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Miley Cyrus Porn Fake

Miley Cyrus Porn Fake

Miley Cyrus Porn Fake 1

Categories: Celeb, Fakes, Scandal, TopLess, Parody

Number of Pics: 2500

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Celebs: Miley Cyrus


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Peachy Keen Films – Corporate Killings

Peachy Keen Films - Corporate Killings

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: A young woman that is put in charge of finding out who is stealing company secrets is on a power trip as she gets ready to interview the next employee. A scared, quiet girl is shoved into the make shift interrogation room and Miera gets right to work on her...asking all the tough, vague questions she can before getting frustrated, making her strip and planting the first bullet of the day into the poor girls stomach. The girl is stunned at first, looks at her wound and falls. ***** pours through her fingers as she bleeds heavily. Miera shoots her again, same area. The girl cannot talk, cannot comprehend what has just happened or what is about to happen. Miera, the power surging takes aim. She hope the girl does not talk because she just wants to kill. She girls spasms on the floor, clutching her *****-soaked belly, ***** pouring out of her mouth. She gets her wish and as the girl stares silently at her with her pleading eyes, he shoots her in-between her tits. The girl goes still--staring blankly. Miera calls for a clean up and the body is dragged out. Next, Renee enters and room. Just an intern from the mail room, she is also scared and has no idea why she is here. Miera asks her the question and Renee has no answers. Miera in anger rips Renee's shirt open exposing her nice teenage tits. She places the gun between them and lets it slid down, then, when the barrel is pointed at her belly, she shoots--point blank. Renee falls to the ground. She begs and pleads but Miera has had enough and shoots her rapidly, 4 more times. The first shot hits her in the lower belly just above her panties. The next three go across her chest, once each in each of her big tits and then a centered chest shot. Renee goes still. After observing the body for a bit, she calls and has Renee dragged off. Meira is waiting for the next victim when her boss comes in. He forces her against the wall at gunpoint. It has been decided that she is actually the problem. She is ****** to strip, all the while she talks back and resists. Her boss lets his weapon slide down her torso, stopping just below her belly where he fires point-blank. She goes down in pain, squirming all over the floor. She tries to reason with him, but he finishes her off, shooting her in the side belly, then in each large breast. She heaves for a moment, then slowly goes still, her body slowly twitching for several seconds after she is dead. He leaves her laying on the cold, ***** floor.

Corporate Killings

Corporate Killings.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – Deadly Phone Sex 1

Peachy Keen Films - Deadly Phone Sex 1

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: "Call Sexy Summer for a good time" that's what the ad said so he called her. Summer picks up and goes into the typical patter...what's your name, how old are you...etc. He set her up for the young woman fantasy and had her rubbing and moaning over the phone in no time. Summer was indeed everything her ad said she would be. And that voice, oh god, the voice was everything; sensual, innocent, and naughty all at once. He told her he needed a moment, and she set down the phone and continued to masturbate, sensual, wet. He found out where she was... he was good at that, he had done it so many times before. When she was finished she picked up the phone. "Are you still there?" He was, but not where she thought. He up and she needed a shower. After showering, she turned around and he is there, pointing a gun at her. She started to plead, but he fired rapidly, three shots in and around her breast. She goes down, ***** smearing on the wall behind her. She is in shock and is spasming on the wet tile as she takes time to bleed and die. He does not have time to wait. He fires three more shots into her -- she jerks to the hits, but the last shot enters her heart and with one last jerk, she is dead, staring, motionless. ***** drips from her mouth and the six holes in her chest. If Summer was just making money for college, it was a bad, bad choice. The Phone Sex Killer, walks away and we are treated to long, lingering views of Summer's bullet-riddled body.

