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Psycho-Thrillers – One Crazy Bitch

Psycho-Thrillers - One Crazy Bitch

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: Victoria plays a mentally disturbed, possessive ex-wife who would rather see her ex-husband live in misery and alone or die a miserable death along with whoever is around him. She has been building up ti this moment, where she would have enough controlled rage to take his life and those of others. She'd always been sneaky, virtually undetectable and she decided to use it as a weapon. She went over to their home knowing his routine. It was a Thursday, meaning he always came home at 730. She decided she's have enough time to engage his new wife. She was cleaning out a storage room they converted into a makeshift bedroom for visitors. She was so wrapped up in moving the last of the boxes that she didn't hear someone approaching until she was standing directly over her. Frozen she knew it was an intruder. Before she could react, a powerful blow to the back of the skull sends her crashing onto her storage box. Victoria drags her in and dumps the body onto the floor. She taunts her as she undresses her, wanting to see the goods that snatched her husband away. His wife awoke but Victoria trapped her arms between her knees, pinning them to her side. His wife was the bigger, stronger woman; but not tonight. Victoria taunted her as she hand strangled her but Kaylynn fired back in a rage of her own. After a violent attempt to free herself, she gave in to Victoria. Victoria released her then fondled, undressed and got off on her sexy body until she heard her ex arrive. He spotted his wife on the floor, naked, legs spread, eyes lifeless. He rushed over to her to check on her, maybe revive her. Once he saw death had set it, it occurred to him his ex wife was here. He turned around just in time to get a baseball swing to the temple, sending him flying onto the bed, semi-conscious. Victoria toys with him as she undresses him, his cock belonging to her. She submits and sucks his cock, wanting it to taste her pussy for the last time. She squeezes his cock against her pussy and inside of it as she takes him down, pinning his arms and hand strangling him. He manages to free his arms but too late to combat his ex wife. He is surprised at how strong and determined she is to swallow two lives, and she does it well. He dies and she fucks him, getting off on him the same way. She enjoys watching both of their corpses before dressing and leaving. What satisfaction but her rage continues...

One Crazy Bitch

One Crazy Bitch

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Psycho-Thrillers – Terrorist Annihilation

Psycho-Thrillers - Terrorist Annihilation

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: Description: Dani, Kiera and Nika play terrorists who are awaiting instructions from their leader on when to start poisoning the food, water and medicine supplies that will kill thousands of men, women and children. Agent Alan, the agency’s most efficient and undetectable assassin, has been dispatched to stop them. As the terrorist await instructions, Kiera and Nika drift off into an upstairs room to satisfy their lusts as Dani waits downstairs. The two have sex as the agent watches them. Once finished, Nika walks into the shower as Kiera relaxes on the bed. The agent watches a bit too long and is surprised when Dani points a gun at his head. The agent surrenders as Kiera emerges from the room after hearing Dani in the hallway. Kiera orders Dani to fuck him then kill him quietly as Nika continues to shower. Dani marches Alan downstairs then shoves him into an office. She orders him to removes his clothing then ties his hands behind his back. She orders him down on the floor then begins to play with herself until she is wet. The agent watches her and becomes aroused himself. Dani sucks his cock then fucks him, riding him hard and fast until she orgasms. Dani then makes the mistake of wanting another orgasm and does a reverse cowgirl and rides his cock harder and faster than ever. As she races toward another orgasm, Alan manages to free himself and wrap the garrote around her throat. Agent Alan is pumping in and out of her and Dani dies, yielding to the most powerful orgasms of her young life before spasming and dying as Agent Alan continues to pump in and out of her. He ejaculates inside her then tosses her body to the side. He unloads another load later after flipping her face-up. Kiera redresses after eating Nika thinking Dani has already dispatched of Agent Alan. She rests on the couch, still aroused after seeking autoerotic asphyxiation from Nika but being turned down. She begins to masturbate and works herself into fervor when suddenly she is strangled from behind. Agent Alan places a tight ligature on Kiera, whose fingers are buried deep inside her vaginal orifice. So close to coming she cannot help but to finger herself, even at the expense of her own death. Alan finishes her off, her fingers buried deep inside her. He later returns and arm carries her to the table and gets a surprise when he pulls her finger out her vaginal orifice! He rapes her then throws her back on the couch. Nika emerges from her shower which had turned into a masturbation session. Looking for Dani and Kiera to help execute their evil plan she finds them dead! She frantically calls her leadership then hunts for the assassin but he gets the drop on her, strangling her underneath the staircase. The garrote forces Nika into a standing position. She drops her gin in a panic then tries to use her feet to retrieve it in desperation. Like Kiera, it takes some time to die and Nika thrashes about wildly, doing everything she can to free herself but finding her life slipping away like a fish on a hook. Nika drools, sweat and bounces but in the end she succumbs to strangulation. Agent Alan makes her rape victim number 3 by not only raping her once, but twice, making her humiliation twice as bad. Afterwards, Agent Alan contacts his leader, explaining he has information leading to the last and most formidable terrorist cell. If he can reach it, the success of the mission will mark the complete fall of the H.A.R.P.I.E Organization forever! Annabelle plays a teenage prostitute hired by Jack after he kills a hotel guest and uses his credit card to hire a hooker. Annabelle knocks on his door and is pleasantly surprised by his distinguished looks. She changes into sexy lingerie and poses for Jack before sitting close to him. As he hugs her, he tells her that he loves to strangle girls and loves to see their eye balls pop out. He tells them this to generate fear and get their hearts racing. When they pull away, Jack attacks, grabbing her by the throat with his powerful grip and choking her. Annabelle fights him and manages to fall onto the floor but Jack follows her down, still applying his deadly grip. Minutes later the fight leaves Annabelle and she gives in to Jack. Jack drags her back onto the bed then undresses her and has sex with her dead body before leaving the room.

Terrorist Annihilation

Terrorist Annihilation

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Psycho-Thrillers – Husband Strangles Evil Housewife

Psycho-Thrillers - Husband Strangles Evil Housewife

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: Description: Leah plays a wife who is trying to hire a hit man to murder her husband after he signs over the home title and life insurance solely into her name. The hit man has a change of heart and decided to let her husband in on the contract killing and they together plot to kill her. She returns home, surprised to see her husband still alive. Before she can react, the hit man chloroforms her from behind, rendering her unconscious. When she awakes, her hands are tied behind her back and she is left in her lingerie and stockings. Even facing death, she shows how cold-hearted she can be by demanding her release and believing her husband doesn’t have the balls to kill her. She never realizes her life is coming to an abrupt end until she cannot breath and now must try to fight her way out of his grip of death. Eager to prove his manhood as his own crank is being squeezed and stroked under the pension of her skillful fingers, Alan holds onto this powerful bull until her life force reaches zero. He roughly handles the body, rolling it over, untying it then checking to make sure she’s dead before calling the killer to come and pick her up. He gives her some last fondles and kisses but other than that doesn’t want anything else to do with her.

Husband Strangled Evil Housewife

Husband Strangled Evil Housewife

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Psycho-Thrillers – Deadliest Catch

Psycho-Thrillers - Deadliest Catch

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay

Description: Contains: Activities Set-Up, Undressing, Lingerie, Home Invasion, Surprise, Nudity, Strangulation Death, Foot Shots, Masturbation, Drool, Spasm Twitching, Body Pans, Body Handling, Limp Play, Breif Urination Editor's Note: Paris' film debut. Description: Paris plays a business woman who returns home after a long day of work. She undresses, has a drink then reads her favorite book. Bored, she begins to masturbate then is suddenly surprised when a cord is tightly wrapped around her throat. Her killer unknown, Paris puts in the fight of her life to free herself but eventually is strangled to death. The killer emerges to fondle, taste, and handle her body and play with her limp arms before leaving her to urinate over the side of the bed.

Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch

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Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: EPISODE 2 : A russian doctor turns into a serial rapist and strangler...

Forced to a blowjob, the medical assistant is afterwards raped while strangled with nylon stockings,...



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Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: They are sisters, they are serial killers ...

Today they met that guy in a bar and lured him to their place....and offered him a "party" in their bathtub... but the party soon turned into nightmare for him as those insane girls simply drowned him... at last they thought they did...

They let the body of the guy, they thought dead , floating there...till he caught them up, one after one, strangled them and drowning them as they did to him, but without mistake this time... They didn't know the guy they met tonight is better at this game....



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The Barbarian Prince [AGNES]

The Barbarian Prince

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Act 1, scene 1 - Dona Ziani’s Palace.

A masked Ball in honour of Prince Morozov is just ending. He joins his hostess on the balcony overlooking the Grand Canal. He presents her with a glass of Crimean wine.

Eleonora: (with an ironic smile) One of your country’s wines? I don’t wish to be rude but surely no-one other than an animal could prefer Russian wine to ours?

The Prince: Dona Ziani, in my country even the bears appreciate its effects. It is good for hunting, for making one vigorous. It gives one a wonderful the kiss of a whip. (He lifts her hand) In my country we also appreciate a woman who chooses to wear a collar and bracelets on her wrists as you do. But doubtless you will think that is nothing but a crude barbarian view also.

Women, from servants to ladies of quality, wear such things to show that they have accepted servitude voluntarily.

For me there is a special pleasure in holding the leash that is attached to a collar round the neck of a beautiful young lady such as yourself. Then, making her submit... until she kneels before me.

Eleonora: How dreadful! This is slavery we are talking about!

The Prince: That is so my lady. But when consent is freely given such slavery opens the door to sexual torments and pleasures of exquisite intensity.

Eleonora: (unsettled) You amuse me Prince, and intrigue me as well. Please, if you will pardon my forwardness, may I ask you to visit me again a little later tonight? You must wear the same costume too.

The Prince: Your wish is my command Dona Ziani. You will find me an excellent teacher. I have no doubt you will enjoy the experience of being under the control of a true Master. Now, for the moment, do I have my lady’s permission to withdraw?

Eleonora: I grant you permission to leave. But return quickly.

The Prince: You have my word. I bid you good night, Dona Ziani

Eleonora: (insisting on her first name) Eleonora, Dona Eleonora Ziani. Goodnight, your Highness.

Act 1 scene 2 - Dona Ziani’s palace. The entrance from the Grand Canal

Eleonora: You are welcome again, your Highness. And what do you have in that large bag? More Crimean wine?

The Prince: No, Dona Eleonora. I have merely brought a few implements to allow you to experience those intimate pleasures we talked of earlier this evening. I’m pleased to hear that you continue to mock your guests. It will give me even greater pleasure to punish you for such impertinence.

Eleonora: You rouse my curiosity, and make me even more impatient to begin. Give your bags to my maid; she will take them to my apartments where we will have dinner.

Unless that will embarrass you?

The Prince: By no means. An invitation to dinner is an excellent opportunity to begin the lesson I promised.

The Prince: The apprenticeship begins, training is the same for any creature, a bear or a dog – one starts with obedience.

You will undress. Undo do those laces and ribbons.

Eleonora: Yes, your Highness. I will obey you. But may I plead with you...?

The Prince: I’m listening...

Eleonora: I implore you not to be too harsh with me. Have mercy, I am a novice.

The Prince: Agreed. Now obey your Prince’s orders.

Present yourself naked in front of your Master.

Eleonora: I am here as my Master commands. Is it your wish that I remove my stockings?

The Prince: No, come closer. Kneel so I may tie your hands behind you. This collar is for you. Now these bracelets for your ankles.

Eleonora: Yes master.

The Prince: You are an apt pupil. Can you feel the gentle pressure of the collar encircling your neck? That is the symbol of your submission.

Come! Kneel up straight, offer yourself to me.

This riding crop is your reward. Do you shiver as you feel the leather tip caressing your breasts?

They shall both receive equal punishment.

Like this...

A Master has a duty to punish a slave for every small mistake.

The severity of the punishment reflects the importance of the error.

Eleonora: Th-thank you Master for showing me the error of my ways.

The Prince: Slave Eleonora such exemplary conduct should be further rewarded.

Let me fasten your ankle bracelets so your legs are held apart so....

Now you are ready for your Master’s pleasure.

Ah so ready, so wet and feel the size and virility of your Master’s manhood.

Some while later...

Eleonora: (murmuring softly) Thank you your Highness. I love the exquisite pleasure you have given me as your slave. Thank you for being my teacher in the arts of love...

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Venice: Signor Fradentelli signs the warrant for the arrest of Eleonora.

Act 2, scene 1 - Dona Ziani’s Palace.

It is late at night. Dona Eleonora is alone when the Doge’s guards burst into her room.

First Guard: Lady Eleonora Ziani. You are herby under arrest by order of the Doge. The charge is High Treason. Your property and possessions are forfeit to the officers of the Serene Republic. You will appear before the Grand Tribunal but first you will be taken to the Prison of the Republic and tortured until you confess your crimes.

Second Guard: Stand up traitor, hands behind you so I can tie them.

Eleonora: (who doesn’t fully understand what is happening) No! It’s a lie, a foul slander.

First Guard: Such a garment is too good for scum like you... rags are all you deserve.

Second Guard: Open your mouth, kitten. We don't want every one to hear. This wooden pear will keep you quiet.

Second Guard: An iron mask, a nice gag and a rope round the neck... that's how we deal with traitors in Venice...

First Guard: Ah... you find my little saddle cord uncomfortable. Don't complain, it's nothing to the pain you will feel in prison...

First Guard: Hey, Pietro! Whet do you think of our gondola's new figurehead?

Posted August 17th, 2003

Act 2, scene 2 - The main torture chamber in the infamous Doge’s Prison.

Master Giaccomo: (very obsequious) What a great honor to welcome you on your first visit to my humble prison, Lady Ziani. I have had your rooms prepared specially. I will escort you there without delay.

Oh but first, your clothes... we don’t allow clothes for TRAITORS! (yells)

On your knees, whore!

Sergeant, stretch her neck until she's on tiptoe... while I whip these rags from her body.

Master Giaccomo: Watch carefully my friends... you will not see such skill with a whip often!

Master Giaccomo: Girls are like mares. They need a good blacksmith to add that special touch... There, nearly finished. A pretty pair of manacles for your wrists. Now, just the waist belt and neck band to complete your prison jewellery.

Master Giaccomo: Let me give you a short tour, you will find it interesting. This girl is a witch. She is riding our 'pony' so she will confess before her trial starts. Just like you. Here, I do not bother with truth. I make people suffer and provide a little glimpse of Hell. If they are foolish enough to tell the judges they are innocent... then they are returned to Hell until they change their mind.

Master Giaccomo: These are the ancient reservoirs for the city. They run below the prison, now we keep them for the most obstinate and special prisoners. Or the more desirable... I'm sure you will find them charming and refreshing. Oh yes, I did leave out one little detail. The tide comes in twice a day. And when the water rises...

Master Giaccomo: The dungeons, the first two are in use but I have reserved number 3 for you. Ah yes, a pleasant looking young man. A poet, he was foolish enough to publish some verses that mocked the Grand Council. His tongue's been cut out and he's been castrated. He's been less talkative since then.

Master Giaccomo: This is an interesting device, don't you think? The body of the criminal can be secured and fully exposed for questioning. Like this... A useful device to use with lovely young ladies like you...

Eleonora: Oh please sir, please let me go...

Master Giaccomo: Release you, that's a joke! Come now we haven't even finished preparing you yet. I'll just shave your cunt. Later Paolo can be your hairdresser and cut that blonde hair short so you don't get cold in the dungeon.

Eleonora: Oh God, have pity... plea... (Her words are stifled as Paolo forced the head of his cock between her lips)

Master Giaccomo: Don't resist. Open wide and use your tongue. Show Paolo how skilled you are. Swallow the refreshment he's giving you... Such soft smooth skin... (Eleonora writhes in pain as they twist her nipples and whip her breasts) There is one more hole to fill. Aah... yes, a true aristocrat, you can always tell, smooth as warm silk.

Master Giaccomo: A fine whore. As payment for your services I shall flog you tonight. Now it is time for you to rest for a little while.

Master Giaccomo: Here we are. Turn round so we can attached the hook to your waist belt. Then it's down you go... Getting up is a more delicate matter... it depends on how I feel. It's up to your torturer to decide.

Eleonora: (sobbing) Oh please, please I implore you...

Master Giaccomo: Shall I whip you now, kitten?

Eleonora: No, Sir.

Master Giaccomo: Then be silent. (he turns and speaks to Paolo) Lower her... slowly...

Master Giaccomo: Good night, harlot. Give my regards to the rats... (the rest of his words are cut off as the trapdoor slams shut)


A pale glimmer of light seeps into the dungeon. A glimmer that slowly dwindles and fades leaving Eleonora dangling in the blackness of anguish and despair.

Posted August 29th, 2003

Act 2, scene 3 - The Grand Torture Chambers beneath the Doge of Venice's Palace. Dona Ziani's dungeon cell.

Master Giaccomo: Hoist the traitoress up. I suggest you hold onto the chain as you come up. We have a long day ahead.

Eleaonora: (gasping and pleading) Gaaah! You’re strangling me!

Master Giaccomo: Of course. But don’t worry; we won’t let you die... yet. Do as you’re told and we’ll let you down. There, like a turkey plucked and trussed for the table.

Master Giaccomo: Ah, a delightful and stimulating view, don’t you agree Paolo?

Paolo: As you say Master Giaccomo. Plucked and ready for stuffing.

Master Giaccomo: Her arse is tight as a fist. But we’ll soon loosen her up. You have a certain cure for that don’t you...

Paolo: I’ll hold you by the neck and you can wriggle your arse down onto my cock. That’s right. My old mother (God bless her) said dwarves were always particularly well endowed and virile, Nature’s way of compensating, she said. Don’t you agree, whore?

Master Giaccomo: There now, you’ve made my cock all slimy and ready for you to clean. Suck it carefully. You won’t get anything else to eat and if you don’t satisfy me it will cost you an extra 20 strokes of the whip.

Go on...attend to your task. This is something you will be doing every day until your trial is over. If you’re lucky you’ll be here for weeks... if not, it could be months.

Every morning the prisoners are taken from their cells ... The women are raped and whipped... for our own pleasure and amusement and then the men are made to fuck the women.

The prisoners always make sure that they suck every drop of semen from our cocks... after all they get nothing else to eat.

Aaah, no, no don’t stop my kitten. I can feel more sap rising in my balls.

After the fucking comes the whipping.

(He grunts with excitement) Aaaah, yes...yes the torture and pain of the morning whipping...

The long bullwhip is our favourite toy. We encourage each prisoner to sing out in turn... while the others are hung up, dangling like smoked hams, to await our pleasure.

Listen well, being raped and whipped in the morning might save you from being raped and whipped in the even...

(He cackles with mirth) ...some hope!

Aaaaah! Oh yes, yes, faster... I’m coming....I’m coming! Yesssss!

Yes, you whore, swallow it. Swallow it all... that’s your meal for today.

Ah-hah, I see you were hungry.

Not too bad for a first time as a newcomer.

Master Giaccomo: She makes a pretty hanging toy. Something for you to play with, Paolo

Paolo: Let’s watch her dance as I teach her the song of the whip. There Master, just a few strokes and she’s wriggling her bottom and making those nipples bounce wildly for us.

Master Giaccomo: (ironically) Truly a dance of excitement. She’s wriggling and squealing like a stuck pig. But our guest’s little diversion is over. It is time for her to begin to pay the penalty for her crimes.

Time for the cross, kitten.

Eleonora: The cross? No, no please...I’m innocent, innocent of everything. Please have pity Master, I’ve done nothing to deserve this.

Master Giaccomo: (he slaps her face) Silence, you whore!

Who gave you permission to speak? I am Master here. Your body is mine to do with as I wish. Of course you may scream and groan as you wish as each torture increases. Eventually you will tell me all I wish to know... you will plead to be allowed to confess, to say anything I wish you to.

Eleonora: Never! Torture me as you wish. But I will never give in, whatever obscenities you subject me to I will not sully the honour of my name!

Master Giaccomo: Your honour? You just don’t understand do you? Behind these prison bars you are no better that the cheapest prostitute. You are a filthy whore with no rights on honour to protect,

Paolo, a rope. Twist it tight round her neck and stop the bitch’s tongue wagging.

Master Giaccomo: Tighter, her mouth is still open. That’s it, relax a little, Paolo.

Do you understand now, kitten?

Will you obey me?

Eleonora: (Unable to speak, she nods desperately)

Master Giaccomo: Very well.

Paolo, tie her elbows together...very tightly. Yes, like that.

Listen, my pretty lady, my pretty little whore...

However much you wriggle and kick you are quite helpless. I will control your tongue from now on.

Very soon we will clamp the lead weights onto your tongue, your nipples and your labia.

Then, after the crucifixion, for some extra entertainment we will pierce you in those places before hanging the weights from the holes.

Posted September 12th, 2003
Master Giaccomo: Gently Paolo. Let her slide down onto your shaft. her ladyship can enjoy the pleasure of two cocks fucking her at once...

Paolo: Where are the clamps I want?

Eleonora: (in an agonised whisper) Pity, have pity.

Master Giaccomo: There, good thing you've got a nice long tongue; the weight will swing nicely.

Master Giaccomo: What do you think of the nipple weights... are they tugging yet?

Master Giaccomo: There...that should keep you busy...stop you relaxing too much. Now, if you will excuse me there is a stubborn young sorceress who needs my special attention. Some extra chastisement to loosen her tongue.

Master Giaccomo: (a little while later) I apologise for the delay. Ah, I see you are making use of the wooden wedge. The more you sit on it...the harder it gnaws and scrapes at your cunt. How do you like the feel of this whip. It's one the Turk's use for teaching their women obedience...see!

Dona Ziani screams and writhes at the searing, hot kiss of the lash. But, eventually, even a master like Giaccomo is forced to halt as she slumps unconscious against her bonds. Night falls and the torture chamber is silent apart from the sobs and tormented groans of the victims. From time to time, Eleonora, left high on her cross of pain, struggles back to consciousness, but the pain of her crucifixion is almost unbearable. The lead weights clamped on her tongue; her nipples and her labia, sway gently with every little movement. Each time the do, they stretch and twist the delicate flesh with stabbing agony. The rough wooden wedge of the sedulum presses deep into her cunt, a splintery saddle that rubs her most sensitive place into raw, burning agony. Eleonora hangs alone in the darkness, every muscle a blazing sea of unending pain...

Act 2, scene 4 - The Grand Torture Chambers beneath the Doge of Venice's Palace. The following morning.

Master Giaccomo: The stench is repulsive. She’s dribbled and pissed as well as soiling herself. Well, well our poet’s cock is hard.

Let him fuck her then put her in the cage. She can join the navy at sea for the day. This evening she can have my full attention..

But, at the moment, I must attend to this young sorceress.

Paolo: Come on, you rutting pig, mount the sow!

The Poet: Your pardon, my lady. I have no choice in these degrading antics

Eleonora: (She says nothing but closes her eyes)

Master Giaccomo: (talking to the naked figure of the young sorceress dangling upside down behind Eleanora) Ah, ready for me again? My little cat will warm you up in a moment. Now, kiss the tails nicely before I start...

Paolo: This ankle spreader will hold your arse and cunt wide open so they get well washed.

Undo the mooring lines! Enjoy your trip in our gondola... and the bath!

Paolo: I hope you don’t have any bread with you in the cage. The rats are always hungry and they’ll nibble at anything.

Until later, kitten. Tonight we will have some special games to entertain you.

Hah... hah... hah (he giggles obscenely)


Posted August 21st, 2003

Act 2, scene 5

Paolo: I hope you’re clean, bitch! Let me check… Eh, eh. Getting cold while I handle you? I’d gladly warm you up, but today others will take care of you…

Oh! There she is fainting… I’ll have to carry you to the examination machine. You’ll have to pay for this!

Master Giaccomo: Witch! Paint her up like a whore. Eyes and mouth. Tits and cunt. And the ass, too. I want her to look bitchy, to be a tease in the most whorish way. And don’ t forget to shave this hair she’s still got down there.

Master Giaccomo: You look beautiful this way. You’ll be a nice slave when I sell you to the Barbarians.

Paolo: Let’s see that cunt. Her slit is like a target waiting for the arrow that will pierce it. The witch did well.

Master Giaccomo: Such a good job should be rewarded. I’m going to make her squeal. Bend forward, bitch, right over the machine.

Paolo: Here comes the slave, Master, wrapped in her fish net. Just like a fish, fresh off the sea.

Master Giaccomo: Nice catch, Paolo. I hope we’ll get a good price for her! Is the standing-stock ready upstairs?

Paolo: Yes Master. And ideally located so that everyone can fully enjoy the show.

Master Giaccomo: I’ll take the harem slave-to-be with me. Blindfold her while I’m getting ready. She dances better when blind (smiling).

Master Giaccomo: Walk away, slave. Tonight you’ll be a whore for the soldiers. I hope you’ll do well and bring me a small fortune!

Posted September 7th, 2003

Master Giaccomo: Here my 'Lords' we have a true harem slave. She was once a noble lady but she betrayed our glorious Republic. For her crimes she will be sold as slave-flesh to the Turks. But it is a pity to let such beauty go to waste and it is only fair that you should be able to sample her charms first. Look at her smooth skin; note her aristocratic bearing and those firm, full breasts. And there's more... I can see you're desirous of seeing more. She will be your toy, your plaything for you to use as you will. All that is asked is few small coins for each hole you use to take your pleasure. First, to whet your appetite, she will dance for you... See, see how she responds to the whip. Such a delightful and stimulating show.

Master Giaccomo: Did her dance arouse you, make you hot and hard? Now, my Lords let me unveil the body that awaits your virility

Eleonora: Please, please my Lord... have mercy...

Master Giaccomo: (Enjoying his role as market seller and ignoring her protests) Open those thighs wide, slave. Show the gentlemen the hidden delights that await them. Observe my Lords, the sweet, moist flesh... those full cunt lips like a juicy pear awaiting that first luscious bite. A ripe and juicy pleasure-fruit indeed, my Lords.

Master Giaccomo: Patience, my Lords, patience. First let me arrange her posture for your complete convenience... there, the stance of a slave in heat.

Master Giaccomo: There, my Lords. Ready and prepared... held open for you so she is unable to resist your virile attentions (He whispers to Eleonora alone) As for you, bitch, arch your back and push your arse out... and your tongue too! Unless you want me to use these pincers on your teats?

Eleonora: No, no Master, please have mercy...

Master Giaccomo: Don't forget top drop a few coins in the cup she holds my lords... fill the cup... and fill her too. Fill her till she dribbles seed from every opening. (The grinning guards all roar with laughter at the jest.)

For long hours the guards abuse Eleonora's pinioned body. Each takes advantage of her again and again, in the cunt, the anus or in her mouth.

At times she is fucked at each end simultaneously. And with each fresh impalement another insulting coin chinks into the cup gripped tightly in her hand. She knows not to let it fall now. She did once, when the first man rammed himself into the tight, virgin hole of her anus and she screamed in pain.

The penalty for that lapse was a vicious thrashing from Master Giaccomo... so now she holds the cup tightly, another lesson learned.

The drunken guards took her without respite, slobbering foul wine-sodden kisses on her face before forcing her to suck another thick, smelly penis until her mouth filled with semen once again. And when they were spent they used the things that lay around, a bottle or the rasping hilt of a sword, to continue their foul assaults... Eleonora never knew exactly what it was they thrust into her cunt.

One thug even used the fire tongs from the grate, crude pincers of rough metal, to twist and pinch her breasts and pull her tongue so she feared it would be ripped from her by the roots. Then, without warning, everything stopped.

Master Giaccomo released her and she staggered forwards, her thighs and chin glazed and dripping with sticky trails of semen. He wrenched her arms behind her, cinching her wrists together with metal cuffs before throwing a coarse fisherman's net over her head. This time there was nothing to conceal her nudity... or the marks of her recent abuse.

He clipped the leash to her hated collar and led her back towards the great Torture Chamber. Every step filled Eleonora's soul with total despair... when would this torment cease?

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Posted October 29th, 2003

Act 2, scene 6

Paolo: Did she serve them well, master?

Master Giaccomo: Oh yes, quite well... and my purse is fat with the profit of her labours. See, she is an excellent working slut.

Aren’t you, my pretty bitch?

Enough of this idle chat though. She must be made ready for her trial... it starts on the morrow. Take her down to the caves, a good overnight soaking will work wonders.

Eleonora: Oh God, please, please Master, not the cage! I will not survive that again. Please, I’ll do anything you want... but don’t put me in the cage... please!

Master Giaccomo:
Well, well, this is new... our little aristocrat is suddenly co-operative ...
And what exactly would you do for me, slut?

Eleonora (whispering):
I-I-I w-would b-beg you, M-Master, t-to use my m-mouth for your p-pleasure...

Master Giaccomo:
Well how kind... but do you think I would want to be tongued by someone so filthy... i
t would be like dipping my cock in a sewer...
But I am a generous man and I will grant your request...
we shall find another way to cleanse you properly.
Paolo will take you to the Chair...
among its many uses it allows us to clean our guest most thoroughly.
Ha-ha-ha (he laughs aloud at his own wit and grins sadistically at the shivering girl)
Let me remove my official garments and I’ll be back to witness the cleansing of Donna Ziani.

(Master Giaccomo strides off still chuckling while Paolo, tugging on the leash, forces Eleonora towards a small, dimly lit room opening off the main torture chamber)

Eleonora: (as she catches sight of the grim apparatus in the room) Ah no! No, not the iron horse!

Master Giaccomo: (having changed robes and smiling unpleasantly) Not exactly the traditional ‘iron horse’. This one is much more... versatile... as you will discover. You see this extra apparatus here, the tubes, jugs and funnels? You will mount as usual to be saddled on this iron ridge. This leather cock will keep your anus well stretched and filled whilst the spikes on the sides of the horse and the backboard will provide a continuous reminder of your plight.

Oh yes, the phallus is hollow and connected to this tank up here... and the other section, here connects to your mouth thus holding your jaws wide apart.

These taps allow me to control the flow... from a single drop to a gushing stream. We are going to fill you from the inside this time... a powerful jet into your rectum and a slow, constant drip into your mouth.

Eleonora: Noooooooooooo!

Master Giaccomo: You begged and I listened, how can you complain?

And when you are bloated like a drinking bladder we will hang you up with your peephole and anus well stoppered. You will wait until I say you may relieve yourself. After all, we don’t want you pissing until you’ve swallowed the full ten pints of water.

Master Giaccomo: Here is the hollow shaft that will stretch your anus so we can fill it with the other ten pints that Paolo is preparing. See how hard it gushes...

Up the arse and down the throat... equal amounts... Ha Ha Ha

Paolo: The jars are full, master.

Master Giaccomo: (to Eleonora) Take it all the way down your throat, lick it until it’s wet and shiny... you want to make sure it will slide up into your arse nice and easily don’t you?

Master Giaccomo: Hurry, step up and onto the stools... sit down!

Hurry up, or shall I use the crop on your arse as well? That’s right... finally you’re doing as you’re told.

Master Giaccomo: There, all ready... cunt closed, mouth and anus stretched open.

You’re quivering with anticipation, aren’t you?

Are you impatient to begin... i n a hurry to be filled to the brim?

Master Giaccomo: Let us not keep our guest waiting... open the taps Paolo!

Master Giaccomo: Aaah, yes... you have that growing sense of fullness, distension? Disturbing isn’t it.

This is but the beginning... once you hold the full twenty pints you will understand what true suffering is.

Master Giaccomo: There, your guts are distended like a sow’s belly. The rest you’ll swallow... drop by agonising drop.

Master Giaccomo: The sow is near overflowing. Stop a moment Paolo, turn off the tap. Leave her to relish the growing agony of her plight for a little while.

Finally, Eleonora faints from the horrible pressure pain of the water in her bladder and rectum. Some time later Master Giaccomo and Paolo return and take her off the iron horse

Eleonora: Arrrrh, I can’t h-hold it please, please let me relieve myself!

Master Giaccomo: Relieve yourself? You jest... this sport has barely begun. You will stay like that, bloated for your foul crimes for a good long time yet.

Did I not tell you the water stays until I decide to allow you to release all you have taken in. And just to make sure we have some cleverly designed stoppers. Look, see how ingenious it is... just a little twist of this knob and it widens out as much as you desire. This one is for your mouth... and its companion will keep your anus tightly plugged.

Go on Paolo, ram it right up... her arse has been well stretched already.

There, that’s all done...

Master Giaccomo: Go on, hobble back in there... and don’t you dare leave any crap on the floor... hold it in good and tight or else...

Master Giaccomo: You will hold the water until noon. These spreader bars will keep you open. Remember, you may not relieve yourself until I tell you at noon.

Paolo: Master, look, the filthy sow has soiled the floor!

Master Giaccomo:
Despite the clearest instructions you choose to disobey already,
you foul, disgusting whore!
I’ll punish you myself for this...
That offence demands at least thirty lashes across that swollen bellyful of piss and cum.
Scream and wail all you want...
but leak another drop and I’ll flay the skin from your body with the Turkish whip.
Paolo, take the other crop and join me.

Master Giaccomo:
We will be back to see you later, whore.
Oh, yes, I almost forgot...
this afternoon you face the High Court of the Republic...
Rest well!

When the water had first gushed into her rectum, Eleonora had bucked in spasms, her body fighting the restraints as she screamed in pain. But as she rode the iron blade of the horse, ramming the hollow probe even deeper into her anus while the cruel metal clamp twisted and pinched her cunt lips, her screams died to no more than a bubbling whimper. A second stream trickled into her open mouth, forcing her to gulp and swallow continuously to avoid choking.

Eleonora could feel the pressure growing in both her belly and her rectum as the water continued to flow, swelling her body beyond endurance. Even when the first jug was empty and no more water surged into her distended rectum, the endless drops still filled her mouth. Each drop swallowed bringing another tiny increment of agony.

Her eyes rolled back until only the whites showed between slitted lids as her throat worked and worked, each convulsive movement adding to her own self-torture as her distended body became a single bloated sack of pain

A long time later, after they had taken from the horse, there was further agony as cruelly shaped plugs sealed her mouth and anus, each one slowly expanded so they stretched her flesh while their spiked surfaces scraped and scratched the most tender membranes inside her body.

They took her to a rack to be hung spread-eagled, with iron bars keeping her splayed open.

Of course, as they well knew, it was impossible that such an overfilled container would not leak... and leak she did, a foul mixture of saliva, bile excrement and urine that dribbled and trickled from every orifice to form a stinking puddle on the stone flags.

And for that transgression she had been punished. Two grown men enjoying their work, their strong arms wielding crop and cane with practiced, diabolical skill so the strokes seared bars of pain across the swollen mound of her belly. Stroke after blazing stroke of pure, white hot agony until consciousness seeped away and the welcome darkness closed her mind to horror.

Dimly she heard them talking about her trial... let it happen, she screamed silently in the agony of her mind. Whatever the verdict, whatever the judgement... let this hell come to an end...

Act 3, scene 1

Master Giaccomo: It is time the bloated sow was drained. Hold your arse over the bucket!
Paolo, take the plugs out...

Master Giaccomo: Now you are drained you will wipe the floor and clean up this filthy mess!

Master Giaccomo: Now for your turn, a quick wash to make you presentable to the Judges.

Paolo: Bend over bitch, so I can wipe your arse!
Mmmmm, clean as a whistle, my finger slides all the way in...I feel like fucking her up there right now.

Master Giaccomo: Enough, Paolo, stick your cock in one of the others if you’re desperate but she’s got to be presentable for the Judges.

Master Giaccomo: We won’t need a collar. Just a halter round the neck and a robe, not forgetting the leg irons, the manacles and the waist chain.
By the pox, Paolo, watch what you’re doing! The robe’s trailing in that liquid shit!

Paolo: I’m sorry, master. A thousand apologies, my lady but your fine gown is somewhat soiled.

Master Giaccomo: Ah well that’s the prisoner’s uniform. Looks dreadful and sackcloth is so harsh...but who cares? Such rags for a harlot are quite good enough.

Master Giaccomo: Put the noose round her neck, it’s time.
Walk before us,’s time to hear the charges

Act 3, scene 2

First Judge: At last, the prisoner we’ve been awaiting. Court will come to order. Read the indictment.

Eleonora: This is monstrous, an outrage! My Lords, I swear by Almighty God that I am falsely accused and that I...

First Judge: Silence! The prisoner will remain silent or her tongue will be ripped out and she will be branded here and now! You will speak only when ordered...
Just in case, Master Giaccomo...heat the irons!

First Judge: Tighten that noose round her neck a little...trying to avoid slow strangulation should keep her silent for a while.

Posted December 6th, 2003

First Judge:

Let it be known that in this Year of Grace 1788 the Most High and Serene Republic of Venice doth charge one Dona Eleonora Ziani with High Treason.

The evidence of these foul crimes is overwhelming, being attested to by loyal and diligent servants of the Republic. In regard of the high esteem and confidence reposed in these aforesaid servants their depositions in this matter shall be taken as true and therefore not subject to question or enquiry. The Court therefore....

Second Judge:

(Talking quietly to Master Giaccomo while his colleague drones on) This is delightful...somewhat unsettling, perhaps for my lady’s more private places. Although I am told that some ladies actually find such treatment arousing. A few men too, it is rumoured. Ah, my thanks, Master Giaccomo. (He takes a thick leather glove, slips his hand into it before taking the white-hot iron.)

Listen carefully, my lady. You have a choice. Either do exactly as you are told, or I will roast your flesh with this rod.

Remove the irons and strip her!

What an exquisite specimen...such firm, tender flesh (the judge uses his other hand to maul and pinch Eleonora’s breasts. She can do nothing to prevent him.)

And she even smells like a fragrant rose...a delicate bloom marked by the kiss of the whip.

Look hard at the iron, my lady...can you feel the heat on your flesh?

Now...what will it be, obedience or burn?

Eleonora: (panting with terror) I will obey you Your Honour...and remain still and silent as you command.

Second Judge: Excellent, Oh yes we will listen to you singing in a little while but for now the court has no desire to hear you. Master Giaccomo, I perceive that my learned friend has finished reading the indictment. You may proceed to make the prisoner ready for the Question.

Master Giaccomo: Come here slut. Step up and stand astride. Hold the pole behind you while I tie your ankles.
Good, all secure
Now, kneel down. Just like a prayer bench isn’t it. You’ll be praying hard in a few minutes...praying to talk that is ...

Second Judge: Master Giaccomo. Be so good as to explain the working of this new device.

Posted December 18th, 2003

Master Giaccomo: (Still busy lashing Eleonora down to the restraints on the torture platform). My pleasure, your Honour. As you can see she is tied at ankles, wrists, waist and neck and kneeling spread legged on this hinged frame. That’s locked into place with this wedge, here. The device holds the victim splayed open so her cunt is in exactly the right position for the insertion of this serrated and spiked metal stake. Naturally the position of the stake can be adjusted so it can be inserted into the anus if preferred...
Now, when I remove the wedge...the platform swings forward and the prisoner slowly slides onto the stake.

Second Judge: What an interesting invention. The effect on the victim must be exquisitely painful...

Master Giaccomo: (chuckling) Agonising, my Lord. Oh yes, don’t forget the noose that tightens slowly to strangle the victim as well. But, my Lord, here is the really interesting part.
Observe the ingenuous mechanism, these ropes and pulleys. Without effort I can drive the metal stake deeper and deeper...all the way until they are riding that ring of spikes if the victim should prove reluctant to confess. In truth such pressure is rarely needed. The agony is quite unbearable anyway. (He laughs aloud) You can rip her cunt open and crush her neck at the same time with almost no effort at all!

Second Judge: Marvellous. Such skill and expertise...any prisoner should feel proud to be put to the Question by such a Master Interrogator.

First Judge: (approaching the group) Is the prisoner in position?

Master Giaccomo: Yes, Your Honour.

First Judge: Prisoner Ziani, you will now be put to the Question. You will be tortured until you confess to the crime of High Treason of which you have been accused. Do you understand Prisoner Ziani?
You may reply

Eleonora: (trembling with terror) Yes, Your Honour.

First Judge: Very well, let us begin. Do your duty Master Bourreau!

First Judge: Confess, woman!

Eleonora: (barely able to speak) N-no, no..aaahh.

First Judge: Force the stake a little deeper Master Bourreau.

Eleonora gives a strangled gasp of agony as the dreadful device forces the tapered metal shaft even deeper into her cunt, stretching the delicate inner flesh to the limit whilst at the same time the noose tightens slowly round her neck.

Second Judge: (whipping the outthrust peaks of Eleonora’s breasts with a short leather quirt.) Will you not confess your crimes?

First Judge: Enough for the moment, release the pressure a little, Master Torturer, so she may have a chance to speak.

Eleonora: I...I...c-c-c-confess.

First Judge: Speak them, we are listening.

Eleonora: I will say whatever you wish, confess to whatever you want bu....

First Judge: No stamina at all...she’s passed out. Undo the noose and revive her...we must have that confession in her own words.

Eleonora: (coming round) I confess that I have betrayed the Most Serene Republic...that I am guild of lewd and immoral behaviour... that I have...

First Judge: ...Enough, we have heard enough! The court is convinced of your guilt. Unstrap her and bring her here that she may hear her sentence pronounced.

First Judge: (pronouncing sentence) The prisoner will kneel before the court. Dona Eleonora Ziani, you have been found guilty upon your own confession of the crime of High Treason. Your sentence reflects the dreadful nature of the crime you have committed.
You are hereby stripped of name, rank and title and your rights as a citizen. Your goods, lands and properties are forfeit to the Republic you have so wantonly betrayed.
You will be taken from this place to the scaffold in Saint Mark’s Square where all may see and learn from your disgrace.
Your nose will be pierced and ringed
You will have all the hair shaved from your head and body before being whipped, naked before the assembled crowd. The sentence is forty lashes from a cattle whip.
Finally this court sentences you to be branded as a harlot...the letter P to show you are nothing but a common prostitute, a mark you will carry for the remainder of your life.
After that, since you are no longer a citizen of the Republic, you will be sold as a common slave to the Turks...or any other stranger who may bid for your carcass.
The sentence is to be carried out without delay.
Guards, take her away...and give the bitch some clothing.


Kept informed of the situation by one of Eleonora’s loyal servants, Prince Morozov seeks audience with the authorities and demands Eleonora’s immediate release. His request is met with harsh refusal on the grounds that the trials is complete, the prisoner has confessed and sentence is about to be carried out. Mad with rage, Prince Morozov breaks off the treaty negotiations and leaves his palace in haste, desperately trying to think of a way to save the woman he loves.

Act 3, scene 3

Master Giaccomo: Mouth open and keep on sucking the Lieutenant’s cock while I fasten this collar, you bitch.

Master Giaccomo: Go on, walk to the steps you traitorous cow

The crowd is yelling:
Death to the traitor!
Death to the filthy rich whore!
Kill her!

Master Giaccomo: Fellow citizens, hear me! This woman has betrayed our great and glorious republic. For this terrible crime she is condemned to be sold into Turkish slavery. But before then an example must be made. She is to be pierced, whipped and branded as a whore. Be assured, the bitch will scream for your enjoyment, citizens.

Master Giaccomo: Hold still, the more I stretch your nose the easier it make the job of pushing the skewer through!

Master Giaccomo: There’s a fetching piece of jewellery. Ringed like a farm beast you’re marked as a slave now.

Master Giaccomo: Stop moving your head your stupid’re messing up my work.

Master Giaccomo: No, wait Paolo, branding after the hurts more that way! Then the burning pain will keep the bitch awake so she feel it more.

Master Giaccomo:
Citizen of Venice, gather round for this is the part you’ve been waiting for...
the scourging of the whore! And the sentence is....40 strokes!

(The crowd yells in approval and eager excitement)

Master Giaccomo:
(counting each stroke with slow deliberate care)


Thirty one... thirty two....thirty three...

Master Giaccomo:
Very well Paolo, get your iron... you can brand the traitorous bitch now.

Act 3, scene 4

The Prince: (leaping onto the scaffold, he swings his sword in a slashing cut that slices Paolo’s hand at the wrist. The point threatens Master Giaccomo.) Release her at once you sadistic animal!

The Prince: (addressing the crowd) This fair lady, so brutally punished before you has been falsely accused. All you have been told is a foul lie! So she is condemned to be sold into slavery?
Then let me buy her! I offer a thousand gold ducats. A high price for such an abused lady I hear you say?
It is a price I pay willingly...but not to the scheming, evil sadists who sought to disgrace Dona Eleonora Ziani. No, I pay my gold to you, the good people of Venice.

(He throws handfuls of gold coins into the crowd who surge forwards screaming with excitement.)

In the confusion, Prince Morozov frees Eleonora, throws her onto his horse and leaps up into the saddle behind her. Together they gallop towards the frontier and safety..

The Prince: Oh my darling, what have they done to you? That horrible ring, your hair and those weals across your flesh...Venice will pay dearly for this outrage, my Lady.

Eleonora: My Lord, I am so ashamed that you see me like this. They have broken my spirit as well as scarring my flesh...I will take time to heal so be patient with me... I owe you my life and honour...Master. I shall be your slave forever. (for the first time in many days, Eleonora smiles)
But give your humble slave the time to heal, Master...thin I shall be fully yours, I promise.

The Prince: Have no fear my darling Eleonora. You will have all the time you need. But for now we must free you from those shackles and find someone to remove that ring. Once we cross the border I know where there is a blacksmith who can release you. And after that...why a hot bath to cleanse the stink of that place from your body (He grins at her). My new slave has a somewhat ripe odour I fear!

Eleonora: (rapidly recovering her spirits now she is free of the nightmare) And yet you knew that when you bid for the goods my Lord.

A month later the lovers finish the long journey to Saint Petersburg. Eleonora gradually forgets the pain and humiliation of her arrest and her torture and ill-treatment in the Venetian prison. Steadily, coaxed by the gentle and experienced ministrations of her master, she learns with increasing passion to experience the ecstasy of making love once again. Prince Morozov shows her the sights and delights of her new home, an attentive guide to the beauties of the Russian capital.

The Prince: Lady, I offer you my city, my name...and my heart. Will you accept my gifts?

Eleonora: (smiling) How can your slave possibly refuse, my Lord.

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

Under Land
by SATO. All rights reserved.

Chapter I. A Journey Begins

Two girls missing in just one week. Gina thought about this as she walked rapidly to her car. The campus was nearly empty now and the parking lot was deserted. There was no moon tonight and the cold flourescents cast tall ominous shadows behind each tree and bush. An icy wind blew across the parking lot and Gina jumped at the sound of every leaf that skittered across the bone-dry asphalt. She saw her car now way off in the distance at the far end of the lot. It was hard to believe that this had been the best parking spot she could find when she had arrived earlier.

"Damn it, Gina", she said to herself, "why did you stay in the library so long? Studying for finals is one thing but you should have thought about getting someone to walk you to your car!"

When Gina had gotten here the college campus had been teeming with life; people on their way to class, going home for the day, sitting down for a lunch break before the next period began…

Everywhere she heard people talking about Darla and Michelle, the two missing girls. Darla and Gina had two classes together and were pretty good friends. Gina knew who Michelle was by sight but they had never really spoken. She only knew that every heterosexual male on campus wanted to get into Michelle’s pants. She was georgeous; blond hair, blue eyes, boobs to die for, etc. etc. One of those all-American beauty types.

