FULL NUDITY, Nurse Uniform, Pantyhose, Ballet flats, foot worship and bare soles view, eyes wide, tongue out, legs kicking and twitching, submission and a domination, rag dolling, body dragging, post-mortem body posing and positioning, necro-stripping and fondling

Nurse No More

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Choke Chamber – Photo Session

Photo Session.0014

Choke Chamber - Photo Session

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

A Photographer shooting model in the fashion industry invites photo models to his place for TFP photo session. While working through the session, he decides to shoot his models in nude. This is not as per what was planned and during the session he asks them to strip. The Models don’t agree for nude art, so they refuse working further for the session. But the photographer can’t stand the disobedience from the models and strangles them one by one. After strangling them he dumps the bodies in another room while he continues his session with the next model. Watch this erotic video of 3 girls strangled with death stares.

Fetish Elements:

Strangulation, manual strangulation, choking, 3 girls strangled, body carrying, tongue out, death stare
Starring: "Annabelle" and "Nata" and "Marina"
Video length: 24 min

Photo Session

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Choke Chamber – Tv Show

Tv Show.0008

Choke Chamber - Tv Show

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

TRASH EROTIC HORROR PARODY OF REALITY LIVE SHOW Three stupid media chicks are on TV Show «Live Show Flat». Suddenly a crazy fan, Chaim, breaks into the scene. He just wants to be famous but producers don’t let him into the casting. The Girls laugh at him and tell him «Fuck you»! What a mistake. He takes a revolver and… He kills Oksana by headshot (long, super sexy, grotesque headshot scene). Then he shoots Katya to her stomach, to her chest and to the back (sexy long shooting scene with nice pain and surprise reaction and exotic button-up death pose, blood effects + animated blood effects). He kills Vika by shotgun, quick by dynamic shooting scene mith slow-motion bullet time effect, flying body and exotic death pose. All girls are dead in nice different poses and super sexy death stares. Fedor, a strange male member of the Live Show, comes for some beer, he is glad to see the chicks dead. Chaim stripes bodies and plays with them. Low rating of this stupid TV-show for housewives becomes 100% rating with three absolutely nude dead young female bodies in blood.

Fetish Elements:

Headshot Stomach shooting Chest Shooting Back Shooting Shooting by Shot Guns Playing with dead girls Super sexy clothes, interesting plot

Tv Show

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Choke Chamber – The Professionals

The Professionals.0014

Choke Chamber - The Professionals

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


Two stunning vixens Sarah Jane and Alyssa Bang star in this erotic shooting extravaganza as a high-powered boss and lazy assistant. Each beauty dreams up two different sultry, exciting ways to get rid of the other. Both with equal disdain and attraction toward the other, they fantasize using cold, hard steel to off their mortal enemy. Four different shooting deaths… two beautiful ladies… A TRUE MUST SEE!

Fetish Elements:

Super sexy death stares, Shooting, Girl vs. Girl, Blood, Topless bullet impact, NUDITY, blood on white blouse, 4 shooting deaths, eyes wide, moaning and groaning, body writhing, belly clutching, Hollywood Style Shooting Effects, leather skirt, high heel pumps and stilettos, pantyhose, Muzzle flash, blood spatter, white collared blouse, multiple bullet wounds