Deadly Phone Sex 1

Deadly Phone Sex 1.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – Coed Slaughter

Peachy Keen Films - Coed Slaughter

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Two college coeds are just waking up and starting their morning routine. Suddenly a psycho slasher bursts out of the spare room. He quickly slices the throat of the first girl sitting at the kitchen counter, then confronts the second girl, sliding his long butcher knife into her soft belly several times until she lay helpless and in agony on the coffee table. Meanwhile, the other girl clutches her throat, but cannot stop the ***** from pouring out of the deep wound all over the white countertop. From behind the killer plants a knife deep in her back, then lifts her up on the kitchen counter and plunges the knife up through her ribs and jiggles it around tearing up her organs. In a moment she is lifeless. He goes back the the other girl -- quickly straddles her then plunges his knife right between her breasts. She tenses up in pain, then slowly expires. He tears her shirt open, exposing her full breasts. He goes back to the other dead girl and rips her panties off and admires his bloody work.

Coed Slaughter

Coed Slaughter.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – Brothel Massacre

Peachy Keen Films - Brothel Massacre

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: A student is obsessed with his teacher and tries to seduce her. It starts to work. She rubs his cock while he stands in her office. Just as she is about to wrap her sexy lips around his member, she has an epiphany. She thinks she likes girls.

Frustrated he leaves.

Later, the teacher shows up at a local brothel and watches as a woman in from of her--the lawyer, chooses a hot asian girl to walk off with. The Madam then asks the teacher what she wants and she chooses a buxom blond.

In each room the girl go at it. The lawyer, a full lesbian, engages the asian whore with vigor. They fondle and each each other out.

In the other room, the Teacher is very shy. The blond lures her in carefully and before long, they are at each other in full embrase and sexual fervor.

The Student arrives in the lobby. The sexy Madam tries to stop him by turning to call for help. He shoots her in the back twice and once in the ass cheek. She goes down.


Now, in both rooms the girls have dawned strap ons. They go at it, pounding each other hard and switching positions several times.

He sneaks up behind the Lawyer as she is pounding the Asian and shoots her in the back. Before she has a chance to react, he shoots her through the back of the head.

The Asian tries to comprehend what happened, inadvertently letting the dead lawyer fall off the bed to the floor. Then the Asian takes two quick shots to her breast. She falls back, in shock, tries to plead with the student, before he shoot her in the other breast.

She is dead, but he shoots her again, in the abdomin and in her foot.

Now he leaves.

The student enters the room with his Teacher. He shoots her in the back and she falls on top of the blond--who she was fucking doggy style. The blond reacts, but he shoots her in the temple--killing her instantly.

He thinks his Teacher is dead, but shoots her in the back of the head to be sure.

Then, he gets right to it. While the Teacher still lays atop the blond, he fucks her. And after a while, he pushes the blond off the bed with a thud, and fucks the teacher every way. When he is done, he head out to the lobby.

There, he finds the madam still alive...trying to reach the panic button. He shoots her twice in the back, the once in the foot. She is dead.

He decides to go back to the Lawyer and Asian room. He decides he still has some stamina left, so he fucks the Asian whore. She is nice. She spends some time with her, changing positions and even fucking her anally. Finally, he cums, some of it spattering all over the lawyers chest. He poses the Asian with her feet on the Lawyer.

He takes one last walkthrough of the carnage, then leaves.

Brothel Massacre

Brothel Massacre.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – Brothel Killer

