SolarPlexusFilms – ROOKIE BELLY PUNCH volume 2 part 1


SolarPlexusFilms – ROOKIE BELLY PUNCH volume 2 part 1

Categories: Belly Punching, FLV, LQ, BDSM, Lesbian Domunation, Brasil Slut, MFX, Belly Fetish

Description: Second Volume of Rookie Belly Punching. Two sexy girls go at it in a rookie belly punch experience. They had never had been punched in the stomach before. One of them turns on the other. First the sexy curvaceous Monalisa is the receiver. She have a great white soft belly to be punched. Monalisa was invited to do this film and she were very interested in knowing this sensation, she is a belly dancer and she has a lot of sensibility in the belly. A soft, medium and hard deep penetration punch can give a pleasure? Now she will try the pain and pleasure of belly punching. Second part the little “muscular legs” Kelly will try to resist a belly punching experience. Last session is much more intense punching then others. How your abs will feel under this non-stop punching action? Is your abs too hard like your fantastic muscular legs? Who is the best puncher? Who can take the punch better.


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