The Professionals

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Pantyhose Sleeper Creeper

Pantyhose Sleeper Creeper.0010

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Pantyhose Sleeper Creeper

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Chris works in the neighborhood where Coco is staying for a month long job. He has been stalking her, and also has a buddy who works at the suites she is residing, so he gets access and waits for her behind the cubby curtain. When Coco arrives she checks her messages after removing her coat and sitting on the bed. She grabs her fresh package of sheer toe pantyhose, slowly gets undressed from her clothes, bra and panties, and sits in the chair to put them on. She slowly and sexily puts on her tight pantyhose, and it shines against her lovely brown skin. She stands up finishing putting on the pantyhose, then struts to the mirror to have a look on both sides. She checks herself out in a pose, then looks at her ass in the pantyhose. She knows what dress she will wear so she heads to the cubby and opens the curtain. She screams when a strange man is there coming at her, he decks her out cold on to the bed. Now he has her all to himself for at least an hour. He checks her out, as he is obsessed. She is so perfect, it is unreal, he feels her all over, checking out her pantyhose covered ass, thighs and hips, perfect skin and feet. He flops her a bit on the bed, checking to see how limp and out cold she is. He checks her face, and her mouth to see her teeth and sexy tongue. He just wants to play with her for a while and leave, she will only remember him as a ghost. He plays more, ragdolling her on the bed and stretching her out, playing with her arms and limbs. He bends and stretches her out in her pantyhose, he loves the sheer toe showing of her sexy soles. He is so obsessed with her and her beauty. He rolls her over and checks out her ass, then on to her back to fondle and squeeze her luscious breasts. She is the only woman for him at this time and he has her for a while. As he flops her head over the bed to stretch out her chest, she starts to come to. Chris panics and she starts to get scared. In an instant he is on the offensive, grabbing her in a headlock from behind, lifting her body off the ground like he was trained to do in the military, she struggles and he is reluctant at first, but when she won't calm down, or pass out, he gives her a hard jolt, and breaks her neck a couple of times , as she is suspended in air. She goes limp and he lets her to the ground. Catching his breath, and keeping his cool, he lets the body dangle there on the floor and then fall over. He grabs the limp, broken necked babe up and tosses her on to the bed. He can now finish what he came to do, and get some extra, because she will never fight him again. Her eyes are open and tongue barely poking out when he tosses her around on the bed. He plays with her pantyhose clad ass, and fondles her tits more. He plays with her mouth and peeks inside. He picks her up and drapes her arched body over his arms, and the bed. He dangles her a bit from the bed, arms hanging down. He finally gets the urge to have sex with this incredibly hot young woman he has been obsessively stalking so he grabs her close. He doesn't want to mess up her pantyhose, so he lowers them safely just so he can enter her without messing up her hose. He screws her for a bit, slowly and then gaining speed with his thrusts, her mouth is slightly agape as she jostles to and fro from his fucking motion. He finally cums, and has his fill. He goes to the bathroom to get a wet wipe to clean her up nice before he replaces the pantyhose. He puts them back on perfect so he can enjoy her a bit more as he intended. He is satisfied with the sex, but really loves the hot chick in pantyhose. He positions her around the bed some more making sure she is limp, ragdolling her on the bed some more. As he arches her back picking her up at the small of her back, and positioning her so she looks peaceful, he realizes he should probably leave town. He can get a good jump on the ones who will want to catch up to him. Coco's sexy body is panned and viewed with all her glory, what a sexy woman.
Pantyhose Sleeper Creeper

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Orgasmic Duel

Orgasmic Duel.0017

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Orgasmic Duel

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: A police detective(Lexxi) is on the hunt for a young serial killer(Belle) who killed her sister after taking her husband and disposing of him too. Lexxi finds her and calls her to discuss how she will get the death penalty when she is caught. After a long conversation and some smack talk, they agree to meet at Belle's hideout for a DUEL TO THE DEATH. They each choose weapons, Detective Lexxi her pistol, and Belle a kitchen knife to make it interesting. She also says she will be dressed in her long, black, high heeled boots, and lingerie just to give Lexxi more of an edge. Lexxi comments that she is naive and has no chance in her "Fuck Me Boots". They hang up each one hissing about the other, soon Lexxi is in the main room of the hideout, she calls for the bitch and slowly Belle comes down the hall scraping the knife against it to make a creepy sound, to intimidate the cop. When she gets into the room with Lexxi she up and downs her, kissing the knife then setting it on the floor, slowly, keeping her eyes on the cop and her gun in hand. She stands up and without words looks into the detectives eyes, she is getting a bit nervous with the young, sexy, serial killer pacing around her, but she is mesmerized by her sexiness. The serial killer tosses her coat in the corner, revealing her sexy, thin frame, bra, no panties, with thigh highs and knee high fuck me boots. She also wears long, black opera gloves with such elegance. She gets closer to the detective, smelling her as she goes around checking her out. Just as the detective is lulled, she goes in for a kiss. First Lexxi is standoffish and pulls away, but once Belle's sweet lips lock to hers she comes back to her, taking in the sexy kisses and long French kisses. The young serial killer seduces the sexy cop, and soon they are fully making out, the detective following orders to take off her clothes and she does, she is being kissed, caressed and rubbed down by the killer. She is fully entranced by Belle's sexiness and touch. After much heavy petting, and disarming the gun from the detective, she reaches in and twists her nipples hard, causing pain. She does this for a while, twisting them so she is in pain, then she kneels down and grabs a small vibrator out of her boot. She turns it on and sticks it up in the cops pussy, deep, so it goes all the way in. The cop is having a hard time concentrating because of the nipple twisting and the vibrator hitting her g spot constantly when she is in certain positions. With the vibrator deep, Belle gets behind her rubbing her clit as she forces the vibrator even deeper into her vagina. The cop is at bay now, she is putty as she cums very hard, but the serial killer is not impressed by it at all. She tells the cop she has a weak orgasm and needs to do better, but Lexxi just moans and tries to fight it. After more teasing and some playing with the knife she tosses the cop to the floor, and taunts her, standing over her and counting down, 5, 4, 3, 2,.. They both spring to their feet grabbing their weapons off the floor. Lexxi is in obvios discomfort as she tries to stand, each time she is erect, she starts to feel the vibrator on her g spot, making it hard to aim. She shoots and misses a couple times as Belle ducks and laughs at the pathetic cop. Just as she tries to shoot a third time, Belle moves in grabbing the gun arm and holding it up over her head as she plunges the large kitchen knife deep into her belly, right between the button and the mons, where the guts are vital. The detective, almost orgasmic when she was stabbed, takes the knife 2/3 deep and moans loud, and deep moans and grunts as the killer twists the knife into her guts, causing a bit of blood to leak out around the knife. Lexxi goes slowly to her knees with the knife still in her, but as she hits Belle pulls the knife out of her belly. The detective is about to cum as she clutches her belly, then falls back, her legs and feet tucked back, her arms to the side cumming hard and arching her back, fully nude. Belle taunts her a bit as she hovers over the dying, orgasming Detective. As she dies and goes limp, the serial killer crouches down to kiss her cheek and caress her dead body before exiting the scene. She also removes her bra revealing her signature diamond heart pasties she only wears to kill. The sexy woman dead on the floor is panned and viewed from many sexy angles.
Orgasmic Duel