Darla was pretty too. Long auburn hair and a smile that could melt ice. She was on the track team and held the school record in the cross-country event. Both girls were popular, beautiful and missing…

Gina was only a few feet from her car when she heard something shuffle quickly toward her. She let go a frightened little scream as she looked back over her shoulder.

Something small caught her eye. It was just a rat running into one of the open sewer grates.

"Shit girl," she muttered, "you’d better chill out before you pee yourself".

This image made her giggle a little as she reached for her keys.

Just three feet from her car now and Gina was thinking about supper and paying bills. She never heard the eighty-pound manhole cover rise up out of the asphalt behind her. She never saw the thick shadows climb out of the hole and hurry toward her. But she did feel the hairs on the back of her neck stand up as her primordial instincts tried to warn her of the impending danger.

This was all Gina needed to send her already frayed nerves into action. She spun around, her hand already coming out of her purse with the pepper spray.

She depressed the trigger wildly and screamed as the huge shapes closed in.

How many? Three? Four? She heard a bellow of surprise and pain as one of the figures, then another, fell back grasping their faces. Gina jumped to one side in an effort to evade the grasping hands but caught her hip on the mirror of her car and went sprawling onto her back. They were on her before she could move a muscle. She felt a knee land hard in her gut knocking the wind out of her as hands grasped her wrists and twisted the pepper spray from her grasp.

One of the shapes slapped her hard across the face, stunning her. Barely conscious, Gina could only endure as her hands were forced together in front and wrapped tightly with rope.

Seconds later Gina was being lowered through the manhole and into the storm sewer that ran under the parking lot. She kicked feebly only to get slapped across the face again. This time it was hard enough to knock her out. The last thing Gina saw as she slipped into darkness was a handful of stars twinkling indifferently in the night sky as the manhole cover was put back in place.

When Gina awoke, she realized that she was hanging from a pole suspended by her wrists and ankles the same way hunters carried the carcass of a game animal! Her captors were moving at a tremendous rate of speed through subterranean tunnels toward some unknown destination.

Gina was unable to see at all even though her eyes were unbound. She tried to speak, to plead with her strangely silent captors, but the attempt only brought the realization that she was gagged with a thick piece of leather tied off and wrapped around her head. All she could do was make a pitiful muffled sound. Almost immediately she was dropped roughly to the ground and untied from the pole. Gina was pulled abruptly to her feet and her shirt was ripped from her body. Next her bra was stripped away leaving her firm breasts swinging about unprotected in the cold under ground air. Her nipples immediately stood up and grew rigid as the damp air caressed them.

She tried taking a step backwards but slammed into the unseen wall of the tunnel. Immediately she was set upon again by rough hands that grasped her from out of the dark.

Her captors had never made a sound except for the two Gina had managed to douse with the pepper spray while still in the parking lot. But no sound except for their breathing did she now hear.

One incredibly strong hand grasped her by the hair and lifted her screaming off the tunnel floor, while two others wrapped her hands behind her back and tied first her wrists together then brought the rope up and tied her elbows together. This wrenched her shoulders painfully backwards and caused her to thrust her chest forward. This would seem to have been sufficient punishment for any imagined offense but they were not done with her yet.

Gina’s full, ripe breasts were next on the agenda. Each tit was bound tightly around the base by thin coarse rope, which was then pulled so tightly that Gina thought her breasts would surely be torn off. After a couple of experimental tugs on the rope around Gina’s painfully distended tits, another longer rope was looped between them and tied in place. The second rope was a leash. The abductor who was holding her suspended by her hair dropped Gina back onto the ground. Then, with no warning, Gina found herself being pulled forward by her tits while another of the invisible goons produced a whip and cracked it across the back pockets of her designer jeans.

Gina needed no further instruction. She lurched forward and was forced to run as the rope around her tits was jerked forward and the whip sliced across her firm ass.

She stumbled often since she couldn’t see the floor and to make matters worse, she didn’t have the use of her arms for balance.

Gina ran as well as she could. She was in good physical condition – being no stranger to the gym -- and so managed to keep up fairly well. The whip only landed when she tried so slow her pace.

As time went on Gina’s flesh became slick with perspiration in spite of the cold damp air of the tunnels. With a growing feeling of desperation she eventually became aware of the simple fact that she couldn’t keep up this pace much longer. Tears streamed down her face while saliva poured from her gagged mouth and dripped across her leashed tits. They drove her on like a wild animal deeper into the under world she would come to know so well.

Dimly Gina felt wind from time to time and heard the echoes of their relentless footfalls get louder then softer again. This told her that they were passing intersections in the tunnel systems. She was pulled into some these tunnels by the harsh tug of the leash tied around her painfully swollen tits. On and on they went – Guards and prisoner, Masters and slave.

Chapter Two. A Warm Welcome

Then Gina became aware that a faint light was beginning to grow. She could hear sounds up ahead. As the light continued to assert itself, Gina got the first look at those who had turned her pleasant life into such a waking nightmare. The one pulling her tit-leash was totally bald, he stood nearly seven feet tall, and had the body (she could see it all since he was totally nude) of an Olympic athlete. Another one ran in front of him. This one, to Gina’s amazement, was a woman of equal strength and physical proportions to Gina’s leash-master except for her long thick black hair and full ripe breasts. There were at least two more behind her but Gina dared not look back for fear of losing her balance and falling.

The air began to warm as the light grew, and the further they went the more Gina could hear from up ahead. As Gina’s group rounded the next bend she saw a row of torches imbedded in the walls high above her head.

Now she could hear more clearly the voices; laughter, commands, grunts, and screams!

The tunnel curved around and suddenly dumped out into a large cavern. . As Gina was herded into the huge cave, cheers and applause went up.

The one holding the tit-leash gave a mighty jerk and Gina fell to her knees then over onto her face further bruising her breasts.

"Ahh! Fresh meat has arrived ladies and gentlemen!" said one of the partygoers.

Gina gasped in horror as she tried to make sense of the debacle to which she bore witness. The cavern was filled with two kinds of beings. Many were obviously akin to those who had brought her here but the rest were all surface dwellers, all were women like Gina. All the Surface Women were being tortured and ravaged by the huge semi-human under dwellers.

Almost immediately Gina saw Darla and Michelle. Darla was hanging by her ankles from chains suspended from the ceiling. Her legs were spread wide and her sex was fully exposed. Her arms were chained to a large rock that dangled inches above the ground. She was being streched painfully as the weight of the small boulder tried to obey the law of gravity. Their eyes met. And Gina gave up all hope. While Darla hung there one of the under-women smiled at Gina and began grinding her greasy fist into Darla’s cunt while one of the males was whipping her heaving, sweating tits. Her body swayed and twisted as the whip landed and the fist bore its way inside. Darla’s screams were barely human and the look in her eyes was madness as the female’s fist began to grind and twist its way between the fleshy lips of Darla’s labia. Her stomach muscles convulsed wildly as Darla tried vainly to expel the invader. Now the female bore down with all her weight and her fist suddenly slid into Darla nearly up to the elbow. Darla’s whole body convulsed madly with the unwelcome intrusion. Now the fist and arm began to slide in and out like a like a piston violently rocking Darla’s nude body. Gina felt sick and wondered if it would be her turn next as she watched her friend’s pussy being pounded mercilessly by the fist.

Michelle was just a few yards further away. She too was hanging in chains

from the ceiling but at least she was right side up. Her wrists were together but her legs were spread wide on either side of her by more chains bolted to the rocky floor of the cavern. Michelle was pinned between two large males who were raping her savagely front and back. Their erections tunneled in and out of Michelle’s holes without mercy. She jerked and grunted heavily as first one then the other retracted his club-like phallus then rammed it back home. A line had formed as other males waited for their turn at one of her battered slime-smeared holes. They had obviously been at Michelle for quite awhile now. Long streams of copious goo trailed down her inner thighs and a large glistening wet spot lay below her on the ground

Other girls Gina had never seen before adorned the walls and floor of the cave in various forms of torment.

Then Gina was brought back to her own plight as she heard a one of the female’s yell "Strip her and string her up, we must welcome her properly to festival!"

Easily a dozen of the males and females rushed her and tried to shred off her tattered sweat-soaked jeans.

Gina kicked out for all she was worth, and even though her hands were still tied at the wrists and elbows, she managed enough coordination to connect with a male’s groin and the square jaw of a groping female. She bucked and fought with a fury that surprised them all. Gina would have been more amazed than anyone if she’d had time to think about it.

By now three of her assailants had backed out of the fray with fairly substantial bruises and lacerations. A forth lay unmoving, crumpled in a heap. It was only by their superior numbers that Gina was eventually worn down and subdued.

"Hold her still you idiots!" said a different voice, "Don’t you know one of your own when you see her?"

The woman approached and gave instructions that Gina be brought to her feet.

"Let’s get that gag out of your mouth, dear" said the woman, "and your tits must be a trifle sore. Let me untie those as well"

The woman went about the business of liberating Gina’s throbbing breasts

and spoke softly in her ear as her fingers worked the knots.

"I will take your gag out, but first you must promise to keep silent. Do we have a deal?" she said.

Gina nodded in assent

"First let me massage a little life back into your tits, love"

When the ropes came off her wrists, elbows and breasts; the blood began to flow once again. Gina’s guards shifted their positions now, making sure to hold her tightly in check. The woman gently rubbed Gina’s arms and chest until the pain began to subside. Then the gag came out and Gina swallowed hard and moved her tongue and jaw around to relax the muscles there, but, remembering her deal, she uttered no sound. The last thing Gina wanted was to be bound and gagged again.

"You’ll have to forgive the others, Gina", they only do as nature or I instruct them. My name is Lor, and it will be my honor to make your stay here with us as pleasant and instructive as possible"

Gina wondered who would get the "pleasure". It certainly wouldn’t be her if the condition of the other girls in the cavern was any indication. And what was that about "instructive"??

"So many questions," said Lor, "but very little fear do I see. Don’t you find that strange? After all you’ve been through so far this evening, after all you see going on around you."

"Watch them all Gina", said Lor, "this is how we treat most of our new guests, but you will be the exception to the rule".

"Bring her", Lor ordered gesturing to the guards who held Gina.

To the far end of the cavern, past the young women, the rape, the torture, the bondage, Gina was led.

Lor stopped next to a nude girl who was bent double over a horizontal iron rod coming out of the wall. Her hands and feet were manacled and chained to the rocky floor. She was totally bent in half with her long blond hair hanging nearly to the floor. The girl’s ass was the highest part of her body, her legs were spread and her ass-cheeks were wide open and exposed. The girl did not move at all. By now she knew that struggle was not an option.

Gina looked down at the girl’s sweaty, sticky, whip-marked body and felt a strange stirring in her loins.

A large female guard stood next to a coal brassier watching Lor for orders.

"This is Megan," Lor told Gina with the tone of voice a Doctor might use when instructing a group of young interns, "she has been with us almost two days now. She is about to complete the first phase of her training. This is how we give our graduates their diplomas."

Then Lor turned to the guard who stood next to Megan and nodded.

The guard took one end of an iron from the coals and carefully swung the white-hot end near Megan’s rear.

"This is the mark of an owned slave," said Lor, "it is the mark of our people, it is the mark this little cunt will wear for the rest of her life!"

With this the guard pressed the branding iron into the flesh of Megan’s upturned left ass cheek. She screamed and thrashed madly as the brand made its mark.

Lor watched Gina who, in turn, watched Megan writhe in pain while receiving the mark of these Underlanders. Gina, ashamed, realized that she was somehow enjoying this display. In some perverted way, this was making Gina twitch.

Lor smiled as she registered the unmistakable look of lust on Gina’s face.

The guard pulled the heavy iron away quickly and placed it back into the fire.

Runes of some sort were left behind; burned into the quivering, tender flesh of the girl’s left buttock.

Megan, who no longer struggled, simply wept silently; her tears falling onto the rocks of the cold stone floor.

"Now the ring," said Lor.

The guard squatted behind Megan between her lewdly splayed legs. She produced a handful of gleaming golden rings from a pouch on the floor. After sorting through the different sizes, she chose one and put the rest away.

The woman now reached up to Megan’s cunt and began to stroke her softly there. Megan jerked at the first touch then settled down to endure. But this was different for Megan. There was no pain now, no prodding, no violating insertions. Megan looked back between her legs and watched as the female guard massaged her most private part. As the stroking continued Megan, against her will, began to react to it and so did Gina.

Lor reached over and unzipped Gina’s tattered jeans.

Gina flinched. "Don’t resist Gina," said Lor, "just ride with it."

Lor gently slid Gina’s jeans and panties down and Gina stepped out of them. Gina was completely naked now. Lor slid her hand down between Gina’s thighs and parted the lips of her sex.

Gina and Megan both moaned softly in unison as the skilled hands of Lor and the female guard went about their ministrations. The guard leaned in closer and softly licked the inner flesh of Megan’s parted buttocks.

Megan closed her eyes tightly and began to tense up now. The guard was stroking the very center of her sexual being. Megan’s clit swelled between the guard’s wet fingers.

Gina felt so ashamed for allowing this to turn her on, especially since Lor, a woman, was doing this to her. But partly from fear, partly from lust Gina decided to do as Lor had suggested – she "rode".

It was time now. Megan was about to come. But just as her ass and cunt began too shudder with the impending orgasm, the guard grasped Megan’s clit between the nails of her thumb and index finger and pulled sharply. Megan‘s eyes shot open as the guard shoved the sharp end of the ring through the swollen clit.

Megan’s ensuing scream set Gina on fire as her own orgasm coursed through her body.

Once again Megan was thrashing about in her inescapable bondage. But this time the pain was accompanied by the mind warping orgasm given to her by the skilled but sadistic hands of the guard.

The guard sealed the clit ring shut and withdrew, licking Megan’s sweet juices from her fingertips.

Lor leaned over to Gina, kissed her full on the lips and said, "you’re going to get along here just fine, Gina, just fine."

Gina watched as Megan was unchained from her position over the pole. As she stood, her hands were cuffed behind her. Then the female who had administered the branding and the piercing attached a short leather leash to Megan’s new clit ring. Megan seemed to get the picture and followed as the guard began down a corridor into the dark.

Lor barked an order to the guards who held Gina, "take her to Lab 1. It’s time for Gina to remember…"

Chapter Three. The History Lesson

Gina was guided firmly but gently down one of the many tunnels that led away from the cavern of pain where all the girls seemed to begin their journey in Underland.

The tunnel was lined with torches and Lor walked just ahead. The screams, grunts, and moans behind them began to fade as they walked farther into the bowels of Underland.

Presently Lor stopped and turned to face Gina.

"Are you ready to have all your questions answered?" she asked Gina, "Are you ready to assume your intended role among us here in Underland?"

Gina could only think to nod in compliance. The only other choice she could think of was awaiting her in the cavern where "Festival" still raged on unabated.

Lor turned to the wall and touched a rock that was embedded there. To Gina’s surprise a door made from the living rock swung soundlessly open into a completely black interior. Lor reached inside and produced two pair of goggles. They were dark sunglasses for the guards. Lor placed them over their eyes and then, returning to the open door, flicked on the lights.

Gina squinted her eyes as the fluorescent bulbs obliterated the stygian gloom of the tunnel.

Lor walked into the glaring whiteness of "Lab 1" with the two guards and Gina close behind.

Tables, tile floors, gurneys, computers, medical supplies! Gina could easily be in a modern scientific laboratory if not for the many objects and mechanisms whose purpose could only be sadistic in nature.

"More questions with each step my love," said Lor, "but soon enough you will know all."

Then, to the guards Lor said, "Gentlemen, you may proceed."

Gina’s hands were raised over her head and fastened into black leather manacles hanging from chains in the ceiling. Then her ankles were separated and manacled in like fashion to the floor. Lor pushed buttons on a control panel on the wall and Gina felt the chains quartering her. Her feet left the floor and soon Gina was hanging from the ceiling with her arms and legs spread widely apart in the shape of an X. She wore nothing at all since she had stepped out of her jeans back in the cave. Fear began to tickle at the pit of her stomach.

Had this all been an elaborate ruse to make her feel at ease? Would the torture begin now?

Lor pressed another button and a panel in the wall slipped silently away.

"Report!" shouted Lor clapping her hands.

Four beautiful young girls suddenly appeared from behind the panel and hurried over to where Gina hung stretched and spread-eagle from the ceiling.

"There, there now Gina", said Lor, "you are bound only for your own protection; and ours. The effects of "The Learning" are often unpredictable.

Many of our initiates react very violently."

Walking closer and placing a hand on Gina’s thigh Lor continued, "You are a product of selective breeding. You are a splendid specimen, but to be complete, you must experience your heritage first hand – through the eyes of those who lived it."

Two of the girls were carrying buckets which they began to fill with warm water from a nearby sink. The other two girls busied themselves with rounding up sponges, soaps, and towels.

One of the girls, a beautiful latina, slammed into a tray holding medical implements, sending the tray and its contents crashing to the floor.

"Maria, you clumsy cunt!" shouted Lor. "You dare embarrass me in front of our special guest?"

Lor pressed two of the buttons in succession and Maria collapsed onto the floor screaming and clutching her groin.

Gina could see that the girl wore a leather thong with a strip of metal running between her legs and up between the lips of her cunt. It appeared to Gina that this was the source of discomfort. A harsh electric current was being applied to the girl’s privates.

While the girl writhed in agony, Gina noticed that all the girls wore the same type of thong. They also had rings in their nipples, labia, and clit, as well as the brand on their asses. The thongs that the girls wore had been threaded through the clit ring and locked in place behind. Their ensemble was completed with a black dog collar around each tender neck. Gina also noticed that the guards, who stood silently nearby, became aroused at the sight of Maria’s punishment. The size of their cocks was truly frightening when Gina saw them reach a full erection.

"Hear her screams Gina?" said Lor, "She is singing in the language of slaves. Its quite the popular tune down here – always on the top 10 list."

Gina watched Maria writhe in pain, her pretty brown eyes fluttering open wide. Her full pouting lips distorted into a rictus of pain.

Maria, who lay screaming on the floor received a swift kick in the stomach as Lor worked the remote control and shut off the current .

"You are weak Maria," said Lor in an admonishing tone, "you give in to the punishment far too swiftly. Watch how well Sara deals with the pain!"

Sara gently placed the towels and sponges she carried onto the floor below Gina. She knew what was coming and would not beg or resist. Lor pressed the buttons again and Sara tensed noticeably as the current began to flow through her vaginal lips. Slowly she sank to the floor and lay there shaking but never screamed or thrashed around like Maria had.

Lor knelt beside Sara and stroked her soft blond hair. Sara looked up into Lor’s eyes with an almost worshipful gaze. Her expression began to glaze over with pain as Lor increased the voltage. Sara shook even harder now every muscle in her superb body thrumming and tense, but still she would not scream.

Lor shut off the current and Sara slumped onto the floor like a rag doll. Sara immediately pulled herself to a half sitting position and reached for the sponges and towels she had laid at Gina’s feet. Lor stopped her.

"You rest a moment Sara," Lor said to her, "you are a good girl and I will honor you with a special gift. Kneel before Gina." Sara knelt if front of Gina’s crotch staring straight ahead at Gina’s glistening sex.

"Shave her Sara", instructed Lor.

Sara shook the shaving cream and sprayed a thick handful onto Gina’s crotch. Gina began to squirm as Sara massaged the cream onto the soft thatch of pubic hair. Sara closely inspected Gina’s ass and spread more cream there as well.

"Go ahead Sara," Lor instructed, "work in into every crevice. We don’t want to miss anything."

Gina squirmed noticeably as Sara massaged the thick white cream into her ass and cunt. Sara’s deft fingers even spread Gina’s sphincter and pushed inside then quickly pulled back out again. Gina jerked at the intrusion but didn’t object. She discovered that she wanted it to happen again, but deeper this time. Gina glanced over at the guards who stood silently watching the proceedings. Their huge pricks had begun to ooze pre-cum. Was she expected to accommodate these monsters into her virgin cunt and ass?

Next came the blade. Sara skillfully shaved every hair from Gina’s ass and cunt until she was as bare as a baby. Sara toweled Gina off then massaged lotion onto the freshly shaved girl’s privates. This only made Gina squirm more. Ashamedly Gina had to admit to herself that she could come again in no time if Sara kept this up much longer. But Sara completed her task too soon for Gina to orgasm and simply knelt before Gina’s glistening cunt awaiting further instructions.

"Maria", said Lor, "see to the guards, they seem to be at odds with themselves."

Maria’s eyes widened and it appeared as if she were about to protest, but Lor was ready for this and slapped the controls quickly on then off again. Maria let out a yelp as her body jerked momentarily. She hurried over to the guards and knelt before them. The men regarded her nearly naked form then watched for Lor’s consent. When Lor nodded, the guards seized Maria and slammed her body roughly onto the tile floor. Lor smiled and kicked a large box of "toys" over to the guards. Inside were all sorts of clamps, gags, dildos, cuffs, flogs and whips. Maria was quickly gagged and dragged by her hair in front of Gina who watched as the helpless girl was savaged. Maria was cuffed and hung from a chain about three feet directly in front of Gina. Her body swung freely as the guards suspended her there. Alligator clamps were attaced to Maria’s nipples and weights were hung by short chains from the rings in her labia and clitoris. Maria’s thong was removed and Gina saw that a long thin metal rod had been deeply inserted and held in place by the thong. But soon there would be other things, warm things, and much larger things to occupy that space.

Then as the whips began to fall on Maria’s dark skin, Lor approached the "X"-tied Gina.

"It is time to begin Gina", said Lor.

Gina noticed that Lor had a hypodermic needle in one hand. Lor went to Gina’s rear; slapped her ass hard then sunk the needle and its contents into the firm red flank.

"This is just a sedative combined with a neural enhancer," said Lor, "You will need both if you are to survive the ordeal intact. Lor barked orders to the other girls.

Almost immediately Gina began to feel woozy but more aware of her surroundings at the same time.

Everything in the room and its purpose became clear to her. She sensed other things as well. The primitive thoughts of the guards, Maria’s tormented mind, the other girls, and finally Lor’s mind became clear to Gina.

("Pretty amazing stuff isn’t it Gina?") said Lor – without moving her lips!

Gina began to speak but her mind was faster. ("What’s happening to me,

Lor?"). Gina thought this, she did not have to utter a sound yet Lor heard every word.

("Just relax Gina let it wash over you"), Lor thought back, ("Whatever you do, just DON’T FIGHT IT!")

Lor wheeled a machine over and parked it below Gina’s widely spread legs. Gina knew what it was for and began to tense up. When the first electrode was attached to her right temple Gina actually heard the echoes of minds that had been here before. Other women in the same situation. The next electrode was pasted onto her left temple and she heard voices of the other women. Some screamed, some begged, others gibbered incoherently. Yet some were silent and deadly calm in their minds. These were the ones who had come through this intact with their minds whole and in one hugely expanded piece.

Gina groped for Lor’s mind but the mental doorway had been shut. The thoughts of all the others were loud but jumbled and confused with the echoes of past recipients of the "The Learning".

Gina shut them out one by one and tried to clear her mind.

"Sara," said Lor, "please prepare Gina’s rear entrance for the Snake."

Gina knew now about the snake, which wasn’t really a snake at all. Instead it was a product of purification made from stainless steel and moving parts. It was about 45 feet long, most of which would soon be inside Gina’s body. She could envision its long metallic body as it rose up out of the machine and began to seek her ass. Its purpose was to remove all impurities and examine her internally for any possible health problems.

Sara produced a bottle of lubricant from a compartment in the machine parked between Gina’s legs. She popped the top and poured a generous amount of the thick liquid into one cupped hand. After replacing the bottle into its compartment, Sara reached up to Gina’s ass and, with both hands, began the process of "preparing Gina’s rear entrance."

Gina felt Sara’s nimble fingers probe her ass and, finding their target, sliding inside. The first insertions were slow but shallow. But the fingers pushed in deeper as Gina’s tunnel became better lubricated.

Gina had never had any one or anyone do this to her before much less a woman!

She had always been a "Good Girl" – no flirting, no heavy petting, and certainly no sexual contact. Funny how things can change so quickly. Now Gina wanted nothing more than to feel Sara’s fingers slide deeper and deeper into her ass.

Next Gina heard a whir and then a humming sound as a metal plate slid open and the snake began to rise up from the apparatus.

Then she felt the tip of the metal snake touch the back of her ass

and grope for an entrance. Sara grasped the tip of the snake and, parting Gina’s cheeks, guided the "head" of the thing inside.

Vaguely Gina heard Lor instruct Sara to "lick her slit" and immediately felt Sara’s hot breath and warm tongue carressing her newly shaven cunt.

The snake slowly forced its length in as Gina hung there trembling slightly.

Then the two other girls knelt at Lor’s feet. One in front and the other behind. They’d been here before and knew their places. Their tunguoe and lips began to lick and suck Lor’s cunt and ass.

"Let it Begin!!" Lor shouted as the electrodes were activated and Gina’s brain threatened to lose its moorings. The "Learning" had begun.

While Gina was aware of Sara’s soft tongue, of the snake (now at least 3 into its temporary home), of Maria’s garbled screams, of all the things going on around her in the lab (except Lor’s mind) she was also aware that she must clear them away. For Gina was being called by voices in a strange tongue spoken by a race that had all but disappeared nearly 80,000 years ago.

Gina closed her mind and to the physical things happening to her and the others in the lab, and opened it to the voice that called her by name. Now the voices became louder as Gina felt herself swept up in a vortex that yanked her out of her physical self and into the race memory of her ancestors.

She found herself running across a wide grassy plain. Fear beat in her heart for her pursuers were gaining. She could hear their shouts as they closed the distance. But Gina was fast and the cliffs were just ahead. She heard the voice calling her. It was her mother calling her from the caves in the face of the cliff.

Gina’s name here was Dura, and her mother Ladra was pleading for her to hurry.

So close now; the caves were only 200 strides ahead and soon those who pursued her would have to break off and retreat, for the men of Dura’s tribe were very strong and could throw large rocks with deadly accuracy.

Dura could see the lines on her mother’s face now and the men of her tribe lined up on the cliff waiting for "outsiders" to come within range of their stones.

Dura thought she was safe now, she no longer heard the shouts behind her. She risked a glance over her shoulder in time to see three large black outsiders swing the "Lathur" around their heads. Each Lathur consisted of three round stones attached by long leather strips of cowhide. Dura had seen many of her people fall in mid-stride as these things wrapped around their legs tripping them up. Always the women were taken. Always the young; and none were never seen again.

Suddenly Dura heard the whistling as the lathur were thrown.

She heard one whiz close by landing with a thud in the grass to one side. Then, as she leapt instinctively, another flew just below her nimble feet. The rocks of her people began to fill the sky now as the last lathur was thrown. Dura heard it but was too late to dodge. The twisted hide wrapped itself around first one foot then the other and sent her crashing to the earth. The shouts of her people who ran to help were much farther away than those who screamed in victory. The three Outsiders were on her in seconds and trussed her hand and foot. A large rock landed squarely on the head of one of the dark men and crushed his skull. The other two seemed to take no notice as one threw Dura over a muscular shoulder and began to bear her away.

Suddenly, out of the tall grass leapt thirty or forty Outsiders with their long bows and spears. They had been lying there in wait.

Dura saw three of her people fall before the rest retreated to the safety of the cliffs where the caves would hide them from the deadly projectiles.

The rough rawhide strips cut into her wrists and ankles as another was wrapped around her neck and Dura (Gina) was forced to walk leashed like an animal. Their progress was leisurely, after all they had sent the cliff dwellers running to hide.

If when Dura tried to slow or struggle she felt a vigorous tug at her leash or the tip of a spear at her back along with taunts and threats in a language she couldn’t understand.

They met up with other groups of Outsiders along the way and Dura was joined by the neck to other girls who had been taken.

One group had tired of waiting and had begun to take pleasure in their new acquisitions. Dura watched as three girls, all from her tribe, were whipped and raped by twelve Outsiders.

One of the girls was suspended from the branch of a tree. Her feet dangled only inches off the ground. An outsider was behind her raping her ass while one of the women Outsiders whipped her hard across her bare sweating breasts and stomach. Her body twisted and jerked as she tried to free herself. Her sobbing pleas for mercy only fanned the flames of lust.

Another girl had been forced back over a small boulder; her feet and hands were drawn and quartered; held in place by rope tied to wooden stakes in the ground. Three female Outsiders tortured her ruthlessly. They had tightly bound her breasts around their bases. Her tits had turned purple as one of the women beat them with a stick while the other woman squatted over her head and emptied her bowels in the poor girl’s open and screaming mouth. Still another of the female Outsiders was busily trying to shove a thick dildo up the poor girl’s virgin cunt. The dildo seemed to be made of bone or ivory. Dura had arrived just in time to see the head of the massive bone cock slam its way into the abused girl’s pussy. She bucked furiously as it was forced into her hole. The women laughed uproariously as the poor girl’s screams escalated even as she gagged around a mouthful of shit.

The last girl, one of Dura’s best friends named Lor, was being gang-raped by seven of the males. They took turns holding while the others raped her from both ends. Lor’s face and ass was caked with cum.

Eventually they grew tired of their sport and all the girls were collared with wide strips of rawhide. Then each collar was joined together with a three foot length of rope. Their hands and elbows were tied together behind them.

When they finally joined up with the last group, there was a total of 15 girls tied neck to neck. Many of the girls sobbed openly, others just shuffled along quietly in a daze. The three girls who had been tortured shuffled along listlessly at the rear of the column. Two guards, one on each side, walked along on either side with whip in hand to keep the girls moving.

The sun began to set into the great water beyond the plains and the colors were magnificent hues of orange, pink, and gray. Dura’s eyes watered as she remembered an earlier time in her mother’s arms when they would watch the sunset over their world in peace and security before the coming of the Outsiders and the birth of slavery.

A single tear rolled down her cheek as the raiding party of the Outsiders headed back home with their stolen treasure of fresh slaves girls.

Chapter 4 - Hell and Back

Training Begins

They’d been walking for hours now and the noonday sun beat down hard on their naked golden brown flesh. The girls stumbled often now and when one fell, half the line would fall with her since all the slaves were joined by one leash around their necks. This was when the whips fell fast and furious until all the girls were back up and moving.

All during the previous night they had been deprived of sleep. The Outsiders had taken turns at watch as well as whipping, beating or simply raping the girls; anything to keep the captives awake. The moon was full and there was plenty of light. Everything that happened to one prisoner the rest were forced to watch.

Once a particularly sadistic female Outsider was on watch and decided to hang one of the slaves to entertain herself. The woman was trying to decide which girl to torture when she noticed that a young blonde had managed to fall asleep.

She was immediately untied from the rest of the prisoners and dragged over to a tree. Fully awake now she tried in vain to struggle as her wrists and ankles were bound tightly together leaving her in a strict hog-tie. Then the Outsider tossed a rope over a branch and tied the other end around her victim’s neck. She slowly pulled the struggling female into the air by her neck. The girl’s eyes and tongue bulged and she began to jerk spasmodically in mid-air. Her bowels and bladder let go all at once as she began to lose consciousness. The Outsider dropped her back to the ground and loosened the rope. Then she slapped the girl’s face and pinched her nipples until she began to come around. As soon as the girl was awake enough to beg and struggle, the Outsider lifted her off the ground again by the rope around her neck. This process was repeated many times until the guard got bored and decided it was time for a change.

She tied the rope around the young girl’s feet and ankles and raised her back off the ground still hog-tied. Her back bent painfully and each rib stood outlined against her wet skin in the moonlight. The girl was left suspended about three feet off the ground in this position. The Outsider knelt down in front of the girl and yanked her head up by the hair and, without warning shoved a smooth round stone into the poor girl’s mouth. It was so large that it barely fit without dislocating her jaw. Then when the stone was snugly in place, the guard wrapped a short length of leather around the girl’s head to keep the rock in her mouth. Now, still holding the girl by the hair, the woman began to grind her cunt against the girl’s face. She especially used the victim’s nose to part her pussy lips and stimulate her clit. The girl swung back and forth as the guard shoved her sex against the upturned face. Soon the torturess began to climax and, in doing so, completely coated her victim’s face with her gooey cum. With one final shudder the guard completed her climax. She slipped the knot that held the girl suspended from the tree branch and let her free fall the three feet to the ground. The woman walked away leaving the tortured hog-tied girl gasping for breath. The woman’s watch was over but moments later another Outsider was there to take her place.

The torture these Outsiders used was more than just physical. It was also psychological. They knew there would be no resistance if they managed to break their captives’ will. But at the same time they wanted the girl’s to be healthy enough to endure the journey to the homeland of the Outsiders – and especially the festivities to follow their arrival. The girls were given water and strips of dried jerky twice a day. Breaks were rare but even then, the captive girls were made to stay in the sun while the Outsiders lounged in the shade.

By late afternoon the land had begun to get hilly, and the going became even more difficult for the prisoners especially since the Outsiders began to drive them on faster. Soon the girls were forced to jog, the whips landing on tender flesh more and more often. After about half an hour had gone by the girls were sweating heavily and were almost done in. They would not have been able to go on much further if they had not reached their destination, for as they topped a final hill they saw the village of the outsiders in the valley below.

A great horn sounded immediately when the travelers crested the top of the hill that overlooked the Outsider village. Soon other horns joined in from the valley. One of the Outsiders next to Dura took the hollowed horn of a great bull out of his bag and blew into it. This produced a sound much like the horns they all heard in the valley. The huge wooden gates were thrown open and people streamed out. The girls were forced to begin the last part of their march down into the valley and to their destination.

Dura felt a mighty tug on her neck and thought that one of the other girls had fallen again. When she turned she saw that instead of falling, the girl behind her was trying desperately to escape. She was tugging backwards with all her might at the leash that connected her to all the other girls. This only caused them all to fall in a great heap. Escape, at this stage of the game, was impossible.

The Outsiders all acted in concert now. They all set to work on the girls with whips, sticks, and the tips of spears. Soon the girls were back up, in line and jogging down the hill towards the mob that was rushing up to meet them. As the girls neared the village they saw hints of the debauchery already in process there. There seemed to be human forms hanging from trees, staked out on the ground, and draped across frames made of wood. But these had all been abandoned as the villagers came to greet their new arrivals.

Soon the girls were surrounded by the Outsiders from the village. Although Dura couldn’t understand their speech she got the overall meaning of the conversations. She could tell by the appreciative sounds that the new girls were in for less than a hospitable greeting.

Soon they were all within the village and the gates slammed shut behind them.

The girls were sweating from the run they’d been forced to endure. They were tired and hungry and very thirsty and many were only barely conscious.

They were all led stumbling into a large hut where they saw women of their own kind waiting with food and water.

A large Outsider came into the hut followed by a few other villagers. When he entered the girls who had already been in the hut knelt immediately with their heads down. The big Outsider said something in his own language and one of the girls stood and approached the fifteen new arrivals.

"This is Mogu," she said gesturing to the Outsider who had just spoken, "he has ordered me to give you all food and water and while you eat you will be told why you are here."

The other girls busied themselves with tying the new slave’s ankles together and forcing them to kneel around a low wooden table. The smell of bread and the sight of the water made all the hungry slaves ravenous.

"Mogu," said the girl, "is master of this village. There are many other villages near and far. They are all coming here to compete against each other in many events. There will be many prizes awarded to the winners.

You are the prizes."

The girls glanced fearfully at each other but dared not speak.

" There are many others from your caves who have been captured and brought here for these games. I am Arla. I have been taught their language and I am one of Mogu’s personal slaves. I do whatever he wishes whenever he wishes. I speak only when I am spoken to. I do not beg or resist. I have been trained in the ways to pleasure any man or woman."

After saying this, Arla went to Mogu and knelt before him.

Mogu stood with legs apart and stared down at the naked submissive slave awaiting his order. Mogu stared around the room and spoke to the new ones.

Arla began to translate; "Mogu welcomes you and says that you are to feel honored; for you among all your people have been found beautiful enough to be given as gifts to those who will come here to compete. You will be fed and bathed and made ready. Then, when tomorrow’s games begin, you will be given to the winners each day. They will do with you as they please and you will do whatever pleases them without hesitation."

Mogu spoke to Arla. "This is Mogu’s wish that I will now fulfill. Watch, my sisters, and learn your place. "

One of the other girls, approached Arla from behind with a long whip and raised it over her head. Dura recognized the girl with the whip. She had disappeared about six moons ago. Her name was Nor. Arla reached forward and untied Mogu’s loincloth away and took his soft cock into her hands. She began to lick the length of the shaft as Mogu became erect. Then Nor, the girl with the whip, let one lash fall across Arla’s back. She flinched but did not stop licking Mogu. The whip left an angry red mark between her shoulder blades. Mugu’s member was quite large now and Arla began to concentrate of the spot just beneath the head. Then another lash of the whip sliced across Arla’s ass. She flinched again but did not cry out. Instead Arla opened her mouth and took the huge cock fully into her mouth. Mogu grabbed the Arla by both ears and used them for handles to slide her head back and forth along his huge swollen shaft. As Mogu began to skull fuck the girl’s open mouth faster, so too the whip fell. Soon Arla’s back and ass was a mass of red streaks. Then when it became apparent that Mogu was about to come, Nor ran forward and, kneeling between Arla’s legs, forced the handle of the whip up into her cunt, Arla grunted hard as the thick whip handle slid deep inside.

Mogu stiffened and forced his cock all the way into Arla’s mouth as he began to pump streams of hot cum into Arla’s ravaged face. The new prisoners watched on in horror as Arla gagged and choked on the huge cum-spurting member while Nor viciously fucked her with the whip handle.

After Mogu finished raping his slave’s face he slowly withdrew his cock. Arla made sure to keep all his cum in her mouth not spilling a single drop. Nor, leaving the whip’s handle deeply embedded in Arla’s box, quickly went around front and pressed her lips against Arla’s. It was a long deep kiss. Dura could see that Arla’s cheeks were deflating while the other girl’s mouth was being filled with Mogu’s cum.

When the exchange was done and Nor’s mouth was quite full she got up and walked over to the table where Dura and the other fresh girls sat waiting. Then she slowly spit the white gooey cum into a wooden bowl.

Dura glanced back over and saw that Arla was now sucking another of the men’s cocks. Nor went back to Arla’s side and waited. Soon the other man began to come. The kiss was repeated then the bowl was used once again.

This went on again and again until each man had been serviced. Mogu and the other men turned to go and the slave girls, both trained and fresh, were left alone.

Dura and the other girls were all still kneeling with their wrists and ankles tied. The other trained slaves now stood behind them, one to one while Nor poured some of the collected cum into a bowl placed before each kneeling girl.

"You will be fed after you lap the Master’s cum from the bowl", said Arla, "anyone who refuses will be used as entertainment for the entire village and will serve as an example to the others. You must obey, there is no other choice. "

Dura wanted to survive, she wanted to escape, she wanted revenge. So, even though it disgusted her, she immediately leaned over and began to lick and suck the salty goo from the bowl in front of her. At one point she nearly gagged but still managed to suck the slime into her mouth and down her throat. When she sat back up the trained slave behind her patted her on the shoulder and murmered her approval.

Some of the others hadn’t been able to finish their act of submission so easily and were being "helped" by the trainers by having their heads pushed into the bowls.

"Suck it down bitch," Dura heard one trainer say.

"No! No I won’t", said the girl across the table, "how can you want me to do this? You are from the same tribe as me! We were friends before…"

Her words were suddenly cut off by a swift kick to the stomach. The girl flew backwards and landed on her back then doubled up on her side into a fetal position unable to catch her breath. Two of the trainers grabbed the struggling girl by the ankles and dragged her to the door of the hut. They spoke a few words in the Outsider’s tongue and the door opened. Two outsider guards reached inside and grabbed the girl by the hair pulling her out into the hot sunlight.

"Her fate is sealed", said Arla, "she refused an order. Hesitation is not tolerated. Only by strict obedience can you expect to survive!"

They heard shouting and laughing as the girl was dragged away. Next they heard screams from the doomed girl as her torture began.

The other girls were given food and water. Next they were bathed and fitted with thin tunics that came down just below the thigh. Then their hands and feet were tied together in a loose hog-tie and they were allowed to sleep on the rough floor of the hut.

The Games Begin

Dura was shaken awake by Arla and was told that the games were about to start. The gloom inside the hut told Dura that night had fallen and that they’d been asleep for quite a long while.

Each girl was untied and made to stand. They were led single file out of the hut and toward the center of the village. Guards were everywhere, escape was not possible.

All the warriors stood and watched as the girls were led past them. Dura felt many eyes on her. Soon the girls were led into a large pen and were forced inside with at least fifty other women and girls. Some of these were from Dura’s tribe but others were of a different breed. These were darker skinned women. Their lips were fuller and their hair was shorter and kinky. Dura thought they were very beautiful. But, of course all the slave girls here were chosen for their beauty.

All the females in the pen wore the same type of sheer tunic that Dura wore. They were all equal in the eyes of their captors; little more than meat existing solely to serve their masters.

Then Dura heard murmuring and some of the girls gasped while pointing at a large tree a few yards away from the pen. Dura caught her breath as she saw what was happening there.

Three girls were enduring excruciating tortures at the hands of some of the villagers. One girl was hung from the tree by her hair. Her hands drawn up high behind her back and tied to the leather collar around her neck. Her legs were spread wide apart and tied by the ankles to stakes in the ground. Both her nipples had been pierced and were fitted with large golden rings. Her mouth was open wide and her tongue was pulled down toward her chest, it had also been pierced with a golden hoop and was tied to her nipples. Now one of the villagers knelt between her legs and lifted up a large, smooth branch and pressed it against the hanging girl’s mound.

The only sound that came from the hanging girl’s mouth was a strangled moan of terror as the branch was forced inside her cunt. When the branch had been pushed inside a little way, the villager grabbed the base of the branch and pushed up with all his might . The branch was forced an arm’s length into the girl’s body. Cheers went up from around the crowd as the girl screamed and jerked spasmodically in her bondage.

Now a servant and a female Outsider walked over to another beaten and bruised girl and forced her struggling over a rack that left her ass up high, spread, and fully exposed. Her wrists and ankles were tied to the base of the rack on either side. Dura recognized her as the one who had been taken from the hut. The one who had refused to swallow the bowl of cum that she’d been given.

Her body bore whelts and bruises from the multiple beatings she’d endured after since this afternoon. Her upturned ass glistened wetly in the torchlight. She’d been raped more than once in both holes, but that was nothing compared to what was coming next.

The crowd that stood by enjoying the spectacle opened up at one end to make way for a servant girl who led a huge black animal into the circle behind the defenseless girl. It was a leviathan bull. The ring in its nose was all that kept it in check. The animal was led up behind the slave and its nose forced into her pussy. At once the bull’s eyes widened and a deep rumbling came from its throat. A trained slave was now kneeling beside the bull and had begun to stroke its cock and balls. The bull immediately began to try and mount the girl but was held back until the trained-slave had stroked him to a complete erection. Now excited beyond control the bull was released and climbed clumsily onto the rack where the screaming girl struggled futilely beneath its mass. The trained-slave guided the immense cock by hand to the opening of the victim’s pussy. Then the bull was whipped on its flanks once. The animal bucked forward and the huge cock sunk into the warm body of the slave.

The crowd screamed its approval but the slave screamed even louder as the bull began to drive in and out of her cunt. Her eyes and mouth were open wide. She began to drool. Her body glistened with perspiration. Her breasts bounced heavily back and forth with each thrust. Each muscle flexed; pushing and pulling in a panicked attempt to dislodge the massive beast.

Her screams were that of a mindless animal. No trace of rational thought was left in this body that suffered the mad lust-crazes thrusts of the beast.

The bull fucked the girl for what seemed like an eternity. Dura wondered why it did not come and be done with, but what Dura did not know was that the Outsiders had scored the bull’s prick with hot spear tips when it was young. This lowered the animal’s sensitivity and allowed the monster to fuck for hours.

The bull slathered its thick drool onto its fuck puppet’s back as it proceeded to rape her nearly to death.

But just when Dura thought she had seen the worst possible punishment, she gasped in horror at what now assailed her senses.

The third girl was hanging upside down by one foot. Her naked body swayed gently back and forth from the rope that held her in suspension. Her other foot was tied to her hands behind her. She had gone all but unnoticed as the other two girls under went their torments. But now it was her turn.

Dura recognized her as well. Her name was Dagmara. They had also been friends once upon a time before the Outsiders had discovered them.

Two trained slaves untied the knot that held her leg and hands together.

"Please, Oh please!" begged Dagmara, "I will do anything you ask, I will –Uuungghhh!!"

Her pleas were cut short by a hard punch to the stomach and through a haze of pain she heard the servant girl say; "you had your chance and you decided to disobey, you even struck one of the Outsiders! You will suffer more than the other two and for the longest. You are to serve as an example to your sisters who stand in the pen and watch."

Then they tied her other foot to another branch far enough away so that her legs were spread wide apart. Her sex was splayed open and completely exposed to the warm night air. The servant girls now laid a thick stick across her bare back and bent her elbows across this then tied her wrists together in front.

One of the servant girls grabbed a breast and brutally twisted Dagmara’s pert nipple illiciting a short cry of pain.

"Just checking to see that you are still with us, little slut" said the servant, "you are to be the first attraction. The games begin with you."

They left Dagmara hanging in silent misery from the tree branch and went back to the girl and the bull. They laid a large wooden bowl on the ground between her legs so as to catch all the slime from the bull’s ejaculate. Then the girls knelt behind the madly bucking beast and began to stroke its shaft as it thrust in and out of the poor slave’s vagina. They cupped, fondled, and licked its balls as well; anything to hurry the impending orgasm and subsequent ejaculation. Soon the bull roared and shoved itself down upon the slave girl’s body penetrating her deeper than ever. Its balls contracted and its cock began to spasm pumping hot jets of cum into the girl’s fuck tunnel. The creature thrashed against the screaming girl’s hindquarters until it’s load was spent. After pumping its copious load of seed into the ravaged cunt, the bull dismounted and was led away.

Now the bowl between her legs began to fill as the bull’s cum gushed out of the raped girl’s tunnel.

Dura looked at the crowd and noticed that many of the warriors – both male and female – were being serviced orally by other trained servant girls who knelt and bobbed their heads up and down on their owner’s sex.

Still other warriors were preparing their weapons; sharpening spearheads and stringing their bows.

Some girls were bent over and were being fucked from behind. This way the warriors could screw their slaves and still watch the spectacle of torture going on before them.

Soon the bowl was nearly full. One of the servants knelt behind the bound girl and shoved a fist easily into the girl’s lubricated and stretched vagina. The bound girl shuddered only one time then went limp again. The servant girl’s arm went in past her elbow. After one thrust she pulled her arm out coated with slime from the bull’s cum.

Then, with no warning, the servant stood up and shoved the slime-covered fist into the girl’s nether tunnel with all her might. The girl began to thrash and scream all over once again as the fisted arm began to slide into her ass

The crowd cheered as the servant girl began to pump her arm in and out of the slave’s backsides. The gasping cries of pain and humiliation from the racked slave girl only boosted the crowd’s taunting.

But all of this was just a preliminary to the debauchery that was about to take place over the next few days. The games were simply an excuse to rape, torture and exert total sexual dominion over the slave girls.

The girl on the rack and the girl with the pierced tongue and nipples were untied and forced into the pen with the other slaves.

