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Peachy Keen Films – Take Off Your Panties

Take Off Your Panties.0011

Peachy Keen Films – Take Off Your Panties

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Stormy, Alisha, Ashlee, Starlie, Paige, Belle, and Jizzabelle

Note: This is a 50min kidnapping/hostage extravaganza. Lots and lots of damsel in peril, begging, sobbing, and marching to and fro to either watch or be executed. There are lots of psychological twists that make it even worse for the 7 poor, innocent victims.

Two guys have a plan. Kidnap the daughters of the wealth, use their phones to call their parents and threaten to kill them unless they are paid ransom.

After 3 more girls are kidnapped they go back to the abandoned mill to make the phone calls and let their victims sweat in anticipation of there fate.

After the calling process is completed, they get the other two girls they already have and march them all to an area set up with plastic tarping on the floor.

The main bad guy is a twisted fucker and he likes to mess with the girls—keeping his intentions a secret until amost the last minute. Not one knows when they are going to die until these words, “Take your panties off”. Once he has them strip completely nude, they are most likely dead.

The process is simple. Kill a girl. March them back to the holding room and then make more phone calls.

It’s those calls that are proving to be the most difficult process, and they do not bode well for the girls.

Next, after the calls, gather the girls up, march them back out and, after the “game” of who will it be–execute another.

At one point, there is a knock at the door. Answering it, they discover two girl’s–petitioners for something. Probably not rich girl daughters, but they take them hostage to ad to the fun.

As the bodies pile up, they have to move them about to make room. The girls, of course, have to watch as, one by one, their peers are murdered before them.

One by one. They all die. Well, all but one. Her fee was paid. As she watches the last of them be murdered before her, she knows, she will be let go. That is, until an unfortunate event takes her life as well.

Like I said–they all die.

In the end, a nice body pile on plastic is formed.

The men leave, setting off the charges on their way out.

BONUS: Slow Motion Shootings after Credits!!!

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Various Head-type Execution Shots, Marching, Crying, Torment, Cuffed, Gagged, Body Piles, Body Positioning, Body Views, Shoe and Foot Views.

Take Off Your Panties.0011

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Peachy Keen Films – Suffocated And Fucked

Suffocated And Fucked.0017

Peachy Keen Films – Suffocated And Fucked

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: | WILLOW HAYES | MILES |

Willow is a young teen, walking home from school with her backpack on. She goes in through the backdoor of her building, and is startled to see Miles right behind her shutting the door. Willow quickly thinks to herself, it’s just a neighbor, and keeps walking.

Miles grabs her from behind and throws her against the wall. He brings her to the ground and knocks her out. Willow is passed out in her little t shirt, jeans, and flip-flops. Miles takes the opportunity to feel her small tits, and remove her flip-flops. He touches her curvy and clean feet, running his fingers from the tops of her black toe nail polish, to the bottom of her heels. Miles is too excited and takes her limp body away to somewhere more private.

He takes her into her apartment and ties Willow up on a bed. Miles is sitting, watching, waiting for Willow to wake up.

As Willow regains consciousness, Miles is filled with maniacal laughter. Willow begs to be let go, squirming on the bed with her little feet and hands bound by rope.

He gives her feet more of a fondle. Willow continues to struggle, crying to stop. Miles tapes her mouth shut before giving her whole body a rub. But even her taped up mouth doesn’t stifle the sound of her panicked breathing. Miles puts more tape on her nose, making Willow even quieter as her breathing is further blocked.

Miles gives Willow’s feet a full licking, sucking on her toes and getting his mouth in every crevice. Willow’s eyes are becoming dimmer as she makes stifled whimpers and her struggles become weaker and weaker.

Willow gets closer and closer to death as the tape blocks her breathing until she finally suffocates. Miles decides its time to untie the body, cutting off the hand and foot binds, and un-tape her face. He pulls off her small jeans, pink panties, shirt, and bra. Miles licks the nipples, and feels the still warm body up, before putting it on its back to get fucked. He has the bodies feet in the air near his face, and keeps fucked until he’s finished.


Suffocated And Fucked

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Peachy Keen Films – Shot Dead And Fucked

Shot Dead And Fucked.0022

Peachy Keen Films – Shot Dead And Fucked

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging


Miley May and Victoria Verve were out for a typical girls night where a group of close girl friends, and their one gay friend, head out to the bar for some cosmopolitans after a round of ice creams.