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Necksnap Necrorape 2

Necksnap Necrorape 2.0007

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Necksnap Necrorape 2

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: -
Necksnap Necrorape 2

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – My Cousin Tracy

My Cousin Tracy.0017

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - My Cousin Tracy

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Chris and Tracy grew up together in the same small town, on the same street. Being close to the same age and being cousins, gave them lots of opportunities to learn and grow. It also gave them plenty of time for mischief and of course for learning new and interesting things. While playing in Dads shed, they came across a few magazines that had been stashed by grandpa, depicting crime photos and detective stories. As they got older and more mature physically, they started to mimic the stories in the magazines and use their spare time for role play. They would use toy guns and knives, garden hoses and extension cords, even one of Tracys moms(Chris aunt Grace) thigh high stockings to wrap around her neck and pretend that she is dying a sexy death, and play dead, holding her eyes for as long as she can while he said a few words, or just stood over her, panning her slowly. As they grew older and moved on they still kept in touch.
20 years later they finally get a chance to meet again as Tracy is on the West coast and staying with Chris while she is in town. They drink a tall cocktail as they discuss a few things from their days role playing. As they talk, Chris can't help but notice that Tracy has really developed in many areas since their days back in the shed and that there seems to still be a spark of chemistry between them. As she powers through the drink, she gets hot talking about the times they had. As she finishes her drink she gets an idea, since they are on the subject, Chris should get the fake knife and gun he kept all these years and play some more role play games. That is exactly what they do and it begins with her guarding the door, him sneaking behind her and stabbing her with the dagger, in the back as she dies sexily on the floor.(THERE ARE 6 INDIVIDUAL ROLEPLAY SHORT CLIPS IN THIS VIDEO, ALL DIFFERENT GUN OR KNIFE, NO BLOOD OR FX, BUT WITH SEVERAL ANGLES, POV, AND BODY PANS OF ABSOLUTELY AWESOME DEATHS)
They play the 6 different role play games and they are collapsed on the floor glowing in the aftermath when they almost have a moment where they feel like they want to continue this in the bedroom, but at the last minute, in fear of embarrassment, she retires to sleep in his bedroom, while he stays on the couch. They say goodnight and Chris sits on the couch, looking like he needs a cold shower, and Tracy shuts the bedroom door and rolls her eyes and tongue, touching herself up against the door. That starts a whole slow striptease she does for herself, imagining Chris touching her, and thinking about their role play that has obviously given her a boost in her sex drive. Before long she is on the bed, stroking her pussy hair and then going for it all. She fingers herself furiously, going back and forth from her nipples to her clit with the other hand, slowly rising to a climax. Chris, in the next room can't help but hear the moans and occasional murmurs of what sounds like his name. He starts to undress and goes to the door, peering in. He grabs a silk stocking from his old school collection and stands at the door with it cracked open, watching her about to cum on the bed. As she climaxes, he is already stroking himself and the other hand tucks the stocking in his underwear so it is ready for when he gives her the surprise. After she cums in an earth shattering, quivering orgasm, she looks up and he is there. For a split second she is embarrassed, but then just wants more, especially with someone she trusts, her cousin Chris. She uses her finger to tell him to enter the room. She pulls his cock out of his underwear and strokes it with her own spit and rubs his balls with her other hand. He returns the favor touching her sweet pussy lips. After she handles him getting him nice and stiff, she says "I want you to fuck me, now"(POV) He obliges her and pushes her back on to the bed, fucking her so he can see her tits bounce, and then flips her over so he can hit it from behind. As he is pounding her from the back and she is grabbing the sheets close to another booming orgasm, he pushes her upright by her breasts, hugging her close, then grabs the stocking from his underwear and starts to strangle her with it. At first she thinks it is a game, but as he grits his teeth and pulls it taught, cutting off all of her air, she goes nuts and starts to thrash. He decides to take care of the strangling part then he will have his way with her afterward. He strangles her upright as she thrashes about, flailing her sexy arms, digging at the stocking embedded in her neck. After she has gone a while, he takes her down so he can see her feet thrash about, and her legs kick and stiffen. Her toes spread and flex on her sexy feet. This is getting him very turned on and he is not thinking about anything but the throws of passion. After a long bout, drooling and choking to death, Tracy goes still, eyes wide almost in panic, still, and naked, just a stocking around her neck. Chris is so turned on he is only seeing red and purple, he grabs her body by an arm and a leg, then pulls the body to the edge, tasting her sexy soles, and her pussy before he enters her, fucking her hard and soft, squeezing her nipples and watching them bounce back and forth. As he gets close to orgasm, he grabs her feet and fucks them for a moment before blasting a load all over her sexy foot. He continues to fuck her foot, sticking his cock through the toes, and rubbing his cum all over her feet, finishing his orgasm. After he is done he drops the foot, then cleans them off. He poses her in his favorite, feet close together, knees bent, one arm up one down, pussy exposed, eyes wide open tongue slightly lolled. What a sexy specimen, and it was all in the family. Now, Chris needs to figure out what to do and cover his tracks. He calls his Aunt Grace and asks if she has heard from Tracy because she has not arrived. He knows he has a lot of work to do and needs to probably get out of town.
My Cousin Tracy