Some of the girls there wept openly, others simply stared in horrified disbelief. Still others stared blankly at nothing at all, but seemed to be in shock. Dura, however, was bent on escape but knew that she would need to learn all there was to know about these Outsiders and their weapons. She would follow any order, she would accept or inflict pain or sexual favor on command. She would be the ideal slave. Then when the time was right, she would flee back to her people. Then there would be war and a time to avenge.

Now she watched as attention was turned back to Dagmara.

The two servant girls began to climb the tree from which Dagmara hung by her heels. They reached a branch just above her widely tied legs and shouted something to the Outsiders. The Outsiders all responded in unison. Then two large warriors, a male and a female, appeared out of the crowd carrying a huge iron rod. It was about 12 feet long and at least four inches wide. One end was tapered to a sharp point.

The two outsiders handed the iron pipe up into the tree to the servant girls who waited there. Then the two warriors turned to the crowd and shouted words that Dura could not understand. The crowd responded shouting in unison once again.

Dura saw, in the first rays of the fast approaching dawn what lay in store for Dagmara. The rod was positioned vertically and was hung from a rope directly over Dagmara’s virgin pussy. The rod was lowered until the sharp tapered end pressed against her cunt lips, spreading them and penetrating her no more than an inch. Dagmara winced as the cold iron touched home but said nothing.

Now the bowl that held the Bull’s cum was raised up into the tree and a portion was poured into the upper end of the rod. As Dura watched she noticed that there were many small holes along the sides of the hollow rod and the cum began to leak out of these holes covering the surface of the rod. Dura saw this for what it was – Lubrication.

Then another rope was tied in place, but this one was had a little slack. Now a third and a fourth rope were attached, each one had more and more slack.

It was fully dawn now as the archers lined up to take aim. The servant girls stayed in the tree but moved off to either side to be out of the way of the archer’s aim.

Dura watched as the first bowman fitted an arrow to his bow. Is arm was steady and his aim was sure. The arrow flew through the air and struck the first rope severing it neatly.

The iron rod dropped a full six inches into Dagmar’s defenseless body. "Aaarggh!" she screamed as her maidenhead was breached and the rod became her lover. She arched her back and struggled knowing there was no escape but unable to hang still without an attempt to dislodge the intruder.

Now another archer knelt and took aim at the second rope. The bowstring thrummed and the shaft dropped another six inches.

Dagmar’s screams and struggles were redoubled as the rod sank a full foot into her tender flesh.

The bright morning sun shone down fully now on the girl hanging from the tree in the middle of the Outsider’s village. Her tanned skin shone with perspiration. Her eyes were wide with fear and panic as she grasped her fate.

Dura watched in horror as rope after rope was severed by the arrows and the rod sank further into Dagmar’s body. Now the two servants were called down from the tree and were bid to hold Dagmar’s body still as the last rope was about to be severed. Dagmar’s eyes were wide in terror. As the last archer fitted arrow to bow.

A female warrior stepped up behind Dagmar. She grabbed a handful of hair and pulled up and back. The arrow flew, the last rope was cut clean, and the iron rod slid neatly out of Dagmar’s mouth and sunk into the soft earth below.

The poor girl was now fully impaled on this huge phallic rod. Three feet of iron stuck out of her body on each end. But the true horror was that Dagmar was not dead. Her eyes flickered and her body twitched and shook around the rod.

Her ropes were cut and her ankles were bound around the rod. The rod was lifted out of the earth and, with two servant girls carrying each end of the rod, Dagmar was carried over to a smoldering fire that had ceased to burn about an hour earlier. Now only hot coals remained. Each end of the rod was placed into awaiting iron receptacles. Each was shaped like a "Y" and held the girl about three feet over the burning coals.

They were going to cook Dagmara alive. Roast her tender young body like a common pig.

Now Dura understood why the other girls of her tribe who had been here awhile were such loyal and willing servants. Dagmar’s fate was obviously not a sought after alternative to submitting to the life of a slave.

Dura watched as another smaller shaft was shoved into Dagmar’s asshole. This was then fixed onto the larger iron rod that impaled her. It would keep her steady as she was turned.

A handle was inserted into the end of the rod, the coals were stirred and a servant began to turn Dagmar’s twitching body slowly over the red hot coals. The bowl of bull’s cum was rubbed onto her body to help baste her flesh.

Dura turned slowly away as her heart turned to stone. Crying was for later and fear was not allowed. She vowed to herself that she would survive, she would learn their ways, learn their crafts, learn to kill...

Chapter 5 -

The games went on for two weeks. Each of the new girls had been raped and tortured again and again. A girl was given to a warrior each time an event was won and a certain amount of points were awarded. The warrior was allowed to use the slave as they saw fit for one day, then the slave was returned to the pens to be cleaned, fed, and nursed back to health.

As the games reached their conclusion, it would be decided which warriors had the most points. The winner would get to keep ten slaves. Second place would get six, and third would leave with four girls in tow. Of the remaining girls; some would be trained to labor and for sexual servitude, or possibly traded for goods.

Dura stood in the pen. They had all been examined like beasts. Hands poking, prodding, an occasional slap followed by a whimper of pain. A female Outlander had forced DuraТs mouth open and examined her teeth, made her spread her legs and then examined her asshole and pussy. Dura and the others endured this treatment. Not one girl resisted. They all remembered too well the fates of the three whoТs torture had officially opened the games.

They remembered the slow cooking of Dagmar over the coals. They had been forced to watch as she was basted in bull cum. They had seen the horrified recognition in her eyes. Still alive, still awake, still twitching on the huge iron spit that impaled her from one end to the other.

They still remembered the feast that followedЕ

The Hunter

The warrior had brought in a huge Plains Beast. It was larger than anyone elseТs, and so, he was awarded the slave of his choice. He approached the holding pen and, after a short inspection of the frightened girls, he saw one who showed no fear. He saw one who would be difficult to break. He saw Dura.

She was pulled out of the pen by her hair. She tripped and fell and was dragged across the ground in front of the small crowd who had gathered to watch. The warrior already owned two other slaves from last yearТs competition and they had been well trained in the art of pleasing their sadistic master. One was tall with dark hair and large pendulous breasts, the other was shorter with sandy blond hair and smaller tits with pert erect nipples. Both girls wore iron rings pierced through their noses, nipples and labia.

Dura was pulled roughly to her feet beneath a rope that hung from a stout tree branch. She was made to raise her hands above her head. Her wrists were fastened together. Next her legs were roughly kicked apart and a branch was tied between her ankles to force her legs to remain spread. The Warrior approached and caressed DuraТs beautiful face like a lover. His fingers traced the outline of her lips. Dura obediently opened her mouth. Two fingers were inserted and Dura wrapped her lips around them and began to lick and suck. The wet fingers were gently pulled out of her mouth and traced their way from DuraТs strong chin down to her throat. The Warrior could see the blood coursing through the veins of her neck. Then, with a cruel smile, he grabbed the front uf DuraТs tunic and shredded it away leaving her full breasts and body exposed to the crowd.

All pretense of kindness was gone as he grabbed a handful of DuraТs left breast and twisted hard. DuraТs only reaction was to turn her head to one side. The warrior smiled. This one was strong. Any other girl would have screamed, but not this one. At least not yetЕ

With a few words in the Outsider tongue, the two slaves wrapped the thin rope tightly around DuraТs breasts. First they turned red then purple as the circulation was cut off. Her nipples stood out swollen and vulnerable in the cool evening air. Now, with her arms tied above her head, her tits tied to the rope, and her legs spread forcibly apart by the branch, she was hoisted three feet off the ground and left suspended there by her breasts.

Although the pain was excruciating, Dura still did not cry out or beg for mercy. She gritted her teeth, determined to hold out as long as she could.

The screams would come, she knew this, but not yetЕ please, not yet.

The two female slaves began to turn Dura around and around until the rope was twisted into knots.

Then they stood back and let her go. She began to spin. Slowly at first, but picking up speed. The slave girls picked up two short raw-hide whips that lay on the ground and began to strap the helpless spinning girl. They left no area unmarked. Across her breasts the blows landed. Across her thighs and ass. Her back, her shins, and calves were all marked by the kiss of the whips. She began to slow down now but the Warrior master ordered her spun again.

Dura was beginning to pick up words in the Outsider tongue. She heard hurt, whip, and cunt. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as she began to spin once again. Then came the thin little whips again. And as Dura had feared, their target was her open cunt. She jerked spasmodically as the blows found their target. Her first scream slipped out when a whip licked cruelly across her clit.

The crowd applauded and cheered.

More like that, said the Warrior laughing.

Soon Dura was screaming like a mad woman. Her spinning body shined from the perspiration falling from her tortured frame. The salt of her sweat poured into the tiny cuts left by the whips and made each mark sting anew. Her throat hurt from screaming. Her purple breasts had gone numb.

The whips finally stopped thrashing her raw pussy and Dura felt herself being lowered onto the ground. Her hands were now tied behind her back and the rope was removed from around her swollen tits. Dura grunted as the blood streamed back into her tortured melons. Dura was now pushed roughly onto all fours by the two slave girls. One girl was left holding Dura down while the other knelt before her Master and proceeded to suck his huge prick. When his member was fully lubricated with the slave girlТs saliva, he positioned himself behind Dura and wasted no time in shoving his shiny wet cock into her upturned ass.

Dura hadnТt thought that she could scream any more, but the pain of the Warrior tunneling his way mercilessly into her ass introduced her to a whole new dimension of pain. The screams were soon muffled though as the smallest of the two slave girls lay down in front of Dura and shoved her hairless cunt into DuraТs face. Dura licked the little one as well as she could.

The taller slave lay down on her back and slid under the Warrior positioning her face directly beneath the pummeling cock. With each outward thrust she would lick the shit encrusted cock to keep it lubricated. Meanwhile the Warrior had wrapped a fist up in DuraТs hair and was riding her like a horse. The other hand slapped her ass over and over as the ride gained momentum. The crowd began to chant and cheer as the Warrior neared orgasm.

Finally he began to come. The slave girl lying underneath saw this and immediately pulled her MasterТs cock out of DuraТs asshole and pushed it into her own mouth. Her cheeks began to swell as he unloaded into her eager mouth. When his cock had finished jerking spasmodically into the slaves mouth, He stood and backed away. But the show was not quite over.

The two slaves turned Dura over onto her back and forced her to open her mouth. The tallest slave slowly began to drool the brownish/white mixture of shit and cum into DuraТs mouth. Knowing better than to resist, she did not close her mouth but instead forced herself to swallow the vile warm goo as it drained into her mouth. The crowd cheered and DuraТs vision began to double. The cheers of the crowd turned into one solid roar and Dura felt as though her being was being stretched and torn to bits Ц while in a secret underground laboratory 80,000 years in the future a naked, spread-eagle girl jerks violently in her suspension. GinaТs eyes fly open. Cognition lights her face.

Now she knows what she is. Now she what she must doЕ

Chapter 5 - Queen Ascending

Gina slowly became aware of her surroundings. She saw the two guards still pummeling Maria as she hung sweating and grunting, crushed between their massive rutting bodies. She saw Arla with the two slave girls knelt fore and aft as they eagerly tunneled into ArlaТs cunt and ass with their tongues.

Gina felt the metallic snake still pummelingand her insides. She registered all this, yes, but from a distance. Part of her was still far off on an ancient plain with the Outsider slave masters and her own unfortunate friends. She remembered all things now.

She saw DuraТs dogged survival at the hands of her tormentors. She remembered being taught their language and their ways. Planting, harvesting, making bread, curing meat and skins. And most important to Dura, the making of the bows and arrows, the forging of the metals in the primitive smithy Ц the making of weapons of warЕ

Dura had been given a position of high trust among the slaves. The Outsiders came to know her as Lanured: Leader Among Slaves.

The chief of the village had taken her as his own Ganor which means lower than dog. Dura was, for a time, his sexual toy until he decided that she was loyal without question. He then ordered her training to begin. The slave teachers discovered her intelligence and her desire to learn and to please. With her body and her mind she ascended to the highest position an Outsider slave could attain.

As a Lanured, Dura helped to break in the new slaves. The Outsider Chieftian was especially impressed with her brutality and ingenuity for inventing new instruments of torture. He bestowed great praise upon her in front of his tribesmen. Dura was almost a full-fledged member of the tribe. The outsider women even trusted Dura to watch their young.

At some point in her sexual servitude to the Chieftain, Dura had become pregnant. She bore the child to full term. It was the custom in the Outsider villages that a half-breed born to a slave was to be immediately taken to another village and raised as a slave-child. The child was never to know its mother. But the Chieftain had come to love Dura and allowed her to keep the child and raise it as her own. It was a female.

Dura named the girl-child Aduras-tholiel. She told the childТs father that this word in her peopleТs tongue described a flower that grew in the lowland meadows in her homeland. But in the language of the Cliff-people, DuraТs people, Aduras-tholiel means Bringer-of-Storms.


Then a dawn came to the village unlike any other before. The blowing of the morning horn was not heard. The people of the village did not rise and go about their work. No slave was beaten or raped.

Instead the great Outsider Chieftain lay dead in a pool of his own blood. His throat slit. His cock and balls had been sliced off and shoved into his mouth as he lay dying. Inside each hut and around the village men and women of the Outsider clan lay dead. Soon the scavenger animals of the hills would come down to feast on the bodies of the dead.

DuraТs education was complete, her captors had taught her all they knew. And now Dura had a child that would not be raised in slavery.

Far out across the plain, drawing ever nearer to the cliffs was a large group of people. For some, those who now carried spear and bow, the forced exile was ended. Fully 100 slaves had regained their freedom.

Outsiders now wore the ropes and the collars of slaves. If any tried to escape or to struggle, he or she was immediately put to the blade and left for dead.

DuraТs revolt had come off without a hitch. She had secretly passed word among those she most trusted as the perfect moment grew near.

The midsummer harvest festival was an occasion of great celebration. The crops had been exceptionally good this year so the grog flowed freely. The Chieftain, knowing that his people would soon be too drunk to tend to the slaves, placed Dura, his most trusted Lanured, in charge of providing the entertainment and later locking the slaves away for the night.

Dura had put on a show for the village that was most inspired. Dura had tortured her own people. This is how she had gained trust. She had made the girls scream in agony as the whips fell on slaves tied spread-eagled by wrist and ankle. She had elicited cheers from the villagers as she rammed a rape stick into the girlТs cunt who hung from a tree. The tortures were endless and varied, and through it all, the slaves who were not beating or being beaten were keeping the clay cups filled to spilling with the grog.

Without being asked, slaves were dropping to their knees before their masters and begging to be used. Naked bodies sweated in the firelight as the festival neared a fever pitch.

Dura watched, waiting for the moment to come when all would be silent except for the contented snores of the spent revelers.

The moon climbed up silently above the hills to bear silent witness to the carnage that followed. More than 250 Outsiders never awoke from their drunken slumber. The 50 or so who did awake found themselves bound hand and foot.

At first they struggled and bellowed threats at the slaves. Then they saw their fellow villagers lying dead in the predawn light. They watched as slaves loaded up all the weapons and food from the storage huts onto makeshift sleds.

As if this were not enough to illustrate the depth of their plight, Dura had them tied together and brought to the middle of the village where the three girls had been tortured to death before the games three years before. Two Outsiders hung by their wrists from the same branches that had supported the weight of so many slaves. They seemed to be either unconscious or dead.

Dura stepped up and shoved the tip of a spear into the flank of the female. She immediately began to struggle and wail. But she could not talk. Her tongue had been cut out. The male who hung next a few feet was also missing his tongue along with another portion of his anatomy. His cock and balls swayed in the breeze a few feet away.

They were already bloody and bruised but their torment had only just begun.

They are to serve as an example to all slaves, Dura began, so that all among you who are spared will remember this day, and remember your place now in life!

The Outsiders who stood there bound stared in horror, not believing their eyes or ears. This was the speech given to all new slaves when a raiding party returned successfully from across the plains.

Then the torture began.

The male was immediately impaled from ass to mouth with a huge iron rod. Well versed in torture, the former slaves knew just how to place it so that he would not die. The end of the rod was dropped into a hole in the ground and the manТs ropes were cut. He slid down around the pole entirely impaled. He struggled futilely even though he knew there was no hope of escape.

Now it was the womanТs turn. The leviathan bull still lived. It had been well cared for and was still strong.

It was led into the circle of slaves and masters as the woman was lowered from her suspension in the tree. The bull snorted loudly, smelling his mateТs sex. The female Outsider struggled mightily and at one point nearly escaped but Dura was prepared. She leapt over and clubbed the woman neatly over the head nearly rendering her unconscious. The bull was stimulated manually to a full erection as the woman was placed beneath itТs huge body. Two girls worked the huge bull cock into the womanТs cunt while four others tied her securely in place to the body of the bull itself. This was a new twist. Not even the sadistic Outsiders had thought of this. The woman had been tied to the Bull as though in a loverТs embrace. A rope crossed over the BullТs back and joined her wrists together and another rope was slung across again to join her ankles. The girl and the Bull were belly to belly. The only problem was that the bull had nothing to push against. The woman was not tied face down onto an A-frame so that the bull had only to shove itself in and out of itТs unfortunate victim. So it began to buck and slam as the impaled woman was brutally fucked by the wildly thrashing animal. Not totally satisfied with the results he was getting, the Bull lowered its hind-quarters so as to press the woman against the ground. This way the bull could get traction as the woman was slowly crushed with each forward thrust. Dura grabbed a spear and shoved it into the flank of the bull. It rose up and began to buck and kick as it galloped away with the helpless woman still firmly tied in place and impaled on the massive cock.

Dura turned to her people and spoke in her own tongue. They could afford no more fun for now she explained. They must make haste or risk being discovered by someone from another village. The Outsider slaves she promptly renamed Ganor Ц lower-than-dog in the Outsider tongue. The Outsiders understood this word but no others unless they were given direction in their own tongue. Only one Outsider had ever learned the tongue of the cliff dwellers, and she was now riding the belly of the bull with her tongue cut out.

Gina remembered these things with perfect clarity. She remembered the reunion with her people at the cliffs. She remembered the telling of the story of the years Dura had spent in slavery.

She remembered how the newly named Ganor suffered at the hands of the cliff people in vengeance for all the girls who would never come home.

Dura had taught her people how to make weapons how to plant and harvest. And as Dura grew older she knew that her people would survive. They were strong now.

Eventually her people took to the caves more and more. Deeper into the earth they delved until the surface world with the sun and sky were no longer missed. This race grew strong while the outside world knew them not. They learned to steal away the daughters of the surface dwellers to keep their breed strong and their gene pool fresh. But they never forgot the way the surface people had treated their ancestors.

Gina was a direct descendant of DuraТs and would now take her name. She would rule her people with a womanТs fist in an iron glove.

There was only one thing that must now be done. A surface woman had been contacted and offered money to spy on Gina and to learn her routine so that her capture would be more easily facilitated.

This surface womanТs name was Jill Garland. She had made friends with Gina for this express purpose.

Jill had taken extensive notes on GinaТs schedule, had conducted exhaustive research on GinaТs past as an orphan child adopted by the state. Jill had even video-taped Gina as she walked across campus, as she studied, as she showered, even as she lay in bed and masturbated!!

That is why she was so easily kidnapped and brought here. She was, of course, glad that she was here. Among her own people, at home where her existence mattered, where she was welcomed with open arms and her future was sure.

Even if the method of delivery had been painful and frightening it was still the best thing that could have happened to her.

But now it was up to Gina to tie up the loose ends on the surface. Jill must be brought here where she would become part of the breeding stock. Where she could be trained to service the masters Ц both men and women Ц who would decide her fate. Jill would become GinaТs first acquisition. It was the Right of Ascension. And Gina was ready.

The steel snake had done itТs job of removing all impurities from GinaТs body and was now receding back into its box. Gina felt herself being lowered and released from her spread-eagle bondage. Arla gazed into GinaТs eyes as a lover. The slave who had been kneeling between GinaТs legs began to stand.

Immediately Gina slapped her hard across the face, did I tell you to stop licking me, cunt?

Sara, partially stunned, dropped back to her knees before Gina and begged to be forgiven.

Gina grasped the slave by the back of her head and jerked her back into the slimy, warm folds of flesh.

Just lick me until I come you little fuck! Arla, hand me a whip! she said, this one needs a little inspiration!

The whip fell on SaraТs back and ass again and again while Gina began to slide into ecstasy on the tongue of the slave.

IТll show you and your kind how surface dwellers are to be dealt with, Gina yelled as she began to come.

She jerked spasmodically as her orgasm crashed down on her. Hot girl cum began to soak SaraТs face and drip off her chin as her Mistress let go. The whip fell harder now as Gina rode the heights of dominant bliss.

When she was spent, she roughly pushed the slave-girl to the floor.

Lie on your stomach, slave, Gina instructed.

SaraТs back was criss-crossed where the whip had left itТs mark. Gina squatted over the poor girl and began to urinate. Her piss splattered across the bloody whip tracks causing Sara to squirm in pain. Sara did not cry out but endured the pain and humiliation in silence. She was being used as a human toilet by this new and powerful Mistress.

Arla watched approvingly. Gina had reacted most favorably to The Learning.

Gina turned Sara over and lifted her up by the hair until the two women were face to face. You have done well and have honored yourself by your efforts. You belong to me now, bathe quickly and join me in the Receiving Cave.

Then turning to Arla she said, When I am done upstairs, I will want two guards to accompany me back to the surface. I think Jill Garland is about to get the shock of her fucking life.

Arla bowed, Yes my Mistress, it shall be done.

Gina, naked and still buzzing from her orgasm, exited the lab and walked back down the corridor to the cave where she had first witnessed the newly captured girls being broken in.

As she stood watching the revelry, two new girls were dragged into the frey. One was blond. About 5Т5 around 110 pounds. She was begging; pleading for mercy. The other was also blonde but taller, nearly 6 feet, and a fighter. She lashed out and caught a male across the cheek with her nails leaving four crimson trails across his face. The male bellowed and bore her to the ground. The girl screamed in pain as the guard landed on her with all his weight.

Gina smiled as the two girls clothes were shredded away from their nearly perfect bodies. Gina laughed as they were tied to the ropes hanging from the ceiling and hoisted ogg the ground.

Sara joined Gina now and bowing before her Queen, gently kissed GinaТs feet.

Get up and watch closely Sara, Gina instructed. Do you see the big blond they just hung by her wrists?

Yes Mistress, Sara replied rising from the floor I see her.

You and I will break this one together. Would you like that?

Oh yes, Mistress, I am honored by your trust in me.

Gina licked her lips and grabbed Sara by the wrist. SheТs ready for us now Sara, letТs goЕ


Jill Garland was just letting herself back into her house when she heard the phone ring. She had been out shopping. It seems that Jill had just come into a large sum of cash.

What a stupid cunt that Gina, she thought to herself, she sure fell for that Сbe my friendТ bullshit easy enough. Shit, with all the money that Arla chick paid me I can quit college and retire.

The phone insistently rang again. Who in fuck Тs calling me at this late hour? Jill dropped her bags on the kitchen counter and reached for the receiver, but before she could pick it up it stopped in mid-ring.

She stared at the phone for a moment perplexed, waiting for it to ring again. Nothing. Total silence. No; wait there was something. The low sound of a TV somewhere in the house.

I could swear I turned off the set before I left for the mall, she said aloud.

Jill walked softly into the bedroom and, sure enough the television was on.

Oh my God! Jill exclaimed.

One of the tapes she had made of Gina for that weird Arla chick was playing. Jill had made a few copies for herself, especially the shower scenes and the times the hidden cameras had filmed Gina masturbating. This was the one playing now. There were four masturbation sequences in a row in this tape. All of them featured Gina naked on her bed, lying on her back with her hands busy in all the right places. Jill loved these tapes since she preferred women. Jill watched as the video showed Gina lying on her bed with one hand pinching her nipples and the other squeezing her clit between her thumb and index finger.

What the fuck? Jill said to herself, I know I didnТt leave this tape in the VCR. Jill reached out to turn the tape off when suddenly the phone rang again.

She grabbed the extension off the bedside table Hello?

Hi Jill, said a familiar voice, do you want to get together and study for finals tonight?

Jill was thrown completely now. This was Gina talking to her on the phone. The same Gina on the tape, moaning as she masturbated, the same Gina that Jill had seen dragged into a manhole while she had watched safely from behind a thick clump of bushes. The same Gina that Jill had effectively sold to that Arla woman.

Wh-where are you honey? Jill began, trying to sound calm, weТve been worried about you here on campus.

Hey Jill, I can call back later if its not convenient, said the voice on the phone, it sounds like youТve got a party going on over there.

Jill fumbled for the remote control and pushed the mute button.

Why, umЕuhЕn-no party, she stammered, just something on the tube. Where are you Gina?

IТm not far, Gina said, I can be there in no time. Hey Jill, whatТs on TV now?

Jill glanced up just as the tape showed Gina arching her hips soundlessly screaming as she came, but then suddenly, a new image filled the screen.

Horrified, Jill saw herself on the phone. This was live and being filmed right now!

Jill glanced over where the closet door stood slightly ajar and saw the little red light and the lens of the camera.

The door opened up and Gina stepped out holding a camera and a cell phone, Yes, you bitch, I can be over right away. Take her down boys.

Two large Underworld guards flew into the room from the hall. Jill saw them but had no time to react. They smothered her, stifling her startled cry.

In less than 10 seconds the girl was bound struggling on the bed; ankles and wrists tied. One of the guardТs hands muffled any attempt to speak or cry out.

Gina handed the camera to Sara her slave-girl, who stepped out of the closet behind her.

Keep taping Sara, said Gina softly, I donТt want to miss any of this.

Sara, nude except for a leather thong and her usual collar, zoomed in on the girl on the bed.

Spread-eagle, please gentlemen, she said to the guards, I want her wide and accessible.

Gina walked over to the bed where the guards were busy tying JillТs wrists and ankles to the bed posts of her king-size bed.

Gina and Jill glared at each other. Gina face was the very embodiment of calm and control, while JillТs expression alternated between fear, rage, and desperation.

Jill was still fully clothed in her black high heels, jeans, and white blouse.

Here Lotho, said Gina extending her hand to one of the Underworld guards, weТre still upland and canТt afford to let her cry out. Put this in her mouth

Lotho took the ball-gag and pinched JillТs nose shut. Now she had to open her mouth to breathe. ThatТs when the gag slammed home.

Struggling makes it so much worse, love, said Gina softly, so please struggle all you want. You thought you were going to sell me into slavery didnТt you Jill? YouТd done it before. You did it to Gina and Michelle. I saw them tortured as they were introduced to their new homes and masters.

Gina sat down on the bed next to Jill and began to rip the buttons off her shirt one by one.

You thought youТd walk with all that cash. I mean, what the hell right? With Darla, Michelle, and myself out of the way youТd be the hottest looking bitch on campusЕand the richest.

Well baby, Gina said to the spread-eagled girl, things donТt always go like you plan. Look at me for example. A week ago I was going for my major in Communications, this week I rule a kingdom. Last week you were rich as hell, this week youТre dog shit on my heel!

Gina tore off the last button leaving the blouse lying open and exposing JillТs lavender lace bra.

Nice cleavage Jill, remarked Gina. WeТll see more of that in a minute, but first letТs get these pants off.

Gina took off the back-pack sheТd been wearing and began to rummage around inside.

Hmmm, let me see. I just know I put it in here somewhereЕOh, yes. Here it is!

Gina whipped out a rather large knife with serrated edges. JillТs eyes grew round as saucers. She immediately began to struggle and whimper around the large ball-gag.

Oh, donТt take on so, Jill, Gina said with the voice of a mother trying to sooth a frightened child, this is for your jeans, not your tender flesh. Believe me; where youТre headed thereТll be no need for blue jeans.

Gina unbuckled the belt and unzipped the fly to JillТs pants. Then she began to lower the knife to JillТs crotch.

Now here is where youТll want to keep still babe. IТm getting a little excited by all this and you donТt want to make me slip. Gina smiled into JillТs tear-filled eyes, there is no telling where this blade could wind up.

Soon JillТs pants lie in tatters around her on the bed. She wore nothing now but her black hi-heels and her lavender lace panties and bra.

Nice ensemble, Gina remarked, but they donТt leave much to the imagination, now do they? What do you think boys?

The two guards grunted.

They like you Jill, you can tell by the bulge in their pants.

Jill looked over and her eyes widened.

Yes dearest, I made sure to get the two guys with the biggest dicks around. said Gina, because we are gonna have a party tonight. YouТd better enjoy it because this will be the last night you spend on the surface.

Next Gina placed the blade of the knife against the inside-center strap of her captiveТs bra and, after glancing at Jill with a smile, jerked back on the blade cleanly splitting the bra in half. Jill winced as her tits bounced free.

Look how hard your nipples are, Jill, Gina observed, if I didnТt know better, IТd say you were enjoying all this.

Gina leaned down, gently massaging JillТs small but firm tits with both hands. She began to lick the pert nipples. Jill tried to twist away at first but then lay still with closed eyes. Next she actually pushed her chest up pressing her firm tits up toward GinaТs lips and tongue.

I always thought you were a bit of a dyke, Jill, said Gina,but I canТt let you enjoy this too much.

Gina bit down hard on JillТs left nipple.

Mmmmph!! Jill thrashed around and tried to scream through her large gag. Oops, got a little bloody there, Jill. I guess I got a little carried away.

Gina smeared the blood from JillТs injured nipple onto her index finger and licked it clean.

YouТre finger-lickinТ-good so far, babe, Gina smiled, but now letТs see how you are down where the rubber-meets-the road, so to speak.

Gina reached down and lifted the strap of JillТs lavender panties away from the creamy flesh of JillТs thigh. Next the knife flashed and sliced the fabric in half exposing JillТs cunt to the cool night air.

Clean shaven!? Gina feigned shock and surprise. Oh, you nasty little girl. What have you been up to?

Gina pulled the panties out from underneath JillТs firm butt and handed them to the guards who immediately began to smell them. Sara stood nearby still filming every move.

Now Gina sensuously began to trace her fingers down JillТs muscled belly and around the mound of cunt meat. Jill jerked once or twice and began to breathe harder. Gina moved her finger onto the crack where the cunt lips met and parted them slightly. Then Gina licked the middle finger of her other hand making it wet with saliva.

She slowly pushed this finger between JillТs pussy lips and moved her thumb up to the hooded clitoris that had already begun to swell.

GinaТs finger was all the way inside JillТs twat and her thumb had begun to rub JillТs clit from side to side.

HHMMMMFFF! was all Jill could manage to say as her eyes closed to tiny slits and GinaТs hands went to work.

The television set was still on and GinaТs moans as she masturbated on tape only served to make Jill hotter. She began to breath harder now as she neared orgasm. Just a little longer now. Jill could feel her juices oozing down the crack of her ass. Soon, so very soon nowЕ


Suddenly the hands and fingers were withdrawn.

SheТs nice and juicy now boys, have fun. Gina said licking her fingers.

Jill watched in horror as the huge silent males stripped. Sheer panic is the only way to describe her reaction when she saw the immense length and girth of their dripping cocks.

Lotho, you climb on. Gina instructed, Zeirg, let Sara stroke you off onto JillТs pretty face. Give me the camera Sara and get to work.

Sara obediently handed the camera to Gina who kept right on filming as Lotho lay down over the top of the naked girl. He positioned his prick at the entrance to JillТs pussy and parted itТs lips. Then, with a mighty heave, threw all of his weight against the womanТs prone form.

Jill was in too much pain to make a sound as the monster meat thrust inside her cunt to the hilt. Jill arched her back up off the bed as every muscle in her firm body fought against the ropes and against the huge invader. She felt LothoТs thick hot balls slap against her ass at the end of each thrust.

Looking up she saw ZeirgТs cock looming over her head as Sara licked and stroked the beastТs member. A drop of pre-come dribbled out of the tip of ZeirgТs dick and onto the gag.

Gina placed the camera on the chest of drawers making sure that it was angled to catch all the action.

HmmmЕ Gina said walking over, looks like that gag is getting in the way and we canТt have that, Jill. This is as much taste as it is touch, dear Jill.

No way, thought Jill, if they try to stick that thing down my throat, IТll bite it off!

I know what youТre thinking, Jill. Gina told her, thatТs why we gave you a special gag.

Gina grabbed a small metal ring on the surface of the ball gag and pulled. Out came the center of the gag leaving a large hole in itТs place.

There, see? No muss, no fuss, and absolutely no teeth to worry about, bitch. Make him come in her mouth Sara while I tend to the next stage in the evenings festivities.

While Lotho slammed into JillТs cunt and Sara worked on bringing off Zeirg, Gina picked up her back-pack and pulled out two large golden hoops.

Now donТt worry Jill, Gina said, the answer to your next question is СyesТ, this is definitely going to hurt like hell!

Gina knelt on the side of the bed and grabbed JillТs left breast roughly, pulling it sharply toward her. Jill grunted heavily either from the battering ram in her cunt or the pain in her tit.

Gina opened the first hoop and held it up for Jill to see. It was about three inches in diameter with a hinge on one side. The other side of the hoop was open. A needle sharp point that gradually widened was made to fit into the other portion of the open end then would snap solidly shut. Gina demonstrated this once for Jill and then, smiling at the poor girlТs desperate expression of fear, went to work.

Gina pulled the nipple up high between her thumb and index finger, stretching it painfully while Jill watched.

Lotho was fucking Jill so hard that Gina had a difficult time holding JillТs tit still.

Oh well, Gina smiled, if I miss my mark, cunt, IТll just have to try again Сtil I get it right.

Jill screamed as Gina pushed the sharp point of the open hoop into the fleshy part of the breast just beside the nipple.

Perfect, Gina said as the hoop broke the skin and came out on the other side of the nipple, looks like I wonТt have to do this one twice after all!

Blood trickled down both sides of JillТs pierced tit as Gina snapped the ring shut.

One to go, whore, Gina cheerfully informed her, how are you doing there Lotho? Are you about ready Zeirg?

Both males nodded.

Just let me get this pigТs other tit pierced first, then you can come.

Gina repeated the process with the girlТs other breast. She made sure to pierce behind the nipple and not through it. The Nipple alone could not stand the stress of what Gina was planning.

Now she reached up and grabbed Jill hard by both ears to keep her head still.

CanТt have you moving around too much, Jill, said Gina, youТre going to need ZeirgТs load. ItТs the only nourishment you are going to get between here and your new home.

Zierg - Lotho, Gina announced, you may come .

Almost immediately Jill saw thick rpoes of come shoot out the end of the cock that danced directly over mer mouth. Some of the seed went wide of the mark and streaked across JillТs face and into her eyes. For the most part though the massive load of semen went directly into JillТs open mouth.

She began to sputter and choke, tears streaming down her face.

Swallow it all, slut, Gina told her, this is one of the best protein shakes youТll find.

Now Lotho began to come. Jill could feel her insides filling with his seed as he grabbed JillТs new tit rings and pulled.

Jill managed to do as she was told; she swallowed most of ZeirgТs come.

As Lotho pulled out and dismounted, Sara let go of ZeirgТs cock and moved down between JillТs legs. She began to suck as much of LothoТs load as she could from inside and around JillТs battered pussy. Then, with her cheeks puffed out with the volume of her bounty, she positioned her mouth over JillТs and allowed the cum to drain out and ooze down JillТs throat.

Very Good Sara, Gina commented, you show initiative! I am pleased!

Now itТs time to finish and get back, Gina said, Sara, here are your three rings. You know where they go.

Yes my Queen, Sara replied.

Gina turned back to Jill and grabbed her by the nose. Before the stunned girl could respond, Gina had slid another ring through the slice of skin between her nostrils.

Now Sara! Gina shouted.

Sara had opened all three rings and waited for her Masters command. When it was given, Sara had immediately spread JillТs labia deftly pushing one through the skin surrounding JillТs clit. Her reaction was just as Gina had anticipated. Jill stuck her tongue out and screamed. Gina already had the pliers in one hand and the open ring in the other. While Sara was now busy piercing the girlТs labia, one ring to a side, Gina was piercing JillТs tongue.

Almost mad from pain and humiliation, Jill screamed nearly nonstop.

Gina grabbed one more ring and deftly pierced JillТs stomach just above her belly-button She forced the ring inside and down. It came out just below her navel.

Eight heavy golden rings now adorned the beautiful girlТs body.

Stand her up gentlemen, Gina said to the males, itТs time to go.

Soon, Jill found herself standing with her wrists and elbows tied and joined tightly behind her back. The reason for the rings now became evident.

Sara began connecting chains to each of the rings. Each chain was about four feet long. Then Sara gathered the chains and joined them all onto one large golden hoop. Finally the leash was snapped around the large hoop and Sara knelt before her Queen offering her the handle.

Gina tugged roughly on the leash to set the tortured girl in motion, Jill grunted but followed obediently.

There now Jill, donТt put on so! You should be proud! When we get home you will be given to the brood slaves where you will be fucked and tortured by any of our people who should be so inclined. The children you birth will add strength to our nation. We are legion and our time is nearly come. Soon word will be sent to our brothers and sisters around the world and we shall issue forth from the ground like a plague upon your race. And then, every knee shall bend to the Queen of Underland.

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

The Galley Oar.
Oliver David. All rights reserved.


The ride had been hard and they had almost reached safety. Prague was but a league away when the archers cut down her eight man escort. Those damned Turkish archers with their short bows and ferocious accuracy.

It was they who were responsible for this undignified flight. It was they who had determined the outcome of the battle against her husband's forces. Their swift horses and their marksmanship had proved too much for the heavily armed mounted knights and their accompanying foot soldiers with their pikes.

Seeing their lords toppled so swiftly and in such numbers had sent a wave of terror through the foot who turned and ran in panic. It took but little time then for the Turks to turn rout into massacre. Her husband; the Lord Baltek, dear God she didn't even know if he was alive or not. She prayed he was not a captive of the Turks. Their cruelty to their prisoners was legendary throughout the region. It had all been so different that morning.

The army of four thousand men at arms and eight hundred knights had ridden and marched from the city in a mood of confidence and carnival. With the warrior lord Baltek, her Baltek, at their head, how could they feel differently? His battle skills and leadership were without peer. Defeat at the hands of a few miserable Turks was an impossibility! That was why she and her attendant ladies had accompanied the army, had taken a vantage point on a hill overlooking the field, in confident anticipation of the spectacle of the defeat of their enemies.

The wagon in which the women had travelled was curtained with rich tapestry in her husband's colours. Clearly visible from the battle field, they had not realised their danger until suddenly, a group of some thirty mounted Turks broke away from the main melee and began to gallop towards them. Her escort reacted swiftly, the wagon driver whipping his two horses mercilessly to get the heavy vehicle over it's inertia and into motion. They drove hard, accompanied by the mounted escort and it was twenty minutes before their pursuers closed into bow-shot range.

Two volleys of arrows had ended the chase. The wagon halted. It's driver dead. The horses exhausted. She stood now, with her ladies who were weeping in terror, in front of the wagon surrounded by grinning Turkish soldiers. Although she felt mounting dread she was determined not to show fear. Her position demanded no other demeanour.

She was Tatiana, the wife of the Lord Baltek, protector of the city of Prague. She was nineteen years old and in her prime of womanhood. Her long black hair had been braided and rolled, framing a face both arrogant and beautiful. Her eyes were dark and enticing, her nose aquiline above a sensual mouth that hinted of both passion and cruelty. She had led a pampered existence from the day of her birth in 1148. Her fathers estates were tended by thousands of indentured serfs who's toils produced the crops that provided her family's wealth. She wanted for nothing, her clothing was of the finest brocades from Flanders and Verona. The wide skirted gown she was wearing now cost enough to feed ten peasant families for ten years! She had known nothing but luxury and prestige all her life and her marriage to the famed Baltek had only served to heighten her sense of position and self-esteem. Her pride gave her courage and she glared defiantly at her captors.

Surely they would not harm someone of her obvious wealth and breeding. They would ransom her, of course! She felt a wave of relief roll over her and she raised her chin slightly higher.

A barked command brought the soldiers to silence and they parted to allow passage to a tall man who's rich clothing identified him as a noble.A further command saw Tatiana and her women bundled into the wagon. Fresh horses were hitched and the wagon moved off accompanied and surrounded by the remounted and jubilant Turks.

They reached the castle as night fell and halted in the courtyard. Looking through the gap in the wagon's curtains Tatiana saw the Turkish noble dismount and speak to a sentry at the great door.

The noble waited by the door until another man, clearly of equal or superior rank emerged and entered into conversation with the first who pointed at the wagon. The two men approached the wagon and Tatiana drew back away from the curtain which was suddenly torn aside. The second noble stared at the group of women and then centred his concentration on Tatiana, staring into her eyes as his face broke into a smile of such pure evil, that she felt as if her very soul had frozen. More orders were barked. The women were hauled roughly from the wagon each accompanied by two soldiers restraining them by the arms.

They were taken to a descending flight of stone steps to the right of the main entrance which led to the main hall of the castle. The steps ended at an iron studded wooden door. They entered a plain stone room about 20 feet long and 16 feet wide with a rising flight of stairs leading to a trap door at it's farthest end. The door slammed behind them and the five women were alone in complete darkness. Tatiana felt her way in the darkness to the steps leading to the trapdoor and mounted them.

She tested the door with her hand. It was solid and immovable. If she had known what awaited beyond it she would have been less eager to try to open it. This close to the trapdoor she could hear the distinct sound of merrymaking. It sounded very much as if a banquet was in progress. She could hear the ringing laughter of excited women.

Time passed. Maybe an hour. In the darkness one of the ladies in waiting sobbed quietly. Tatiana sensed, rather than heard, a change of atmosphere and rushed to the trap door. The sounds of merriment had been replaced by a buzz of anticipation.

A sudden loud rattling of whatever mechanism secured the trap door startled her and she fell back as the door crashed open. A lighted torch was thrust into the room, blinding them for a moment after the darkness. An order was shouted, repeated. They were to come out. Were they to be freed? Yes that must be it. A ransom has been demanded and paid! They mounted the steps, Tatiana leading and found themselves being pushed through a doorway Leading to a short vaulted stone corridor.

She could see figures waiting at the end of the corridor with light behind them and she could hear the murmuring of what sounded like many people. As she reached the end of the corridor she was grasped firmly by the arms and brought forwards into what was she realised, the great hall of the castle but she had never seen a castle decked out in the style of a moorish palace. She was amazed at the opulence of the silk wall hangings, the cushions, the divans And the people! The exotic Turkish clothing of the men! The scandalously brief and flimsy apparel of the women!

She turned her attention to the two men who held her, one on either side, by her wrists. They were dressed identically in short black leather kilts secured with a wide belt. they wore no other clothing. They were lean and extremely muscular. And she noticed, they were not Turks! They both had fair hair! A voice broke into her disorientation.

"You are the woman of Baltek?"

She had never heard a voice like it. A great rush of raw fear focussed her attention. The voice was soft, sibilant and knowing. It's sound had a quality that sent something trembling in her belly and heightened all of her senses to a level beyond her experience. She was standing in front of raised dais topped with an ornate throne. The speaker was seated in the throne.

"You are the woman of Baltek".

Not a question this time. An affirmation, tinged with a note of satisfaction. He was dressed in an ornate light blue silk robe secured at the waist by a crimson sash. On his head he wore a turban that matched the robe. A massive diamond surrounded by pearls adorned the turban. His feet were encased in soft crimson and tan leather slippers with pointed toes that curled up and over, ending in gold tassles. His finery was lost on Tatiana. She could not tear her eyes away from his face. His skin was dark, almost black but not as black as the two ringlets of his hair that had been carefully arranged on his forehead below the jewel in his turban and the waxed pointed beard on his chin nor as black as the glittering pupils of his almond shaped eyes which held her transfixed.

To her horror she could see that this man was capable of any level of cruelty and evil. He broke eye contact with her, to casually select a candied date from a tray of sweetmeats by his throne. She slumped suddenly in shock as she realised that when he had held her gaze she had strained up on tip-toe, every muscle in her body rigid. She looked round frantically twisting in the grasp of the men who held her. She saw her attendants at the back of the hall, their wrists roped together, like a string of slaves. Looking down she saw that the floor beneath her feat had been laid out like a giant chess board with black and white slabs of polished marble. At the four corners of each square, strong iron hooks each about four inches long had been let into the floor. She could not see a purpose for the hooks. He spoke again

"Baltek has caused me insult and inconvenience. He has fled like a coward. When he is caught. I will have him brought before me, stripped and flayed alive. My torturers are very, very skilled. They can make the process last a day and a night. He will die a million deaths and still beg for death."

Tatiana was again transfixed by his terrible eyes. The word 'Satan' pounded through her mind.

"However" he continued "Baltek is not available. So how shall I provide amusement and diversion for my guests this night?"

The horror of her situation was dawning on Tatiana; she tried to struggle but to no avail. He spoke again. "Prepare her!" A sound above her made her look up. On a gantry just below the vaulted ceiling of the hall, two men, identically dressed as the first two, who still held her, were dropping four hemp ropes, two on either side of her, the ends of which just touched the chess board.

Twenty feet above at the ceiling they were attached to four pulleys. The ceiling vault was criss-crossed by iron rods mirroring the pattern of the chess board below. On each rod ran a wheel attached to a hook to hang a pulley block. The rods running across the roof were at a higher level that those running from end to end allowing free passage of the wheels to any point of the roof. Tatiana was still staring upwards uncomprehending when she became aware of the two inner ropes being tied tightly round her wrists by the two men either side of her on the chess board. The man on her right looked up to the men on the gantry and spoke one word "Los."

She gasped in surprise as the ropes attached to her wrists tightened under weight applied to the rope through the pulley system by the men on the gantry, lifting her arms high over her head and to the side like the letter 'Y'. A buzz of excitement was now running through the hall which had been eerily silent while the terrible man in the throne had spoken his chilling words. What happened next shook Tatiana out of her shocked state even if she found it difficult to believe what they were going to do to her.

One of the two men with her on the chess board produced a short, curved knife which he inserted into the square neckline of her heavy gown and began to draw it steadily down in one long cut that sheared her clothing from neck to hem. Then, inserting the point of the knife between wrist and cuff, he slit her sleeves along the backs of her arms and the shoulders of the gown leaving just a few shreds of neck-band on either side.

He stepped back from her, looked at the crowd, then with one swift motion ripped the entire gown, under garments included, from her body leaving her so suddenly, shockingly naked apart from her silk hose that the entire audience let out a gasp of astonishment at his skill and also at her beauty! For beautiful indeed she was; her skin as white as alabaster, her waist slender, its curve running delightfully into smoothly rounded buttocks. Her breasts, surprisingly large for her slim frame but firm, high and beautifully formed with large dark and protruding aureola, now straining upwards as her arms were pulled by the ropes.

Quickly removing her stockings so she was completely naked they then attached the remaining two ropes to her ankles leaving plenty of slack. Finally looping each rope under a hook on the chess board two squares directly to her left and the other two squares to her right. The two then joined their companions on the gantry. At a signal all four men simultaneously took up slack and she was lifted clear of the floor in one fluid movement into a spread-eagled position facing the demon who sat on the throne.

He leaned forwards, scrutinising her naked, exposed body. A silence enveloped the hall. He spoke.

"You are about to experience pain beyond the capability of your mind to imagine. The man who will inflict this pain is a master, the master, of his craft. So great is his skill, his fame has spread beyond his native Prussia. I had him brought here, at great expense, for just such an occasion as this. The gentlemen who have secured you so beautifully displayed before me, are his assistants. He is called 'Whipmeister'. Soon you will know why".