Peachy Keen Films - Brothel Killer

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Today was the same as any other day. Pandora, sat in her assigned room waiting for the next client. She was a cute, book smart girl. She loved to make men happy; knew how to address every need. This was a good part-time job for her while she put her self through grad school. There was a knock at the door...she called him in and started her timer. His session was going to be a half hour. He was nice on the eyes, a large, soft-spoken man in a bright orange shirt. She figured him for a truck driver or electrician. His hands looked rough...he did something with his hands. She was pretty good at reading the clients. It helped her break the ice and quickly find out what they wanted. Repeat business was key for her...she would rather have a few clients many times then many, many men. This guy was new. After casual conversation she encouraged him to start exploring her body. He was very shy, but soon found his groove. He had her panties off and quickly was between her legs, his tongue exploring her young 22yo pussy. She was in heaven. She usually did not let anyone do this to her, but this man somehow broke the barrier--he was licking her sweet pussy and she was loving it. After a long while, she could not stand it anymore--she had to have him. She pushed him back and was straddling him, asking, no begging to be fucked. He paused, in fact, resisted---what was wrong with him. He expressed reluctance and chatted her up, but all the while he positioned his garrote behind her. He had her put her hair up, expositing her soft neck and when the moment was just right, he attacked. Quickly, he wrapped the cord around her neck--twice, making it tight, pulling her toward him. She struggled, but the position was not good for him, so he flips her on her back against him and pulls tight. He had done this before, many times in many states. A truck driver he was, and this was the main use of his hands--- young prostitutes. She was very sensual, even as he was her. Some girls kick and flip uncontrollably, but it was almost as if she was getting off on the experience as she was trying to get out. She was grinding against his cock as she was struggling and twitching her body. Her doe-eyes were wide in shock and her hands worked at the garrote and pulled at his clothing. She would often spread her legs wide, her pussy lips moist--he let his fingers explore them during these moments. Here toes pointed, toes stretching, reaching for anything to grab onto. Her body continued to jerk and twitch for some time before slowing down. Finally, after quite a while, she was barely moving. There were a few last little spasms, then nothing--she was dead. He lay with her for a while, feeling her warmth against him. Then he rolled her off like a rag doll. He looked at her ass and legs, then flopped her back over. He pushed her lets apart and fingered her tight wet pussy before pulling his cock out and fucking her warm body, her skin soft and smooth. After cumming, he picks her up and dances with her for a while, her legs swinging back and forth. He throws her back on the bed, gives her one last look and leaves for the next brothel.

Brothel Killer

Brothel Killer.wmv

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Peachy Keen Films – A Tragic Teenage Death

Peachy Keen Films - A Tragic Teenage Death

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Emily returns home from volleyball practice talking on her cell phone to a friend. She is a little winded and feels weaker then normal, but is too lost in conversation to notice. After she up, she has heart failure and drops to the floor. Still only a teenage girl, still just in high school, her life, cut short by an unpredictable tragedy. Later, the local EMS arrives at the scene, but it is obvious at this point the victim is deceased, so he proceeds to secure the body and preserve the scene. He carefully checks her body for initial signs of trauma, then cases the room, collecting anything that may have come in contact with her…open containers, her purse, backpack, etc. He bags her hands and rolls her into a body bag then transports her back to the local, small town morgue.

As the coroner, in the morgue he continues their by-the-book process. First, he takes her body out of the body bag so that she is lying on the stainless steel morgue table. He then proceeds to take off her clothing starting with her shoes. Each item that is removed is either placed on the evidence rack, or bagged for lab analysis. After removing her socks he cuts off her knee pads, and then works his way to her shorts, underwear, top and bra. Once she is nude, he starts a preliminary exam of the body. He slowly checks her from head to toe, making sure there is nothing that should be noted. He rolls her on her side and later rolls her completely over. He uses his UV light to check every orifice on her body in extremely close detail.

He swabs her pussy. Later, he un-bags her hands and swabs under her nails. At one point, he flexes her arms and legs. Eventually, he determines that her death at this point cannot be decided until the lab work gets back. He straightens her out and leaves. A few hours later, after everyone has left, he comes back in. Obviously, a little buzzed on something, he flips off the camera, the proceeds to make out with the corpse. He fondles her breasts, sucks her tits, but quickly moves down between her legs. He eats her pussy for a moment, then starts finger banging her. He cannot wait much longer so, he had sex with the dead teenage girl. He does her hard and fast, and shoots his load inside. Then he picks her up, planning to get her back into position and clean any evidence of his visit.

A Tragic Teenage Death

A Tragic Teenage Death.wmv

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StrangleGirl(z) – Hit Man Ari

StrangleGirl(z) - Hit Man Ari

Categories: Strangle, Bagging, Violation, Snuff Play, NE

Hit Man Ari

Hit Man Ari

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StrangleGirl(z) – Hiddenwitness Naiya

StrangleGirl(z) - Hiddenwitness Naiya

Categories: Strangle, Bagging, Violation, Snuff Play, NE

Hiddenwitness Naiya

Hiddenwitness Naiya

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StrangleGirl(z) – Hidden Witness

StrangleGirl(z) - Hidden Witness

Categories: Strangle, Bagging, Violation, Snuff Play, NE

Hidden Witness

Hidden Witness

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