Afterwards, they decided to go to Miley’s house for some coffee and a nightcap. As they shut the door behind them, they were shocked to see Miley’s boyfriend Miles drunk on the couch, swirling a bottle of cognac. Miles looks like he’s been waiting all night for his girlfriend to get home, and doesn’t trust that she has kept faithful.

They assure Miles that it was just a typical ladies night, and there weren’t even any other straight men around. Miles is drunk and doesn’t trust either of the girls. He tells them to shut up and that he wants to get his dick wet. He pulls the uncomfortable girls in and begins to drunkenly fondle them.

The girls decide that they would rather spend the night at Victoria’s, and let Miles sober up for the night. As they are headed for the door, Miles gets in their way and draws a pistol. He forces them on the couch and asks which of the two are going to suck his dick. He even whips out his erect cock and pulls their heads toward his belt buckle.

At this point Miley is apologizing to her friend Victoria who has had enough and heads for the door. Miles points the gun at Victoria as she calls him crazy and Miles fires. Miley rushes to her friend’s body for help, but she’s already dead. Miley is freaked out and angry at Miles and after the two get into a small tangle, Miles shoots Miley dead.

Although the two girls are dead, Miles has a one track mind and still wants to get his dick wet.

He strips the two bodies down, feels them up, and bangs one out in the boths of them. Not as wet as Miles had wanted, but I guess beggars can’t be choosers.


Shot Dead And Fucked

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Peachy Keen Films – Sentry Showdown 9

Sentry Showdown 9.0016

Peachy Keen Films – Sentry Showdown 9

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Alina Long with Penny Pax

A sexy sentry guards a hallway with confident. Another sentry guards a room. They communicate status to each other.

A specialist had infiltrated the compound and sneaks up behind the sentry in the hallway.

In the room, the sentry tries to call the other, but she is not responding, so she goes to check on her—but finds her dead, naked and spread–covered in cum. She rushed back to her post in panic.

She is confronted by the specialist and they fight. At first, she is able to knock him down, but he charges and slams her into the wall, then takes her down—quickly securing a garrote around her neck.

As he strangles her–felling her sexy, sweaty, muscle-toned body writhing against him, he wants her. He fondles her, and eventually gets his cock out and starts fucking her as he is killing her.

After a while of that, she is weakened. He gets her up on her knees and keeps strangling her as he forces her to suck his cock. Finally, he fills her mouth up with his hot cum and she is dead. He lets her drop to the floor, then drags her up onto the bed.

For the rest of the time, he spends fucking her in different positions and cumming on her over and over until he is satisfied.

Fetish Elements: Violence, Nudity, Explicit Sexual Content, Espionage, Garrote Strangle, Garrote Strangle while Fucking, Sweat, Strangle BJ, Necro Sex, Necro Fucking, Lots of Cum, Necro BJ, Boots On, Body Views.

Sentry Showdown 9

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Peachy Keen Films – Reuinted


Peachy Keen Films – Reuinted

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Mona Wales, Lily LaBeau, and Rock

It’s been almost 20 years since Mona and Rock made the most difficult decision of their lives and gave up their baby for adoption. And now here she is, sitting in front of them, meeting her biological parents for the first time. They explain to their daughter why they had to give her up; their household was a volatile place and their parents didn’t approve of them being together since they are brother and sister. So they gave up their baby for adoption so that she would grow up in a loving, safe household.

Lily is just now finding out that her parents are also siblings, and she is horrified and shocked by this news. She tries to work it out in her head, how this could be possible. And even though her parents are obviously in a loving, happy relationship, Lily is just repulsed by her biological family. Her parents start making out in front of her, and then Mona invites her to fuck.

Lily hesitates, unsure if she heard her correctly. But she did. Then she thinks about it. Why not? They fuck all the time and even had a kid together and she turned out fine. “Okay,” she says, a little unsure, but she’s willing to try it. Mona shows her long lost daughter how she likes to suck her dad’s dick. He is her big brother after all, so she’s really good at it. The girls suck his cock together and Lily really starts to get into it.

The three move to the bed, where they really show their family values. They fuck in a variety of positions, switching off sucking Rock’s dick, Mona eating her daughter out as she sits on her face while Rock fucks her. They fuck all over the room until Rock cums on his daughter’s tits.

Now that they’ve gotten that out of the way, they start to get to know their daughter. They want to know where she goes to school. It’s at this point that Lily tells them she dropped out of school after 8th grade. This is frustrating for her parents, who are both highly educated doctors. They gave her such fantastic genes, how could she just squander them by doing nothing with her life and laughing in the face of higher education?! Things get heated, and Mona lunges at her daughter, grabbing her throat. She orders Rock to help her and he grabs a piece rope off the floor, wrapping it around their daughter’s throat.