He made a gesture with his right hand and Tatiana felt a fear, like no other, rise into her breast. Two more 'assistants', dressed like the others in short leather kilts, entered the hall . Between them they carried a large wooden chest which they placed before the throne where Tatiana could see it. They opened the chest. Tatiana's eyes widened as she beheld a collection of what looked like dozens of whips of every conceivable type. One by one, the instruments of her forthcoming torment, were withdrawn from the chest and shown to her, close to her face. There were short whips, long whips, Many stranded whips, flat straps of tanned leather in many different widths, one in particular was ten inches wide and as long as the blade of a galley oar, it's tan leather gleamed with a high polish. There were whips of many different materials. Plaited leather, cordage, fine bamboo, even silk. The now empty chest was removed from her sight. The whips were now arranged on a hanging rack that had been brought forward from somewhere out of her sight.

At an unseen signal the two assistants moved to either side of the chessboard. She could no longer see them. There was an excited shout in the hall and a mounting of tension.

From the rear of the room entered a tall figure wearing a full length, black, hooded cloak. He made his way to the dais and bowed before the seated figure who acknowledged the bow and spoke a single command, " Begin".

The Whipmeister raised his arms to the side and his two assistants came forwards to remove his cloak. As they removed it from sight he turned to face the bound, trembling Tatiana. He was huge. Almost seven feet tall with a huge barrel chest and the broadest shoulders Tatiana had ever seen. His massive arms were corded with muscle. He was dressed as his assistants but with the addition of a traditional executioners mask of fine black leather which covered his head and face, his skin gleamed with oil.

The crowd roared their appreciation. With a lithe motion he stepped to the whip rack and selected a whip. He turned. She saw that he had selected the broadest strap, the one that reminded her of an oar blade. He swished the strap before her a few times, checking it's feel, adjusting his grip on the plaited handle. The strap was four feet long and almost one third of an inch thick. She noticed how supple it was. He stepped to her left and behind her out of her line of sight. He looked to his assistants, the two on the chess board, the four others overhead in the gantry, checking their readiness. They nodded their acknowledgements. As the Whipmeister drew back the mighty strap for his first blow the assistants in the gantry increased their pull on the ropes.

Tatiana felt herself stretched to complete immobility. The blow, when it landed, was delivered with such force that she was driven forwards almost twelve inches in spite of the tension in the ropes. Landing clean across both buttocks, with a report like a cannon shot, it drove every breath of air from her lungs. She emitted an inhuman bellow combining shock, pain, outrage and disbelief at what was being done to her. She hung limply in her bonds which had slackened slightly. She gasped for air, unable yet to scream, her body gleamed with her sweat, her hair which had come unbound was sticking to her back and forehead.

One of the assistants stepped forward with a knife and cut her hair off at the nape of her neck. Nothing could be allowed to impede the course of the whip. Now feeling the full pain from her tortured buttocks she dropped her head back only managing the beginning of a scream when the ropes tightened once more and the second blow arrived, again across her buttocks with equal force to the first. The pain she experienced from this second blow landing on her already outraged crimson flesh of her buttocks made her eyes bulge and the world exploded into white lights.

She could hear someone faraway screaming. The next two blows were to the small of her back and across her shoulders. Now she was shrieking uncontrollably, crying, begging them to stop. They had only just begun. She had no way of knowing that the agony she was suffering under the 'galley oar' strap was nothing compared to what was to come. The blows continued until ever inch of her back from neck to ankles had received two strokes from the strap and was a uniform shade of red. She had fainted twice, but bitter herbs were burnt under her nose to revive her. When they started on the front of her body she thought she would go mad.

The pain caused by this monstrous strap to her sensitive breasts and belly sent her into paroxysms of shrieking, raving and praying to God to let her die. Her tormentors were far too clever to let her die. Now that back and front had received equal treatment, the purpose of the hooks on the chess board and the movable pulley connections in the ceiling became clear. Moving with the trained precision of experienced sailors, letting out and pulling in rope, altering rope anchorage points in floor and ceiling they were able to suspend Tatiana in a great variety of positions designed to allow the strap access to every square inch of her body. Thus the insides of her thighs and the tender flesh of her under arms was subjected to the same savage treatment as the rest of her reddened body. They had her now on her back on the chess board, the ropes on her wrists looped through hooks in the floor above her head.

Her feet were raised steadily until she was stretched rigidly at an angle of forty five degrees to the floor. The blocks her ankle ropes were attached to were then pulled to new anchorage points at opposite sides of the ceiling. This drew her legs as far apart as was anatomically possible, forming a 'T' with her torso.

The Whipmeister stepped between her legs. Using a knotted cord he carefully measured the external dimensions of her vagina. Stepping to the whip rack he selected a strap that matched his measurements exactly. The strap was three feet long and four inches wide and of the same material as the 'galley oar' She was whimpering and semi-conscious.

The vicious stroke he applied downward to her helpless and most tender part of her body brought her to full consciousness immediately. She screamed with a volume and with such anguish that people in the room were forced to cover their ears. He applied a further two strokes, with equally satisfying results. When she regained consciousness, she had been returned to the 'X' position.

Bitter herbs were once again being burnt under her nose. Wine was poured into her throat to revive her. She groaned as waves of pain washed over her. Every part of her skin felt on fire. The Whipmeister stood before her very close to her. He was looking deep into her eyes as though looking for a sign. H e nodded, satisfied with what he had seen in her eyes. Turning to the throne he spoke for the first time.

"She is prepared." She could not comprehend the meaning of the words. She felt as if she had been beaten to within an inch of death. " Prepared for what? To die? Oh please, God let it be so. " Her confusion must have been evident. The man in the throne spoke again " Did you think that was all? Did you really think that in the presence of the Whipmeister you only receive a few blows from the broad strap? Let me explain. The broad strap is merely a means of preparing your flesh for the more subtle and exact techniques in the use of the other whips. This is where the Whipmeister made his name. He can produce more varieties of pain from your nerve endings than there are stars in the heavens. He can raise you to peaks of agony that will have you teetering on the edge of madness. He can bring you levels of sexual sensation you never dreamed existed, spending your fluids again and again.

Then quickly to another level of torment worse than the last. Ah, we have an interesting night ahead of us. Don't you think so" She looked over to where the Whipmeister was selecting his first whip. She began to scream uncontrollably as the enormity of what was to come filled her mind with primal terror. His selection is made. He nods to his assistants. The ropes tighten. Her journey into the depths of hell begins

PART TWO. The wooden fruit.

He whipped her mercilessly, with fiendish method and precision. The beautiful and proud Tatiana, 19 year old bride of Baltek, the Protector of Prague. Captured following the defeat of her husband's forces by the Turks and now a captive of his cruellest enemies. She had been stripped, bound at wrists and ankles and spread-eagled upright by ropes suspended from pulley blocks on the ceiling and looped through iron hooks embedded in the paved marble floor of the main hall of this captured stronghold. Her humiliation, in being displayed naked before the gathering in the hall, was in itself a torture. No man, save her husband, had ever beheld her naked before. Yet here she was, being devoured by the eyes of at least a hundred men. And women! For the eyes of the women were full of predatory greed and lascivious pleasure in the anticipation of what was to come.

Her torturer. The 'Whipmeister'; a giant of a man, hugely muscled, had 'prepared' her body for the torment by systematically beating her all over with a ten inch wide leather strap shaped like the blade of a galley oar. The pain he had inflicted with this instrument had almost driven her into total insanity and she had screamed time and again for merciful death to overtake her, to release her from her agony; in vain. The 'Galley Oar' had left her flesh crimson, her every nerve ending on fire, horrifyingly sensitised. From neck to feet, no square inch of her was untouched. The torturer's assistants had skilfully rearranged her posture for each stroke of the massive whip by taking in and releasing the ropes that bound her so securely, so helplessly.

When the true whipping began, the very first stroke threw her mind to a new level of disbelief at the intensity of pain that can be inflicted on a human body. She did not see the blow coming. She could not, she was still in a spread-eagled position held by the four ropes but now angled forward at an angle of 45%. The Whipmeister stood behind her, between her spread legs, holding a multi-tailed whip of flat leather strips. He drew the whip back behind him, paused momentarily, then brought it down in a ferocious overhand strike, at the same time, stepping forward with his left leg to increase the speed of the impact. As the pointed tips of the multiple strands made contact high on her shoulders, he drew his arm down and back quickly, delivering the devilish lash equally across her entire back and buttocks. Then, with the dexterity born of years of practice, he sent an equally powerful, under arm stroke, up between her legs, thrashing her breasts, belly and vagina. So swift and flowing was his action, the sound of the two lashes almost blended into one. The gasp and subsequent roar of approval from the assembly in the hall was almost drowned out by the inhuman screaming of Tatiana. He waited until her screaming had subsided to mewling sobs before he delivered the next double stroke as skilfully as the last. A great spray of sweat flew from her body as the blow landed, her lips were drawn fully back from her teeth. Her eyes bulged in sheer dementia and the sound she emitted was the snarling of a crazed, wild animal, driven past the bounds of reason. Again he waited for the screaming to subside. A longer wait, this time. The third stroke. Tatiana went into a paroxysm of convulsion, her tortured body quivering and twitching within the confines of her bonds, her eyes rolled up into their sockets so that only the whites could be seen, as her mind frantically fought to escape from this hell.

They revived her again, poured wine into her drooling mouth, repositioned her in her bonds and the 'Whipmeister' resumed his work. Now was the time for his speciality. The small whips. The subtle whips. The whips of strange and exotic materials. Of silk, bamboo, ivory and hessian. Whips applied with cunning and an intimate knowledge of human anatomy. Whips to produce a range of sensations; from the ultimate of physical and mental pain to the most acute sensual pleasures.

For the next hour a complex ballet was played out before the fascinated and increasingly aroused spectators. The assistants sprang about like acrobats, working their cunning rope webs, twisting Tatiana into an endless series of strange and complicated bodily positions that presented different parts of her anatomy to their master, who administered carefully judged blows and strokes of various intensity, drawing from his victim an eerie music of shrieks, groans and moans of pleasure. He knew all the secret places of her body better than she did.

He used his knowledge to control her totally, both physically and mentally, for Tatiana, as a person, had ceased to exist. She had become someone, or something else. She was in a maelstrom of sensual experience, totally disorientated by the violent and swift changes to her body posture, not knowing where the next sensation would assault her or whether it would be pain or pleasure or both. At one point he had drawn a silken cord flail across her back and it had felt like the caress of an angel's wing but when it was drawn away it left fingers of molten lava on her flesh that drove her into shrieking hysteria. He had used a short springy rattan cane, topped with a small ivory ball, to deliver sharp blows to the nerve centre located within the small triangular muscle just above the cleft of her buttocks, creating agonising muscle cramps in various parts of her torso, according to where exactly he struck and with how much force. He used the same instrument on the soles of her feet, again with surgical precision, that threw her into a series of intense convulsions. He moved about with a lithe grace that belied his bulk. He was tireless in the pursuit of his art. He was doing what he was born to do.

Tatiana had no notion of time. Her identity had gone, but as the beating continued another doorway within her mind was being dragged open. Something was happening to her that was outside her experience. A lassitude and acceptance of her pain was transcending all else. She started to feel an unfamiliar but not unpleasant tingling that seemed to begin somewhere low down in the small of her back. Suddenly, as a firm whip strike coursed across her swollen buttocks, the tingling rushed, like a bolt of lightning, in both directions along her spine, simultaneously bursting into her brain and her loins, causing her to release a moan of desperate need unlike any sound she had so far emitted. As the next stroke struck, her buttocks involuntarily rose to meet it and her shriek had an edge to it that her torturer had been waiting to hear.

The 'Whipmeister' took a step back and motioned to his assistants. They quickly brought her to the forward leaning spread position. Moving swiftly he removed a coil of silk cord from his whip rack and held it up to be seen. The fifteen feet of cord terminated in four carved wooden fruit at six inch intervals on the last two feet of line. The largest, at the extreme end was a lemon. Six inches back was a clementine, followed by a plum and finally a large grape. The fruit were smooth and highly polished. He lowered the fruit into a jar of oil held by one of his assistants and approached the now limp and gasping figure of Tatiana hanging from her ropes. Stepping behind her, he used one hand to spread her buttocks and with the other he steadily worked the oiled wooden lemon past her sphincter and into her anus. Using an inch thick ivory rod he pushed the fruit deep into her rectum and then fed the other fruit inside her one by one, finally forcing the last, the grape, deep into her. Finally he produced a ball of bees' wax mixed with alum which he also pushed firmly into her rectum. The powerful astringent effect of the alum immediately caused her rectum and sphincter to tighten dramatically so that she could not possibly expel the invaders within her bowels. Stepping round to face her, he now drew the line between her widespread legs and carefully led it between the now dripping lips of her labia. She moaned as his fingers opened her to place the line. He allowed a half-smile to cross his face as he pulled the line up over her belly, through between her sweat soaked and swollen breasts and tossed the remaining length over her left shoulder, allowing the last few feet to drop behind her. Reaching beneath her suspended body, he retrieved the end of the line, once more drawing it towards him again between her labial lips. He slowly drew the cord tight, causing it to force it's way higher into her vagina and exerting a downward pull on the smallest of the wooden fruit in her rectum. At this new internal sensation, Tatiana's eyes bulged wide open and she uttered a strangled cry. The 'Whipmeister' nodded to his assistants who stood behind her. They began to beat her buttocks and back in a slow, measured rhythm, using short leather floggers. With a similar instrument, the 'Whipmeister' began to beat her breasts, alternating his strokes between left and right, in time with the whipping of her back. Then he began to increase his pull on the silken cord causing the first wooden fruit, the grape, to begin its slow, inexorable journey down her anal canal towards her tight, tight sphincter.

Tatiana had never experienced orgasm. Her strict Catholic up-bringing had left her totally unaware of the concept of female sexual climax. She enjoyed love-making with her husband but Baltek was skilled in the arts of war, not in the arts of the bed chamber. Their brief, frantic, couplings had always left her feeling unfulfilled and confused. She had never masturbated, believing as she did that such acts were a mortal sin. She was therefore totally unprepared for the feelings that began to wash over her as the whips and the slowly travelling grape began to drive her to the brink. As the wooden grape began to spread her sphincter and emerge she passed the point of no return. She began to buck and writhe wildly in her bonds, thrusting her buttocks and breasts to meet the whip blows, savouring the sweet, sweet agony they brought, welcoming each blow as the unbelievable pleasure in her loins increased. The steady pull on the cord was now bringing the wooden grape upwards, parting the swollen lips of her vagina which was now flooding with her lubricating juices. The measurement of cord between the wooden fruits had been carefully contrived. Just as the next fruit, the plum, emerged through her sphincter, the grape touched her clitoris and began to travel up and over the sensitive organ. With a wail of anguish and triumph that shook the rafters of the hall, Tatiana reached orgasm, a spectacular spray of liquid bursting from her convulsing vulva. Wave after wave of the most intense pleasure swept through her lust maddened sex as she rode her first climax like a wild horse. Now the third fruit was emerging from her arsehole, which was in a state of uncontrollable spasm, as the second fruit broached the entrance to her vagina. Her uterine walls began a series of rapid contractions causing waves of rippling convulsions to run up and down her vulva. Her vaginal lips were frantically trying to capture the tantalising plum, to pull it inside her, to devour it, but it refused to be captured and rode steadily across her protruding erect clitoris driving her into an orgasm that eclipsed the first in it's intensity. Her demented shrieks rent the air as a further gout of fluid erupted from her loins and her writhing within her bonds became maniacal. She had reached a multiple orgasmic plateau, thrusting her pelvis forward madly as climax after climax flowed through her. Her heart was racing at a rate that would surely kill her as the final fruit, the lemon, left her anal canal and the clementine approached her clitoris, now purple and protruding. She was frantically gasping for air, her face and neck almost black, her blood vessels and sinews swollen like ships' cables as the multiple orgasms no longer came in sequence but flowed together like a tidal wave. She went rigid in her rope prison and her entire body began to quiver like a plucked bow string. They had stopped whipping her now, the entire company in the room fascinated by the sight of this beautiful young woman, driven to insanity and to the edge of death by orgasm, suspended in an increasing convulsion, her face a mask of tension and ecstasy, her love juices still running from her tortured sex.

The torturer turned to face the Turk in the throne. "Sire?" The Turk pondered for a moment then he spoke, "Save her. A woman who can climax like that will make an interesting contribution to my harem."

The 'Whipmeister' signalled to his men. They brought the still convulsing, twitching Tatiana's legs forwards and he stepped between them. The wooden lemon still dangled from it's cord, level with her gaping vagina. He inserted the lemon into her and, using his ivory rod pushed it slowly into her uterus. As the fruit went deep inside her Tatiana's head fell back and she uttered a long, drawn out, deep throated roar that no one in the room would ever be able to forget. As the lemon reached her cervix and pushed insistently at the entrance to her womb she collapsed limp and unconscious, hanging from her wrist and ankle ropes.

They lowered her gently to the floor and untied her. At a command, female attendants rushed forward, bearing her up and wrapping her in a soft towelling robe. "See that she is well cared for." The Turk ordered. As they made to carry her away she came to semi-consciousness and spoke a word. The Turk was too far away to hear what she said although he knew she had spoken. The 'Whipmeister' however, was close enough to hear. "What did she say?" demanded the Turk.

The 'Whipmeister' shook his head in perplexity. "She said, more, Sire. MORE!"…….

To be continued………

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Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

Posted on August 25th, 2010

Mother, may I...

The city had fallen quickly. The resistance had been pitiful and weak. The victorious roman soldiers sacked the city. The customary pillage and plunder quickly took place. Word was sent to great Caeser but he could not be expected to arrive for at least another two weeks.

A bored army of roman soldiers is a dangerous thing. They decided to entertain themselves at the expense of the numerous and very beautiful young women from the conquered city.

The queen, a beautiful woman of 35 summers, was dragged from her hiding place in the throne room out to the city square. There, all the women and girls who had not managed to escape were tied together. There were at least five hundred females for the soldiers to choose from. Many had already been brutalized and fucked. The sound of weeping accompanied by an occasional shriek greeted her as she was drawn out before her former subjects. Roman soldiers were busy tearing clothes from the soft flesh of the feminine forms who cringed defenseless before them.

The queen's true horror began when she saw her two daughters tied to crosses. Their beautiful naked bodies were criss-crossed with angry red welts of the roman rods and whips. Soldiers continued whipping them as they struggled to breath, struggled to scream...

"Oh no!" the queen pleaded, "not them, not my daughters. Please spare them, I beg of you!"

"There is only one way you can save them, your royal whoreness", said a roman sergeant who held her rope leash, "you must agree to service any roman who wishes to sample your royal flesh. What do you say bitch? Do you watch your daughters suffer and die or will you willingly open your body to us?"

The queen's answer was quick and sure. She tore the armor off the sergeant and began to stroke his cock to a full erection. When he was stiff and hard, she glanced over at her daughters one time. Then closed her watering eyes and leaned over pulling his prick into her mouth. She felt another man prod her from behind. She spread her legs as he pushed himself into her cunt. He fucked her hard, on all fours like a dog.

She glanced up and saw that a long line had begun to form as soldiers began to strip out of their clothes.

One hour later, the queen was covered and filled with the cum of over three hundred brutal roman soldiers.

Some of the men just wanted to fuck her, others were sadistic and beat her as they sodomized her.

Finally, her sperm-coated body was left barely recognizable on the ground where her half-conscious daughters hung.

"P-please now sir," she stammered. Her throat was raw and swollen fro the marauding cocks that had fucked her mouth. "Please honor your word and bring my daughters down from their torment!"

"Of course dear my whore queen," the sergeant said, his cock already standing up hard again, "A soldier always honors his word."

The girls were untied and brought to their mother. Her ass and cunt flowed like slow waterfalls with the semen that oozed out of her body. Each girl was given a harsh blow to her ass to bring them around.

"Your royal mother is in need of a bath girls," he laughed, "and we are too far from the palace, so you will clean her with your tongues."

Another series of harsh blows from the rods and the girls, weeping with shame and humiliation, crawled forth and began to lick and suck the sperm from their sobbing mother. As they swallowed the sticky cum that covered her, more roman soldier's, starting with the sergeant, fucked each of the girls virgin cunts spilling the blood of their maidenhood there on the grass before the other women and soldiers.

"Suck your mother's cunt, little bitch," ordered the sergeant as he rode the blond daughter's ass, "You'd better make her cum before I do or I'll hang you both upside-down from the crosses this time. I'll tie your jaws open so you can service any soldier who needs to cum, piss or shit!"


Lucretia Punished

It was a dangerous time to be a roman in the time of Caligula. With a word in the wrong ear and you could easily disappear. Lucretia had spoken to, Dierdre, a friend about the cruel emperor and her hopes that he might soon be overthrown. Unknown to them both, another ear overheard her words.

Lucretia and Dierdre were awakened in the night by rough hands that hauled them out of bed and onto their knees. They were stripped and tied. Their mothers and sisters were brutally fucked then their families were put to the sword as they were forced to watch. Their houses and belongings were given to peasants.

"NHHHGAAAAA!" Barely and hour later, Lucretia screeched loud and lusty as a stiff horse crop slashed over her naked body.

"You'll never see the sun again slut," said one man, as he positioned himself between her spread legs. "You belong to us now and we keep our bitches in the dark dungeons of out emperor. We rent you out to anyone with a shekel to spare."

Lucretia heard her friend, Dierdre, begging nearby. Then she screamed loudly as she endured her own torturous ordeal at the hands of some other cruel inquisitor.

But she had little time to worry about her. Lucretia was about to experience pain that she had never dreamt of in her worst nightmares.

"N-NOOOO... AAAAUUUGH!" While one man shredded past her hymen and whipped her face, stomach and chest, another began to push nails through her nipples. Lucretia struggled wildly, but this only excited the cock buried tightly inside her young cunt. Every muscle contracted and flexed as she fought uselessly against the ropes that held her fast to the rack.

When the man was done with her tits, he moved up to her face and slapped her. She opened her mouth to scream again. Then, with tongs, he pulled her tongue out and pressed a huge nail through it. She shut her eyes against the pain. She tried to pull her tongue back into her mouth but the nail was too long. She tasted her own blood as it flowed down her throat. Then another long thick nail was expertly pressed into her left cheek, through her mouth and out the other side.

"NNNGG... GHHHAAANNNG..." Lucretia could no longer form words at all. But she could still scream.

The man who had been fucking her approached her face with his glistening cock.

"Feeding time slave," he told her as he jacked off over her upturned mouth. Soon she tasted cum for the first time as it began to flow into her open mouth. She could smell her own cunt juices on the prick that now pressed against her face. As the first man ejaculated into her mouth, the other man, the man with the nails, pressed his cock into her twat. Even though she was somewhat lubricated now, the man's prick was easily twice and long and much thicker than the first man's had been.

NGHAAAA... KUGG... ACKKLLUGH!" Lucretia shrieked and choked as her pussy walls were stretched and rent open.

Later when the men had emptied their seed into her mouth, she was untied and pushed to her knees. She was fitted with a heavy iron collar and leashed with a heavy chain. They led her, with the nails still in her nipples tongue and face, crawling on her hands and knees.

She heard someone whimpering. In the half-light she saw her friend, Dierdre. She was spread out on another wooden torture rack and was surrounded by five men who groped and fucked her face and cunt. The man with the nails left Lucretia and went to work on Dierdre.

Lucretia was forced to kneel and lick Dierdre's cum-filled cunt as the nails were inserted in her friend. Her screams split the air, but Lucretia was too busy and too crazy by now to care. She felt a large prick press against her sphincter from behind. She put up only a token struggle as the meat-monster plowed into her bowels.

They were given no time to rest or heal. Soon the sound of coins and feet on cold dungeon stones greeted their ears as the town people who felt so inclined, came to sample the new fresh meat...


Deposed and on Display

The coliseum was full today; there was an added attraction that drew the perverse and the vengeful crowd. After the gladiator's fought, the winners would have the choice of the young maids who rode the "Machine of Torment".

Uselessly pleading and struggling weakly, these girls were brought out before the crowds. Their lavish robes were torn away and they were stripped bare. The cheers rose as they were led to the wooden machine and installed upon it's hideous frame.

"AAUUUGH... NO... STOP... LET ME GO... AAIIIEEE!" The girls were stretched, molested and whipped as the crowd roared it's approval. These were not common whores (at least not yet), these were the daughters of deposed roman senators who had been stripped of their positions, their possessions, and, in particular, of their 18 year old daughters.

"Shove you hand up their cunts", one woman shouted above the din, "make them squirm".

"No", shouted a man, "let the tiger's fuck them first." Laughter ensued at the thought of these once rich, proud and pampered girls being fucked by a mighty beast.

But their fate was to be more cruel than this. They would stand there for hours, tied in their various forms of torment as the games raged around them. They would watch the gladiators, who thirsted not only for blood today but also for soft fresh female flesh.

He who lived would be given the girls. Then he was free to devise any torment of which he could conceive. The crowd would stay to witness the brutality. Some of these girls would probably not outlive the day, so brutal was the treatment they would receive. These would feed the lions and wild carnivores. Those who survived, however, would be taken either to the dungeon master for a life of torment or to a local upscale brothel where they would descend into apathetic servitude at the hands of rich and perverse men and women. To fuck and abuse the lovely young daughters of once powerful senator's would bring plenty of coin...

Shakira Spun

Nero coolly regarded his slave. Shakira had spent the last two weeks in the painful humiliating care of the demented emperor. She was definitely changed from the innocent young 18 year old who had been a gift to the fat roman caeser. Pain meant little to her now, she'd learned to control it. Feeling the tiny cock of her master in her ass, cunt or mouth no longer shocked her. She'd even grown used to the taste of his semen and the smell of his ass when she was forced to lick him clean.

So, since his new play-toy had grown complacent and only stared blankly when he spanked or fucked her, he decided to give her to his personal bodyguards.

"Do with this little whore as you will," Nero told his men, "just make sure she remembers how to scream before you fuck her."

Shakira was quickly tied to a large iron wheel. The guards stood by with their spears at the ready.

Nero himself spun the wheel. Shakira twisted and pulled at her ropes as the world spun out of control.

Then it started. The roman guards began throwing their spears. One slammed into her thigh; another penetrated her left shoulder.

"AAAAA... AAAAAIIIIIEEEE!" She found her voice almost immediately as the sharp tips of the roman spears pierced her tender flesh. Nero gave the wheel another hard spin sending the shrieking Shakira head over heels even faster than before. More spears, more superficial wounds. The roman guards made her scream at the command of their king but these wounds would not kill her. These wounds were only meant to cause pain. Nero laughed as he watched Shakira twist and squirm. The worst was still to come. The guards were only taunting their prey, the orgy was about to begin...

Soon the wheel was pulled off the mechanism with Shakira still tied tightly to it's girth. The guards stripped off their tunics. To Shakira's horror, these men had cocks like horses; huge and dripping with lust. The only man's cock she'd ever seen was that of Nero and so she assumed that all men had small penises. The king smiled as his guards fell on her. Their huge cocks split her open stretching her tight pussy walls until she was sure that she was splitting in two.

One would fuck her cunt while another pummelled her gagging throat. Then they would trade places to give Shakira a taste of her tangy cunt.

Shakira's hair was pulled back and her jaws were forced open with hooks. The roman guards all rained their cum into her screaming mouth. When they'd all finally finished, they stood the wheel up on it's edge and balanced it on the edge of the steep hill. Shakira looked down. She saw a crowd of men and women gathered far below. They stared up at her anticipating her arrival.

"Thanks for the use of your body, slut," Nero said, "My guards thank you and my subject's thank you as well. They'll give you a warm welcome as you roll into their midst. Suddenly Shakira's naked body, cum flying in all directions, was rolling down the bumpy hill. In less than a minute the hellish ride was over and Shakira was in the hands of the peasants. They poured salt into her wounds making her scream all over again.

Nero and the guards watched as Shakira was untied from the wheel and forced onto her back. Women and men alike took turns with the Spanish beauty. So recently she'd shared Nero's bed but now she lay flat on her back in the mud, struggling and screaming as she was fucked over and over again.

"Learn to love it girl. You're our dog now and you'll crawl like one from cock to cunt for the rest of your fucking life!"

Training Day

Claudia, the new young wife of an old patrician, was out of hand. The old man could not control his wife. She drank too much and insulted him publicly. Then one day he saw her kissing one of the blacks that worked in the garden. She was half-naked and was gently stroking the man's huge black cock while he slid two wet fingers in and out of her cunt..

"No more of this, you whore," the old man muttered to himself, "you shall shame me no longer..."

Late that very evening, Claudia disappeared from the house. Only the old man knew where she was.

He called for Nizia, one of his slave-girls, she licked his cock and stroked his balls as he lay back and fantasized about Claudia's training and how she would be changed when she returned.

"I should have married you Nizia," the old man said to the nubile young woman as he gently stroked her jet-black hair, "You've always known just what I like."

At that very moment in across town, Claudia was getting exactly the opposite of what she wanted.

She hung suspended like a human fly from a spider's web. She heard the crop slice through the air a split second before it swatted wetly against her shin. Her ass, thighs and even her breasts were already covered with angry red welts from the harsh leather rod.

She recognized the man who was giving her the beating. He called himself Marco. She'd seen him at the slave market where her husband had just purchased a pretty new indoor slave-girl named Nizia. This man was a slave trader. He had a bad reputation. Cruel and very rough she'd heard people say...

More recently she'd seen him talking with her old withered husband at the gate to their villa. She'd watched curiously as her husband took out his money bag and handed Marco more than a few pieces of gold. "The sick old bastard's probably wasting more money of another slave-girl", she thought to herself. She looked around to see Nizia filling a bowl with fruit. "Stop what you're doing and get over here bitch," Claudia commanded, "let us see if you can lick a cunt as well as you suck my husband's cock." Nizia obeyed Claudia for what would turn out to be the last time.

None of this mattered now. All Claudia could think of was the painful hanging bondage and the sound of her own tortured screams.

"Please let me fuck you," Claudia pleaded with her tormentor, "you're a handsome man; we could both enjoy ourselves."

"You're not here to have fun, you stupid cow," Marco told her. "You are here to learn your place. I can get my cock and balls buried in better looking female flesh anytime I like. Sidera come her and kneel."

A beautiful young slave-girl came running out of the shadows where she'd been waiting. She dropped to her knees before Marco her master. Sidera parted his robes and began to lick and suck his cock.

"There, you see bitch," Marco said to Claudia, "I get it whenever I want. You're not here to get fucked or sold; you're here to be trained. Remember that old man you married? He's not satisfied. You will be nothing now but a sex-slave to him. You will stay chained to the bed until you bear him as many heirs as he wants. You'll see your own children suckled by other women. You'll be fed and cleaned by the house slaves. And everyday you'll do exactly as you're told or I'll come to see you again!"

Sidera began to suck hard on Claudio's cock while he whipped the twisting screaming Claudia. The closer he came to his orgasm the harder he whipped her. Two or three strokes every second were slapping across her sweating flailing body. Finally Marco began to cum in Sidera's mouth. He punched Claudia in the stomach. Her screaming stopped and her tears flowed free as Marco began using her as a punching bag.

Sidera stood up now with her mouth full of Marco's sperm. Claidia's mouth was a perfect 'O' shape. She was trying hard to catch her breath.

"You'll learn to love the taste of your husband's cum too, you worthless whore. It tastes just like mine"

Then, turning to Sidera who still held his thick load in her mouth, "show her how a man's cum tastes, sweet slave." Sidera, Marcos' favorite girl, stood up on her tiptoes and spat the entire load into Claudia's open mouth. Marco pushed Claudia's jaws shut before she could drool it out onto the floor.

"Swallow it all or Sidera will bite off your nipples and your clit. You don't need those to get pregnant."

Two days later, a very different Claudia was returned to her old husband. She knelt and kissed his feet. "Please dear husband my master, allow this low slave to suck the cum from your balls. I live only to serve you."

The old man and Marco looked at each other and smiled as Claudia bobbed on her husband's cock. The slaves all paused to gape at Claudia's transformation.

"Ahh, very good Marco," said the old man as Claudia carefully, but greedily, took the entire length of his cock into her throat, "you always do a great job of teaching my women their place. Your talents are worth every cent. My bitch of a wife now sucks cock just like a high priced prostitute, Ha Ha Ha!"

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Miranda - On Display

Jofur watched Miranda struggle for breath as she hung from the cross in the public square. He had seen many pretty girls here in his days; but only a few had been white like Miranda, and she was more than just another pretty face. Jofur would keep this slut for as long as she lived. He would make a fortune renting her out. He had a client list that included a few very interesting people; men and women who especially liked to mark the delicate white flesh of fresh western slaves.

Miranda had stopped begging by now. It only enraged Jofur and it resulted in swift and severe castigation.

"Slave-whores do not ask for mercy," Jofur yelled at Miranda as she cringed and tried to cover her naked body from the next savage blow, "you western bitches are the most fun to train because you are so weak and pampered. Best to learn your place learn quickly that I might spare your worthless life."

Thick red welts still covered her fair skin from the most recent punishment session. She'd made the mistake of struggling when she'd seen the cross in the courtyard. She had to be picked up and forcibly tied in place.

Jofur surveyed her pretty naked body, her virgin cunt, her small firm breasts, and her beautiful face twisted up in agony.

Jofur reached up and tweaked one pert nipple to get Miranda's attention. "Will you gladly take my cock into your mouth slave, or will I leave you here to hang in full view of the people of my village? If you are left here suffering on the cross, I cannot guarantee your safety. The last girl that held your place was beaten and fucked at least fifty times. She was so disfigured that I had to sell her cheap to a band of travelling bedouins. They use her still today. She is a mindless slut who sucks cocks in each village where they stop. They keep her chained and collared while the lines form far into the night. Will you be such a foolish bitch or will you swallow my seed?"

Between gasps for breath and the excruciating pain in her shoulders, Miranda, with tears in her deep blue eyes, nodded her head.

"Yes Master," Miranda begged, trying hard to sound sincere, "p-please let me t-taste your beloved cock. Please let me swallow all that you give me."

"So, you wish to serve me with your whore's mouth after only a few moments in bondage," Jofur taunted, "Answer me this then, western dog; will you suck your master's prick after it has been in your filthy ass? Will you take my meat into your mouth covered with your own shit?"

Miranda, gulped as tears formed in her big blue eyes.

"But master...I...No...p-please not that master...I ...uh"

"That's what I thought bitch," Jofur said as he began to swing the rod again, "Still to green to serve without question, but well fit to scream and beg for mercy!"

"AGHHAAAAAAA!" Miranda shrieked as the rod thwacked across her small tender breasts harder than ever before.

"You will learn to do everything you are told, you worthless camel dung. When I am done with you licking the ass of a dead goat will be an honor!"

"Du'ran", Jofur called to one of his man-servants, "take this slut to the stables and spread her open. Make her cum then punish her for having pleasure. Beat this bitch into complete submission!"

Miranda - Forced to Cum

Her hands were turning numb and blue from lack of circulation. She stood naked and spread open as Jofur had ordered. She'd been left here all night unable to sleep while rats scurried around her feet. Du'ran inspected her helpless body. He revelled at her shame and fear nearly as much as he admired her innocence and beauty.

"So soft and tender are the western girls my master brings for me to train," Du'ran mused as he ran his rough hands over her trembling flesh, "We have a few toys here from your western world. Perhaps you've seen this before."

Miranda heard an electric buzzing sound and quickly looked down. It was her own vibrator. When she'd been taken, two men had tied, gagged and bagged her in preparation for transportation. Two women ransacked her room taking jewelry, her sexiest clothing and , of course, her sex toys.

Now the black shafted vibrator that had brought her hours of pleasure would be used to humiliate and train her. She squeezed her eyes shut as Du'ran pressed the device against her crotch...

"UUUNNNNGH... PLEASE STOP!" Miranda begged. Du'ran smiled and turned up the vibrator to full.

"UUUUNNNGHAAAAA... N-NOOOO!" She was helpless and she knew it. Du'ran pushed the thick head of the vibrator against her cunt with all his considerable strength. The head slid into her vaginal tunnel and wedged in place. She tried to push but her pussy was too tight and the vibrator would not budge.

Jofur stood back and watched as Miranda twisted violently from side to side. Eventually her cunt betrayed her and began to run with her juices dripping down her thighs and onto the floor. Her clit stood up thick and full, engorged with blood. Then she began to shake. Her hips twitched and thrusted like she was being fucked. Her orgasm washed over her body in waves of shameful pleasure. "UUUNNNGH.... UUUNNNNGHAAAAAAHH!"

That's when she heard the whip splitting through the air.

"You feel pleasure, whore, then you feel pain," Jofur laughed as the whip cut across her body, "you get 25 lashes each time you cum."

The lashing was soon over but the vibrator was still wedged solidly in her cunt - and still buzzing away at full throttle.

Jofur sat back smoking his pipe as the abused girl waited for the next forced orgasm to slam through her body; waiting for the next 25 lashes from Du'ran's cruel whip. He stroked his cock absently through his trousers.

"When you can cum no more," Jofur told her, "I will fuck your ass. Then perhaps you will be willing to lick my cock clean and swallow your shit and my cum."

Miranda - Hung and Broken

Zoltar was on duty now. Miranda, her ass stretched and leaking cum from Jofur's intensive anal intrusion, was to endure the horrors of the cruel lash against her spread-eagled cunt. She'd still refused to lick her master's cock clean after anal sex.

This would be the turning point for Miranda, as with any well trained slave. Simply taking a bitch against her will was not enough for Jofur. He wanted his slaves to do as they were told no matter how horrible or disgusting the task might be.

Now, hung spread-eagle and upside-down, Zoltar administered the whipping. Her screams began immediately as the first stroke fell squarely between the pouting lips of her cunt.


Her screams were terrible, her voice was soon hoarse from the wholesale torment of the lash that slashed against the most tender female flesh of all. Inner thighs and cunt were soon red and swollen.

Dimly, through the terrible haze of pain, Miranda was aware that Jofur watched her torment as two of his black slave girls licked his huge cock and balls. They kept him thick and dripping while Miranda writhed and screamed before him.

The whipping went on for thirty minutes until Miranda's will and pride finally broke away.


"We've gone far beyond that option, white slut. Watch and prepare for something far worse."

Jofur lifted one of the black slaves onto his lap and slid his wet cock into her shapely dark ass. The black girl grunted as the huge member impaled her. Jofur fucked her ass for a few minutes. Then she dismounted and the other black girl took her place. After a few moments Jofur pushed her away as well. His tan penis was now stained black and covered with the feces of both 18 year old black girls.

"Clean me and make me cum Miranda," Jofur ordered as Zoltar untied her, "you have one minute to make me spew my seed into your mouth. If you fail, I will tie you by one ankle in the village square and let the old women beat you with sticks while the young ones throw stones."

Miranda, sobbing openly now, crawled toward Jofur on her hands and knees. The thick penis throbbed and bounced just before her face. She retched once from the terrible smell but opened her mouth anyway. Jofur pressed his filthy cock into her mouth until it disappeared completely down her throat. He began to skull-fuck Miranda harshly. She slobbered and drooled thick brown streams as her throat endured the battering ram that was her master's cock. She formed her tongue to fit the contours of his prick and massaged it as well as she could. Beside the foul smell and taste she was also working against the clock, and time was ticking down.

Then, finally, Jofur slammed his crotch against her nose and shot thick ropes of cum down her throat. Miranda's first reaction was to vomit, but she fought back the urge and actually managed to swallow his thick warm load.

When he pulled out of her mouth, Miranda's head hung down; her long hair sticking to her wet face hid her shame.

"Clean and bath her; let her rest. Then tomorrow night, dress her in some of the slutty clothes we took from her apartment," he said to the black slave-girls as he gently stroked Miranda's head, "we are having guests tomorrow evening and they will want to see my new western slave Miranda perform her new trick. Your true worth will be explored tomorrow, white bitch. You will earn your keep here with your body. You will perform every filthy perverted task you are given. Is that clear?"

Miranda, broken and without hope, nodded her head, "Yes master, command me and I shall obey..."

Tested and Tried

Jessi stood in the hot sun with the other slaves. She was the only white girl. All the others were black or brown. Jessi, barely 19 years old, was the last girl to be auctioned away. She brought a higher price than any of the others. White slaves here were rare indeed.

Soon Makmulad, Jessi's new owner and master, had her roped and hung. Her scant clothes were gone and the losing bidders were allowed to gather and watch Jessi's first few moments in the hands of her new master. A hired bodyguard stood by to keep order.

The ropes bit into her flesh as Jessi swayed slowly from side to side. Her toes were two feet off the ornate tile floor.

She looked worn out, lackluster, used up. She hung limp and still in her painful bondage. But Makmulad knew this was from the long journey she'd endured. Bound neck to neck with the other slaves and forced to walk behind the animals, Jessi had walked for two weeks.

"Water for my whore," Makmulad ordered, "this one must live to serve me for many years to come."

Jessi sucked the water down greedily as the cup was held to her lips. Next Makmulad inspected her pussy. Jessi, well trained to obey on the long journey since her capture, spread her legs to allow the intrusion.

"Very good," Makmulad whispered to his white slave, "still a virgin. You will be a favorite of mine. My other wives will hate you. I will house you separately from them lest they kill you out of spite. As long as you please me you will be safe from them. If you fail to fill my nights with pleasure, I will make a gift of you to my other wives. So weigh your options; please me or please them. I promise their pleasure is far more demanding and especially painful. You would not survive their attentions for long..."

Makmalud handed the whip to the men who had bid but lost. One by one they took a turn slashing the suspended white girl.

"Ungh... Guungh!" She jerked and twisted, grunting harshly as each crack of the whip stripped her flesh and spun her around.

Makmalud then stepped up behind her and had her lowered until her feet touched the floor. He parted his robes, greased his cock and, without ceremony or warning, slid into her perfect ass.

"UNNNFFFGH", Jessi grunted as her master's large prick sampled the hole nestled between her ample ass cheeks.

Jessi, squeezed her sphincter massaging Makmalud's prick as it slid in and out. The other men still watched enviously as the white girl was pummelled from behind. She pushed back to meet his thrusting hips to allow him ease of entry into her bowels.

After a few moments, Jessi was lowered all the way to her knees. Her ropes were removed. She turned to her master and, quickly but carefully, took up his prick.

This former corporate secretary, assigned to the company office in the middle east; spotted, stalked and taken by flesh peddlers; sold in a market like a common animal; now knelt and stroked her master's shaft with one hand, tickled and massaged his balls with the other, while her mouth and tongue busily coaxed the thick sperm that soon spattered against her face and into her mouth.

Afterward, Jessi was allowed to shower, she was given food and more water. Still naked, she was led into the back of a large black car. The journey to her new home would take two days. Most of the trip would be spent with her face buried in the lap of Makmulad as she learned the cycle and the taste of the last cock she would ever suck...

Southern Drawl Enslaved

Austin and Houston, two sisters, named for the cities where they were born, had fallen into the hands of Dikur, a rich shiek. They were happy foreign exchange students only days before. But drugged drinks and a quick ride in a fast car delivered the beautiful youngsters into the hands of a madman.

Austin tied with her ass in the air and a thick rope around her neck had been first. At 20 years old, she was no longer a virgin, but she was still tight. Dikur sampled both her holes before he came.

He jerked on the rope around her neck until she understood what he wanted. Tearfully she opened her mouth as he jacked off over her face. The thick streams of cum seemed endless. She was used to the taste of cum though. Austin had licked more than one cock in her short life, and while it wasn't her favorite taste in the world, in fact she hated it, it still afforded her a moment of power over the mindless jocks that she lusted after. She'd sucked her first cock under the bleachers of an away game to the sound of cheers and the football game that raged on the field. But now she sucked not for power, but for her very life.

Austin heard her 18 year old sister Houston weeping quietly. She lay on her stomach, hands and ankles tightly tied together.

Surely they'd be allowed to rest now that this brutal man had spent his seed. All men, in Austin's experience, needed to wait awhile before round two. But this was no ordinary man. His lust for white western women was terrible. His desire to punish, fuck and enslave american girls was all consuming. While cum dried on Austin's face, Dikur grabbed up a wooded rod and began to slash her ass.

"UUURRRGH...GHAAA...UUUNNNGH" Austin shrieked and tried to wiggle away from the all too accurate wood that slammed across her ass.

With one final blow across Austin's pert tits, Dikur turned his attentions to Houston. Austin saw that Dikur's cock was still full and erect.

"Leave her alone you fucker," Austin shouted, "haven't you had enough?"

Dikur turned back to Austin and dealt her a savage kick across her midsection with one huge foot.

She would have doubled up into a fetal position if the ropes had allowed any slack.

"You pay for insult later, american cum bucket, but for now you can watch while I tear open your little sister's virgin cunt."

He threw himself down onto Houston's bound body and immediately began to root around for the entrance to her cunt. Entry would have been hard enough even with her legs spread open, but with them tied shut it would be more difficult and definitely more painful for the virgin girl.

Dikur rooted around with his dripping cock until he found the petals to her sex. Then he plunged inside her...hard.

Her shriek of pain was ear-splitting. She had been saving herself for just the right man. Dikur was definetly not what she'd had in mind. But that was far from her thoughts now. All she could comprehend amidst all the madness that her life had spiraled down into, was the impaling monster that tore through her hymen and deep into her cunt.

Houston struggled like a wild animal as she tried to dislodge the beast that had torn her open, but his superior weight, strength, and insane lust would not be denied. After he shot off another huge gout of sperm into Houston's ruined pussy, he had both girls tied by their ankles and hung from hooks in the ceiling.

He then picked up a 20 foot bullwhip and went to work. The sisters swung around naked and helpless as the whip cracked and spilt the air. The only sound louder than the whip were the screams of primal pain as the two sisters were spun and marked by the bullwhip.

"Slaves learn to serve through pain," Dikur laughed as the whip landed once more against soft innocent flesh, "You will learn well tonight."

A door opened behind Dikur as other men and women, at least 20, entered the room. They also carried whips and toys of obvious intent. The night was filled with desperate cries for mercy as the two girls were alternately fucked, beaten then whipped again. Dikur added two more slaves to his stable that night as an orgy of perverted pleasure and pain greeted the two girls from Texas.

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Calatoria and the Garrote

A family's debts were not long tolerated in ancient Rome. If not handled in a timely manner, everything would go up for sale. Even lovely and pampered daughters were now merely trinkets to be sold to the highest bidder. Calatoria was sold to three brothers on her 18th birthday. They took her home to their basement and stripped the weeping girl bare. They were amazed at her perfect form and flawless skin. They went to work on her immediately...

They bound her wrists above her head to the torment post. Arnetti tied rope around Calatoria's ankles and spread her kicking legs wide apart. Her weight was now supported entirely by her wrists and her sex was completely exposed. Brutus began to thrash her flawless naked flesh with his horse crop. But what really had Calatoria's attention was the rope around her slender neck.