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Julies Last Stand 3 Belle Fatale

Julies Last Stand 3 Belle Fatale.0003

[New, Joint] Chris' Corner - Julies Last Stand 3 Belle Fatale

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Belle Fatale w/ Bronson

Peter carries her body to the tub, and fills the bath with warm water so he can clean her body. He knows what he must do, especially after reading the note and knowing he is ready to move on to the next life. First he must fulfill her wish to clean her up and have sex with her dead body one last time. As he lifts her to the tub he caresses and kisses her telling her they will be together soon. He goes to get his knife and the note she left in his hand. He caresses her and washes her legs, removing the shoes one at a time and spending time with her sexy feet. He cleans her more, cleaning her legs and thighs, then gets his knife and cuts the dress, starting at the top and cutting his way down, each wound leaking blood into the already red water, from all the bullet holes, and exit wounds. He washes the rest of her with the dress, then cleans her up a bit more before he lets the drain open. As the last bit of blood, gore, and water go down the drain, he has her in the living room of the safe house where she went down in a blaze of glory. The clean up crew had been through and taken most of the carnage, so he lays out a nice blanket and sets her cleaned, dead body on to the floor. He immediately has a hard on and goes to town fucking her, she is sexy to him, dead or alive, she made him feel so special and powerful, and he was thinking about that right now, not the future. He fucks her dead, sexy body in many different positions and sucks her toes, and cums inside her hard, finishing and shivering while her blank stare is cold and expressionless. After getting off he is back n business mode, but wants to take his time, so he decides to dress her back in her original skirt and white top. He figures most of her blood is gone and she will have more holes soon anyway, so he starts with the shirt, lifting her up and getting the shirt on awkwardly. After she is buttoned up he gets the skirt on, then he plays with and sucks her feet. He smells the old pump, because he could not find the other one, he smells her feet in deeply into his nose. He puts on the new white sandal heels he cleaned up she wore with the wedding dress (QiPao). He fixes er hair from her face and makes sure she looks lovely, then lifts her up to the sofa sitting down. He tells her he loves her and he is ready to be with her again and stands up to make a phone call. He calls the boss and tells him he is at the safe house with Julie's body and that they are going away together unless her comes to get them.....FADE OUT...Unfortunately, it is a bittersweet ending...FADE IN to Peter and Julie on the sofa, machine gun in hand, shot again to pieces, and both dead now. Julie took at least 8 more and Peter a few to the brain. The boss sent in the real muscle for them. Body pans of both dead man and woman, because LOVE IS FOREVER!!
Julies Last Stand 3 Belle Fatale

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