She flails all around, her tits bouncing as she kicks. Mona licks her pussy a little more as Rock strangles her, and then she moves out of the way and watches as she squirms. When she is finally dead, Mona sits on her dead daughter’s face while her husband licks her pussy, and then moves in to fuck her…

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Taboo, Threesome, Blowjobs, Pussy Eating, Face Sitting, Fucking, Daughter, Brother/Sister, Family, Cumshot, Strangling, Garrote Strangle, Necro, Foot Views, Body Views.


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Peachy Keen Films – Office Rachel Gun Fun

Office Rachel Gun Fun.0021

Peachy Keen Films – Office Rachel Gun Fun

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Rachel James

This pistol packing clip has OVER 15 SCENES AND DEATHS!!!


A series of gun fun vignettes starring Rachel James as a lowly office worker who is hounded by an unnamed assailant who is sometimes out for revenge or just out for a quick kill to add to the notches on his belt. Each segment features Rachel, in a white button-up and black skirt with heels, confronted by the assailant and being gunned down mercilessly. Sometimes her killer takes the time to fondle her breasts or expose and rub her pussy before or after his handwork, leaving her stripped and displayed for whoever is to find her.

Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Secretary, Gun Fun, Guns, Pistols, Blood, Revenge, Forced Stripping, Tit Play, Pantyhose, Pussy Rubbing, Blood, Death, Death Stare, Body Views, Foot Views.

Office Rachel Gun Fun

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Peachy Keen Films – No Insurance

No Insurance.0013

Peachy Keen Films – No Insurance

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Starring Ashley Graham

With health care in crisis, more and more hospitals are employing restrictive “no care” policies for the uninsured. This is just one such story.

A young woman is waits in the exam room for the doctor. She tells him she is having chest pains. He checks her out. While he is examining her, she goes into spasms.

Later, she wakes up, now hooked up to a monitor with a face mask. The doctor tells her she had a mild heart attack. She is scared. But, when he starts talking to her about insurance and the possibility that she may not get the help she needs, she panics, her heart races and she goes into defib.

She is spasming on the table while the doctor considers what to do. Then, she flatlines. He decides to try and revive her. She gives her chest compressions and mouth to mouth. Nothing. He keeps trying. Nothing. He decides to use the “expensive” paddles on her. He hopes she has insurance after all.

After several shocks she is still not responsive, so he goes back into chest compressions. With no luck again, he gives the paddles on last try.


She is dead.

With the hospital busy and no nursing staff available to take care of her body, he decides to check her out a bit. It is not often he gets such a pretty girl in his exam room.

He explores her for a bit, then eventually, fucks her until he comes all over her belly.

Fetish Elements: Nudity, Sexual Content, Medical Fetish, Medical Exam, Heart Attack, Spasms, CPR, Defib, Resus, Fondling, Sim Sex, Body Views, Foot Views.

No Insurance

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Frozen Flirt

Frozen Flirt.0016

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Frozen Flirt

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Coco w/Chris B.

Dan is Bo Frost’s brother, and has been moved back to the states to recruit new pieces for the museum and get out of his brother’s hair. Dan is finally settled in and tomorrow is his birthday. He is in a new place and only knows his neighbor, Chrissy. She is ridiculously hot and flirts with Dan, but when it comes down to it she is just patronizing, and leading him on. He asks if she will stop by for his birthday but she makes lame excuses. He is deflated but it doesn’t matter to him either way. The next day he finds Chrissy at his doorstep, wrapped in plastic, and sporting a frozen, dead stare. He knows his brother Bo had her frozen and shipped to his place in a jiffy. He spends the next few hours dressing, posing, undressing, posing, and doing it all over again. He is spending his birthday doing what he loves, posing, carrying, molding, and applying makeup to his favorite doll before she is shipped to the museum in the old country. Dan spares no expense on her fancy bikinis, hosiery, and shoes. He even finishes her off with some nice blush and cabernet lipstick, which he has a hard time applying, and is the whole reason he got laid off from the museum. Not the best makeup artist, but a fantastic poser. Dan is lucky that this is the finest specimen he has seen since he started helping his brother. Chrissy is amazing when she is wrapped in shrink-wrap plastic film. Please, Return To Sender!