Antonio had threaded the rope through a hole in the post directly behind the struggling girl's throat. On the ends of the rope on the back of the post was a smooth stick. The rope was wrapped around the victim's throat and the stick was twisted slowly making the rope grow tighter and tighter. Calatoria pulled and twisted her head as the Garrote slowly closed off her throat

Calatoria no longer cared about her wide-spread legs or even that Arnetti was prodding and poking his dirty fingers into her virgin pussy. She didn't care about the crop that slapped viciously against her olive skin. She felt all of this of course; the groping hands, the pain of the crop across her firm tits, but the rope was growing tighter cutting off the flow of blood to her brain. Her eyes grew wide, her pink tongue protruded from her open mouth as she struggled for a breath. Her entire body shook and twitched. This was what Arnetti had been waiting for. He stood up between the bucking body of the tormented girl and shoved his cock into the moist velvet of her tight virgin pussy. The pain from the huge member that savagely rammed into her youthful body made her struggle even harder. She drooled heavily as tears coursed down her cheeks. Arnetti pistoned in and out of her cunt until the tightening garrote cut off the supply of oxygen to her brain.

Calatoria saw spots swimming in her field of vision then all went dark. Her head drooped down as the rope was loosened. The brothers listened closely. Her heart still beat and she still drew breath.

Brutus slapped her across the face repeatedly. The force from his hand twisted her head from side to side."Wake up little whore," he shouted in her ear, "we're not through using you yet!"

After a time she began to stir - her eyes fluttered open. She remembered where she was. Her breath came in short gasps. Utter panic made her voice tremble and her tongue stutter.

"N-no... Please no more... NO-AAAUUUGK" Calatoria begged, but the rope began to tighten against her pretty throat once more, "GUUKKK... GULLL... KA... KAAK... KUK!"

Arnetti was already back inside her body impaling the little 18 year old girl on his cock. They kept her barely conscious now as each man took turns riding her heaving bucking cunt. Three time she felt thick the hot flow of semen pumping her full as each brother brutally fucked her. Soon she dripped with their spent desire. A puddle of warm semen formed on the floor between her legs...

Calatoria, gasping for air, was pulled down from the post and forced to her knees.

"Lick it all up slave," Antonio growled at the horrified girl, "sperm is all you'll get to eat for the next week. If you learn to fuck like a whore and suck cock without scraping it with your teeth, then we'll feed you. We'll rent your pretty young body out to our friends. If you disobey or displease a client, You'll wind up back on the post and wear the garotte around your pretty neck one last time. Would you like that, bitch?"

"No sir, please no. I'll be good I promise..."

Calatoria knew that these men cared little whether she lived or died except for the money and pleasure they could take from her body. She felt Arnetti's hand push her head down until her face was pressed into the wet puddle of cum. Calatoria, her beautiful face twisted in disgust, pain and sorrow, began to slurp up the bitter seed and swallow. Her first day and her first meal as a sex-slave had begun. She didn't look around to see who had knelt down behind her. One of the brothers was hard again and fucking her. He was twisting a thumb in her ass. Calatoria just kept licking the floor as she heard a voice say, "better get used to this whore, every hole you have will soon know the push of cock and the flow of cum."

Calatoria just kept licking the floor until another of the brothers lifted her head up by her hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. She tasted her deflowered pussy juices on his shaft. Soon the leather rod began to fall across her back and ass.

"Don't worry slut," she heard Arnetti say, "You'll have company soon. Your pretty mother and 20 year old sister will be arriving in chains can show them what you've learned about cock and you three prostitutes will teach each other how to eat pussy!"

Nurista and the Empress

Tired of fucking her old husband, Caesar though he was, Empress Giovanna decided it was time to add a little spice to her sex life. Caesar, wishing to keep his young wife happy, sent garrisons of roman soldiers into the conquered lands to capture young slave girls for Empress Nurista's enjoyment. Soon she had fifteen slaves trained and willing to obey her every perverse command. But with each new captured girl, Nurista's sadistic appetite only grew. The Caesar would often watch as a new slave was broken in for his wife. Nurista was the latest.

Stripped of her peasant clothing, the pale blonde beauty had been scrubbed, bathed and shorn of all hair below her head. She was hung suspended from the ceiling in the palace. She smelled faintly of lilac.

Twenty nobles were in attendance to witness the new slave's introduction to a sadistic life of total sexual servitude. "Whip her harder," ceaser commanded, "my wife seems a bit uninterested and we all want to make her happy don't we?"

Giovanna watched from her couch a few feet away as a handsome roman soldier, specially invited for this event, approached the suspended girl. He grabbed Nurista by both hips and spun her around violently. As she spun the soldier began to whip Nurista. The shame of hanging naked before all these people was now compounded by the pain in her wrists and shoulders and now the stinging slash of the whip.

Her original intent had been to defy the pain so as to give Empress Giovanni no pleasure. But things were changing now. The pain was far worse than she had been prepared to withstand.

"AAAAAEEEEE." She heard someone scream and realized it was her own voice...

"Harder," Giovanna said almost whispering. She licked her lips. It was plain that she was excited.

"Hit the little slut with all you've got!"

The soldier did as commanded. The muscles in his whip arm flexed and contracted smoothly beneath the tanned flesh as the whip rose and fell with blinding force. Nurista, twisting and kicking, her shrieks almost unending, had forgotten completely about her nudity in the eyes of so many strangers. She felt like a captured animal in the hands of the trapper slowly being skinned alive.

After a few moments had passed; after the tormentor and the tormented were both covered with perspiration, Giovanna held up her hand.

Breathing hard, the soldier stepped back and surveyed his work. Nurista was marked but most of the marks would heal in time. Her beauty would not be permanently marred.

"Let's see what else we can do with the bitch," the Empress said, "take her down and get her on all fours. She will spend most of her life like a dog, she might as well get used to it now."

Nurista knelt before the Empress who lifted her robes and exposed her shaven pussy to the weeping girl.

Giovanna looked down at the whip-marked girl, "You know what you must do, but you won't like what happens if you don't." Nurista's imagination ran wild with the possibilities the cruel sadistic queen might impose. she leaned forward and tentatively licked. The Empress grabbed the back of Nurista's head and pulled her in close. "Smell it, lick it, eat me bitch or I'll cut off your tits and give them to the butcher to hang in his window!"

Nurista, fearing for her very life now, used her mouth the best as she could. "Take this bitches ass and cunt," the queen shouted, "I have no use for them. Perhaps a few stiff cocks will motivate her to lick my royal slit with a bit more inspiration."

Caeser watched the men line up behind the kneeling Nurista. Her virgin holes were quickly widened. Her pitiful cries, muffled by the meat of her mistress' cunt, did nothing but inspire the men to fuck her with increasing brutality. The more she screamed and struggled the harder she was pounded. The queen ground her pussy into Nurista's face when she finally came. Then she roughly kicked the girl away. "Do with her as you will gentlemen just don't kill her. She's got a good tongue for cunt, let us see if she can suck cock as well!"

The horrible gang-bang went on for another hour before Giovanna finally called it to a halt. By this time Nurista was oozing with cum, her entire body was covered. Even her hair was soaked.

"Now to prove that you are mine forever little Nurista." Giovanna produced a thick, sharp ended ring in one hand. With the other, she cleared away gobs of semen to reveal Nurista's swollen clitoris. The peasant girl marshaled all of her resolve to hold her ground as the golden hoop slid easily through the the clit and out the other side. To this, Giovanna attached a leash.

Then, with Nurista's hands and elbows tied behind her back, the queen led her away. Other slaves were summoned to placate the men who still wanted to continue the orgy, but the queen had other plans for Nurista. There were so many places left to pierce and then of course the queen's brand which each of her personal slaves must wear. Moments later Nurista's screams echoed down the long halls into the room where the orgy still raged. Everyone knew the peasant girl was now a marked and branded royal whore...


The women never stood a chance of escape. They were rounded up quickly and set upon by the men of the victorious army. As history shows; the men fight but the women are fucked.

Gloria, her clothes torn away, was mounted to the big wheel. With each turn of the handle she came closer to the sharp, flesh rending iron spikes.

Amelia was bound to the smaller wheel. With her back painfully arched, a stake had been crudely pushed between her lewdly spread legs and deep into her cunt. A moment later another even thicker stake was pushed past her protesting sphincter and into her rectum. After allowing her to scream for a few moments, Amelia's upturned mouth was filled with a huge cock that pushed down her throat toward her stomach.

"MMMGGH... MMMFFFF". Twisting and fighting against the inexorable ropes that bound her, Amelia could do nothing but endure the triple hole assault as she prayed for a single breath of air.

GHAAAAAAIIIEEEEEE.... NNGGHAAAAAAAA!" The women's horrendous screams were heard over the tumult of the final stages of the fighting on the battlefield. The losing army, helpless to come to their aid, heard their women's torment and quailed at the barbarism of the roman army.

But the fun was only beginning behind the lines as woman after woman was crucified, fucked and tormented in ways that only the cruel roman fighting machine could dream up.

"GHAAAIIIIEEE!" Women screamed and cum flowed over and into the bodies of the captured females as roman soldiers temporarily sated their brutal lust.

Days later, those who survived, wore large yokes around their necks to which their wrists were tied. Around their waists were tight belts of leather. Each belt was attached by chains to another woman. The lines of female flesh, now bound for the slave markets in Rome, stretched on for miles. There were no respite for the slaves. They had to shit and piss while they walked. The snap of whips and resulting shrieks of pain echoed up and down the lines as the girls were cruelly urged to keep up the pace.

At night when the animals slept, the Romans would all take turns choosing their favorite slave women.

"Off your ass barbarian whore", said a soldier to a beautiful 18 year old girl, "Me and my friends got the make sure you still remember how to take a cock in your slut's mouth. Make sure you swallow everything we give you or you'll ride the cross while your pretty friends listen to you moan and wail in anguish!"

The journey to Rome took a over a month. When the exhausted girls finally arrived at the marketplace, they were all well trained in the art of receiving pain and coaxing the cum from a man's balls.

Alicia, Melinda ~ Screams & Cream

Brutally bound, the two beautiful girls were brought before the sadistic senator Targus. These two women were slaves bought at market. They were the spoils of war and no one would miss them or stand up against the perverted treatment the senator had planned for these new girls.

He would turn these two into perfect whores, willing slut's who would satisfy his every craving. He started by suspending Melinda from the ceiling. While her knees rested on a table, he walked around her naked form inspecting her body. He alternated between whipping her with his stiff leather rod and mauling her wonderfully firm breasts and pussy.

"NNNGHAAAH," Melinda screamed and jerked about. Her tits jiggled alluringly from side to side. Her muscles shone through her young flesh as she fought to avoid the next punishing blow from Targus' rod. The sight of her bouncing and bucking drove Targus mad with lust.

He kicked the table out from beneath Melinda and slapped her hard across the face. He left her there dangling and turning slowly.

"See how your friend weeps as her flesh is cut by my rod, "he said to the kneeling Alicia, "listen to her screams of pain as I beat her."

Alicia, clearly frightened by this show of cruelty stared at Melinda's sweating, heaving, red-striped body as it hung from the ceiling like a side of beef at the meat market.

"You can avoid her pain if you wish," Targus lied, "she endures the punishment of a slave who fails to please her master. You can please me if you wish, or you can take her place."

Targus opened his robe revealing the first cock that Alicia had ever seen. It was huge and heavily veined. A long glistening string of pre-cum dripped from it's tip.

"Into you mouth it goes or beside your friend you will hang," he told her, "and rest assured, if I feel one tooth I will pluck out your pretty green eyes, fry them in butter and eat them for dinner. A cum whore doesn't need to see in order to get fucked!"

Fear coursed through Alicia's veins like ice-water. She believed his man's threats were genuine. She'd seen him torment Melinda. She lowered her face and opened her mouth.

Targus gripped her by her ears and pulled her in. She opened her mouth as wide as she could to accommodate the huge prick. "no teeth." she thought desperately to herself, "No Teeth!"

Against the back of her throat it rammed. The smell; the taste made her near to gagging, but cold reason told her that she would survive only by pleasing this horrible man.

He coached Alicia, telling her what to do. She began to massage the underside of his cock with her tongue. She moved her head back and forth taking the monstrous meat deep into her throat. She gagged on it and began to drool heavily. Her eyes watered as her master fucked her throat like a cunt. After a few moments he grew more urgent. He began to slam into her mouth harder. Alicia felt his balls bouncing against her chin.

"Swallow it all slave. Swallow... UUUNNGH!"

A seeming river of hot noxious goo flooded into Alicia's mouth as Targus began to cum. She had a quick fleeting vision of thick snot. She gagged once at this thought but commanded her throat to swallow. She continued to suck Targus until he removed his wilting prick from her mouth.

Then he turned her around and pointed to Melinda who still dangled by her wrists from the ceiling.

"Now your friend, dear," Targus whispered into her ear, "she looks so lonely. I think she wants to play as well. You have a cunt, you've no doubt played with it upon occasion. You know what feels good."

Alicia, still bound, crawled on her knees and nestled her face against her companions crotch. With fearful tenderness, she began to lick. Although Melinda was shamed by her nakedness, covered by the red stinging welts of the leather rod, and full of hate, disgust and fear for this perverted man, she began to respond to Alicia's tongue. Soon her clitoris was thick and full. Alicia found it and began to suckle like a child sucks a mother's nipple. Melinda moaned softly as she felt a fire igniting in her loins. humiliation and utter helplessness washed through her seconds before her orgasm flooded her body and Alicia's mouth.

Targus laughed at the blushing weeping girl who hung writhing in orgasmic seizure.

"You two sluts will do nicely," he said running his hand through Alicia's hair. "You've made me quite hard again little cum puppy. I think it's time I tried your virgin's cunt on for size. Make your friend cum again while I fuck you like the dog you are."

Alicia's scream was muffled by Melinda's cunt when Targus grabbed her hips and roughly tore through her hymen. Soon the girls would trade places. Alicia would hang and feel the whip while Melinda learned to suck. They would learn well in the long years to come how to please both men and women...and one other as they lay in bondage in each other's arms.

Bodicia Tamed and Taken

She was the young queen of ancient Briton. Bodicia had led her people in many battles against the roman armies. After her eventual defeat and capture, she was stripped naked in the public square and flogged. Her captured daughters (aged 18, 20 and 23) who were forced to watch their mother's punishment, were then tied and ravaged in front of a throng of cheering roman soldiers. Bodicia still tied to the whipping post could only beg that her daughters chastity be spared, but this was not to be. Their screams and naked flesh buried beneath the lines of brutish roman soldiers was her only reply...

After the celebration of the victory over the Britons, after the abused daughters of Bodicia were given over to generals as slaves, Bodicia herself was brought to Titrius. It was he who had commanded the legion that captured the warrior queen.

She now lay bound and nude in her own house where she'd raised her now enslaved daughters. On her own bed, Titrius mounted his warrior woman from behind.

"Out of kindness and respect, I would ordinarily use hog's grease to ease my passage into a maiden's ass," Titrius told the struggling Bodicia, "but you are no maiden and you've cost me many thousands of loyal subjects and soldiers, so my 'invasion' of your body shall be painful and slow. You are nothing but a slave-whore now and a warrior queen no longer!"

With one powerful thrust of his hips Titrius buried himself deep in the woman's bowels.

"GHAAAAAA... UUNNGH... AAAAIIIIEEEEEE!" Her shrieks of pain only spurred Titrius' lustful rage. Bodicia felt as though she were being torn apart and ripped asunder by the vicious anal assault.

After what seemed like hours, Titrius grunted loudly, "Here traitorous lioness, is a small portion of the legion's revenge... UUNGH!"

Bodicia felt her bowels begin to fill with hot cum as Titrius emptied himself into her tormented body.

Then, as he dismounted the sodomized slave-queen. Titrius shouted, "Guard, I trust that the lottery has been properly carried out."

"Yes my leige" replied the centurion as he stared with obvious lust at the weeping Bodicia, "500 men have been chosen to entertain your royal whore. They wait on que just outside."

"Very good. You may fuck her first before the others begin but I have two rules that must be obeyed:

1 - She must not be killed, and

2 - No one fucks her cunt. I reserve that honor for later after my feast.

Otherwise you may mark her as desired and cause her as much pain as she can endure. Glaze the bitch with cum. Leave not one square inch of the dog's flesh uncovered by roman seed."

"No," Bodicia pleaded, "Please Titrius. Mercy...Have mercy on me..."

"Mercy?" Titrius replied, "You ask for mercy after you betray our alliance and shed roman blood? Proceed centurion. Hurt her! I want her screams to drown out the memory of the dying screams of the innocent roman citizens that died at her behest!"

Hours later, after 501 men had slathered their cum all over Bodicia's battered body, She was dragged out by her cum-stiffened hair and presented to Titrius. Barely conscious, Bodicia drooled long streams of sperm from between her slack-jawed mouth; her ass flowed rivulets of spent cum. Her naked body shined and glistened in the torchlight.

"Tie her across the table and spread her wide. We will feast with her as our centerpiece."

She was barely recognizable, as she was laid out among the full plates and platters; She was just another piece of meat now. Her beauty was still quite intact and she would heal in time. Titrius would take great pleasure in featuring her as his prize slave at every orgy he would ever attended. She would crawl at his side and greet his special guests with open mouth and parted legs. Her legs were spread open exposing her to the next humiliation she would endure this night.

Finally Titruis mounted the table and, as his men watched and cheered, he drooled mead into her open mouth. She spluttered and gagged, as Titrius pressed his cock against her cunt.

"Prepare yourself, Titus said smiling into her semen covered face, "for another roman invasion my sweet warrior-whore."

"GGHHHUUUUIIIIIEE" She managed to shriek once more as she was impaled on Titius' huge rutting cock.

Once again soldiers cheered as Bodicia, warrior queen, lioness, Amazonian heroine, was reduced to a semen guzzling cum box, enslaved, debased and bound for Rome.

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Janet's First A.T.M.

Upon arriving at the palace of Pascha Adalin, all western women were immediately tied spread-eagle with their legs wide-spread and their sex completely exposed and vulnerable. While the Pascha stood nearby observing the ritual, one of his cruel dark wives would shave the victim's crotch and then slowly sew the white woman's cunt closed. Besides causing great pain to the victim, which the Pascha enjoyed immensely, it also kept all cocks from the new slave's cunt. This removed the possible birth of half-blood offspring.

But though one hole was off limits, filling the remaining two holes of the screaming 18 year old white girl were still quite acceptable.

Janet, an english teacher from Kentucky, was one such unfortunate slave. Abducted and shipped to the ancient stone palace, her cunt was quickly sewn shut. She was immediately hung before the Pascha who greeted Janet with the horse rod. Soon Janet began to forget about the pain in her threaded pussy as her flesh began to burn from the harsh blows from the stiff leather crop.


The Pascha took great pleasure in Janet's struggle against the ropes and her plaintive shrieks as each blow from the crop left another mark across her thighs, stomach or milky white tits.

After half an hour, tied in this uncomfortable twisted bondage, Janet was turned around and her buttocks and back were quickly striped. With her ass so fully exposed and thrust out by the ropes that held her thus, the Pascha wasted little time making use of her rear hole.

"Now western slut," the Pascha told her, "you will learn quickly how to please your master with your asshole. Squeeze my cock as I slide it inside your ass, or you will feel my stallions there instead!"

He grasped her hips and pushed his huge prick against her protesting sphincter. Slimed with lubricant, the Pascha's thick member slid inexorably past the stretching ring of muscle at the entrance to Janet's rectum.

"HHHNNNGHAAA...N-NOOO... YOU'RE TEARING MEEEEEE... AAAAAUUUUGH!" Janet shrieked and shook violently as her nether hole was spread open by the Pascha's marauding manhood. Relishing her pain, he pushed his cock in very slowly, deeper and deeper until his balls rested firmly against her freshly sewn pussy lips.

"Squeeze me now whore," the Pascha commanded his fresh western fuck puppet, "Use your tight virgin ass to milk your master's balls!"

Janet, tears flowing down her cheeks from her large blue eyes, did her best to push the huge cock out of her ass, but this only caused the Pascha more pleasure.

"That's it pretty slut, push all you like, it only let's me come in deeper."

After a few moments of violently pummeling Janet's ass, the Pascha slammed into her one last time and began to cum.

One of his younger wives was quick to position herself directly below Janet's shitter as the Pascha pumped Janet's bowels full of thick hot sperm.

When he pulled out of the distended slave's ass, there was an audible pop as the purple head of his cock slid out of her anus. The wives laughed and tittered at Janet's discomfort, pain and complete humiliation.

Cum began to leak from Janet's asshole. The slave-girl beneath was quick to catch it up into her mouth. Then, fastening her lips firmly around Janet's asshole she began to suck in order to harvest every white-hot drop of the Pascha's royal semen from the white girl's bowels.

Now, with her cheeks full of the white oozing goo, the slave-wife stood before Janet. Two other wives rushed forward to force the hapless white girl's mouth open with wooden tools that resembled shoe horns.

"Swallow it or lick it from my floor, white bitch," Pascha growled, "either way my cum goes down your gullet!"

Try as she might, Janet could not close her mouth with the strong wooden implements forcing her jaws apart. The first young slave-wife leaned in, her brown eyes sparkling, and began to drool her husband's sperm into Janet's widely distended lips. She reached up and squeezed Janet's nostrils closed.

"Swallow or drown western slut," Pascha remarked casually, "it's your choice. If you die, I will have another white whore in your place tomorrow."

Horrified and panic-stricken, Janet's instinct for survival took over. As the Pascha's slave-wife drooled the cum into Janet's mouth, she began to swallow. Disgusted though she was by the knowledge that the thick goo had just been sucked from within her own ass, Janet continued to swallow. She willed herself not to gag or vomit as the last drops of the royal seed slid down her throat.

Finished with her slimy repast, Janet hung there covered with sweat and angry red welts.

"Take this whore and give her my brand," Pascha commanded, "then chain her in the public square on hands and knees. A lottery will give fifty men the honor of filling my new white dog's guts with their sperm!"


Janeera - The Black Plague

"Why do you refuse to do as you are bid, slave?" asked Radijh, the king's slave trainer. "It is senseless to defy your master's wishes!"

She spat heavily into Radijh's face. If he'd been closer she would have bitten him.

All around the king women sprawled awaiting his slightest command. Half-nude, they begged for the honor of serving his most deviant and unpleasant wishes. Their bodies were his to use and he often used them often. But today he was consumed by the rebellious black slave that obeyed no command at all.

The defiant black girl, Janeera, after considerable struggle was stripped naked and tied with her hands above her head and a spreader-bar between her ankles. She was lathered with grease to make her shine and shimmer in the flickering torch light. Every well-toned muscle stood out in sharp relief as the beatings began. Radijh and his assistants left every inch of her perfect body covered with red welts.

Janeera did not struggle, she did not scream. The white slaves that lay at the king's feet had all submitted by this stage of their training. Some had crawled before the king and offered themselves up with no beatings at all. But Janeera was something entirely new to the court. She was the king's first nubian slave girl and she would not break. The king watched intently as Janeera gritted her teeth but uttered no sound.

"When I am done with you," Radijh growled at the black girl, "you will beg to eat your king's shit straight from his royal ass. You will swallow liters of cum rather than fall into my hands again. And if, by some strange chance, you are are not trained and broken, you will dangle by your breasts in the square until you either submit or die of thirst. You will be fucked even if your mouth cannot be trusted. You will feel the cock of every able-bodied man in the kingdom up your ass and in your black bitches cunt!"

"Before you string her up next to the criminals of my court," the king interrupted, "bend her over, I will sample her ass and cunt myself. Are you certain of her virginity, Radijh?"

"Oh yes great king, the physicians have examined her thoroughly. She is untouched."

Janeera was subdued, bent over a nearby fucking bench and tied in place. Radijh spread more grease around Janeera's cunt and asshole to ease the king's access to her body.

Janeera finally began to struggle as the king pressed himself into her tight pussy. She grunted and cursed as he spread her open and thrust past her maiden-head. Then before he came he pulled out and forced himself into her clenched ass. Finally she shrieked in pain as she was speared and violated deep inside. The king pumped furiously as Janeera's glistening breasts heaved back and forth. Her anger only fueled his desire. Soon he slammed into harder than ever as her muscular body milked the cum from his balls.

Standing now and covering himself, the king grabbed a handful of her thick kinky hair.

"How would you like to serve me, black bitch? These weak white whores of my harem need a firm hand. I will put them in your charge and no one but I will ever fuck you again as long as you keep these lazy white sluts submissive and ready to serve. You will train new slaves along with Radijh and wear the royal robes of my kingdom. What say you Janeera?"

Janeera could hardly believe her ears. Although she still dripped the king's quim from her battered ass and violated cunt, she began to feel a flame burn inside her stomach. Janeera detested men, but lusted after women. And such women. All were white and beautiful, weak and complacent. A sadist's dream...

The women looked nervously at the black girl awaiting a response. When she was allowed to stand, Janeera pointed at Claudette, a pretty girl from north America; one of the king's newest slaves.

"I will start with this one. She sits too far from her king and wants to serve him not. She will hang by her ankles with wide-spread legs wide. Tonight she swings with the whip and will learn well the taste of black cunt."

The king laughed and nodded. Claudette, hearing her fate, cringed in one corner as Radijh and his crew dragged the screaming girl by her hair to where Janeera waited.

Janeera, twisted the weeping slave's head around and made her face the king. "You see this man, little white slut?" she said, "he fucked both my holes while you sat and watched. Did you lend me aid? Did you beg for my pardon? Or did it make you wet? You will pay now for my pain and suffering. String her up!!"

Naked, with legs spread wide and her hands bolted to the floor, Claudette felt the rod slam against her upturned cunt over and over. Her perfect body twisted and thrummed violently with each paralyzing blow.

"I am Janeera, the black plague. All of you weak white sluts will answer to me now!"

Grabbing a handful of Claudette's hair, Janeera pulled the girl's face into the wet and still cum-soaked cleft of her cunt. "Lick bitch or I will whip you until your tight pink pussy is bloody and swollen!"

Claudette locked her lips onto Janeera's cunt. She licked and sucked for her life while her own muffled screams and the king's laughter rang in her ears.


Alaniss Dances for the Sheik

Alaniss was a prima ballerina. Famed for her dancing skills, the sheik asked her troupe to come to his country and perform before his royal court. Although the ballet company was willing to go, Alaniss refused.

"I will not entertain that pig" Alaniss scowled, "do you know how those cocksuckers treat their women? They are less than savages. I will NOT GO!!"

One of the other dancers was originally from the middle east. She begged to meet with the sheik. Once there she told him what the haughty Alaniss had said. That night Alaniss disappeared from her posh New York penthouse. Now she dances and submits naked and tormented to the audience of the mighty and powerful shiek whom she had so carelessly insulted.

"P-please master," Alaniss begged, "I can stay on my tip-toes no longer. My calves are burning and sore."

"Imagine my burning anger when I heard of your insults, bitch," replied the sheik casually, "besides you've only been there for a couple of hours. Perhaps you like the sting of the whip better."

She heard the shriek of the whip as it arced toward her body. Her shrieks followed quickly as the whip sliced across one ample breast.


She stood on her toes once again. She wept bitter tears regretting the night she had insulted this man and refused to perform for him. She would no longer grace the great posh stages throughout Europe and North America. She danced now only for her master, the sheik, and his guests.

She twisted slightly from side to side as she struggled to remain on her toes as commanded. Her large and perfectly formed breasts wiggled up and down, side to side as she fought to obey her harsh master's will.

"I believe it is time for you to learn another dance sweet Alaniss," said the shiek rising from his chair, "This dance takes place with your body impaled on my cock."

He disrobed and Alaniss saw the largest penis she'd ever seen. She gasped as Misha, a dark slave girl, ran forward and began to stroke and suck the sheik to full erection.

"No! can't be serious...that will never fit inside my pussy. Please master let me lick it let me make you cum all over this unworthy whore's face. But please don't fuck my pussy. It's too big!"

"Since you are a new slave and not educated in our ways," the sheik replied wryly, "you will be treated kindly at first. So I will grant your wish. Your cunt will be left alone for now."

Then grabbing her hips and swinging her around, the sheik laughed, "besides, it is your ass I will widen tonight!"

Huge, thick and dripping with pre-cum and Misha's saliva, the sheik slammed his prick against Alaniss's asshole like a battering ram. Misha slave spread Alaniss's ass cheeks apart to help the shiek gain access to this truly tight hole.

Alaniss finally danced to the sheik's liking as he forcefully sodomized his prima ballerina for the first time. Deep into her bowels she felt the monster meat tunnel. She bounced and leapt about in a dance of pure pain and anguish. The dark slave giggled as Alaniss shrieked and the shiek grunted.

Alaniss felt as though she was being split up the middle by her master's rampant assault. When he came, she felt as though an animal, not a man, was filling her insides with hot seed.

When the cock finally began to wilt and withdrew from Alaniss's stretched and ruined ass, the dark slave positioned a glass bowl beneath the weeping ballerina. It quickly filled with the shiek's cum.

"On her face Misha," said the shiek, "and in her hair and eyes. This western bitch shall feel the full force of my wrath as my cum dries upon her visage."

Misha, as commanded, poured the thick sperm into Alaniss's face hair and eyes. She rubbed in and spread it around. The salty cum stung Alaniss's eyes.

"Good little slave, Misha. Now put the leather hood over her head and tie it firmly around her neck. Then bring three other slave girls. Give them all whips. Alaniss will dance like never before and she will sing a great song of pain as well. Hurt her like no other slave you've ever seen here. This filthy white bitch hasn't even begun to regret her insults. Also bring in my Arabian stallion. Perhaps he will be the first in this land of 'pigs' to enjoy the pink cunt of my new whore."


500 Arabian Knights

Gina had always been a bad wife. Even on her wedding night, she had refused to fuck her husband Arthur.

"Jerk it off if you have to Arthur," she said with a disgusted tone, "just don't get any of your nasty cum on me."

Then, to add to her husband's anger and embarrassment, Arthur came home early one day and caught his errant wife Gina naked and sweaty on her hands and knees while the pool boy pounded her from behind. Startled at first, the pool boy pulled his frothy cock out of Gina's cunt and was ready to run out.

"Never-mind him boy," Gina said through half lidded eyes, "slam that cock back into my pussy. Show my limp-dicked husband can see how a real man fucks his wife."

Arthur, too stunned to speak only stared as he watched his beautiful wife pummeled by the pool boy.

Arthur left the grunting treacherous bitch behind. He went to his study and made a very important phone call.

"Hello, middle-east exports...Ummff...Can I help you?" It was a woman's voice, soft and languid. She was grunting lightly. It sounded like she was being fucked. The very sound of her made Arthur hard.

"Yes, have an item of great interest that you may purchase, if you wish" Arthur told the woman, "I wish to barter this item for another of it's kind but only a bit more...uhm...refined. Are you interested?"

"We...aaahh...are always interested. Please e-mail a few photos of the piece to: middle_east_exportsLTD@.... We'll get back to you very...uuuhmmm...soon with a selection for you and a pick up date at our earliest convenience."

Two nights later, while Arthur supposedly worked late came a knock at the door. Gina, expecting a pizza and the delivery boy's cock, shouted, "Come on in, the door's wide open and so am I!"

The door burst open. Three men came rushing in and grabbed Gina. She wore only a sheer see-through negligee which left nothing to the imagination. Her expected evening of steaming cheese and pumping pepperoni had come to an abrupt and very unexpected end.

Gina struggled helplessly in the iron grip of the men who held her. "She's ready boss," one man shouted. Through the front door walked an absolutely beautiful woman with bright flashing green eyes. Gina guessed that she was about 30 years old. There was something in her gaze that frightened Gina. She stood before Gina and cupped the brunette's breasts in the palms her long nailed hands.

"My name is Isolda, I am your new owner and trainer," the woman said to Gina in a very matter-of-fact manner, "You've been a very bad bitch and must be dealt with. You are going to become a very servile and obedient slave. In my country, white cunts like you are very popular especially if they need harsh treatment.

"EEEIIIGH" Isolda pinched each of Gina's nipples eliciting a squeal of pain from the surprised and frightened girl. Gina tried to regain her haughty in-charge demeanor, and began to protest, but the heavy sedative in the hypodermic needle went into one firm ass cheek before she could say a word. Five seconds later her world began to darken and Gina slipped into a drug induced slumber.

"Sleep well little one," Isolda said smiling, "you are tumbling down the rabbit's hole."

Days later Gina awoke suddenly as smelling salts were waved under her nose. She tried to rise but found herself securely tied to a cushioned block of wood in a large room. Her head and ass were both at waist level. She was utterly naked and exposed. She had a sinking feeling in her stomach which descended even lower when she noticed Arthur and Isolda sitting side-by-side in wicker chairs in front of her.

"Welcome back bitch," Arthur said harshly, "I put up with your bull-shit for awhile but that stunt with the pool-boy was really the last straw. You've been replaced, whore."

Arthur clapped his hands. A girl who looked exactly like Gina ran into the room and knelt before the bound girl.

"I'm your replacement," said the girl, "I've been surgically altered to look just like you but I've also been trained to know my place." The Gina clone turned and knelt before Arthur. She unbuckled his trousers and pulled them down to his ankles. Then, gently and skillfully, she began to nurse his cock to a full erection. She took his prick into her mouth, her head bobbed up and down as she serviced her new master.

Now Gina's training began. Isolda shouted, "Amhabad, bring in your men."

Gina glanced nervously over her shoulder. A seemingly endless line of men had formed in the hallway. Slavegirls knelt and kept the men hard until it would be their turn with Arthur's ex-whore wife. Each of the men carried whips, clamps, crops or some other device of torture and pain.

Gina tried to beg at first, blubbering and crying but Arthur was enjoying himself too much to care.

The first man, his cock hard and slick with a slavegirl's saliva, pushed his cock into Gina's ass while another kneeling slave girl guided it's head into her virgin ass.

"UHH...UHHH...GHAAA...N-NOOOOAAAAAUUUUGHHH!" Gina screamed as the first of 500 men introduced her to her new place in life. Isolda sat next to Arthur watching his ex while man after man pleasured himself in one hole or the other. Isolda had a finger up her cunt and was masturbating slowly. When these men were done covering and filling Gina with cum, she would hose her off. Then the women would have their turn at this white western bitch. First the piercing and branding; then Gina's first lesson in sucking cunt...


Diane Goes on a Diet

"She's too big around the middle for me...too lazy. She can't suck cock properly because she's always got food in her mouth. Do something with this fat American cow."

These were the words Diane, now called "piglet" by her middle eastern master, heard before the horror began. She had thought that if she became fat that her harsh master would not fuck her quite so frequently. She didn't stop to wonder why all the other slaves, black, brown and white, were all in such perfect physical condition. She was about to find out...

Dumar, the sheik's slave trainer, dragged Diane into the room known as the Chamber of Pain. Stripped bare with wrists bound above her head, the whippings began. Diane screamed and danced wildly trying to dodge the vicious blows from Dumar's rod.

"Welcome to the health club, pig," Dumar shouted above her squeals, "Not quite like your posh American spas. But still the same in one way: No Pain, No Gain. Now DANCE, BITCH!

Diane had once been in prime condition. She had run in marathons, she could squat 250 pounds, and bench press 225. Her abs were washboard hard. The sheik had paid more for her than any woman in his sizeable harem. So when she forced herself to get fat and let herself go, the sheik had naturally called upon Dumar.

After her initial whipping, Dumar attached electrodes to Diane's nipples and clit with sharp alligator clips. The attachment alone was torture enough but then came the electric current. Dumar would sit and watch Diane while Felicia, one of his personal slaves, slowly sucked his cock. He loved to watch Diane's tits jiggle as she bounced and flopped around in her hi-voltage bondage.

"Good whore," Dumar laughed at the tormented girl, "you sweat well. I think I'll leave you there until Felicia makes me cum. She is highly trained and could take an hour to suck the seed from my balls." Dumar reached over to the table and cranked up the voltage. The electric current was so strong now that Diane couldn't even scream. She heaved and bucked wildly on the verge of madness as the electricity slammed through her sweat-soaked body and boiling brain.

After 30 minutes of varying voltage, Dumar turned off the voltage but left the painful clamps in place.

"Felicia still hasn't made me cum. I'm very close though. Tell me Diane, would you like the honor of swallowing my cum or shall I fuck your whore's ass. I know...I'll do both!"

Felicia, still kneeling, helped guide Dumar's shaft into Diane's asshole.

"AAUUGH...GGHAAAA..." Diane screamed of course, like all anal virgins do when a cock as big as Dumar's slides past a tightly contracted sphincter muscle. She struggled to push it out. He just pushed harder. Meanwhile, Felicia busied herself by licking Diane's cunt and especially her clitoris. Through the haze of sharp pain from the monster cock that pummeled past her rectum and deep into her bowels, Diane felt the tingling pleasure of Felicia's tongue on her clit.

Her tormented body was a traitor. She felt Felicia lick and suck, nibble and bite. Pleasure began to wash over her in waves. She contracted her ass and diaphragm wildly as her orgasm shook her. This only increased Dumar's pleasure who was still rooted balls deep in her ass. Diane's cunt flooded Felicia's mouth. She held it in her cheeks. Then, standing, Felicia spat her cargo of cunt cum into Diane's open mouth and onto her face.

Shamed and humillated; dripping with her own juices, Diane was still being slammed by Duram's horse sized member. Moments later, he began to cum. He pulled his cock roughly out of Diane's ass, causing her to shriek again. "Take my cock into your mouth pig, swallow your shit and my cum...UUUNNNGH!"

Dumar came in waves. Felicia gently tickled and massaged his balls while she licked deep between the crack of his ass. His shaft disappeared down Diane's gagging throat. Spurting sperm and the taste of her own feces assailed Diane's senses. The hot slimy load shot into her stomach. She tried to breath once causing globs of Dumar's load to divert into her airway. Diane spluttered and coughed nearly drowning in semen. Tears flooded from her blue eyes as she vomited on Dumar's cock. Finally they lowered her down into her own filth.

After Diane had caught her breath, it was time for more calisthenics. Felicia wore a large blue rubber strap-on dildo. "Ungh" Diane grunted once as Felicia's dildo slammed into her ass. Lying on the stone floor there with her bowels stuffed once again, Dumar commanded Diane to do 100 push-ups while Felicia rode her. With every completed rep, Felicia pounded her blue dildo into Diane's ass. Sweat poured and pooled on the floor as Diane struggled to follow orders. When she slowed, she felt the leather rod on her calves.

Two months passed while Diane endured Dumar's hellish workouts. She learned the humiliation of running with her naked breasts tied to a horse through the city streets, doing a thousand sit-ups in the village square, cracking rocks in the quarry with a pic-axe and pleasuring men and women alike with her ass and mouth. Only her cunt was reserved for the sheik. When returned, Diane looked better than when she was first purchased. She dropped immediately to her hands and knees pleading to be accepted back into the sheik's house....

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Alita - Revenge of Buradoon

Buradoon was a great barbarian warrior. He had survived unscathed all the dangers that Caesar and the coliseum had to offer. In awe of the great Buradoon, Caesar made him a foolish offer.

"Ask anything great gladiator," Caesar proclaimed before the gathered crowd, "and it shall be yours."

Buradoon considered this offer and replied, "I will have my freedom, a villa with slaves and money, and your youngest daughter brought to me on a cross this moment for all the arena to see."

Alita grasped her father's sleeve, "please father not this. The barbarian gladiator will torture me in front of the entire coliseum. Please father no!"

Caeser realized too late his foolish offer had sentenced his 18 year old daughter to the whims of Buradoon.

Weeping openly, Caesar motioned for the guards. Struggling futily calling to her father, Alita was tied to a rough wooden cross in the center of the arena. As she hung there struggling to breath, the barbarian began to beat her with his whips. Her screams were heard in the streets outside the coliseum.

"For my dead wife and daughter you will suffer,' he said, "Long and slow shall your torment be, little whore. For you are now just a fuck toy and you belong to me! You will soon know well how best to milk my cum." Some of those who watched the naked princess suffer and squirm found themselves aroused. Men grew hard and stiff with lust. Women licked their lips at the sight of Caesar's precious young daughter brought low before them all. For a full half hour Alita screamed at the harsh ministrations of Buradoon's animal rage. No part of her body was spared the whips. Even her once beautiful face was now scarred and cut by the whips. When her voice was hoarse and she was near to fainting, Buradoon cut the ropes that held her to the cross. She fell roughly to the ground. Alita thought that perhaps her ordeal was over. She might go home now, humiliated and covered with scars that would heal in time, but home...

"Bring my chariot with more rope and your fastest horses." Buradoon ordered.

The barbarian dragged Alita to her feet. "Stand still young whore. Your life as a pain-slut has only just begun."

Shaking and weeping weakly, Alita's hands were tied behind her back at the wrist. Then her elbows were drawn together and secured. Her chest thrust forward to relieve the pressure on her shoulders. Now her small firm breasts were the target of Buradoon's cruel intent. Round and round he wrapped thin cords, encircling her tits. So tight were the leather cords, that soon the two bound orbs began to turn pink then purple as the flow of blood was cut off. A long rope was run through the cords that crossed her breasts. This was then tied to the back of the chariot. Caesar, and all who watched, understood now what the cruel barbarian planned to do. Alita saw as well. "N-NO Please great Buradoon," Alita begged, "spare me this torment."

"My wife and daughters pleaded for their lives," Buradoon replied, "as your roman soldiers ravaged their broken bodies. They screamed in pain. Then, instead of letting them live, your soldiers drove spears into the ground and lifting my women up, impaled them alive. My daughters were shafted through their cunts and out their mouths. They lived for hours thus impaled. I was forced to watch as my wife and daughters wriggled like fish on the length of your roman spears. I will spare you not, whore. No pain that I can devise will you escape!"

Buradoon mounted the chariot and whipped his horses. Slowly at first, Alita jogged around the coliseum floor bound by her tits to the chariot. Then Buradoon gradually increased his speed until Alita was running as fast as she could with her long blond hair flying out behind her. Finally it happened, Alita, unable to use her bound arms for balance, stumbled. Buradoon now whipped the horses into a full gallop. Alita was dragged half way around the Arena before he came to a full stop. Alita's tits were bleeding and bruised. But they would heal. Buradoon had a lifetime of pain planned for Alita. He released her tits from the rope and pulled her ass toward him. He slapped her firm flanks a few times to get her full attention. Then he pulled the animal skins that he wore to one side and let his erect cock swing free. Alita was a virgin and had never even seen a cock. She wondered absent mindedly what it was. Buradoon spat into the crack of his Alita's ass to provide a little lubrication. It slid down to the rosy petals of her sex. Buradoon slathered it around with the dripping head of his cock then, holding Alita by her hips, slid inexorably, inch by inch into the warm virgin hole.

Her screams were new and fresh again even though Buradoon was being strangely gentle. "I can't damage you too badly here little screamer, for you will bear me children to replace those who died when Rome invaded my land and slaughtered my wife, sons and daughters. When you are pregnant, I will make use of your ass, and you will learn to suck the full length of my cock, or I will tear your teeth out with pliars to make your mouth as soft and warm as is your cunt. Do you understand your place slave? Do you see my revenge?"

"AAAIEEEEEE!!" Alita, feeling her maiden-head rent and torn, shrieked once more. Then weeping, "mercy master, I will bear your children. I will satisfy your lust. I will be the instrument of your revenge..."


Taming the Service Animal

Darisa was taken as she walked between villages with bread and sweetmeats for sale. The slave traders set upon her. She tried to run but the nets they threw were all too accurate. The 18 year old virgin was quickly hogtied and hidden among the carpets and food also being brought to market. The truly "sweet-meat" was weeping around a thick gag in the back of the dirty dusty wagon bound for market...

Once safely away from civilization and prying eyes, the slave traders each took turns with the screaming pleading girl widening her ass and filling her with cum, but they left her cunt whole and pure. Virgins were worth twice that of a common whore. The men also had enough sense to keep their cocks away from her mouth. Her white teeth were long and sharp and untrained slaves had been known to bite.

Two days later at the market, Darisa and the other slave-girls, naked and afraid, were inspected and tested.

"I think I want this one," said a pretty dark-haired girl to a man who stood nearby. The woman, young and beautiful, caressed one of Darisa's firm breasts while the man patted her rump.

"She's firm all over and well muscled." remarked the dark haired girl, "she'll do well in the fields and in the bedroom. Probably be a good breeder too."

They were looking at Darisa who had begun to weep. "Yes sister," the man replied, "she is very pretty. Look at her tears, she'll be especially fun to break." Reading the sign around Darisa's neck it was plain to see that the slave was a virgin and still a teenager.

The market was soon active. Bids were placed for goats, pigs, horses and other assorted animals. Soon it was time for the human livestock to take center stage. Darisa was shackled and dragged up onto the block in the city. She stood tall with her perfect body shining in the late morning sun. The auctioneer barely had time to start the bidding before offers were shouted out for a chance to own the red-haired youth. A fresh virgin farm girl with Darisa's looks was a great prize.

The brother and sister, Tomas and Julia were twins. They were the ones who had inspected Darisa so fully in the stables earlier that morning. They had pooled their money hoping to get one perfect slave instead of two broken down old whores. Darisa was their idea of perfection. The bidding reached a fever pitch but was soon over as the twins led Darisa away in chains. Still naked, she was pulled through the jealous throng of onlookers who had wanted this wonderful girl for their own. quickly they led the girl to the first hotel they could find and went to work breaking her in.

"You're here to eat cock and cunt bitch," Julia said as she whipped Darisa's ass. "Turn her around brother, and hold her tight. I want to give those magnificent tits of hers a little attention." Darisa began to scream as Julia began to swing with all the strength she could muster. "Cum is your reward, slut, and we've waited for a whore like you for quite some time!"

"AUUUUGH...I don't know what you want...please stop...NNGHAAAA!" Darisa begged

"On your knees whore," Julia commanded, "and see how it's done."

Julia knelt before her twin and took his cock into her mouth. " taste good always!"

Darisa was shocked to see brother and sister engaged in sexual congress but even more horrified when Julia pulled her by the hair and demanded that Darisa take the slick, dripping cock into her own mouth.

At first Darisa tried to resist, turning her head to one side. Julia slapped her hard, "either you suck the cum out of my brother's balls or we sell you to the whore-house in town. There you will be fucked for days on end without a break. Your cunt and ass will be raw and oozing cum all day and night. You choose bitch. There's another auction tomorrow. Do you want to go back on the block?"

Darisa, face drenched with tears, stared for another second at the drooling bobbing man-meat that hovered mere inches before her pretty lips. She opened her mouth and leaned forward. The salty slick taste of pre-cum smeared across her tongue. She gagged slightly at it's taste but remembered Julia and the whip that waited nearby. "No teeth on my brother's cock you stupid peasant. One mark, and I'll slide hooks through your pretty tits and hang you screaming from the ceiling. Even then we'll still fuck your worthless ass!"

Darisa was careful to obey. She had every reason to believe Julia's terrible threats of torture and humiliation.

Soon, she was spun around. She felt Tomas' cock press against her virgin cunt. Julia licked her lips as Tomas, with some difficulty, forced himself into her tight pussy. Darisa screamed as he thrust into her young body. She looked imploringly up at Julia, but was answered only by the sight of spread legs and a wet cunt.

"Suck the kitty bitch. It's your only friend now. You're nothing but a collection of warm holes to fill with cum..."


Bitch in Heat

Clarissa was responsible for acquiring new wife-slaves for her husband. She was also the one who broke them for service. She was quite brutal and more than just a little bisexual.

She stood with her hand on one hip coolly regarding the woman on the floor. "You heard me, you red-haired whore," Clarissa said, "get over here and lick that pussy."

The blonde had quickly submitted. She was frightened by Clarissa and her whip. She would do anything, no matter how perverse to avoid pain. She had already tasted both Clarisa's cunt and her new husband's cum. But Rachel, the red-haired girl was a tougher nut to crack.

"I won't do it," she said weeping, "you can't be serious. You're a woman like me. How can you be so cruel?"

"I'm nothing like you stupid bitch," Clarissa sneered, "you're dog meat while I am the first wife of a roman senator. And speaking of dogs..."

Clarissa whistled loudly. Two very large hairy dogs trotted over to sit at her side. "This is Malto and Brutalis. They have met with snotty bitches like you before, Rachel. They've been trained to fuck just before they start to eat you. They take small bites to make the experience last. It's quite entertaining to watch a woman fucked and eaten at the same time. The screams are always very stimulating. I don't really care which choice you make, cunt. Just bear in mind that Malto and Brutalis have been trained to make sure that you will last for hours while we watch you slowly torn to pieces. They are always hungry and ready to fuck on command."

The dogs regarded. Their red eyes stared into her soul as they growled and drooled.

Rachel looked with horror at the two immense animals. She could see their pink cocks extending wet and shining from their hairy sheaths. These animals would no doubt do exactly as Clarissa had described.

Rachel, wanting no part of the dogs, slowly and carefully rose up on her knees and crawled to the blond that squatted awaiting any order that she might be given.

"You choose wisely, Rachel. Now bury your face in her crotch. You know what feels good, you're no virgin. Pleasure our blond friend. She's been a very good slave and deserves a reward. When you've made her cum, you get a chance to use that tongue on me. First you'll lick the crack of my ass, sticking your tongue way up inside. Then you will gently suck my clit 'til I cover your pretty slut's face with my squirt. Then, of course, my husband has a load of sperm for your dessert. And don't even think about biting. If you use your teeth; my dogs will use theirs..."

Rachel wept as she tasted pussy for the first time.

As the months turned into years, Rachel became more enthusiastic in her duties, especially after she saw a new slave who wouldn't be trained given to the dogs.

This was a roman orgy in all it's horrible brutality. Rachel had buried her face in Clarissa's cunt trying to drown out the savage growling and the desperate screams of the doomed slave-girl. A head bobbed in every lap in the room, licking slurping and sucking as the masters and mistresses watched the savage melee. Everyone laughed and cheered until the dogs were called off. The brutalized slave lay on the floor breathing heavily. Eventually she was hanged by her ankles. Clarissa handed Rachel a long black whip.

"Show her Rachel," Clarissa whispered, "show her how we deal with disobedience."

Rachel began to whip the nameless slave. Clarissa summoned another slave-girl named Astonia, to suck Rachel as she whipped the screaming heaving slave. Cheers and laughter rose again as slave tormented slave. Rachel was truly broken to serve...


Sarah - Innocence turned to Hard-Core Cum-Slave

Sarah sat on the table naked, dejected and afraid as the men bargained over her as though she were only a lowly animal. And, in fact, that's all she really was. The horses and camels of the nobleman Dracha, were worth twice as much as any slave. But Dracha had always wanted to feel his cock sliding into tight young virgin flesh, so he bargained with the man.

"True," the slave trader said, "this young girl of 18 summers is new and untrained, but she is also unstained. She is prime virgin cunt taken from noble stock during the last war against the Britons. Look at her lovely tits her firm supple flesh. Now imagine her screams and cries as she struggles to keep your cock out of her ass. It's almost too much to bear. Such beauty and available at such a great price."

"Yes she is a fine looking piece of ass," Dracha countered "but I have no time to train a fresh slave."

"I was told that you are an honest man Dracha, so let me make you a special offer. As you can see, these other two whores are fully trained. Listen how Askira moans like a dog in heat as Drealla licks and suckles at her cunt. I will lend you these two bitches to help train this fresh slave. You can have them to use any way you see fit for one month. You may fuck them. You may torture them. Even make them fight and fuck each other. They are very entertaining. Just don't kill them unless you wish to pay to replace them. While they're here, they will also train this quiet little virgin."

Then, to the blonde he said, "You'll do a good job turning this little bitch into a complete slut won't you Askira?"

"Yes master," she answered, "we live only to please you. Command us that we may fulfill your wishes."

"I'll take her then at the agreed price," Dracha said as he stroked the trembling girl's firm stomach.

At a nod from Dracha, Askira went to work on Sarah immediately. She stood up, her cunt still dripping from Drealla's expert tongue, and wrapped a thick handful of Sarah's hair in her fist.

"OWWW...STOP...AAAUUUGH!" Sarah screamed as Askira pulled her roughly off the table and slammed her onto the cold stone floor.

"Drealla" said the slave trader, "Dracha has seen you lick cunt, now prove to him that you're not just a pussy eating lesbian. Suck him slowly while Askira begins training little Sarah."

With one slave sucking his cock and two other naked slaves on the ground fighting, Dracha was soon very hard and close to orgasm. Askira rode on top of Sarah's chest. She punched and twisted Sarah's tits and slapped her face. Sarah screamed and, though she bucked and twisted like a snake, she could not escape the expert torment of the blond Askira.

Presently Drealla felt Dracha' cock spasm. She opened her mouth and surrounded the head of his cock with her supple lips. Then she reached underneath and gently tickled his balls. Drealla's mouth quickly filled with a huge amount of thick hot goo as Dracha emptied himself into her sucking mouth.

Drealla rose and went quickly to Askira who was still tormenting Sarah. Askira opened her mouth and Drealla slowly drooled the warm semen into her awaiting mouth. Drealla stepped back as Sarah continued to scream and fight to get away from the blond girl who rode on top of her. She never even noticed that Askira's mouth was now quite full of her master's cum.

Askira grabbed both of Sarah's tits and twisted them hard clenching and digging her nails into the succulent globes of feminine flesh.


As soon as Sarah's mouth had opened, Askira spat Dracha's entire load into her mouth. Sarah, wide eyed with pain, and cringing from the horrible taste of Dracha's cum. Started to spit the semen out.

"If one opalescent drop of your master's cum slides onto the floor," Askira threatened Sarah, "and I'll shit and piss in your mouth instead. Now swallow it all you worthless pig!"

With tears of shame and disgust streaming down both sides of her face, Sarah gagging and coughing, managed to swallow the entire cargo of cum down her throat.

"Now for the real surprise Sarah," Askira said to the weeping girl, "I really am going to shit in your mouth."

Sarah, desperate to flee, struggled valiantly; but was quickly tied spread-eagle. Her sweat-sheened body was spread open tightly and without defense. Her mouth was pried wide open by a small vice.

Askira went first. She squatted over Sarah's mouth and grunting slightly, let nature take it's course.

After everyone had purged onto the trembling girl's body, they left her lying in a pool of human waste.

"We'll play with her more after dinner," Dracha said, "After you clean her up, I'd like to see Drealla and Askira suspend my little angel by her wrists and whip both sides of her body at once.

"As you wish master,"Drealla said submissively, "your simplest pleasure is our greatest task..."


Daughter Enslaved - The Ultimate Betrayal

Lucinda walked out of the baths fresh and perfumed looking like the goddess Athena from Olympus. Barely 18, She'd inherited her parents fortune and was now very rich. Her parents had been killed in a raid on the small town near the border with Germania. They'd found her father's head on a spike in the town square and assumed that Lucinda's mother lay among the charred pile of unrecognizable bodies that smouldered nearby.

The sun shone perfect and clear on this fortunate young flower that drifted carefree through the streets of her beloved roman city. But fortunes come and then go; some more quickly than others.

Lucinda noticed a shadow trailing in her footsteps. The early morning sun made it appear slanted and mis-shapen then another joined alongside the first. More than a little anxious, Lucinda decided to take a side alley back to the main streets where there were people and safety. The way grew narrow. Around the last turn she could hear furtive footsteps growing closer. The next corner and she faced a dead-end. She turned and saw the men standing there. No way out...Lucinda shouted for help.

A door behind her opened, "quickly young mistress," said a familiar woman's voice, "come inside."

Lucinda leapt for the door. It closed behind her with a slam. She was frightened and shaken up, but at least she was safe, or so she thought. She turned to thank her unknown benefactor when a savage slap across her face knocked her dazed to the ground. "Sorry baby, but after they killed your father, I promised to do anything to save my life; even if it meant turning my little girl into a whore too."

Lucinda looked up in horror at a ghost. It was her mother Analissa. Everyone had assumed her dead and buried but here she stood. The man who had knocked Lucinda to the ground laughed a little as he opened the door. The two men who had herded her into the blind alley stepped inside. They grabbed Lucinda by her hair, systematically but carefully removing her expensive raiment. Her mother stood nearby and began to remove her robe. Lucinda looked up at her nude mother. Her pussy had a huge golden hoop as did her nipples and nose. She had been branded with a cruel X inside a circle on her left hip and again on her stomach. Although still a beautiful woman at 35, Analissa had obviously been used hard and trained relentlessly.

"Put the little bitch on stage right now," said the man with the heavy backhand, "the crowd is getting restless."

Lucinda was dragged away naked and confused to a small room with a large curtain along one wall.

Suddenly the curtain was pulled aside and Lucinda saw a hundred faces staring up at her and the two men who held her. The crowd applauded as Lucinda, fighting and kicking, was tied ankles to wrists.

"AAAAUUUGH...MMMFFF...GKKLL..." Lucinda screamed as one man forced his cock into her wriggling ass. When her mouth was opened wide, the other man gagged her with his own massive prick.

Her mother walked smiling onto the stage and warned her daughter, "Don't even think about biting dear. They'll use you with or without teeth; see?" Analissa opened her mouth and removed a set of white wooden teeth. "They pulled mine out when I tried to bite one of them. That's alright though. I suck cock and cunt much better without my teeth."

Analissa stepped down off the stage. Lucinda saw her kneel before a man who dropped a gold coin in her hand. Lucinda, being fucked hard by these two savages, feeling as though her insides were being torn and shredded, watched her mother open the man's robes and bob up and down taking the entire length of his prick into her throat. Lucinda, crying from shock and the anguish of the anal assault was careful not to bite as the thick cock pounded against the back of her throat.

Meanwhile her mother, Analissa, had already moved on to another customer. This one was a woman. She rode Analissa's face like a racehorse until she squirted hard all over Analissa's face and chest. Then she led the kneeling woman by her nose ring back upon to the stage.

"Here's another gold coin bitch," she told Analissa, "suck your girl's cunt. Make the weepy little bitch cum."

Just above the cock that still pounded into Lucinda's ass, her mother, a broken and trained slave slut, went to work on her own daughter's pussy. The crowd cheered wildly as mother and daughter began to heave and buck as Lucinda began to cum while both men's spewed their cum onto her face and in her mouth.

"Time for audience participation ladies and gentlemen. Our new slave needs to be broken-in. It's 5 coins to fuck her mouth, 15 for her ass, 25 to brand the bitch, and 100 to screw her virgin cunt. Who's first?"

Seats emptied quickly as the line began to form. Coins changed hands and Lucinda began to scream...

Posted on November 11th, 2010

Baltazar and the Maiden

Baltazar had won her fairly in a game of chance. Veronica had stood naked and roped to a nearby pillar next to seven other white women as the men gambled to own one of the new women. Veronica had no idea how she'd gotten here. All she remembered was a late walk home in the dark from her college, then hands everywhere and finally the prickly sting of a hypodermic needle into blackness.

Now Baltazar had her bent over the arm of his sofa.

"Go ahead and scream you worthless American slut," he chided her, "you've already used your cunt with one of your college cocks, but your tight ass has never been tapped!"

Veronica did not understood a word of this harsh evil man, but she needed no urging to scream as his monstrous cock slid past her clenched sphincter, into her rectum and deep into her bowels.


She struggled with all her considerable strength but Baltazar was easily stronger and bent her to his will like a terrier shakes a rat.

He pounded her mercilessly for ten minutes before he felt the cum rise and boil in his balls.

He pulled out of her ass painfully fast and quickly spun her around.

"Open your mouth whore...Open..."

Veronica could smell her shit on his cock; she also saw blood where he'd torn past her sphincter.

She also knew what he wanted even though she couldn't understand his words.

Repulsed, Veronica turned her head. Her refusal was awarded with a vicious slap to her face. With stars dancing in her head, Baltazar pulled her around to face his huge prick again. This time he doubled up a fist and shook it at her.

Fear and utter humiliation coursed through her veins as she opened wide.


He filled her mouth and throat with cum almost immediately. Veronica, gagged at the taste and the sheer volume of the noxious cum cocktail that swirled around her tongue. She coughed and sperm erupted from her nose leaving twin trails down her upper lip. She swallowed hard trying not to drown.

Finished with her now, Baltazar jerked her up by her hair and punched her hard in the stomach. Veronica drooled saliva, semen and tears as she doubled up on the floor. He chained her ankle to a bolt in the floor.

"I will return later bitch, to see just how loose your cunt really is. Now that I've broken in your ass and mouth, I think a nice thick fist up your fuck-tunnel will be the perfect end to the first day of the rest of your worthless life!"


Amanda's Sacrifice

Sandra and Amanda sat tied on the Emir's sofa. He whipped them with vicious strokes of his horse crop. Their skin, lightly tanned by the California sun, soon showed multiple marks from the relentless abuse.

"Two new bitches for my collection," the Emir laughed as the twins screamed. They'd never before known pain. Up until now they had been the pampered daughters of an American oil investor in the middle east, but when his wells came up dry, he fell into massive debt.

The Emir offered him a way out of his debt. The American's greed overcame his love for family. Two days later the twins were in the Emir's palace, naked and afraid.

"One of you will suck cock while the other suffers, "only after I come will the whipping stop."

Once again the lack of love for family became evident. Wanting no more of the crop, Sandra dropped quickly to her knees and took the Emir's cock into her inexperienced but eager mouth.

"Suck well western whore," the Emir threatened, "If I feel one tooth I will tear off your sister's clit and sew her pussy shut."

Sandra licked the length of the huge penis taking it deep between her lips. Her fear outweighed her disgust as she listened to her sister shriek and sob as the crop seared her soft flesh over and over again.


"You'll have your chance slut," The Emir laughed. You and your slut of a sister will prove yourselves to my wives. They love to teach young American whores how to lick dark cunt.

Moments later, the Emir dropped the crop and pulled Sandra's head in toward his crotch.

"GG-GGHH...GLLKUU-UUGH" Sandra gagged and coughed as her face was impaled by her new master's plunging prick. He came in gouts into her mouth and throat. The tasted it on her tongue. Tears filled her eyes as she struggled for air.

"Ahhh, not bad for your first time, bitch. But it's not right that you should keep all my royal seed for yourself. Share what you have with your sister."

Amanda found herself looking up into the cock-battered face of her Sister. She opened her mouth and tasted for the first time, her master's seed as it drooled from Sandra's mouth into her own. Amanda swallowed bravely then both girls looked to the Emir for approval. He regarded the sight of his pretty new whores before clapping his hands. The room filled with the sound of bare feet slapping against the cold stone tiles. As promised, the Emir's wives, all 100 of them, would now train the unfortunate white girls how to acquire a taste for their dark meat...


Breaking Collette

Brithnoz had taken her like a dog at first. Her ass was still sore from his vicious anal assault. Collette's elbows had been tied to her knees so he could easily rock her back and forth on his cock. Besides the pain, she was mortified because of the women of his hareem were all in attendance. There were at least twenty of these dusky dark wives. She saw no other white women.

When Brithnoz had tried to place his soiled cock into Collette's mouth for cleaning, she had snapped at it with teeth bared. Brithnoz laughed. He pulled back before Collette could do him damage.

"You will break white whore," he told her, "soon, the taste of my cock will be your greatest honor."

Brithnoz clapped twice. Five of the veiled women ran to Collette and tied the struggling girl spread-eagled to the rack. They pulled her limbs wide and tight.

Her sex was totally exposed. Her small but very firm breasts wiggled alluringly as she pulled hard against the leather bonds that held her irrevocably in place.

Collette gasped once in consternation when she saw the box of long pins Birthnoz held. Into the sensitive flesh of her tits he slowly pressed the first few. Her eyes teared up, she couldn't help it, but still no screams; no pleading for mercy. Birthnoz, however, was a patient man. He bagan to press the needles into her most private flesh now. As pins were pressed through Collette's labia and vulva, she finally let out her first yelp of pain. But when Birthnoz slowly twisted the small nub of her clitoris between two fingers and pressed a pin through it's ultra sensitive flesh, Collette finally gave up all pretense of bravery and stoicism.

"GHAAAAAH...NGHAAAA!" her screams were loud and genuine. Birthnoz was pleased. His haughty french bitch was breaking down. He took another of the long pins and slowly began to press it into her urethra making sure to stab the walls from time to time as he pressed in inside.

"NOOOOO...P-PLEASE...AAAAAIIIIEEEEE!" again the screams as her bladder let go. Her urine stained the wooden rack where countless other women had endured Birthnoz' torment.

He climbed onto her spread-open body and pushed himself into her defenseless cunt.

"UNNNGH..." he grunted as he slammed past her hymen, "so you really are a virgin," he laughed, or at least your were, ha, ha!"

Before Collette's spasming cunt could make Birthnoz come, he pulled the bloody dripping prick out and climbed up her body until his cock was only an inch from her mouth. He held a long pin up before her face. It's glimmering tip pointed at one of her lovely green eyes. "With or without vision, you will break, slut. It makes no difference to me."

Collette, sobbing openly now, opened her mouth and took his wet cock into her mouth. She knew the coppery taste of her virgin's blood only seconds before she tasted the multiple jets of hot come slam against the back of her throat. She swallowed all she could. The rest dribbled down her chin.

After Collette had licked and sucked Birthnoz' cock clean, she was left on the rack for further behavioral modification. The wives took over now. Some carried whips, others were armed with huge dildos, pincers and clamps. Collette's cum-scented screams were heard throughout the palace as she pleased the brutal wives of her Master...


In the tavern.

Miriam had cost Alrashid Ben Raid, the owner of the Aladin Tavern a fortune. White, American slavegirls are rare and extremely expensive. But they were worth their weight in gold.

The girl, a happy tourist just two days ago, is now Aladin Tavern's main attraction. Abducted in her hotel room and chloroformed, she woke up naked and hung from the wrists, her feet inches from the floor. She was awakened with the splash of a bucket of cold, stagnant water. She was nearly blinded by the bright colored lights that illuminated her spectacular naked body.

A dozen men stood leering at her with lust distorted, menacing faces. Miriam pissed on the floor from the sudden panic she felt. Laughter was their only response.

Alrashid Ben Raid stood among the men. They began bidding for her in a language that Miriam didn't understand. The auctioneer hand was on her side, turning her hanging body slowly so that everyone could see her from every possible angle.

Alrashid Ben Raid won the auction. That was just yesterday...

Since that precise moment, Miriam is one her toes, hanging by the neck, making Alrashid Ben Raid a rich man.

Two denarius for ten whip strokes, one for a regular fuck, and three for an ass fuck.

Prices are not high, Alrashid Ben Raid thinks is better to sell quantity and have Miriam busy all the time than have her idle.

Ali Ben Somar is Miriam's twenty second client. He's paid 8 dinars for the white girl, that means 20 whip strokes, a regular fuck and an ass-fuck.

So far, the man has given the girl 10 lashes on her front and has begun to molest her sexually. She feels the bulbous head of his huge cock pressing against her cunt...

"Squeeze me, white whore, don't just hang there like dead meat. I paid my money for you and you're going to make it worth!"

"Please... oh... please.... I'm hurting all over... have pity, sir... I can't stand the pain... you... you've been so many...!"

"That's right... beg me, white bitch, your pitiful, broken voice makes me harder... C'mon, work that cunt on my prick and make me cum! Can't wait to lash those white tits of yours again! I'm gonna make it last, you know, one stroke every two minutes, I'll need time to get my bone ready again for your asshole!"



Pirate's Slave ~ Brothel Whore

"GHAAA...NOOOO...NNGHAAAIIIEEE," Michele could only scream as the pirate spread open her tight pussy. After the cruise ship had been boarded by the pirates, all the young women were forced to strip and undergo inspection. At gunpoint the most beautiful were chosen as slaves to be sold at market. The ugly ones left to be held for ransom.

Michele was so beautiful that the pirate king, Donazure, had chosen her for himself. Chained naked, she was brought to his chamber the moment the ship made landfall. He removed her chains and locked the door. He watched her twist at the doorknob in a wild panic to escape. He watched her perfect body run from window to window trying to find a way out. Even in her panic-stricken state, Michele still moved with a natural grace and sensual beauty that made Donazure's cock stand up tall. Her pussy was shaven clean and her whole body was lightly tanned. Her breasts were firm and real, no silicone. Donazure would have sent her to the brothels right away if her breasts had been fake. He liked his slaves pure and natural.

Finally he decided that play-time was over. Time to tame this bitch, break her down and sample her sweet hairless cunt.

He swarmed over her with surprising speed that took her off guard. He grabbed one wrist and her pony tail and threw Michelle onto his bed. He never tied or chained his women until he was through with them. He liked to feel them struggle underneath his muscular bulk.

He wasted no time with Michelle now. Donazure's cock peirced her young body with aim and precision. First she gasped for air then screamed as the huge rock-hard shaft, burst through her cherry and deep into her belly. She heaved and bucked madly as the immense prick stretched her cunt walls to their limit.

Experienced though he was, Donazure was too excited by the screaming struggling beauty to hold out for long. Pulling out, he sat on her chest and came onto her face and open mouth. Finished with her, he rang the bell that brought his slave trainers.

Michelle, still naked and covered with sweat and cum was pulled from the room. Five minutes later she was on her knees and on display in the brothel. Her face still covered with dripping come. She wore a sign: "Fresh Meat, used once, 20 Drachmas per hour."

Michele got no sleep for a week as customers waited in line to leave a few coins in the hand of Donazure and plenty of cum in the western slaves oozing holes...

Posted on November 18th, 2010

Sisters go to Market; Mother Goes to Work

Betrayed by their guards for a few gold coins, the three women were sold to slave traders. Within site of the roman city, the three were delivered into the hands of cruel flesh merchants.

"Three fine cunts as promised," said Borachus, "I'm sick of these haughty bitches, always complaining and ordering us about like we were slaves instead of highly paid guards. Fuck them all, that's what I say. Start with Jessica, the young one. Let the mother witness her pain. She's got a mouth just made for sucking cock but all she does is bitch."

Smiling, the traders grabbed the screaming kicking Jessica and tied her to a cross. They spread her legs wide open and slammed her down on a spiked wooden cunt saddle. The pain of betrayal and even the whips were nothing compared to the wrenching pain of the crudely hewn wooden spikes that pressed into her fleshy cunt meat.


She tried to pull herself up but her ankles were tied too tightly. The guards laughed as they watched her young body struggle and sweat in the hot desert sun.

"Don't forget our deal" said Brachus to the trader who whipped Jessica, "In addition to the money, these whores all have to eat our roman seed."

"Of course kind sir," said the smiling flesh merchant, "use them as you wish but be quick, we have buyers waiting at the market."

Jessica, through a haze of pain, watched as her sister and mother were pushed onto the ground and beaten by the guards.

"Open your mouth, bitch," Barachus roared at Reena as he pushed her off the horse. "See how your slut of a sister roars and shrieks as the rides the pussy saddle? See how she struggles and weeps? If you suck my meat and milk the cum from my balls, we shall see that she is brought down from her wooden lover."

Reena, had seen many orgies at her father's house. Peeking down from a hidden alcove she had watched as men stuck their nasty pricks into any hole a woman could provide. Her mother Marina had always been in the center of a group of men wearing their cocks and cum. They would writhe and struggle as the women were fucked and ravaged at these orgies. Reena, careful not to be seen, would watch her mother. She squeezed her nipples and rubbed her dripping crotch as she watched her mother perform. The orgies raged on through the night. Now it was she who would perform while others watched her disgrace.

Careful not to bite, Reena opened her mouth. The guard's huge cock slammed against the back of her throat almost immediately. She heard a feminine gagging sound and saw her brutally whipped mother, Marina, also on her knees with a cock in her mouth.

The guards fucked their throats hard pummeling their faces while Jessica continued to buck and heave on the cunt spreader.

The guards began to cum almost at the same time. Cum shot into mother and daughter's throats and across their faces as the two men spewed forth their salty slimy load..

"MMMFF...GHUUUGG..." Reena grunted as the bitter seed spread across her tongue and face. As soon as the guard pulled his cock from between her lips, she was hauled to her feet and tied naked to the back of a horse. She would walk to market now with a river of sperm dripping from her face and sliding down the cleavage between her firm young tits. Soon Marina, her pretty mature face smeared and dripping with the cum of three other guards, was tied behind her daughter.

As the guards, sated and spent, mounted their steeds and rode away, Jessica was taken down from her bondage. The guards heard her shrieking as the slaver's ravaged her tormented young body.

Reena and Jessica were to be sold later that day, but the slaver's owned a brothel in the city where Marina would fuck total strangers until she was too old to be desired. But that was at least ten years away. In the meantime the slaver's men decided to widen her up a bit. Making her kneel like a dog, they split her ass and cunt with their huge cocks as she bucked and heaved.

"You'll make us plenty of money, mother. There are lots of men and women who frequent our fine establishment who prefer mature whores with a little more experience. And food? Oh yes! You'll eat well! All the cum you can handle. Ha ha ha!"


First Wife's Betrayal

Alicia was the first wife of the Kadish. He had seen her while visiting the states and fell in love with her. He ordered her immediate acquisition. After she arrived naked, gagged and bound in her shipping crate, the great Kadish wooed her and gave her all the attention and gifts a true wife could expect. But Alicia was a haughty young latina slut who did not understand her place in this strange new land. She was still a slave and was now property of the Kadish. He would have her either willingly or by force. Alicia, however thought that she could still be as slutty as she wanted and fuck any man or woman who turned her on. She found the Kadish repulsive but thought one of the palace guards quite young and handsome. One day the Kadish walked into the harem just in time to see Alicia squatting on the floor in front of the guard. He was ejaculating into her mouth. She was too intent swallowing the hot sperm to notice the Kadish as he drew his sword.

The guard was beheaded never knowing that his fate had been sealed. His body fell over Alicia spouting blood and gore. Alicia screamed in horror for the first time...

After being forced to swallow her lover's severed cock and balls, Alicia was tied over the wedge. Her legs were drawn tight so as to put her full weight on her the sensitive flesh of her cunt. But the pain was only just beginning.

"Evil slut," the Kadish snarled into her ear, "I gave you keys to my very kingdom only to find you milking the balls of one of my guards. Before I am done with you, you will wish I had cut off your head as well. You will suffer pain that you've never dreamed of. All your torment shall be on video so that all new slave-wives can see and be warned. I will tolerate no betrayal in my harem!!"

The rod began to land across Alicia's body. Her chest, stomach, legs and even her lovely face were soon crossed with the angry red welts of the harsh leather rod.

"AAAIIIEEEEE", Alicia screamed endlessly as the rod fell. "Please master," she pleaded, "PLEEEASSE allow this worthless dog to please you. GHAAAAAA! I will do anything to amend for my transgressions!"

All to late Alicia was suddenly aware of her plight and found all the right words to define her place in life, but the Kadish would not be slighted of his revenge. His blood boiled as he watched Alicia struggle and sweat. "Here, faithless whore," he scolded, "feel the kiss of your new lovers." He then attached brutal sharp clamps to her nipples with heavy lead weights. "NNOOO...AAAAUUUUGH" she screamed as the metal teeth of the clamps bit into her breasts. The video cameras faithfully recorded her screaming blistering pain from five different angles as the day drew into night.

"Since you have so little regard for your virginity, sweet whore," the Kadish remarked casually, "then neither shall I. You want to fuck so bad? Good. Fuck this!"

"No master," Alicia begged as she saw the thick wooden cock being attached to the wedge just in front of her stomach. It was at least a foot long and over three inches wide. The Kadish greased it with thick oils mixed with peppers to cause maximum pain. Alicia was lifted up and forced down slowly onto the immense wooden phallus. Her cunt lips split wide as she struggled madly. Her entire body bucked and heaved as the wooden cock slid inexorably into her whip-marked body.

"GHAAAA...P-PLEASE...NOOOOO...AAAUUGH!" No coherent sentences came from her lips now that her new wooden lover was fully inserted into her vagina. The Kadish took one last look before he turned to go.

"You. Alibad" said the Kadish to a faithful guard who stood at attention nearby, "keep her there for a full hour then take her down and call in the entire palace guard. Fuck her until she oozes cum from every hole. Then she goes to the village square. Splay her open so that every hole is offered. Post a sign allowing this western whore to be taken by any and all who wish to sample her young body. Tomorrow we will hang her by one ankle and watch as she is stoned. If she survives that, she goes next to my stables. Even my horses will get a taste of this vile traitorous cunt. Just make sure that the video cameras see all the action. I have new western bitches on the way. They will learn to serve by watching this bitch broken down..."

Two days later, three new white women were marched past a whipped bruised girl who swayed gently in the hot winds and still dripped with cum. She hung listlessly by her wrists in the courtyard. Her unseeing gaze fixed somewhere off in the distant dunes.

The three new girls were all shown a video of how the once beautiful Alicia came to be the barely recognizable woman who hung before them. When the film ended, the Kadish dropped his robes.

The women wanted no part of Alicia's fate.

One girl licked his feet as another tongued his ass, while the third took his overlarge cock into her mouth.

Disgusted though they might have been; it was better to serve this master in every way rather than to bear the brunt of his vengeance. Alicia's body would heal in time, but her mind and will to defy were forever broken.

From that day forward, Alicia would offer up her mouth and naked body to any man or woman who walked by...


Fallen Star - Five Point Suspension

Bobbi, a young American girl of only 20 summers, had fallen into the hands of Al'habib, a sadistic heroin dealer. Al'habib never partook in the white powder product that brought waves of addicting ecstasy. Instead, he found that tormenting and fucking writhing slave girls was much more pleasurable.

Bobbi was the co-star in a movie filming only a hundred miles away from Al'habib's palace. Curious, he decided to witness the film-making process for himself. His jaw dropped when he saw Bobbi Morgan .

"She is perfect. I must have her. Follow her," Al'habib said to his most trusted men, "Bring her to me."

Dressed like bell-boys, Al'habib's agents wheeled a large tray of food and wine to her room. Fresh out of the shower and wearing nothing but a robe, Bobbi answered the knock at her door. She regarded the two handsome young men with the tray of food. "Courtesy of an admirer," one man said with a smile.

"Why thank you," she exclaimed wondering who might have sent her such a gift. But once the door shut behind her and she was alone with the two men, she wasn't thankful at all.

One man circled behind as the other grabbed her wrists. "Hey what the...MMMFFF..."

The rag went over her face and the chemical quickly did it's work. They tore off her robe and tied her in a tight fetal position beneath the tray of food. Unconscious, naked and bound they casually rolled her down the hall to the nearest exit where a long black sedan idled quietly at the curb.

"Welcome our guest accordingly gentlemen," Al'habib smiled as Bobbi was ushered into the palace dungeon. It would be her new home during training.

"Our little American whore has soiled herself. Nasty little cunt will have to be prepared and punished."

Bobbi, still gagged was splattered with a thick fire hose to clean her. Afterwards, other female slaves shaved her pubic thatch, shampooed her hair, applied light make-up and perfumed her lightly. These "other slaves" were all darkly tanned and obviously from the region. They were none too gentle with their new white slave. Bobbi squealed around her gag as her nipples and clitoris were pinched and twisted cruelly.

Thirty minutes later Bobbi was spread-eagled. Naked and utterly defenseless, she hung mere inches from the floor. She had fought bravely, but in vain, as the ropes were tied around her ankles and wrists.

Last came the noose. The rough rope circled her neck. It was looped through an eye bolt in the ceiling. The other end had been strung down behind Bobbi's back and between the cheeks of her firm muscular ass. Al'habib now held the end of the rope that split open the tender lips of her tight cunt. He had removed the gag. He wanted to hear his victim's screaming...and Bobbi did not disappoint.

"YAAAAAGGGHH...PLEASE...GULK-K-K..." Bobbi shrieked and begged when the rope was loose and she choked when her master pulled it up. There was a double dose of pain from the noose around her neck and the other end that rode up roughly between her wide spread legs and split cunt when Al'habib jerked it tight.

He dropped the rope momentarily to let her catch her breath. She had a lot of screaming yet to do.

"GHAAAHHHH...UUUNNGHAAA!!" The rod began to fall with wanton abandon across her tender flesh. She bucked furiously and twisted madly as each stinging blow swiped an angry red welt across her hide.

Through her pain, she was aware of the other slave-wives who watched nearby. They giggled and tittered at Bobbi's anguish and torment. An audience was something that, as an actress, she had always sought; but here, it only added to her humiliation and shame.

Al'habib pulled on the rope again and whispered in Bobbi's ear; "You are still and actress sweet slut, but only for me and my guests. Show me how you will 'act' with my cock slamming into your ass."

With a clap of his hands, one of the waiting slaves rushed forward and lubricated Al'habib's huge cock bringing it to a full throbbing erection. Then, with him standing behind the desperate Bobbi Morgan, the slave guided the massive member to the tightly clenched entrance to Bobbi's rectum. With one, well-practiced thrust, Al'habib shot past Bobbi's sphincter splitting her in two as he rammed deep into her bowels.


Next, to Bobbi's everlasting humiliation, the dark-skinned slave who had recently lubricated her master's cock, now knelt before Bobbi and began to lick her cunt. First just her vulva and labia, then deeper into the slit. Each tongue stroke ended with a skilled fluttering and suckle at Bobbi's clitoris. Al'habib jerked savagely at the noose stretching Bobbi's neck and causing her to almost, but not quite, black-out. He began to thrust more brutally as his orgasm drew near. The kneeling slave concentrated on the swollen nub of Bobbi's clitoris.

As Al'habib grunted and Bobbi felt her guts fill with his steaming hot load of semen; she felt, her tormented body betray her as her own orgasm shot through her cunt and thighs. When Al'habib pulled out, the slave shifted positions so that she could suck his cum, now stained with brown, directly from Bobbi's ass.

She stood now and yanked on the noose once more. Bobbi opened her mouth to gasp for air as the slave girl spat her noxious combination of cum and feces into Bobbi's mouth.

She gagged and choked, drooled and finally vomited as she tasted her new lot in life for the first time.

"Leave her hanging in her own filth until morning then prepare her again. Tomorrow she learns to crawl like a dog and service my 30 wives."


Stretched and Pierced and Fucked

Maurun fucked Monica, his new western slave once on the rack before her true torment began. He wanted to have a clear head so that he could enjoy more fully her screams of anguish. After he spent his seed in her cunt and climbed off her quivering young body, Maurun slowly tightened the rack drinking in Monica's desperate struggles as she tried to free herself. Maurun grew hard again, his cock bobbed and danced as he watched her breasts jiggle alluringly atop her heaving chest. Soon Monica felt her shoulders begin to disjoint.

"GAAAAANNNH...PLEASE...YOU'RE TEARING ME IN TWO..." Then her hips dislocated.


Maurun laughed a little at her desperate begging. This conceited whore had been threatening him with prison and even death only a few minutes ago.

"I'm an American, you stupid camel jockey," Monica had said with haughty disdain, "If you know what's good for you you'll let me go right now...NGHAA!" That's when he slapped her for the first time sending her to the floor. He liked it when they struggled and threatened. A defiant slave was always more gratifying after they were fully broken and trained.

Lying helplessly on the rack now, Monica watched as Maurun heated the long needles in the coal brazier.

"You'll suck my cock indeed," he said with a smile, "and you'll eat more than just cum, but you must be broken first or you might be tempted to use those pretty teeth. They are so white and straight. I really don't want to have to pull them out."

The first needle went through one breast at it's base close to her ribs. This would be where her first large golden hoop would hang. The process was repeated on the other breast with another white hot needle.


"Don't wear yourself out too much white whore, save a few tears" Maurun giggled madly, "you've still got two more piercings to go on your pretty tits alone. Then we move on to your nose, your tongue, then your most private female flesh. The last needle will slide through the precious bud of your clitoris. That's the one you should save your voice for. You'll want to sing out loudly when you feel that little nubbin fry!"

By the time Maurun finished with Monica's tits, he was too excited to continue with a steady hand. He climbed back on top of her and pushed his dripping cock into her once again.

"Sorry whore," Maurun said between grunts as he drooled into Monica's shrieking open mouth, "I want to make sure to do a good job so I'll have to fuck you often during your training. You're my first white bitch and I'll want to show you off proudly to my friends and associates. By then you'll be sucking cocks and cunts like the slut you truly are." He pulled out just before he came and finished jerking off over her face. "AAAHH... Open wide slave... Here cums your first gift from your Master... Ghaa!

Monica opened wide hoping to appease her mad sadistic master. She swallowed it all...

Later, after all the golden hoops and bells were inserted and tested, Monica was taken off the rack. Quivering with fear and weak from ceaseless screams and struggling, she was pushed over a padded wooden bench at waist level. Her wrists and ankles were chained in place on either side of the tall bench. Her ass was the highest portion of her body and the manacles around her ankles splayed her legs open wide. She was completely vulnerable but too weak to fight.

Monica wept quietly now as she realized that her former life was over for good. She watched as Maurun pulled one more rod from the smoking brazier. His brand sank smoking into the flesh of her right flank. She was marked as property with the same mark that his horses and cattle wore.

"Yes, you'll do fine slut," he said as he slammed his cock into her raised ass, "all my friends will be so jealous when they feel my white western whore suck the cum from their balls!"

Breeding Program

Micah and Twila were sisters aged 18 and 20, who were lured to the middle east by promises of lucrative employment and the romance of far-away lands. These small town girls had never seen the border of another state but now they were flying to the middle-east. Greeted at the airport, the two were ushered into a waiting car.

They were never heard from again.

Now helpless and cut-off from family and friends, Micah and Twila were being haggled over like cattle in a language they could not understand. Although beautiful and very desirable, they were little more than livestock to the rich oil barons who gazed at their naked flesh.

Micah knelt as she watched her sister's scant robes fall to the floor. Micah had already been purchased, now it was Twila's turn to parade naked before the husband and wife team who would decide the ultimate fate of the two sisters.

Goroth, a black female slave, knelt half naked at one side. It would eventually fall to her to break and train these two pale skinned western girls. She licked her lips in anticipation.

"I told you they would both be beautiful," remarked the old trader to the husband, "the young one you've already purchased is still virgin but this one is not. She's just a warm hole to fuck and torture. I will sell her to you at a bargain price."

"Take her husband," said his dark wife, "I will use her to reward my black male slaves. I will let them all take her at once. She'll scream loud and long when they stretch her tiny white holes. When they are done with her white ass, she'll never be able to close it again. They'll ruin her completely but it will be entertaining to watch. We'll invite all our family and friends to see her impaled on the huge cocks of my negro males."

Soon Twila was fitted with an iron collar and chained behind a train of camels. She jogged naked across the barren desert while the dark female slave Goroth rode behind her whipping her to greater speed.

Micah, more valuable as a virgin, rode with the other new slaves in a wagon. She wept silently hearing Twila's screams as Goroth's whip cracked across her back.

When they arrived at the villa, Micah, the 18 year old virgin, was taken inside with the other white virgins and prepared for breeding, while Twila was immediately set to work in the slave pens with the black males.

Weeping openly, frightened and alone with the leering blacks, she was made to bathe them and clean their quarters. The men watched her young naked body as she nervously went about her tasks.

"In two days time," the wife said to the black men, "she will be yours forever. She will serve you with her body in any way you desire. Remember that if you kill her you won't get any fresh white meat for quite some time. In the meantime, teach her how to suck black cock but don't fuck her ass or cunt. We save those for the party. Our guests will enjoy listening to her pitiful screams as you tear her apart."

Later, Micah and the other women were marched across the large courtyard to the dining hall.

Halfway there Micah stopped in her tracks. She saw her sister on her knees before at least 50 black men. Their cocks were all immense and they were all hard. They were all waiting for a turn at Twila's mouth. Her face, chest and tits were already glazed with cum.

Goroth stood behind Twila and pushed her head down on the cock that pumped her throat. The man suddenly came in great gouts. Twila coughed and gagged as the sperm jetted into her airway. Goroth slapped her hard on the back and made her spew it up. She caught it in her hands and spread the white goo into Twila's hair.

For a moment, the sister's tear-streaked eyes met. They would both have given anything to be back in that dusty little town.

Two days later, the villa was full of people milling about. There were many slaves and masters. One woman led two slaves; one white male, one white female. They looked like brother and sister and they were both spectacular. Micah was roped to stakes in the ground as were 15 other white women.

She waited nervously on her hands and knees as the debauchery went on around her. Men and women alike would often stop and abuse their slaves. One fat woman was sitting on her slave-girl's face as she ground her wet cunt to and fro across the girl's mouth and nose. Another man was busy butt-fucking a gorgeous woman who yelped and gritted her teeth at each vicious thrust. It was obvious that he wanted to hurt her. Part of his pleasure was her pain.

Soon the celebration was called to order. Announcements were made in the language neither Micah nor Twila understood. Then things started happening pretty quickly.

White male slaves were drawn up behind each girl. True, they were slaves too, but they were all men. It didn't take much more than just the sight of these beautiful naked white girls to get them hard and ready to fuck.

Goroth went from one slave couple to he next lubricating cocks and cunts alike. The males, hard and glistening, knelt behind Micah and the other girls pressing the heads of their pricks against their tight unspoiled pussies.

Then the horror began.

Twila and another white woman (apparently not a virgin either) were led out and chained to wooden stakes by the iron collars they wore.

A gunshot signal sounded.

Gates were opened and black men swarmed the two naked women. At the same time Micah screamed as her virginity was torn away with one savage thrust. She heard her sister begging for a moment before she was covered with surging black flesh.

Then the words went away and only garbled shrieks could be heard mixed in with the cheering crowd and the grunting of her male breeder.

Later Twila was hung by her heels and whipped as cum dripped and pooled on the ground below her. She screamed as the whip landed hard across her bruised cunt and ass.

Twila was sold that very day for a small profit and Micah now full of seed was sent to the stables with the other women to bear the next generation of white slaves...

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Whore Queen for Heroditus

On her eighteenth birthday, Princess Lorella had become Queen Lorella. Three days later the Romans attacked. Two weeks later the former queen found herself chained and awaiting the arrival of her new Owner.

She could hear the roar of the crowd. The dying screams of men and women filled the air. Finally she was led into the arena floor where, in the center of that huge monument to inhumanity, the deposed queen was stripped naked and beaten. The crowd cheered at her screams and laughed as she sang a tearful litany of pain. A sudden silence fell across the stadium, and through red, swollen eyes she saw him for the first time.

Heroditus, the undisputed champion of the gladiators. He claimed his prize, binding her ankles together and waving to the masses as he dragged the struggling queen out of the arena by her flowing golden hair.

Now in his chambers, he inspected his virgin slave. Her body, striped with angry welts from the whipping, was still more beautiful than Heroditus could have hoped for. She twisted and jerked around, trying to escape the bonds holding her firmly in place. Heroditus smiled and slapped her ass and face playfully as she struggled. But soon, Lorella felt her gladiator Master pull her firmly against him, and his huge, dripping clock slid between the firm cheeks of her ass.

Fear of defeat, fear of slavery and finally a terror of dying in the arena; Lorella had felt all of these looming up inside her in the dark hours in the dungeon. But now, a new and imminent fear gripped her heart. This man was about to claim her in a way that no other man had.

Heroditus didn't wait. Lorella was the first woman he'd touched in over eight months. Living in the gladiator pens with nothing but men and rats for company made him a violent and ill-tempered fighter. Being alone with Lorella, especially now that she was naked and bound as his slave, made him more dangerous than ever.

NOOO!!!! AAHHHH!!!!! Lorella shrieked as she felt the massive head of his cock force its way into her. With a mighty thrust, he slammed the entire length of his cock into her virgin womb.

NNAAA!! AAAHHH!!! HELP!! PLEASE STOP!! NOO!!! Fully impaled on his cock, Lorella shrieked and heaved. The tatters of her battered maidenhead ground painfully under his brutal assault. From royal virgin to fucked whore in the blink of an eye, Lorella wept out loud as the grunting brute widened and ripped into her once untouched flesh.

Lorella felt him suddenly pull out and spew his thick, hot jizz across her back. Scooping it up with the flat of his hand, he smeared it across her tear-streaked face and into her mouth. A feast of sweet cream for you, your royal highness, Heroditus jeered. It's all you'll have until your submission is complete!

Three days later, Heroditus led his slack-jawed, cum streaked slave queen into the pens where the other gladiators waited. Between the bars and on her knees, Lorella was bade to suck their cocks while Heroditus, now a free man and slave owner, whipped and fucked Lorella's ass. From above she could hear the roaring of lions and the screams of women while cock after hairy cock speared her drooling face.

Listen to them slave queen, Heroditus whispered as she busily drained another rancid cock. The lions are trained to fuck female slaves before tearing them apart. Do you recognize the cries for help? They're your handmaidens. I give you a choice; you can join them today as a meal or spend the rest of your life on your knees as my cock-slurping cum queen.

Fully broken and submissive, the once proud young queen Lorella stopped sucking the cock that jutted between the bars. She turned on her knees and humbly kissed her Master's feet in reply. Heroditus smiled. Later he would lead her to the stands to watch her former maids be ravished and eaten by the wild beasts. But for now, he would enjoy seeing her wallow in misery and humiliation at his feet.


Brood Mare - Slave Maker

Aleyna was a young girl living peacefully in her Celtic village when a raiding party captured her. She was thrown into a long wooden wagon and watched in terror as the invaders descended on the helpless women. Aleyna saw a young woman being taken by three men, each one using her at the same time. The woman's cheeks bulged as she tried to take a massive foreign cock down her throat, struggling helplessly as two men took her ass and puss. Transfixed by the ghastly sight, Aleyna watched the men fill every hole with hot, flowing seed.

They didn't touch Aleyna, they had other plans for her.

She spent days huddled in the wagon as the raiders sacked village after village. The rickety cart now held 11 maidens. Except for the one unconscious girl who lay disheveled in a heap on the floor, the other women hadn't been brutalized.

One week after the raid, the cart pulled in front of a crumbling building and the women were taken out. They were separated, the maidens led into town and the poor broken woman into the building with a sign declaring Town Brothel: Quality Whores. Rent, Buy and Sell. She didn't know what the words meant, but knew she'd never see the bruised woman again.

She and the other girls were herded into a building where a dozen men waited. Each man was handsome and strong, but their eyes held the gleam of madness. They each chose a girl, and started tearing her clothes off.

"On your back, bitch the man who grabbed her ordered. You're a good looking whore, strong too! You'll produce lots of quality slaves for the empire!

He grabbed a thick crop and lashed her across the breasts. A scream leapt from her lips and she grabbed her stinging tit, blinded by tears. Aleyna didn't notice his bulging cock until she felt a pressure against her crotch. She looked down in time to see his massive dick part her smooth lips and slide painfully inside her.

"GHHAAIEEE!!! NNOOOO!!!! Aleyna shrieked. She felt a tearing inside her and closed her eyes against the attack. She couldn't shut out the sounds of the other girls being whipped and used like cattle the men laughing at their moans and whimpers.