Frozen Flirt

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – GRACE X-WHO’S COUNTING


[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – GRACE X-WHO’S COUNTING

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Grace has a deal with her hubby of four years and they have signed a contract that states: Grace can attempt to kill her husband, only once a month, but “Who’s Counting”? Well today is another day and she is talking to her new stooge on the phone that claims to be a marksman with his pistol, but fails in his attempt to kill the Hubby, instead he gets his neck snapped and the only loss is the bullet hole through his favorite black fedora hat. He calls for his wife and she is disappointed when she hears him coming instead of the young dumb boyfriend.

He tells her she has to now do as he wishes, so he removes the bullet from the chamber and hands her the piece saying, “Do to the gun what you would do to my cock”. She takes the gun and gives it lovely fallacious, sucking and licking the barrel imagining what her next new hubby killer’s cock might look and taste like. When he asks if she has seen the calender, she says, “It’s the 1st, it doesn’t matter”. “But dear, it’s leap year, the 29th, and now you will get what is coming to you”. He strangles her hard with her silk thigh high, he wraps it around her neck super tight, she fights hard, bucking and choking, gagging sounds, lots of tongue and eyes wide. He drags her across the bed, then upright by her neck, and the stocking. She claws at her neck, trying to get the stocking but to no avail. She fights hard, and long, jiggling her boobs, sticking her perfect pussy out for all to see, bucking, struggling, till she is done, still upright, after she is dead he lets the stocking go, and she falls face first into the bed, socking still around her neck. He ties it in a square not, and leaves it around her neck while he takes advantage of the situation, and does her well. He plays with her sweet pussy, licking it to wet it, then he drags her to the edge of the bed and screws her dead body silly. He sicks his dick deep inside of her, fucking her from all angles, and then feet scrunched to her chest. After he does her for a bit, he takes his hard dick and puts it in her mouth, positioning her head so he can hit the back of her throat with it. He fucks her mouth in many different positions, and then pulls out, puts his balls in her mouth and cums all over her chest and tits, he fills her chest with his load and then lets her drop, limbs flailing off the bed. He leaves her there as he grabs his stuff, get’s dressed, and leaves the room for all to see her sexy, strangled body, lying on the bed..

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – White Tail Huntin

White Tail Huntin.0013

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – White Tail Huntin

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Starring: Belle Fatale, SaraLiz, Genetica V.
w/ Bronson and Puck


3 young ladies are out for a hike in Forested Park. They hike for hours, losing the map along the way and walking in circles as they fight among themselves and each gal tries to be the hero, but they all fail. Clayton and Teeter are two hick hunters who are out trying to muster up some grub and talking about their frustrating wives, both of which are blowing everyone in their tiny town. As both groups grow closer together in reference to each other, tensions get higher, and attitudes get poorer. They guys know it is getting dusk so they get quiet and hike up the trail when they hear a noise. Teeter stops and swears he sees a white tail through the ferns, so he takes his shot and thwap! Direct hit. As the two men come around the corner they notice that it is 3 coeds and one is hit in the left, upper breast. The other two gals don’t even notice that Sara is hit, they just say, “wow that shot was close”, then they see Sara sitting down like she is tired, when they get closer to her they see she is wounded and freak out, panicking. They try to stop the bleeding and try to keep her alive but she bleeds from her mouth and her wound hit the aorta so she is a goner, she twitches, goes wide eyed then still as she dies quickly. Then chaos commences and the two other gals are screaming at the two hicks and get aggressive. Clayton is not impressed by his brother’s mistake, especially since it has happened before on a white tail hunt. As Belle and Gen come towards them yelling, Clayton shoots Belle in the tummy knocking her back, then walks up to her and shoots her at close range in the center of the forehead killing her instantly. Gen is watching this and turns to run, getting a few yards up the trail before Teeter pops her in the back shoulder, knocking her face down to the trail. They advance on her as she begs for mercy, but teeter puts his mark right between the eyes killing her at once. All 3 gals lay dead in and around the trail. They decide to get them in the truck, so Teeter make Clayton carry them all. The two share interesting, rural dialogue during the trek. They arrive at their Grandmas trailer in the woods. They carry the gals from the truck to the couch, then molest, undress, discuss the wounds, and have necro sex with a couple of them. They are scared of the “Woolly Bugger” on Sara’s pussy(referring to her bush) so they focus on banging the other two. Clayton especially likes Genetica because it reminds him of a very special person that gave him life, so he picks her the best. After fucking the bodies and talking about the wounds, they take them back to the truck and put them in the back to drive them to the grave site. Their bodies bounce around the back of the truck as they drive down the dusty gravel road into the sunset.
White Tail Huntin

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