"Yeah bitch, the nameless man mocked. You like that! I can tell, you've got whore written all over your pretty face! With a beastly grunt he filled her aching womb with hot cum. The disgusting fluid burned inside her, feeling like liquid fire when it slid over the scrapes and tears he'd left from his assault.

The man pulled out and was quickly replaced by another. All the women were taken by each man, each one filling their wombs with fertile seed. Each one brutal and violent to their victims.

Over the next seven years, Aleyna produced five beautiful slaves who would one day become slave breeders themselves.

Aleyna lost some of her youthful charm, but retained her beauty. The day came when she found out what the words on the dilapidated building meant. The building she'd seen almost a decade before.

She was delivered naked to the brothel. In the flickering lamp light, she looked as sexy as ever. In front of fifty cheering customers, she was branded and pierced through the nipples nose and clit. Heavy golden hoops were attached to her flesh and she was painted with thick cosmetics like a common whore. At the brothel she was put to use for two months, serving men and women. She learned how to quickly get a man to cum with her tongue, and bring a woman to climax with her slender fingers and mouth.

Finally she was sold to a woman even younger than she was. Aleyna was lead away with her hands and elbows bound tightly behind her. Like a calf to slaughter, she was led by a chain through the hoop in her nose.

"Come along you old hag, the girl said. You might be able to get my father hard again and bring a few more slave whores into the world. But at night at night you're mine! You'll bring me off with that pretty tongue and there won't be any rest for you until I cum on your sweet face!

Aleyna, now too jaded to care, followed obediently behind the pretty but cruel girl. Aleyna knew how to do two things now: make new slaves and milk the cum from any man or women who cared to bed her down.


Brothers in Battle

Darius and Castux were half brothers, but fighting side by side against the Celts had made them closer than twins. The two did everything together, including sharing the spoils of war.

The helpless blonde shrank before the two men on the field of battle. Her mind was numbed from hearing the endless cries of her kinsmen falling beneath the invader's swords. The sounds of widows screaming in terror as they were rounded up to be used by the victorious army rang in her ears. Before she could find a dagger to end her own life, she was discovered by the brothers.

"Castux, what do you think we have here? The red-headed brother called his kinsman over. I think we have a spy! Spies and deserters are to be shown no mercy, even if they have jugs as big as this one!

Darius laughed heartily. His brother's taste in big chested women was legendary. If a woman had a large rack, she would be lucky to escape with a few bruises and loss of her dignity. Unfortunate women didn't get off so lightly. Their tender flesh would be covered with welts and bite marks, evidence of the brother's passion for gnawing and sucking their fleshy orbs.

"I think you're right! She looks like trouble, just the sort of sneaky bitch who would cut our throats in our sleep if given half a chance. We better take care of the little slut before she becomes a problem!

The men seized the screaming girl and carried her into the pagan temple, now sanctified to the barbarian's pitiless gods of war. They ripped off her simple dress and tied the young woman to the altar. She screamed for mercy which only inflamed their lust.

With a sick joy Darius shaved the girls exposed twat until the bald mound was completely exposed to their eyes and probing fingers. Darius groped roughly inside her trembling snatch until his fingers encountered a flexible barrier.

"Shit, this cunt is a virgin! I thought all these Celtic whores were broken in the moment they grew tits! The gods must be smiling on us today to give us such a sign of their approval!

"Guess the villagers must have missed this one. She's hot, just look at her legs! Maybe she's royalty, eh? Being saved up for a king or rich merchant. Well I won't spit in the face of fortune, this bitch will be riding my cock all night!

True to their natures, the brothers shared everything. Every hole was used by them until the broken woman couldn't feel any part of her that wasn't cramped, sore or aching. As Castux got ready to dump another load of cum in the ex-virgin's womb he demanded that she sing for them. She stared uncomprehendingly, but some hard slaps to her face broke all her will. With a trembling voice, she began to thank the brothers for using her body.

"Handsome men thank you I needed your to fuck me and use me like a whore I beg -sob- you to keep me as your fuck-slave and breed me like a cow I love the feel of your -sob- cocks deep inside me


The New House Whore

Melody was excited about the foreign exchange student program. She had never been outside of her town in the Midwest, and suddenly she was going to fly half way across the world to study in the Middle East. She knew she'd have to adjust to her new surroundings. Women weren't treated with the respect she'd grown up with, but the confident young woman was sure she'd survive.

Bin Halif saw a photo of the young beauty who was coming, and knew he'd found the perfect whore for his home. The last whore had lasted almost two years before taking her own life. The cringing fuck-slave had endured endless nights being whipped and chained to his bed, greeting him in the morning with a blowjob to start his day, raising her ass invitingly when he came home at night. She was a dedicated slut, but the emotional price was too great for her. He found her hanging by the neck from the ceiling, wrapped in her own chains.

Melody would be a great addition to his estate. He met her at the airport and quickly led her to his car. When she climbed in next to him, he shoved a chloroformed rag in her pretty face. Her eyes widened in shock, just as her consciousness slipped away.

In the weeks following, Bin Halif has dedicated himself to training the unwilling young woman to serve him as his personal whore. He forced her to reveal her email password and then sent letters to her family saying she had met a boy and was cutting all ties to the decadent Western world. She was under his complete control now.

The innocent young student now studies how to use her tongue to make her Master cum, and is becoming skilled at giving her Owner tongue baths. She has started to forget what `respect' is, or why people back home ever treated women as equals.

Whenever her mind rebels against his increasing demands, he chains the woman to the ceiling and whips the flesh from her tender breasts and ass. Her nipples have been pierced, and heavy bells now hang painfully from her tits. As he whips her flesh, the bells jingle a rhythm of pain, the chimes covering the sounds of her miserable cries for mercy.


Unknown Destination

"Mom, let's go into this coffee shop, Erin pleaded. Just smell that heavenly aroma, it's so authentic!

Erin's mother was less than enthusiastic about the small cafй. Sinister men hunched over the small tables, their swarthy eyes looking hungrily at her daughter. She was about to object, but couldn't bring herself to deny her young daughter anything she wanted. Erin had just turned 18, and as a reward for doing so well in school her mother had allowed the young woman to accompany her on an overseas business trip.

Many people thought Erin's mother was overprotective, but couldn't blame the hard-headed businesswoman for doing everything she could to keep her only daughter safe. Surely a quick drink of the strong coffee wouldn't hurt, and the two of them could continue their tour of the city.

Erin thought she tasted something with a chemical bite in the coffee, but chalked it up to a local spice. Her first sign that something was wrong was when her mother slumped in her chair. Before she could cry out for help, she felt her own body go limp. The dusky men descended on the sexy pair and dragged them into the back room. It was the last time the pair were ever seen again.

Erin and her mother were forced to serve the local drug lord in his harem of terrified women. The two tried to comfort each other, but were constantly forced apart to service the leader of the mob, along with his burly lieutenants. The men were rough and depraved. They took a sick pleasure in having the mother and daughter watch as the other was humiliated by the foreigners. Each man demanded complete obedience, and forced the innocent young woman to learn the most disgusting of skills. In a few weeks she had learned to deep throat even the most massive cock like a back-alley hooker, and could take a throbbing cock up her ass without crying that much. The mother was shattered to see her daughter used as a whore, but was helpless to prevent her own degradation.

Eventually, the time came for them to be separated forever. American slut, you're learning to serve as a real fuck-slave. I'll keep you in my harem, and keep your twat dripping with my cum like a cock-addicted whore! Your mother still has her looks, and will make a good breeding bitch for my gang. She's going to be sold across the country, popping babies until her womb falls out! HA! Say goodbye to mommy, whore! From now on, I want you focused on making me cum without her distracting you from your duty as my white slave!

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Greedy Little Slave

Melinda thought no one would catch her. It was very late, everyone would be asleep. She walked quietly on bare feet across the cool tile floors. The larder lay just ahead with the promise of food and wine. She knew that, as a slave, it was forbidden to eat anything except for specified feeding times, and then only the tasteless high-protein mush and warm water. But she had waited on the tables as the men and women ate and drank their fill. Her job during dinner had been to crawl around under the table from guest to guest and make them cum if requested to do so. Naked, beautiful and white proved to be such a popular combination that she was actually fed a few table scraps as she sucked a slender dark-skinned woman to orgasm. She had licked the grease off the womanТs fingers as though she were sucking a cock. I t was so good after nothing to eat for over a year but mush and bitter semen.

She had to have more.

Melinda was only three feet away from the ice box now. She reached out for the handle when the noose slipped over her neck.

UGKKK was the only vocalization she had time to make as the noose cut off her air. She felt herself being dragged backward into blackness. She struggled but too many hands held her still as the clenching rope pulled her into the dark.

She awoke still groggy from the effects of being rendered unconscious from lack of oxygen. She tried to move but realized that her wrists were tied above her head. As soon as she moved the whips began to fall. Naked and screaming Melinda twisted this way and that in a futile effort to avoid the whistling sting crack of the cruel leather against her skin. Tears began to fall and sweat formed on her body as her effort to hide from the painful blows reached a fevered pitch.

Her master stood in the shadows smiling as he watched Melinda jerk and flail. A slave knelt before him licking and sucking his cock. Soon, after he shot his sperm across her willing tongue, he bade the other slaves step aside.

You defy the laws of my house, he said as he added to the multitude of whipmarks with a few of his own, you try to steal food from my storehouse. I favored you above all others. I allowed you to pleasure my guests; even allowing you to eat what scraps they deemed you worthy. But you betray me. Alas, no matter. Since you desire to eat, you must also shit. I will make this easy for you. Then turning to his slaves, spread the bitchТs legs wide. Bring me the grease

Melinda pleaded, begging for clemency, had he not just come into the mouth of the other slave-girl, he might have given in to her pitiful pleas. But he was of clear mind and vengeful heart.

See how a disloyal slave is dealt with in my house!

He knelt behind her, he would have to hurry for already he grew horny at the sight of her perfect although whip-marked body. Slowly he ground his over-large fist against her clenched asshole. Twisting and burrowing he slowly penetrated the body of the shrieking girl.


Her sphincter was stretched beyond itТs limit as his arm disappeared inside her violated body. Her screams were barely human. The other slaves stood aghast; some clinging to one another as Melinda endured her punishment. Tears coursed down her cheeks as she was fucked viciously by masterТs clenched fist.

Finally, her master withdrew his arm and wiped it clean in MelindaТs hair. Now for your cunt dear slut. You need to be wide and worn for what lies in store.

AAAAAHHH! AAANNNGH! Melinda began to scream again as her pussy was stretched wide and nearly torn asunder.

Melinda served at the next party but in a different capacity. She hung from her ankles with widespread legs. Her face was at crotch level so that she might still suck cock. Her stretched ass and cunt now served as bottle holders for the huge ceramic urns that held her masterТs wine. She became quite popular at orgies as a cum swallower and drink decanter


Family fucked

Maura had screamed when the crop had landed heavily across her youthful 18 year old ass and back, but that was simply a precursor to the horror that was to come. Maura had been captured and sold to a distant outpost where the roman soldiers were always ready to welcome fresh girl flesh.

Maura, soon found herself splayed out on a low divan. The naked soldier who had whipped her now lay on top of her with a handful of her hair drawn up in one beefy hand. She tried to struggle, to close her legs, but it quickly degenerated to just surviving as she felt the huge cock of the soldier slowly force it's way into her tight young ass.

"NO, PLEASE," Maura begged, "You're hurting me! PLEASE!!"

"Yes...Ungh!...Scream little whore!" grunted the roman as he pressed himself all the way into her rectum. "I like it when my women scream and fight. It makes the feel of my cock in your ass so much more pleasurable."

Even now, naked and ravaged, Maura still had a little pride left. She tried to remain still in an effort to deprive the brute who rode her ass of his pleasure. She wanted him to feel like he was fucking a piece of dead meat; a lifeless carcass. But this was not to be...

"Bring in the other bitches," shouted the roman, "let them watch while I ride this little pony."

Maura looked up to see her mother and two older sisters. They were naked and weeping. Their hands were tied behind their backs. Their cunts had been pierced with large golden hoops. A chain ran from one ring to the other. Where one was lead the others must follow. Maura noticed that each of her attractive sisters and even her mother were wearing copious amounts of sperm that glistened and sparkled as it dribbled and dripped from their faces and cunts.

Maura forgot her pride when her sisters and mother were forced to watch as the last daughter was deflowered before their eyes.

The soldier jerked back hard nearly pulling Maura's hair out by the roots.

"YAAAAAGH!" she screamed as she began to struggle again. "Please don't! We've done nothing to you. Please let us go!"

"There, that's better," laughed the soldier as he buggered the weeping girl, "begging, pleading struggling, and screaming is what we like to hear. So much more fun when conquered cunts learn how to serve."

After what seemed like hours, the roman soldier finally grunted and thrust himself more deeply than ever as he filled her bowels full of his seed.

"Not bad for your first time, little bitch," said the soldier as he pulled out of Maura's battered ass. "Mother, your daughter is leaking my roman spunk all over this fine furniture. I think you and your stupid cunt daughters know how to handle this. Get to it!"

Apparently Maura's mother and sisters had been trained and beaten viciously, for she wasted no time kneeling behind Maura and sucking the sperm from her daughter's ass. Chained cunt to cunt, the daughters had no choice but to follow. The roman lifted his shit-stained cock to the mouth of one of the sisters who began to lick and suck it clean. The other sister dutifully licked his balls.

After Maura had been sucked clean, a black woman approached smiling with a large golden hoop. "Dis one for you little one. Join ya back wid your momma and sistahs."

The roman held Maura down as the hoop was pressed through both sides of her cunt. Her mother turned away as her daughter shrieked from the pain. It was over quickly. Maura was forced to stand now as a length of chain was attached to her cunt ring. This in turn was attached to her sister's pussy ring.

With mother in the lead, leashed and collared, the four women were led outside single-file where the common foot-soldiers waited.

"They've all been tested and trained men," said the roman who had fucked Maura, "now they're here to take care of you all!"

There must have been a thousand men who gathered around the four women. Each vied for a turn with one warm hole or another.

"Eat all the cum you like bitches," shouted the roman soldier over the tumult, "it's all you'll get to eat or drink for your first week as brothel whores."


Allesandra - Beautiful Brood Mare and Tongue Slave

Allesandra was valuable as a teenager because of her blond hair, intact virginity and her tall willowy slender beauty. After she was purchased by the roman general, Proximo, he took her virginity and impregnated her on the block where she stood in chains. He bent her over in front of the roaring crowd and listened to her shriek as he ripped past her hymen. The crowd cheered and laughed as her virgin's blood spattered onto the concrete auction block.

That had happened on her 18th birthday. Five years later, Ally had produced five new slavegirls. One per year. She had also managed to keep her youthful looks even though her cunt had pushed out so many new slaves.

"You have made me a rich man, dog," Proximo said to Allesandra after he had tied her to the pillar, "but I feel that if I keep your pretty ass too much longer, your golden looks will begin to fade and your magnificent tits will start to sag. So tonight at the orgy, you will be sold as used merchandise to the highest bidder."

He just couldn't resist giving her a few strong slashes with his crop before he walked away. She still wept so easily and cringed with pain as each slashing blow marked her tender flesh. Her words were garbled around the rope that split her mouth open.

"Pleeg ngafter, have pity ong your syave syut. I yill yake you hakky. Pleeg dongt sell nge!"

Proximo smiled and walked away leaving Allie tied to the pillar.

As darkness gathered around the general's villa, so did his guests. The first thing they saw as they entered his home was the spectacular beauty Allesandra who stood still tied to the pillar.

The guests were all informed of Allesandra's availability. Before the orgy started properly, Allesandra was sold. An old man and his young wife, Cordelia, bore the highest bid.

"She'll still bear us a few fresh slaves and take care of my husband's balls at the same time," laughed the man's young wife, "besides," she continued as she cradled Allesandra's chin in the palm of her hand, "I sometimes fancy a pretty young bitch to lap at my cunt."

Allesandra was untied and brought to her knees. The old man approached and parted his robes revealing his pale but robust cock. Cordelia sat on Allesandra's back and pushed the back of her head into the old man's crotch.

"Start sucking you stupid cow. Make him come quickly. You've got a lot of cunt here tonight and you won't get a break 'til the last woman floods your mouth with her spew." Soon Allesandra was gagging and spluttering as the old man shot a surprisingly thick spout of sperm into her esophagus.

The party raged on until the sun began to crest the eastern horizon. Allesandra, naked and dirty, smelling of the cum of fifty women's cunts, was brought to her knees before General Proximo once more.

"Please say goodbye to your slave in style dear Proximo," implored Cordelia, "come inside her belly one last time and give us a slave daughter that will sell high on the market. We will train her until she is eighteen, she will be well prepared to spread her legs and her lips to whoever pays her price. As for Allesandra, she will become my personal tongue slave."

While Proximo knelt and brutally fucked the weeping Allesandra for the last time, Cordelia ordered Allesandra to open her mouth.

"Stick it out pretty bitch," she ordered, "time to get my money's worth!"

Cordelia grabbed Allesandra's tongue with a stout pair of pliars and pulled it out as far as it would go without tearing free. Allesandra's eyes widened with fear and pain as a thick stud was pressed through her velvety tongue.

"GHAAAAAANNNGH!" she screamed as she tasted her own blood. Quickly, the cruel Cordelia tied a thin strong piece of hemp rope around the new iron stud. She stretched her new slave's tongue out again and tied the other end to a heavy iron weight. Brought to her feet, the naked slave felt the iron weight stretching her tongue out. It swung down between her firm breasts as she was led away.

"When I'm done stretching that pretty tongue of yours," Cordelia smiled into Allesandra's tear filled eyes, "you'll be able to push it up my ass and fuck me like a cock."

Cordelia spat thickly into Allesandra's face and led her away. Allesandra spent the next ten years as a brood-mare and as Cordelia's ass slave. She was eventually sold to a travelling brothel. At carnivals she would swallow the come of both male and female customers alike as she mindlessly pleasured them with her agile 10 inch tongue...


Breeding the slaves

The fresh females were first trained to accept any cock they were given. After only a few hours of abuse the young ladies found the hard warm flesh of a man's prick much more favorable than a whip across her tits or backside. After learning to accept the trainer's cock, they were herded like cattle to the breeding pens. Over the next few days, a few preferred and specially selected male slaves were allowed to spend a few hours in the company of these beautiful women. The men had been taught to be vicious and cruel. They took the women as they pleased and often with violence. The owners and trainers would sit outside the pens drinking and eating as they watched the males beat and eventually fuck their women.

Greta, a blond slave from northern Germania, knelt gagging in front of a man. True, he was only a slave like herself, but he ranked slightly higher than she did. The trainer's had seen to that.

"GHUUUKK...MMMFFFF." Greta choked and drooled as the male grabbed a handful of hair and shoved her face down over his cock.

Annabella, a traitor's daughter, stood on her toes as ordered, as her ass was striped by the male slave who had been selected for her. After she had been struck 20 times by the hard wooden cane, she began to cry. She remembered her days of freedom. She had once owned slaves of her own. She had watched them bend and bow before her as they obeyed her every command. She head even had a female companion slave who kept her bed warm at night and her pussy moist on command. But now it was her, Annabella, who pleased others with her body.

Two other slaves waited. Soon they saw other males approaching the pens. They were huge african blacks. They carried heavy whips. Annabella and Greta were already spoken for and their virginity soon taken. But the blacks took their time. It was white skin that had enslaved them, and these white women were as good as any to beat and torment as they took their pleasure with them over and over again. Their huge cocks caused more pain than the whips. As Annabella watched this spectacle of pain and debasement, she was secretly relieved that she had been mated with a white male. The white men were cruel as trained; but the cruelty of the blacks was fueled more by a desire for revenge. The girl slave with the collar was dragged to the center of the pen on her hands and knees. In plain sight of her owner, she was whipped across the back while the other black forced his large member into her tight cunt. Both men took turns beating and fucking these other two slaves repeatedly while the owners sat outside the pen laughing and stuffing their faces with food.

"Fuck them harder you black bastards," one fat women shouted as the listened to her slave shriek, "it was her father who raided your village and sold you and your children to us!"

This was, of course a lie, but it enraged the black men on to new fury. Annabella's sadness for her lost freedom and forced mating was eclipsed as she watched with horror the torture the other girls were forced to endure. When one girl fainted, the blacks turned their rage upon the other who was still conscious. "AAAAIIIEEE....MMMF...GGHHULKK," she screamed as one huge cock slid into her ass. When she screamed, her mouth opened wide. The other black stuffed his dripping member quickly down her throat. She struggled like a worm on a fishing hook as she was impaled from both ends by the huge slamming poles of black meat that sought to punish as well as pleasure themselves at the white slave's pain and torment.

A crowd gathered to watch the spectacle as the two blacks beat and fucked their screaming white slave women. Annabella and Greta cringed and knelt beside their white males for fear that they too might be given over to the negro rage and the huge black cocks.


Cleopatra makes a whore

As a gift to the Egyptian queen Cleopatra, the roman's would often pay tribute of fine silk, grain, and other sundry gifts such as captured slaves.

"This young bitch is barely 18 years old," Marc Antony told her, "she was taken from a coastal village. We attacked at night by sea. After acquiring 25 new slave girls, I saved this one, the most beautiful, for you. Her name is Sungyeva. She screams most heartily and should entertain you well."

After a long day spent with the matters of state, Cleopatra decided to play with her new gift. Sungyeva was brought forth. Cleopatra reclined on her sofa while a servant cooled her with a fan of parrot feathers.

"They say you scream well little slut," Cleopatra said, "We shall soon see if this claim is true or just another roman lie. Strip the little whore, Darius. "

Darius, a slave trainer grabbed Sungyeva by her long braided hair with one hand and ripped away her tattered garments with the other. Naked and in tears, the young girl knelt shivering in fear before Cleopatra.

"Test her Darius," the queen ordered, "see if she will suck your cock."

Darius parted his loincloth and let his dark member swing free in front of the frightened girl.

She looked up at Darius questioningly. He pointed at her mouth then his own growing cock. Sungyeva, understanding his gesture, turned her head to one side with her lips tightly pressed closed.

"Ahh," Cleopatra laughed, "a prideful little bitch. Let us see if some time on the cross will open her lips."

Darius lifted the struggling girl onto the cross while another servant secured her arms and feet with ropes.

Darius needed no urging. He'd worked on his queen's slaves many times before. He raised the leather cane and brought it down sharply across Sungyeva's thighs.

"GGGEEEEAAAAYY" she screamed as her pain center came on line. Another blow quickly followed. Twenty-five stripes quickly showed red across the shrieking girl's slender twisting body. Her breasts bobbed firmly from side to side as every muscle contracted in a vain attempt to break free of the bonds that held her in such a painful and vulnerable position.

Then as suddenly as the beating started, it stopped. The crop hung limply in one hand as Darius' fingers began to trace soft patterns across the slave-girl's face. He touched her forehead, her nose, her lips...then her throat and neck. He traced the outline of her young breasts until each nipple stood tall and erect. Each of these he caressed and gently twisted. He felt her squirm as she began to breath harder.

Down across her belly the hand snaked until it nestled between her tightly clenched legs. She had touched herself there before and liked the way it felt. But she didn't want a man, especially this man, touching her most private flesh. The crop dropped to the ground next as Darius hand reached around behind and traced the cleft between Sungyeva's buttocks. She shone with perspiration but her young pussy grew wet with it's own moisture. She glanced over at the queen and saw that the servant had put the fan away. She now encircled Cleopatra with her arms. One hand caressed her breasts and nipples while the other had snaked it's way into her dress and between her legs.

"Take the little whore down Darius," Cleopatra ordered, "the little slave is nothing but a slut, anyone can see that. First she'll suck your cock then she will have a taste of her queen's pussy."

Sungyeva was lowered from her bondage and onto her knees where Darius waited with his robes parted and his fully erect cock pointing directly at her nose. Cleopatra's hand-maiden leaned over and positioned herself behind Sungyeva. She began to rub her hands lightly over the teenager's ass and in between the cleft to stimulate Sungyeva's untouched cunt and asshole. The girl moaned as the maiden's skilled hands played over and into her most sensitive flesh. She looked back up at Darius who now held the crop threateningly once again. Tentatively she took the large cock into her mouth; just the fat purple head at first. Darius pushed hard sending the shaft between her lips and against the back of her throat. Her gag reflex nearly made her vomit. Disgusted, she could taste the pre-cum that pooled and dripped on her tongue and down her gullet. She tried to bite down, this was a mistake. Darius whipped her hard with the crop across her ass and Cleopatra's maiden clenched the gagging slave's clitoris brutally between two sharp fingernails.

"MMMFFF...GGNNNMMMF!" Sungyeva cried out around the prick that stuffed her mouth. She released her bite and the whipping stopped. The exploring hands went back to gentle strokes and soft insertions.

Soon Darius pulled out of Sunyeva's mouth and spewed his bitter seed across her face and tongue but Sungyeva was beyond caring now. Her entire being was centered on the hands that rubbed her clit and ass.

"UUUNGH...NGHAA...AAAAHHH!" She grunted hard and came all over the maiden's hands. Cleopatra laughed as Sungyeva fell over to one side and curled up in a fetal position breathing hard.

"Not so fast young whore," Cleopatra said to the uncomprehending youth. "It's time to serve your true mistress." Sungyeva found herself poised at the queen's cunt. A quick slap between her legs with the crop and Sungyeva knew what she must do. Within a month's time word spread about the queen's beautiful new and talented whore. Sungyeva had become a true nymphomaniac sucking cum from every favored guest who visited Cleopatra's court...

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A change of station

When the time comes for debts to be paid, Roman men have a grim choice to make. They can take their chances before a judge and risk being sent to prison, or make a deal with their debtors. Some collectors can be bribed with wine, but others require a daughter who's just come of age

"AAH! Pity Master! Please have pity on me! I'm not I'm not made of marble! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!! It hurts!

"Of course it hurts, bitch! I'm pounding your guts with foot-long spear! HA! I'm going to break you into the household, stupid fuck-slave. You belong to me, and that means I decide how to use you, and right now I'm gonna use your ass for target practice with my cock! Take it, slut! Take it all the way to my balls!

Calista tried to breathe, but her throat clamped tightly shut in pain. The agony was incredible! The lacerations on her skin burned from the sweat which broke out over her body like a wave of fire, and she felt herself starting to lose consciousness. Citizen Atticus started fucking the struggling slave even harder.

"Fuck me back you stubborn slave! What the fuck do you think I bought you for? I paid for your mouth, your ass and your shaved cunt and now I own them! Stupid fucking bitch! You'll respect me if I have to fuck you day and night for a month! You think that just because you were born a free woman means that you're not a slave now? I'll pound some sense into you with my cock! A womb full of hot spunk will remind you of your place now, you sorry bitch!


A generous host

Albin Vassicus rose to power solely on his fame for throwing parties. The obese Roman was known far and wide for providing endless entertainments for his guests. Even the most jaded tastes would find something at his weekly bashes to delight the senses. Food was plentiful, and the slave girls available for whatever sick perversions his guests eagerly indulged in.

"By Jupiter, I've never felt a cunt so wet and tight! Your honey pot is sucking my cock like a sugar cane! HAW! You like that, don't you slut! You like being used like an anonymous hole for fucking just a piece of meat to be fucked raw yeah I've got a load building up in my balls, wench. Noble Roman seed to fill your dripping slit. Ungh! Shit! I'm gonna stretch your cunny so wide you'll be leaking cum all night!

"AAHHH!! No! Please sir! I You're too big! It won't fit! I I'm begging you not to do this! -sob- I I can suck you if you want Please sir! I I'm not very good at it but I can make it good for you if you'll give me -sob- a chance to please you

"HAW! Why would I want your slutty mouth sucking on my pole when I'm already buried half way up your snatch? Stupid whore! Women are made to be fucked hard. If you don't have a cock stuffed in your tight snatch, when what the fuck good are you? HA HA HA! Don't worry though you can clean off my sticky cock once I'm done busting a nut in your tight slit!


"Not till I'm done, bitch! Ha! You really do want to slurp up your cum off my dick, don't ya? I guess slave girls really are horny sluts. All this crying is just an act... you love it!"


A young beauty being broken and tamed...

In the Holy Roman Empire, a foreign army wasn't considered to be conquered until it's king had been killed and his daughters enslaved. Roman commanders were able to pick and choose the most valuable prizes of war for themselves.

Commander Viaticus saw Anonna hiding in the ruins of the destroyed temple. His men had burned the village to the ground, and then looted the temple of all it's gold and treasures. But the buxom brunette was a treasure that had escaped capture, until the powerful Roman yanked her into the street. She was stripped naked, and then flogged like an animal while his men watched and laughed. The Commander was young, but already well known for the brutal way he treated his slaves, and the humiliating acts he forced them to perform.

"P please sir I need to rest Please can I have a drink? I I can barely stand.

"You'll be standing on a carpet of broken glass if I want, bitch! That's the last time you ever ask me for anything, got it? From now on, you'll take what I give you and be grateful for it! I might give you a drink of water, or a belly full of piss straight from my dick either wayyou drink it happily like a good little scum-sucking whore! Do I make myself clear?

"Y -sob- yes, sir. I'm sorry for being so difficult

"That's more like it, bitch! Meek and submissive, that's how all foreign whores should behave towards their betters. You filthy barbarians don't know how to act living like savages in your disgusting little hovels But I'll train you just like I'd train a three-legged dog. If you do something good, I'll reward you with a hard fuck but if you screw up I'll whip the hide off your worthless back!

"I -sob- I understand sir please don't punish me any more

"But I like punishing you, bitch! That's what turns me on! I like seeing Celtic women sobbing their eyes out as they get their face's fucked yeah you're gonna be a real cocksucker when I'm done with your training. You'll be polishing my knob like a pro And those fat tits of yours are going to be fun to whip and bite yeah I love hurting fat jugs, and you've got a rack like Mt. Olympus! I'll have those bouncing in pain as I fuck you!



Roman slave girls lived lives of terror and shame. Roman men could use their bodies whenever the urge came over them, and Roman women were even worse. A noble Roman woman would often accuse their household slaves of some petty crime, just to provide an excuse to send the unfortunate young woman to Thal the Holy Roman Interrogator. Thal was inhuman in his methods, and some even whispered that he'd been born from the unholy union of a woman and an ox. Thal encouraged these rumors. He enjoyed the way they filled his victims with fear.

"NNGHHAAA!!! AH! AH! I don't know anything! I swear! Please don't don't put it in there!

"Lying whore! Your Mistress said she saw you take her bracelet now why would she lie about a thing like that? You filthy slut! What the fuck were you thinking, stealing from such a kind Mistress? I should boil you alive for such behavior! But I don't need to resort to anything so extreme I can find out the truth by busting your tight ass with my sturdy fuck-stick!

"NGHHAA!!! No! Please not there! I I'll tell you anything you want to hear! Anything! Just please don't do this!

"Ha! You admit that you'll lie just to save your skin! What a shameless slut, no wonder you are nothing more than a piece-of-shit slave. No morals at all! Well I know how to handle shameless fuck-bags like you fill their heads with hot jizz and fuck the shit out of them! That's all your good for, isn't it? You're nothing more than a pair of tits and legs, a walking cum-rag! But it looks like your Owner's haven't worked your ass for awhile; it's tighter than Hercules' pants!

"OWWWW!!! I can't take it! I can't!!!

"You'll take it whore, and love every inch! Since you won't give back the bracelet, you'll have to pay it back. Your Mistress said it cost over 1000 silver denars. You'll work off in the city square, giving blow-jobs to anyone walking by. If you're really good, you should be able to pay it all back in about a hundred years! HAW!


Power before pleasure

The Holy Roman Empire thrived on control, especially of the thousands of slave girls who lived lives of complete submission to their Masters. Owning a beautiful slave was a sign of power and authority, and Roman Nobles prided themselves on having the hottest young women waiting on them hand and foot. Fucking a beautiful slave was more than just a method of pleasure, it was a means of control. In the Roman Empire, power was the ultimate aphrodisiac.

"Raise that ass, bitch! I want to feel you squeezing my cock like an obedient fuck-toy yeah you need to learn your place, saucy wench. Getting your cunny stretched by my cock is the greatest honor a useless slut like you can ever get and I've got ten inches of throbbing man-steak ready to split you wide open! Shit! Take it in your slippery cunt whore get it nice and wet for me! Yeah that's right Show me how much you appreciate my cock Show me how desparately you want me to enjoy fucking your brains out, bitch!

"Y yes, sir! I I want to feel you inside of me deep in me I don't have any thought at all but your pleasure you are everything to me..-sob- my Master Please fuck your slave Please fill her -sob- cunt with your hot cum.

"Yeah you like it all slaves like being fucked hard. They can't think for themselves they need a real man to do their thinking for them And I know that whores needs to be fucked and punished or they start trying to think for themselves!

"Yes.. yes, sir.. ..-sob- please fuck me hard Master I won't try to think any more.

"Good little bitch, that's right. You just concentrate on milking my balls dry it's all you'll ever be good for Isn't that right?

"Yes wonderful Master

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Joining the Peace Corps right out of High School was the obvious choice to Alyssa. The bright, cheerful brunette had always had the desire to help people less fortunate than her. She was brought up in a well-to-do home in the Midwest, and thought if only people in the more remote parts of the world could be helped, places where civilization was still a distant spark on the horizon, than the world would be a much better place to live in.

Al-Jazif doesn't need the taming influences of Western civilization. All he wants is a warm place to stick his dick, and a hot white woman to tame. The moment Alyissa came to his village to help build a well, Al-Jazif got to work. He's been keeping the naive young woman in his household for a week. While the rest of her group looks for the missing volunteer, he shows her the price of her American arrogance.

"Decadent slut! You white American whores are all the same. You come into our country with not a care in the world, thinking that we should bow down before you and lick your feet just because of what country is listed on your damn passport. Well fuck that! Your just another lilly-white slut here! I'm going to give you a lesson in foreign relations you'll never forget, starting with your jugs! Praise the Maker! Look at these divine fun-bags! A tempting gift from above, and you're going to give them to me now!”


"Ha ha ha! You cowardly little cooze! When you walk into the lion's den, the head lion is in charge… and that means me! You've got plump tits, whore. Soft and firm like ripe pomegranates, and ruby red nips to match. They make my mouth water… you should be happy I find you pleasing.”

"NO! AAAHH! Let me go you animal! AHH! NO MORE!! PLEASE!!!”

"Your starting to learn your place, Western swine! Begging should come naturally for all you stuck-up cunts. But my country, you're not going to be begging some rich asshole for a convertible or thousand-dollar pair of shoes. You'll be begging me to fuck you like the nasty tramp you are!”


Brittany didn't know much about the Middle East. All she knew was that her boss wanted to take the single young woman to a business conference overseas, and that she wasn't to tell a soul where she was going, or when to expect her back. “High level company business” he called it. “Very hush-hush”.

Mr. Salman knows how businesses in the Middle East REALLY operate. To get into a new market, a company has to be ready to shower the locals with a few gifts. And the one thing foreign markets can't get enough of are innocent white women. Fair skin, smooth as a fresh peach, can do far more for a company than any legal contract or corporate trade agreement. His beautiful but all too trusting secretary makes the perfect gift!

Brittany has been bound and placed in the public square ever since the morning sun first rose over the sweltering desert. She's been flogged like a stubborn mule, and has screamed until her throat is raw and her voice reduced to a husky whisper. She pleads with the crowd for help, but their hungry leers tell her the chances of ever getting home again are shrinking by the minute. Sweat beads the men's oily faces, and they pant under the relentless sun as they appraise the markets newest item.

Hungry, miserable and exhausted, Britanny is even more humiliated by the vile device they've displayed her on. A `trading post' they called it. Fresh meat is hung from the ancient structure, ready to be traded or sold. On this day, the frightened secretary is the fresh meat, and the market is open for business!

"Market whore! Market whore for trade or sale! A gift from our generous friends over the Atlantic... a delicate bud ready to be picked! She's a shameless infidel who needs to be punished for her decadent life! It's too late to redeem this one, all she's good for is fucking and sucking like the cocksucking bitch she is! Men, grab a handful of her lush flesh! Feel it tremble? She's eager for your touch.. the touch of your whip across her legs... or your cock in her cunt!"


Mandy has never been good with words. She's always felt that people were smarter then her, that her girlfriends were always able to get the jokes that went right over her head. She tried not to be jelous, but it was hard. When it came to getting a job, she knew she'd have to use every asset she had. She might not have some fancy degree, but she had a killer body and a face to die for. She'd do anything to land a good job. If she had to wear a low-cut blouse to the interview and flirt outrageously with the manager, then so be it!

Mr. Faisal isn't one to be played with. When the eager blonde applied for the job as his personal assistant, he knew how to take control of the situation. He took the blonde in, and quickly sold her to his overseas contacts. They've been passing her around amongst themselves ever since. Each new `owner' has been more brutal than the last.

"AAIEEEE!!! No Master… Please no more! You're too big for me…. I'm not ready! Please Master… slowly… I can't do it!”

"You worthless American piece of shit! Is this how your country teaches women to please their men? By whining like a spoiled brat when you should be getting your hot slit wet for my dick? Pathetic cow! Maybe the men in your country don't have a cock like a steel pipe, eh? Well you're not in America any more, bitch! Over here, our women know how to behave. They've learned to keep their tight honey-pies dripping with cum for their owner's thick cock!”

"Yes Master! I'm so sorry, Master! I… I'll try to do better… just please give me another chance. Don't punish me! I can take it all, just give me the chance to prove it to you… you'll like it… I promise!”

"I better like fucking you, bitch! I paid more than twice of what a local girl would cost, just to own your white ass, and what has it got me? A crying whore who screams just because she's getting her box stuffed with dark meat! Now fuck yourself on my dick, bitch! Fuck yourself until I cum, or I'll sell you to the brothel as their backroom cum-dump!”

"AAHHIEEE!!! No Master, not that! I'll do better… -sob- I just want to make you happy….”


The First Lesson

"NGH! AAAIIEEE!!! You're killing me! NUGH! Cut me down! Cut me down… please! You can't do this to me! AAHHH!!!”

"Ha ha ha ha! Silly little bitch! I not be killing ya… I be training ya! I be teaching ya how to serve your new Master properly, like an obedient little fuck-dog! White sluts like ya don't know the first thing about pleasing a man. Ya think you just have to like there like a fallen palm-tree and spread your legs. Well you don't know shit! Men need their whores active and eager to be filled with juicy cum! When I'm done with your white ass, the thought of a hot load of spunk shooting up your fuck-hole will make your shaved pussy lips quiver with anticipation!”

"AAAAHHH!!!! Please sir! I'll pay you… My family is rich! They'll give you anything you want! Just please let me go… I…. I'll fuck you if you want! I'll make you cum! Just don't hurt me any more!”

Canzil smiled. His white teeth flashed behind his dark lips. This was the moment that he was waiting for. The moment his new student was starting to realize how powerless she was, and how little control she had over her own life.

"Stupid cow! What did I just finish telling ya? You don't know how to fuck! But I'm gonna teach ya, that's one thing you can count on! I don't know who will buy you when I'm done training you, but you can be he's going to be a sadistic fucker who's gonna hurt you in ways you can't even imagine. He'll bite your tits and chew on your pink nips until they bleed! That's why your training is so rough, I gotta toughen you up! If you aren't ready for the pain and humiliation that's coming, your first night offering your body to your new Arabian Master will probably be your last!”


Sheik Al-Agrajeeta doesn't ask for anything, he gives commands. His latest command was to have a new plaything for his harem. He was very clear about the qualities his new possession was to have, too. It had to be blonde, virginal, and above all else: white.

Caroline was walking to the bus stop after her shift ended at the coffee shop. She didn't see the car pull out of the alleyway behind her, its driver watching the young woman behind dark sunglasses.

She's been flown almost 1,500 miles across the world, and has been installed as the newest addition to Al-Agrajeeta's vast harem. The sprawling estate squats in the desert like a brooding scorpion, and Caroline has felt its sting on her bare skin. Welts cross her creamy skin like crimson snakes, marks where the servants have whipped the beauty into submission. She's been beaten until she's pissed herself in terror, and now hangs naked in her new Owner's bedroom, waiting for his pleasure. Her entire body burns with shame and humiliation.

"The Sheik is a rough man, bitch. You'd better get used to showing him respect whenever he comes into the room. Slaves are expected to crawl on their hands and knees before him, and offer themselves completely! You're going to learn to raise your ass high as an offering to your Master… an invitation to his fingers and hairy cock! Many women are in his harem already, but you're going to be the prize jewel. A white whore for his swarthy spunk! HA! Tender little princess… you probably thought a sexy young thing like you could marry a rich businessman, and then live in a big house somewhere, eh? Well it's not going to happen! From this day on, you're the property of Al-Agrajeeta and his household of horny servants! He'll brand your ass with his name, just like a favorite cow!”

"Unnnnnn... no... no, please! Don't let this be real.... please somebody... help me!"

"Ain't gonna be no help for you, bitch! You're gonna be wrapping your lips around his thick cock day and night... milking the jizz from his balls for your breakfast and dinner! He's gonna breed you too. The great Sheik has always wanted strong white sons for his household. If you're smart, you'll give him what he wants! If you're too stupid to give him sons, than any daughters you have will be sold on the slave market. There are plenty desert dwellers who'll pay nicely to have a few white slave girls in their house, you know. Get ready, cunt! I hear the Master coming!"

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Vallus shoved the wooden dildo deeper into the screaming slave’s dry twat. The rough phallus tore past her puffy lips, and her desperate screams filled the air.


"Damn, Vallus! Why did you have to get such a screamer? The bitch will make my ears bleed with all that shouting, and we've only just started on her!"

Vallus grinned, and tightened his grip on the thick pole. He worked the shaft in and out of the struggling woman, ignoring her anguished cries for mercy.

"The slaver promised this one was as tight as Caesar's golden crown... and he was right! She's probably been saving herself for her wedding day! Well that ain't gonna happen now. I don't know how she ended up on the auction block, and I don't give a fuck either. She's ours now, and she's gonna make us rich!"

"Hell, yes! By the gods, we'll have her working the streets all night... every night! We'll take her to the slums... the derelicts down there will pay good money to bury a bone in her twat... and blow a load of spooge all over her pretty face! Better get used to feeling your twat stretched, bitch. We're doing this for your own good! You're gonna be a popular cum-dump once we put you to work!"


Born into Slavery

"NNNGHHAAA!!! AAAAIIII!!! No more! No more! I beg of you!"

"Stupid cunt! You started to feel pleasure as I was fucking you! You'll pay for that... slaves are only supposed to feel pain when they get their twats stuffed with noble Roman cock! You greedy tramp, I didn't give you permission to enjoy my cock..."

"AAAHHH!!! I'm sorry! I'm sorry, sir! It won't happen again... AAAHHEEE!!"

"Damn right it won't! If I think you're enjoying getting your pussy nailed by my fuck-spike, I'll have the guards cut your clitty off! You were born a slave... born to serve men! You know the law... when you became of age you became the property of Rome! I'll teach you to be submissive... teach you to humbly accept your place... A mouth full of sticky jizz sliding down your throat should remind you of who is in charge... yeah... You're gonna clean your slimy cum off my dick with your tongue, and lick my balls too..."

"AHH! Yes.... Yes, sir... Thank you, sir, for being so kind to your property..."


Ryanna's body was a sea of cramps. She swam in a flood of agony as she twisted on the cross. The hot desert wind blasted her naked body with sand, the grit sticking to the oozing welts where her Master's crop had sliced her skin. Her mouth was sticky with his cum. She ran her tongue across her jizz-encrusted lips, tasting the dried spunk which still coated them. She whimpered with humiliation.

"Stop your blubbering, slut! You only have yourself to blame for this, you know. If you'd done a good job blowing me, you wouldn't be here. You'd be happily kissing my feet and looking forward to a long day of rough fucking!" said Marino. He ran the cruel whip delicately across her scarred flesh. She shuddered at the touch.

"I told you to make it last... make it good and long... but you got to eager! You had to have a face full of cum! I was saving up a heavy load to shoot into your snatch, and you wasted it! Well you've got all day to think about your mistake, bitch. I'll cut you down by tonight, if I remember you're out here. If I don't come for you by nightfall, you'd better start praying to Saturn to save you! The wolves hunt at night... and you're a tasty morsel of flesh!"


Helena has been placed into her uncle's care in Rome. It was hoped that living in the sprawling metropolis would give her an education that the country life couldn't. With a happy spring in her step, she gathered together her few belongings, kissed her mother and father goodbye, and went off to stay with her wealthy relative.

Pompeo has other plans for the beautiful blonde! He's been keeping her a prisoner in his imposing villa, not allowing her to see or talk to anyone. The moment he saw her slim figure striding through the marble archway of his estate, he knew that this was one prize he'd keep for himself!

"Ignorant country slut! You've been living among backward filth for far too long! Start your lesson again!"

"AHHH!!! Yes, sir! I... I am a whore... a stupid cunt... I am an empty hole that needs to be filled with cum..."

Pompeo fingered the wooden switch. "And how are you to behave?" he asked.

"With complete devotion... I... I will wake my wonderful Master up each morning with a wet blowjob... and won't stop until he fills my unworthy mouth with his cum... I... I will be sure to swallow any drop..."

Pompeo smiled. "And what happens to you if you make a mess? Speak up, bitch!"

"AAHH!! I... I will be punished for being such a clumsy fuck-slave... like I deserve..."


The Roman Bath

In the Roman Empire, the bubbling hot springs which filled their giant public baths were an excuse to indulge in excesses that would shock even the most open-minded people today. Amid the steaming waters, perfumed with expensive oils, perversions ran rampant. Newly enslaved girls were trained in the marble bathhouses, and had no hope of holding on to any dignity they may have had before.

"AAAIEEEE!!! Please, sir! It hurts! It HURTS!!!!"

"Barbarian whore! You've never had a thick Roman cock split your cheeks before! All Roman men are hung like mules, so you better get used to having your shit-pipe busted open! Fuck! I love hearing you scream and whimper like a dog... filthy foreign trash... you should be grateful that I'm fucking you... you aren't worthy of my cum... but I'm going to fill your cunt with enough jizz to impregnate an army of sluts!"

"AAHH!! No, please! I... I'm sorry! I... I'll try to do better! Just don't... don't get me pregnant..."

"Fucking bitch! How dare you try to order a Roman man around! You slaves have only two purposes in life: To get whipped and get pregnant! You'll be caring a child soon, bitch. If not mine, than that of my countrymen! HA! You're gonna be riding so much cock that one of us is sure to knock you up! Now cry for me some more! Tell me how much you love my raging hard-on!"


Posted on March 9th, 2011

Women degraded by whips,
ropes and fierce, stabbing Roman cocks. Priestesses, noblewomen and captured
village girls are ground into weeping, pleading messes.


Cataline, the captured Gallic princes, screamed in agony as her new Roman masters brutalized her. Tied to the bench, she could hardly move as the man behind her shoved himself into her, destroying her virginity.

Take this, Gallic bitch! he shouted. What a tight cunt youТve got!

Cataline screamed in agony at the assault.

Stop! Please stop! she screamed. ItТs killing me! Please stop it! Please stop! Owww.owwwwwwww..!

The other man whipped her back mercilessly.

Oh, you filthy Gallic bitch! You whore! You love this, donТt you? You love it! he shouted.

Stop! she pleaded. Pleaseplease stopawwwoh.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Cataline screamed in pure agony.


Laelia had been one of the first converts to the new religion of Christianity. For this, she had been stripped of her noblewoman status and reduced to a slave. Cletus, her new master and former rejected admirer, treated her ruthlessly.

Fucking Christian bitch! Where is your God? Where is his help? No help for you just my fat cock busting out your tight ass. Ahh this is the first Christian ass for me. Nice and tight ahhh. come on scream for me, Christian bitch!

Laelia obliged.

Please. my God in Heaven. please please help me please help. please send your angels. please help me ohhh! Nooooooo! Laelia cried pitifully.

Ah. thatТs what I want to hear... said Cletus evilly, keep screaming, Christian bitch! Keep begging your God! Keep screaming while I wear out this tight ass of yours!

Noooooo! It hurts so bad.! So bad! screamed Laelia.


Bellona was nearly insane with pain. General Titus had whipped every part of her body raw. The bench she had been placed on bit cruelly and painfully into her cunt. The heavy wooden stocks placed on her shoulders were unbearably heavy. She thought she would pass out from the extreme pain.

Please let me go! she pleaded. IТveIТve had enough. No more! Please. please just let me go!

Titus ignored her. So, he said, you embrace this СChrist? You embrace his Сsuffering?Т Then suffer, like him! Suffer, Christian whore!

Bellona wept in agony.

Posted on march 23rd, 2011

Diane and Helen were daughters of an English nobleman. Captured by North African pirates on their way to his estate in India, they were enslaved and forced into a whorehouse made especially for European women.

Both girls had been brutalized all of their first night, and both bore scars from repeated whippings to prove it.

As dawn broke, Helen was still being forced to take one customer deep into her mouth. She choked back tears as she did so.

Take it deep, my white slut, said the dark warrior. I want your lips down to the root of my black shaft. Deeper, slut, deeperdeep!

Across from her, Diane knelt before an Arab. His arm was tired from the harsh beatings he had given her all night.

IТll rest a moment, he said. But donТt worry. IТll resume lashing you as hard as I can in just a few moments!

Tears trickled from the eyes of both girls as they endured the first day of decades of misery ahead of them.


Mathilda was out of her mind with fear as the blacks roughly examined her naked body. She struggled in the ropes that bound her hands.

Let me go, you black beasts! Let me go! If you donТt let me go She switched quickly from threats to begging. I want to go! she cried. Please let me go! I have to go! Please!

The blacks ignored her, but continued pinching and rubbing her body.

The fine, pure white skin was a novelty that would earn them plenty of money in the Cairo slave markets.

Let me go! Mathilda begged, more hysterical now. Please! Let me goooooooo! Daddy. please.. Daddy. Jesus. someone. anyone help meeeeee!


Rhona had never ventured outside her idyllic Roman seaside village. Captured in an Arab raid, she was flung into the horrors of white slavery.

Hung bent from the wall as she was whipped for hours, she groaned in excruciating agony.

She choked on the thick rope gag in her mouth.

The Algerian slave marketer looked her over carefully... YouТll fetch a fine price, white dog. If I canТt sell you to a merchant or official, IТll sell you to a whorehouse. Would you like that? YouТd have dozens of black and brown cocks in your mouth, ass and cuntЧall day, all night. YouТd like that, wouldnТt youЧwhite, Christian bitch!

Posted on April 14th, 2011

Beautiful white women.taken from freedom in the West to the dark captivity of North Africa.

and Чof courseЧ throbbing brown and black cocks plunged into every orifice.

See the bleak misery these women endure. Their hell is heir captors' heaven.

Erin was ecstatic when she saw a fellow European come into the white slave whorehouse. Surely, he had come with ransom money from her father in Ireland! She was quickly disillusioned as he bound her. The white man was Captain Ross, who owned a ship regularly trading with Africa. He had been at sea 4 months and he was eager to fill up on white pussy.

Ahhh., he said as his throbbing dick pushed eagerly into Erin. Now this feels good, lass. Nice, European cunt. IТm going to treat you worse than an animal, of course. IТm going to rough you up worse than I would a beast back in Christendom.

Erin was wild with fright and despair. Nonono please sirplease.! ErinТs eyes filled with tears as Ross slammed in and out of her.

Good pussy! Good! Ahhh! Better than the black whores I usually get! Ah, good pussy! Ross shouted as he fucked and whipped her.

Erin cried harder, pathetically, pleadingly. RossТs assault was brutal. He was going in harder and deeper than the blacks and Arabs did. Oh for the love of God please stop! Erin screamed, amidst a flood of tears.


Carmen hung her head and wept silently as the Arabs haggled over her.

Please I wonТt be able to take another hour of this. She slumped helplessly on the cross.

See, said the auctioneer. SheТs brokenbroken in like a tame beast. SheТll cause you no problems but fulfill all your desires. And do you see any whip marks on her? No! Her pure white body is untouched! Virginal! She is a blank white sheet for you to tear to pieces! Surely you can give me a higher price!

Nomurmured Carmen, please mercy mercy

IТll take her! said one of the Arabs. I will buy her and indeed tear her to pieces with my whips and cock. SheТll have years of suffering. Years!

Hearing this, Carmen groaned pitifully. Mercy. she repeated, please.mercy.



Al Jasif wields power and a whip with equal skill. He was once a lowly goat-herder, but over the years his ruthlessness has made him wealthy and feared by men and women alike. Now a powerful Warlord, the swarthy man extracts tributes from the tribes around his mountain fortress. When gold is scarce, he accepts captured tourists. This year has been especially profitable. Three young women have been brought to his stronghold to satisfy his appetite for white women.

"Let her go you monster! You're killing her!"

"She'll learn to give a blowjob fitting for a harem slut, or she'll choke to death on my hot jizz... the choice is her's! Fuck! Gobble on my cock, infidel scum! All you lilly-white beauties thirst for dark meat, and I've got a thick pipe that could split marble! Yeah... take it all, whore... all the way down to my hairy balls... you're gonna slurp up every drop of my pearly juice before I'm done with you!"

"You animal! Let us go! STOP!!!"

"Pay attention whores, because you're going to be next! Watch and learn my new slaves... the faster you learn to please me the easier it will be on your skin! I had to whip this bitch's tits before she got the message... and look how good this slut is doing now! Keep sucking, and if I feel any teeth I'll punish all three of you whores!"

Posted on August 22nd, 2011


Justine, a high-dollar hooker, had met with a new client in a hotel room. After one drugged drink, Justine passed out. She awoke naked in a small shipping crate on an ocean freighter. The only food she'd received was when crew members shoved cocks through a hole in her crate. She eagerly ingested cum to stay alive. Upon docking, Justine, naked, hogtied and afraid, was taken to meet her master.

"So, white prostitute," Darbu said, "I'm told your mouth is highly skilled. But to have the honor of being my fuck-pet, you must be broken. Here, you will not be paid to fuck!" Struggling weakly, Justine was chained and mounted onto a wooden wedge.

"GHAAA...PLEASE...LET ME DOWN! NNNNGGHHAAAIIIEEE!" Justine begged. The sharp apex of the wedge crushed her clit and bit into her cunt. A stiff leather rod came down hard on one firm tit. "NNNGHAAAA"...

After 2 hours of screaming torment, Justine was led through the compound on a leash like a dog, forced to suck the cum from any cock or cunt that she saw...


Alyssa, hung from her cross with cum dripping down her inner thighs. She watched in horror as her lover, Laura, was marched toward her own cross with the heavy beam over her shoulders..

"We do not tolerate lesbians in our land," shouted the man on the horse, "For this crime, you perverted white whores will watch each other suffer under the cocks of a thousand men. While one hangs from her cross and is whipped she will also watch the precious flesh of her filthy lover pounded and crushed by legions of my soldiers. Your screams will fill the night sky."

Laura was set upon before she was mounted on the post. They shoved her to the ground as both women begged for mercy. "NOOOO...PLEASE...UUUNGH...GHAAIIIEEE...PLEASE...YAAAAGH!" Cocks, cum, crosses and whips were all the girls would know until the sale in 2 weeks...


Mamoud gripped Giselle's hair and thrust his hips forward. The young slave-girl gagged around the thick girth of his prick as his balls came to rest on her chin. Saliva and pre-cum smeared her lips and dripped onto her naked tits as she struggled to please the man who held her life in the palm of his hand.

"K-UK...UUMMFFFK...G-GLUK" Although revulsed and disgusted, Giselle tried desperately to satisfy Mamoud. She did not want to trade places with her sister, Danielle who hung naked by her wrists.

"NGHAAAAAAA...PLEEEEEEEAAAAAIIIEEEE!" Her desperate screams echoed in the large courtyard as her heavy tits were whipped savagely. Mamoud thrust once more as he shot a thick hot load of cum into Giselle's throat. She continued to milk the twitching cock with eager lips and tongue as he pulled out of her battered mouth.

"One to suck; one to Scream. Trade me brother. Rape this slave's ass while I make her sister sing!"

Posted on August 30th, 2011


Shanelle barely remembered her life of freedom. She'd been a slave-prostitute since her 18th birthday. She'd been taken in her sleep and transported to this savage land 5 years ago. Although not permitted to wear clothes, Shanelle was allowed to use her hands and mouth to slowly and softly pleasure a customer.

"UNGH...UNGH...UNNGGG!" Shanelle glanced over at, Chastity. It was her first day here at the brothel. She was bound, gagged and bouncing on the other man's lap. Her hands were tied because she was as yet poorly trained. For now she would only be fucked in cunt and ass until she was fully broken and submissive. Only then would her mouth come to know the feel and taste of a master's cock and cum.

"Keep sliding up and down you pathetic American slut," the man ordered as he whipped Chastity's ass. "If you slow down again before I cum in your whore's body, I will hang you by your tits and you'll still be fucked."



Valerie had no choice in the matter. She'd been stolen off the streets of a small town in Oregon, and was now just a plaything bought from a travelling slave trader. Untubo, her owner, would fuck her savagely and painfully soon enough, but as his first western slave, he would enjoy her screams as she bounced and struggled to avoid his whip. "NNNGGHHHAAAAAA" every muscle twisted and stood out against her sweating body when Untubo pressed the white-hot metal probe into her ass. Tears flowed and her shrieks only intensified as the hot probe tunneled further into her bowels where fresh flesh sizzled and fried.


Untubo left the probe protruding from Valerie's ass as he mounted her and shoved his dripping cock into the slit of her virgin pussy. "You are my pain-slut white whore. My harem shall suckle the sons that you bear."


“Now you will show your true submission. I am pushing my rod to the back of your throat and, yes, you will not be able to breathe. You have been trained for this. You have learned not to allow your teeth to touch your Master’s cock, haven’t you? You know that even the slightest insult done to your Master’s cock will be visited ten thousandfold upon your own lovely white skin. Your welts have healed from last week, but I think you remember them well, and remember your failure.

“As my hardness -- it is huge, is it not -- closes off your air, you will continue sucking. I will watch as your eyes roll back in your head and you will faint, still devotedly sucking me. I will not kill you… You are too pretty, too pleasant to fuck… and you cost too much for that.

“Already your air is cut off and I enjoy the panic rising in your eyes. Stay loyal, whore, and suck, or you will spend days in the dungeon repenting as the hard lash cuts your soft skin again. Suck!”

Posted on September 19th, 2011


Cybela had been captured by the roman army. Her limbs were long and flawless, her breasts quivered as she cried out for mercy. She hung naked from a crude cross so all could hear her screams and watch her struggle. Bidding was brisk, for Cybela was exceeding fair. When she was taken from the cross and presented to her new owner, he forced Cybela to the ground took her her virginity in front of the cheering crowd. Laughing at her as she wept, he lent her to two roman soldiers. "Fuck her young body for me. Her place is at a man's cock and the mercy for which she begs comes with the taste of a master's sperm across her tongue."

"NO," she begged, PLEASE DON'T NOOOOOO...AAAAAUUUUUGH!" The soldiers needed no urging as her cunt and ass were brutally taken at once. "Crucify her again when you've fucked her," said the owner, "She can walk home with the cross on her back!" With virgin's blood dripping between her thighs and tears from her eyes, Cybela was led away stumbling toward her new life as a slave-whore to a sadistic Roman master...


Tira quickly wished that she had not made disparaging remarks about the emperor. A soldier had overheard and now, she lay beneath the emperor as he slammed his his large cock into her virgin ass. "NOOOO...PLEASE TAKE IT OUT...YOU'RE TEARING ME ...AAAAIIIIEEEEE..."

"Tira, whore and traitor," Caeser sneered, "you could have lived a good life as a free woman, but you chose to insult me. So now you will be nothing more than a fuck-puppet and a receptacle for my anger and royal seed. Any child you bear will be sold as a slave."

He punched Tira hard across her full tits, then pulled out of her ass and shot his thick hot load across her face. "Slaves, he called, "Take this worthless twat and brand her as a traitor, cut off her clitoris and pierce her cunt, she will walk naked with me in the parade today led by a leash from the ring in her pussy..."


Annalisa and Dulina were common prostitutes who had no handlers. They tried to make a living outside of the government approved brothels that would tolerate no competition. Street whores were crucified...

"Don't worry bitches, the physician says you're both healthy. So since you like to fuck so much, we'll give you plenty of Roman meat to keep your whores holes filled. You'll be filled with more cock-slurp than you've ever wanted. Here come the rest of the boys now looking for a free fuck."

One of Annalisa's firm tits was pierced with the tip of a soldier's spear to keep her awake. "UNGHAAIIEEE..."

"Naughty Whore, don't you dare pass out while I'm talking or when I'm fucking your face. Take them down men. We'll bust these sweet asses good while we have time." Later, filthy with cum and barely conscious, the two girls were delivered to the slave brothels where they spent the rest of their youth slurping cock and cunt...

Posted on September 27th, 2011


“Owww! Please, stop it! Please, stop hurting me! I’ll do anything you want, but please stop hitting me! It hurts so much, you have to stop!”
“I don’t have to do anything a filthy white slut like you demands. My wants, however, are your law! First, I have told you to call me ‘Master’ whenever you are so fortunate that I permit you to speak. Second, you stupid infidel whore, why do you think you are in a position to offer me anything? I have it all... can take what I wish. You are helpless, and that is the way I desire it. Third, do you not understand that I enjoy hurting you? Your suffering hardens my cock, cunt! My dick gets stiffer with every cane stroke I lay into your sweet ass, with every harsh crimson welt I leave on it, with every scream that comes from your lips, with every tear that spills from your eyes.”
“Please, Mm... Master, please. Owwww! Ohh, I’ll suck you good, let me suck your cock! Agghh! No, no, please. Let me... please... I can’t stand it!”
“I know you can’t stand it. That is why I am doing it. To have a pretty European bitch like you bound, a prisoner in my cellar, subject to my wishes, is what I have worked my whole life to afford. I have saved hundreds of silver Ackheh to buy a girl like you, denied my wife and family so many things. You are mine at last.

“Upstairs my wife can hear your screams, but she will do nothing. I am the Master in this house, all within it are under my authority... but you, sweetmeat, are my sex slave.”
“No, no, you can’t do this! Aaaggghh! No, please.... Owww...ohh... Oh, shit, stop, stop!”
“Foul mouthed brat. I’ll cane your rump until you call me ‘Master’ every time, and then cane it some more until my arm is tired. I’ve tied you to offer me your best feature. With you crying, your white butt red, I will put my thick cock up to your dirty anus and I will look in your face while you scream as I drive my hard tool slowly, painfully, up your asshole! I have been waiting twenty years to cum up the ass of a helpless, white-skinned bitch that I owned. Tonight will be the first time I do it, but not the last, cunt!”


“Mustapha, come and see how the Sultan favors me. This white slave girl was commanded to spread her legs so the Sultan might smack her cleft red before entering it. It was a task any good teenaged Arab virgin would gladly perform for her lowly goatherd husband on their wedding night, but this weak Frankish whore refused the Sultan! Now I have the joy of teaching this wench how to spread her legs, and she will learn that she would have been far better off obeying and taking a few slaps between the thighs rather than the cane over her entire body – nor will her little slit escape, as you will see, friend!

“One of the Sultan’s eunuchs usually would do this work, but in my long and loyal service to the Sultan he has learned that I have a taste for punishing young females. In truth, I don’t care whether a pretty girl deserves it or not, Mustapha, but the Sultan has allowed me to spend a day indulging myself while I correct this one.

“I am, of course, forbidden to use the body of the Sultan’s woman as he would, but I have thought up a way to enjoy myself mightily. I have sent for my own youngest concubine. When she is arrived, she will provide a fine example for this slut by kneeling before me and taking my manhood in her mouth. By then I will have marked all of this girl’s fine, creamy flesh. I will turn the attention of my cane to a long, careful chastisement of this howling slave’s cunt and my own slave will bring me off as I do it!”

“You have an excellent plan, Ibrahim, and I thank you for inviting me to see it, but I have one question: Might I, perhaps, send for my girl?”


“You slipped your bonds and thought you would escape, eh, girl? I don’t mind, it shows spirit, and I will enjoy crushing your spirit. There is no escape. You are spitted upon my cock, as you will be for day after day after day for years to come. Yes, scream and cry! I like it. I enjoy taking girls by force. Why have slaves if not to enjoy making them do things they hate?

“Your sellers tell me that when you were taken in a raid on a caravan seven days ago, you were wearing jewels and silks. You’ll not be doing that here. I will clothe you, but mostly so I will have the pleasure, and you the humiliation, of seeing them stripped off whenever I wish it.

“Now, if you know what is good for you, squeeze your woman hole up good on my cock. Come on, doesn’t it come naturally to you? Well, you’d better learn quickly if you don’t want to get your first whipping from me, today, rather than tomorrow morning when my mean bitch of a wife finds I’ve bought a pretty young play thing. Your ass will certainly pay dearly then, and I don’t think you would much enjoy taking my wife’s heavy rope across your backside tomorrow if it has been marked by my camel whip today.

“Now squeeze my prick, slave.”


“Ohh, please, stop! How can you do this?”

“How? You have a lot to learn, little trollop. My brother, bless him, was a good man, kind to all, decent even to his slaves. I am none of those things, and it was your misfortune that you were his bequest to me. I am evil, proud, and most indecent with my slave girls.

“I am proud to possess an object like you, a white slave girl. I am exposing you naked so my neighbors may see what a pretty wench I own. My other two slave girls cower inside, listening to your screams. That makes me proud too. What good fortune I have to possess three beautiful girls who are mine to bind, humiliate, torture, and fuck in any hole desire whenever I wish.

“My cock is proud too… It swells with pride in all these accomplishments. I pause to tell you this because I want you to think always of what makes my prick swell, bitch. Your life is now devoted to my proud, swollen manhood. Your life has no other purpose.

“Now, can I strike both your nipples at once? I think I can.”


“Agghh, gahhh! Ohh, no, no!”

“No? I really think I did get both nipples with the one stroke. Well, I have no objection to doing it again if I must to prove my skill in that worthiest of arts, the punishment of an attractive young girl.”


Posted on October 14th, 2011


Alruane, daughter of a recently deposed and decapitated King, was forced to watch the women of the burning city tied, tortured and fucked by the roman army. Laughter and cheers greeted her as she was collared and made to crawl naked through the streets of Rome. New victory for Caesar, new flesh for the auction block...

"Greetings Highness," Heroditus sneered as he pulled Alruane to her knees and began to whip her.

"What...AAAAAIIIIIGH!!" Distracting his fresh whore, he thrust into her tight rear passage. "GHAAAAA" she screamed as he gripped her hair pulling her back onto his impaling meat. "Welcome to the Royal Brothel," he grunted as his cock burrowed deep." Caeser will take your virginity but not before you're fuck trained." After a few painful hours of intense torment, Princess Alruane was eagerly licking feces from the very cock that had plumbed her ass only seconds before. "Clean it well Princess and swallow what follows." She gagged down shit and the thick spurting cum of the roman conqueror. Her first dose of sperm from thousands to follow...


Astrina, a runaway slave, was run down and captured by a roman garrison. They tied her spread-eagle to stakes on the burning sands of the desert. Her only shade came from the soldiers who sweated over her body as they ripped into her without mercy. "UNNGH...UUNGH...PLEASE...UGH...HAVE MERCY..."

"Hurry Up, Glaucio," the Captian shouted, "there are 50 other men waiting their turn to screw this ungrateful whore." Just as the naked soldier came he bit down hard on Astrina's tits drawing trickles of blood. "GHUUUAAAAIIIIEEEEEE" she shrieked. Shiny with sweat, leaking cum from cunt and ass, Astrina barely saw the faces of the men who mounted her through the tears that blurred her vision.

"The poor bitch looks thirsty. Let's give her something to drink." They all lined up to piss on Astrina. Covered from head to toe, smelling of cum and urine, she was roped and marched back to Rome.

"Fuck her as you like men, but don't kill her. She'll prove good sport in the arena!"

Posted on October 20th, 2011


“Since capturing them during the campaign in Gaul , I’ve become obsessed with these girls, Gladius Severus. They have not worn a stitch of clothing since then, and even though I have also kept them constantly bound, these blonde whores have not lacked for exercise, if you know what I mean."

“A word of advice on that one, Gladius: Do not waste your jism in her mouth. Her cock sucking is only average. Her asshole, however, remains tight, and her reaction to taking a man’s prick in it is outstanding. She screams and squeals and bucks and struggles the whole time like it was a hot poker running up her butt – and how she clenches! Tie her down carefully first, friend, and leave her mouth for cleaning you afterwards."

“Then we can drink some wine and get hard again watching that bitch kneel and lick my cum out of this bitch.”


“A new slave girl like you must be prepared for her first meeting with the Senator, and you will meet him soon. He is a very busy man and requires a slut to be presented to him docile and marked-up. Stretched out, too, before he takes her, because hanging between his legs, girl, is the biggest cuntsplitter I’ve ever seen! This is why I just impaled your clam on that wooden dildo, to spread you open so the Senator can rush in, plow quickly into you, and move on to his business."

“Unfortunately for you, the Senator’s son is almost as large and, worse, he only takes slave girls up the ass. But you don’t have to worry about having your butthole stretched out on that dildo – though I would take pleasure in doing that with you, young whore. The Senator’s son is not nearly as busy as his father. He enjoys the slow, agonizing process of getting a slim girl’s narrow asshole to accommodate the girth of his enormous fuckrod."

“Now, I’ve got just enough time before the Senator arrives to jack off while beating you. My, you cry prettily, slave.”


“I believe I have arranged recreation that will be to the General’s liking. The General will see that she is a trim young thing, and can hear that this stone chamber makes her yelping echo nicely. Also, she was raised in a Roman household here, so the General will be able to understand and enjoy her begging. I’ve inspected her mons and found it clean, but if I read the General’s mood correctly, he’ll be wanting to step around behind this slut… The General will find that route also to his satisfaction. Her pucker is freshly plucked of hair, pink, and tight.”

“Sergeant, you know me well. We have been sent to occupy the ass end of the Empire, and I’m going to start here by occupying the asshole of some helpless, screaming bitch. Once my prick is buried in her backside, Sergeant, cane her tits and snatch good and hard so I can enjoy her squirming and shrieking, then plant your own staff in her cunt from the front. Together we’ll show her a Roman legion pincer maneuver.”

“The General honors me! Gladly, sir.”

Posted on October 31st, 2011


“You are much better behaved than your sister, though you are awful at sucking a man’s dick. Can it be that men in the north do not require this of their women? At least you are a pretty enough slut. Yes,… now move your head back and forth faster, and as long as I’ve left them unbound, use your hands. Damn, you can barely understand me."

“Once you get me off, we’ll go back to teaching your sister to obey. I’m going to hit her thighs and cunt with this cane again… see… and once it is crimson you will lick it wet… cunnilingus is the word… to lubricate it so I can fuck her. She won’t like it, not at all, but the bitch will have to learn to suck cock… fellatio is the word… if she wants me to stop caning her fuckhole before I jam my cock in it."

“Now, you, slave… Faster!”


“There, my darling cousin, how does that feel? It is a glass dildo, one of the toys we have made especially for you. It is black to stand in contrast to your lovely white skin. I kept it packed in snow brought down from the mountains, but I think you have guessed that already. Cold, yes? I’ll warm your cunt up with my cock again soon, but I cannot get over how beautiful your tiny twat looks when it is split open by this big, black rod!"

“Now that I’ve enjoyed raping you, cousin, I want to tell you that there is no hope of escape. Your father sent you here to Athens to get you away from the intrigues of Rome , but one of those “intrigues” was my father’s plan to have your father perish in a wagon “accident”. Your mother is long dead, you have no other relatives. My father takes control of you, darling cousin. Inheriting the money was nice, but actually the whole point was getting you. He has lusted after you for years."

“Your uncle has prepared countless restraints and gags and whips and dildos, and even a wooden pony, all of which he will use together with his hard penis to punish every bit of you and fuck every hole of you, his slender, pretty niece. He is traveling from Rome even now to greet you, cousin."

“Let’s slide a little more of that dildo into you now. Brrr! Chilly, isn’t it?”


Anna, her arms tied tightly behind her back was dragged onto the steps, awaiting her fate before the Roman conquerors.

She was humiliated while the General studied her naked body, and became terrified when she saw the huge bulge of his cock growing under his uniform. She heard the screams and cries of other women from the village being fucked by the soldiers in another room. She heard Alexa crying hysterically on the floor behind her, after two dozen soldiers probed her ass and pussy with fingers and tongues, before they took turns fucking her mouth.

Anna tried to ignore the screams of her other female friends being whipped in the nearby courtyard.

“I saved this beautiful bitch for you alone General,” the Mayor said, dragging Anna forward.

“She has the body of a slut, yet is still a virgin. You need to make her kneel before you and suck your cock to show you she is truly a slut whore. Then you need to fuck her pussy, and mouth, and then her tight ass. Use your cock and fuck this worthless slut slave until you are satisfied.”

Posted on December 30th, 2011


Adriana screamed as 2 cocks were shoved up inside her at once. She could feel the monstrous, throbbing members stretching her holes. Just this morning she had tried to steal some bread to help feed her family, it seemed like such a small thing. But Abdul had caught her and brought her to his father, the magistrate, to be “judged.”

First they whipped her and made her beg for mercy, then they forced her to crawl on the floor and kiss their feet. Finally they decided to test how tight her holes were, to see if she was worth adding to their harem.

They thrust their dicks into her pussy and asshole at the time, using her like a common prostitute. Adriana's fate was sealed...


Rebecca had thought that if she ran away from her father’s caravan to marry Sayid, she would live as his pampered wife. After all, Sayid was the richest man in town, and he said he’d take good care of her. But after a month together, Sayid was not quite the man she’d thought he was. Sayid made Rebecca scrub the floors and clean his chambers like one of his servants. He liked to tie her and whip her.

He said a Jewish woman like Rebecca shouldn’t mind being treated like a servant, since her people were always slaves anyways. And even though they weren’t married yet, Sayid insisted on fucking her.

He fucked all of her holes as if she were a common prostitute. In fact, Sayid didn’t even talk about marrying her anymore. He just fucked her and whipped her and laughed.


Tears ran down Katrina’s check as Abdul, her new master, prepared to use her for the first time. Once Katrina had been a noble woman of the Byzantine Empire, but she had made the mistake of visiting her husband’s camp during the crusades.

The camp was over-run by Arabian forces, and her husband and all her friends were killed. Katrina was sold as a slave in far away lands.

Now she didn’t even know for sure where she was.

Abdul had bought his new slave at the market. When he got home, he made her bend over while he carefully whipped her in her most tender places, he knew how important it was to make an impression on slave on her first day.

Then Abdul tied her arms and legs with rough hemp rope, the rope cut into her skin like a biting dog. He paid special attention to make sure the ropes were just tight enough to be painful without causing permanent damage.

Then Abdul placed her on his bed and whipped her some more, and prepared to impale her with his manhood.

Posted on January 4th, 2012


Maria screamed hysterically as Cletus pushed his huge cock deeper into her tight virgin pussy. Her frantic screams pleased him, and he pulled her long hair savagely until she screamed hysterically when the pain became unbearable.

Cletus purchased Maria and Helen at the slave auction and took them to his house where his servants stripped them. After binding the woman with ropes, Cletus sat stroking his growing cock, while his servants whipped the women into submission.

As he fucked Maria, Cletus grasped the rope binding her wrists together, before pulling her backward. He smiled when she screamed as he impaled his new slave on his cock.


The pain was becoming unbearable and Cornelia knew she would soon be forced to submit.

Several days before, she was kidnapped by four men and taken to a city where she sold to a wealthy businessman. When she refused to become his willing sex slave, he ordered his servant Livius to torture her into submission. Now the cold steel restraints prevented Cornelia from moving while Livius savagely whipped her with a cane.

Before placing Cornelia onto the horse to torture her, Livius inserted a wide stone plug into Cornelia’s tight ass. The point at the top of the horse now crushed her tender pussy, forcing her to cry and scream from the unbearable pain.


Lucreatta pleaded with the masked torturer as he forced her to watch Regina being whipped. Hours earlier the two women were accused of stealing money while in the town marketplace. Soldiers dragged the women to the Magistrate, who ordered them punished in the dungeon.

Lucreatta and Regina both screamed from the pain while the torturers inserted a thick steel plug into their ass. Now, Regina’s hysterical screams echoed in the dungeon as she hung suspended upside down by ropes tied tightly around her ankles.

The Magistrate unmercifully whipped Regina’s breasts and legs, and then her pussy, until it became red from the punishment.


Isabella screamed hysterically after the whip landed across her stomach. The long and painful red welts across her flawless skin matched her long red hair. She heard Theodora screaming behind her, after the loud crack of the whip striking her skin.

A few hours ago, the two women stood with others on a street, watching the Price Callias and his brother Avitius riding by on horses. When Callias pointed at the two women, the guards dragged them to the castle.

Now, the cold steel spreader bar and ropes keep the women’s legs spread wide apart, and their bodies vulnerable.

Posted on January 16th, 2012


Just days ago, princess Arsinoe had called herself queen of Egypt.

Arsinoe had set out to free her people from their Roman oppressors. Unfortunately for her, her sister Cleopatra had other plans.

Cleoptara’s lover Julius Caesar had declared her fiancйe would be Rome’s new queen (so long as she obeyed the Roman’s of course) and he decided to make an example of Arisonae, so the Egyptians would understand what happened to rebels.

Now, after 3 days of having her virginal holes shagged by Roman soldiers, Arisonae was quite ready to forget about her silly ideas like “freedom” and “rebellion,” but it was too late...

“Haha! Scream you oily skinned bitch! Caesar and Cleopatra want us to you warm you up before the triumph. This is what happens to rebels in Rome!”

“AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Please have mercy! I’m sorry!”

“Shut up bitch! You’re the main attraction for the parade. We’re going to parade your ass in front of the entire city -naked, in chains, with fresh whip marks on your tits. Then we’re going to let the common people have their way with you for a while. You’ll get a hundred throbbing, low-born dicks shoved into you. You can beg for mercy after that. If you’re still alive that is. You can go to your sister and beg her not to kill you when the fun’s over.”


Last week, Flavia was a noble woman and she thought she was above 2 brothers like Glabius and Titus.

She had even slapped Glabius in public for daring to look her in the eye!

What would a Senator’s daughter like her have to fear from 2 lowly members of the Praetorian guard?

But that was last week. This week her father had angered the new Emperor, Caligula.

5 days ago her father said he didn’t like the Emperor’s horse.

4 days ago the guards had come into her house at night and killed her father.

3 days ago her mother and her brothers had been killed and all their possessions were taken.

2 days ago Glabius and Titus had found Flavia hiding in her fiance’s home. They killed her fiance and dragged her naked through the streets of Rome.

One day ago, the Emperor gave her as a gift to his guards, to use as they liked.

Since then, the 2 happy brothers had been pumping her little body with their rock -hard members.

“Haha! I bet you’re sorry you slapped my brother now, aren’t you? You slut! Work your whore’s lips on my brothers cock, while I use you from behind, or I’ll whip you even worse! You should be grateful to us, Emperor Caligula would have killed you too if we hadn’t asked him to wait. Maybe he still will.”

“NOOOOOO! Please don’t let him kill me!”

“Shut up whore! What do you say brother? Has her cock-sucking skill earned her a pardon? Or should we let her die?”

“Oh her cock sucking is not very good brother, the worthless slut doesn’t know a damn thing. Her pampered up-bringing has ruined her. When I have finished, we can switch places and then we’ll decide is she’s worth keeping.”

“PLEASE! I can learn! Give me a chance - MMMPPPPHHHHHH!!!”

“Ha! Look at that brother! The only way to shut the bitch up is to shove a cock in her mouth! Ah! I can feel I am about t cum down her throat, take it all you slut!”


Julia and Antonia had been best friends since they were children. They did everything together.

2 days ago they went to the market together and Emperor Caligula heard them laughing. Caligula decided to have some fun.

On the spot, Caligula declared that for the next month it would be a crime to laugh in a public place.

Both the girls were seized, stripped naked and whipped in the town square, with hundreds of people watching and laughing at them. Then Caligula brought them back to his bedroom for entertainment.

He spent all morning shoving his giant, throbbing cock into their defenseless bodies and whipping their delicate white flesh with his horse whip. He never even asked their names. He told the girls to take turns kneeling and watching while her best friend was ravaged.

They were too terrified to disobey.

Caligula couldn’t stop laughing.

“Squeeze your cunt extra tight on my cock you criminal! I have decided to be merciful, I will spare the life of whoever is a better fuck!”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Please forgive us! Just kill me, spare Antonia!”

“Less talk, more squeezing you stupid cunt! You’ll both give me the best fuck of your lives, and then I’ll choose the winner. If I think for one second you’re not giving your best, I’ll shove hot pokers up both your asses! And then I’ll go find your families and do the same to them! Now bounce that ass on my cock like your life depends on it! It does!”

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Katrina had been Abdul’s slave for a long time. She didn’t really know how long, but it must have been many years. She’d almost gotten used to the constant whipping and torture Abdul subjected her too.


Today Abdul had tied her in one of his favorite suspensions. Abdul enjoyed the intricate knots and bindings he used to hang her in mid air, Abdul liked to take his time when he tortured her.

The blood rushed to Katrina’s head and she grew dizzy. Abdul whipped her breasts and managed to hit her perfectly in the nipple. Pain exploded through her. He hit her with precisely aimed strikes, again and again. Then, when Abdul felt he had whipped her enough, he very carefully lined her hanging pussy up with manhood.

Abdul stood up on his tip toes to get the angle just right, he lingered a moment to let her think about what was going to happen, then he pulled the ropes and impaled her.

“Feel that whore? I’m fucking you in mid-air! Anything worth doing is worth doing well, that's what I always say!”

As her masters cock entered her, and her head flung widely, the world spun around Katrina. She closed her eyes and tried to remember what her husbands face had looked like, before she’d been a slave.

But try as she might, all she could see was Abdul. The other memories were gone.


Amanda closed her eyes and tried to drown out the screaming of her older sister, Olivia. She clutched her knees to her chest and rocked back and forth on the ground.

“Its just a dream,” she told herself. “Its all just a bad dream. Wake up Amanda, wake up.”

But Olivia’s screams cut through her thoughts and the morning air on her naked skin made her shiver, and Amanda knew she could never wake up from this. She did not understand the language of the strange men around her. But she understood that her parents were dead.

The men had attacked their camp in the night and killed everyone she’d ever known, except Olivia. Then they’d taken her and her sister here, wherever that was. Her sister begged for mercy.

Olivia, the woman she had admired all her life for her strength and her poise, wept and begged like a little girl. And after only a few minutes on their hellish machine! Their whips bit into her defenseless white flesh and the metal edge on their anvil ravaged her virginal womanhood.

Olivia was broken, begging… and she had been the strong one. Soon it would be Amanda’s turn.

“Wake up Amanda” she said again and again. “Please wake up.” But Olivia’s screams grew louder and louder.


After years in the palace, Olivia had learned a little bit of her captors’ language, but she couldn’t seem to learn how to make them stop whipping her.

No matter how hard she tried to obey them, they always seemed to find some excuse to punish her. Maybe they just liked whipping a Christian girl for her “heathen” past.

“Bitch! This is what you get for trying to plot with the other women! When will you learn your place?”

“Oh please sir! I wasn’t plotting; I was just asking if they’d seen my sister Amanda. I haven’t seen her in years and I just hoped that...”

“Silence! You brainless cunt! You think I care about your excuses? You must not speak to the other slaves! Women of the palace are to be seen not heard.”

“Oh please let me see Amanda my master! She’s all I have in the world, please have mercy.”

“Ha, you really are brainless! You just don’t know when to shut up. I think I shall double your punishment. When I’m done whipping you, I’ll leave you hanging like this all night, and then whip you again in the morning. That way all the other girls will see what happens to brainless cunts who talks too much. Now thank me!”

“Ah! Yes Master, thank you for teaching me my proper place, (sob).”

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Beautiful white women.taken from freedom in the West to the dark captivity of North Africa.

and Чof courseЧ throbbing brown and black cocks plunged into every orifice.

See the bleak misery these women endure. Their hell is heir captors' heaven.


For the last several years, Rebecca had been a slave in the emirТs palace. Once she had been one of the emirТs favorites, but that was long ago. Now she hung in the palace dungeons and the emirТs fool of a nephew Ishtar used her for his pleasure.

I have bad news for you whore! hissed Ishtar as he pounded his dick relentlessly into her defenseless cunt.

IТve grown bored with your worn-out old pussy and your ugly black hair. The palace just got a new batch of blonde and red-haired beauties, so I donТt need you anymore. IТm selling you to some of the lower classes. Even an ugly old bitch like you should fetch a good price with the rabble. Commoners love to fuck the girls whoТve been fucked by royalty"

Rebecca wailed in pain as she was whipped and raped. She was overcome with shame as he used and degraded her. But the most horrifying thing of all was the orgasm she felt building inside of her. Despite all the horrible things Ishtar was doing, she was about to cum. Surely this was as bad life could get


Rebecca remembered thinking once that her life had been as bad as it could get when Ishtar was fucking her in the palace dungeon. Now her disgusting new master, Abdul the baker, was fucking her on his kitchen table. And she knew sheТd been wrong.

Abdul liked to abuse her with a polished black phallus. It was terrifying, feeling that cold thing inside her, knowing there was nothing she could do to defend herself.

Abdul was old and fat and disgusting, he liked to lend her out to his friends, he was so old that he rarely could summon the enthusiasm to fuck her, instead he whipped her and punished her, without even giving her the orgasms she used to get, when she was in the palace dungeons.

Then when Abdul was done using her, heТd untie her and make her clean his shop and do all his most menial chores...

At the palace she had been a pleasure slave, not a common house slave. Her life was a constant reminder of how low she was.

Oh lord, Rebecca moaned to herself, Why didnТt I appreciate Ishtar when I had the chance? He wasnТt so bad


"Haha, thatТs right you golden haired, slut scream! I bet you wish youТd put a little more effort into that blowjob for the emir now eh?

AHHHHHHHHH! Please sir, give me another chance! IТll be a good slave! I can do better, IТll learn!

You had your chance you idiot! And the emir said you werenТt enthusiastic enough at sucking his cock. Now weТre gonna leave you strung up like this, with all your weight resting on your tits and pussy, while the new shipment of slaves are trained in the yard. The emir thinks that if they watch you die slowly and in agony for the next few days, it will motivate them not to make the same mistake you did! So take heart! Your death will serve as a lesson to make good slaves out of these other girls!

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It hurts so much! Please let me suck his cock again! PLEEEASE! Give me another chance!

ThatТs it, scream like that, so the other girls can hear you. Louder! HAHAHA!, I love my job.

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Beautiful white women.taken from freedom in the West to the dark captivity of North Africa.

and Чof courseЧ throbbing brown and black cocks plunged into every orifice.

See the bleak misery these women endure. Their hell is heir captors' heaven.


Well, what say you, my friend Sahib? Look upon the girlТs fine golden hair, the untouched virgin hips, see how passionately she cries out when whipped! Surely such a girl as this is worth a mere 100 gold coins? Buy her and add to your collection!

100 coins? Bah! This used up whore? Look, she is no virgin; sheТs been busted for years! Her tits are too small and her thighs are fat like a cowТs. I will give you 10 gold coins for the cow. And I only give you that out of pity, for I know no one else will want her.

Sarah could not breath; the rope around her neck had gone too tight. She cast her eyes about vainly.

Haha, my friend! I can tell you know how to drive a hard bargain; perhaps you would like to try her out before you make a decision? Think how much fun it is to break in a new Christian woman, I bet she sucks excellent cock!

SarahТs face turned red, the room began to spin. Oh God, please donТt let me die like this, she thought.

First you say this worthless cow is a virgin, now you say she sucks cock? You will say anything I think! Very well, I will give her a try, if she can get me off, I will give you 20 coins, and I may add her to my collection, if not you will give her too me for 10 and I will put the fat bitch to work scrubbing dishes in my kitchen!

The rope on her neck went slack and she began to cough.

You heard him bitch! Up on your knees

Sarah gasped for air, a few days ago she had been a respectable women, now she would never see her family again and her whole life depended on a blowjob. She tried to lick her lips, but her throat was dry


Adriana felt IshtarТs giant throbbing cock as he shoved it mercilessly up her asshole. Even after everything heТd done to her, she still felt the pain, searing through her, ripping up her insides as he assaulted her with his monstrous member.

Please Master! she screamed. Please have mercy on your poor slave!

Ishtar laughed and whipped her back a few more times with his horsewhip. The pain echoed in her back, like a thousand bee stings, amplifying the pain she felt as he reamed her ass.

Bitch! You finally learned your place after I caught you stealing so many years ago, havenТt you!

Please master, please! All I did was steal some bread, it was years ago! IТve been a good slave to your family, havenТt I? Please stop hurting me!

Ishtar rammed his rock hard cock even deeper into her ass, Adriana screamed even louder. IТll hurt you whenever I want, he laughed.

Bastard! I hate you! I hate you!!! screamed Adriana.

Ishtar laughed even harder.

ThatТs why youТre so much fun to fuck, you bitch.


Laura knelt respectfully as her Master whipped a new slave to welcome her to the house. Laura did not even lift her head; she knew her master was giving her a great honor by not tying her or securing her in any way. Master was showing that he trusted her to be a good slave and not try to escape, and Laura planned to prove she was worthy of masterТs trust.

Next to her, Audrey was kneeling as a well, but Audrey was blindfolded and chained, she wasnТt a good slave like Laura, she wasnТt trustworthy.

Above her, the new slave wailed and screamed as master whipped her defenseless white body. Laura had not caught her name yet, but Master kept calling her useless cow maybe that was going to be her new name? Laura got the sense Master had only bought her because sheТd been cheap.

Good! Thought Laura, if this girl was just a cheap useless cow, then she would not be a threat to her as masterТs favorite. Laura snorted, look at the bitch! Crying just because her pussy was being impaled on the fence! Master had been kind enough to put a rug over the fence, and still she complained? Clearly this bitch knew nothing about being a good slave!

Laura shivered, the cold air flowed on her naked skin and her nipples grew hard. The stupid cowТs groans of agony floated around her and the 2 men chatted amicably, completely ignoring the other naked, kneeling girls.

IТm a good slave, Laura repeated to herself, in her mind. IТm a good slave, IТm a good slave, got to be good, got to be good

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In the back streets of ancient Baghdad, one could get a whole for cheaper than a goat. Rich and salacious merchants were able to afford treats from faraway lands that had been seduced to the the brothels with promises of fame as entertainers, much like young females are seduced into porn today. But back then, the fates of the young women were much crueler.

Nida and her sworn sisters were such young women, and they were in for a surprise when they arrived seeking their fortunes, to say the least. They were lashed and made to watch as other whores serviced their masters.


“You are a bad slave,” said Barco to Audrey, as he whipped the red head.

Audrey screamed in agony as the harsh whip came down on her naked skin, again and again. The sharp pointed wood she was suspended on ground mercilessly into her pussy. The weight of her own body pulled her down on the post (somewhere in the back of her mind she remembered it was called a wooden pony)

“You are getting this whipping because you are bad slave! Do you understand? You lifted your head up; you put your stupid eyes on things that slaves do not need to see! You should keep your eyes down on the ground or on your Master’s cock, like a good fuck slave!”

Once Audrey had been a strong woman. Before she’d been enslaved she’d run a shop, she’d kept it going long after her husband had died, she had carried on to be successful. But that was long ago, in a far distant country. She was broken now. Years of abuse had taken their toll.

“Please!” She begged. “Please don’t hurt me! I’ll be a good slave, I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll never look up again, unless my master tells me too. I’ll be a good slave!”

“I don’t think the lesson has sunk in yet,” said Barco. “You need some more pain to make sure you remember.”

Audrey wailed, her eyes rolled up into her head and she shut them tight. The wooden pony dug deeper into her pussy, and the whippings began again.

“I’ll be good,” she whimpered. “I’m sorry.”


“Please my love! Please no more! I’m sorry,” moaned Luja.

Her husband had been whipping her for almost 3 hours now. They had gotten in argument earlier when he had grabbed another woman’s ass in the market. Luja had said a married man like him should not do such things in front of his wife. Her husband seemed to disagree.

“Please stop,” she begged.

“But your punishment is not complete my love,” said her husband calmly, so calmly. That was what was so maddening to Luja, the calmness in his voice. She could almost believe he was in the right and she was in the wrong. His manner was so matter-of-fact.

“Oh my husband! I’m sorry, I will never question you again, you may do as you wish to any woman you like, I have no right to question you, I was wrong!!!” Screamed Luja, willing to do anything to make this torture stop.

Her husband calmly, gently, placed 2 metal clips on her nipples.

The pain was excruciating, it exploded through her, over-powering every other thought. Then he placed 2 heavy weights on the chain between them.

“OOOOOOO!” Whined Luja. “Please husband, please have mercy! I’m your wife! I thought only slaves were ever treated this way.”

Her husband picked up the whip and looked her calmly in the eyes. He smiled.

“That is why we are having this little lesson.” He said, gently. Luja wept.

Posted on February 29th, 2012


“Whip the bitch a few more times praetorian, Emperor Caligula wants her to have fresh marks when the party begins.”

“Yes lord Macro. Why is she covered in oil sir?”

“Oh she’s a decoration. Caligula wants her body to shine in the light as his guests eat. He thinks its more artistic. She’ll be hung in the center of the room like this for all to see, and the Senators will whip her while they eat. Then at the end of the night there’s to be a raffle and the winner fucks the little trollup before she’s put to death in the arena. I understand she’s a virgin, so the raffle should be quite exciting.”

“Haha! I love our new emperor’s imagination sir, its so much more fun being a guard now! What was her crime?”

“Oh, her father’s a Senator and he voted against some measure to make Caligula’s horse a consul of Rome, something like that. The Emperor has put her here as a warning to the other Senator’s invited to the party. Many of the guests will have known her for a long time.”

“He’s a clever one. You hear that bitch? All your fathers friends are going to come whip your naked, oiled body in an hour, then they’re going to raffle off your virginity as a cheap door prize! How do you like that bitch? I love my job!”


Orstilla’s mind had shut down after all of today’s abuse, never had she dreamed such horrible things were even possible.

This morning she had been the happiest woman in the world. She was going to finally marry her beloved finance, after she had saved her virginity for him. She’d had the most beautiful wedding dress, the most wonderful feast was prepared and all her friends and family were there to tell her how much they loved her. Her father gave her away and said he was proud of her. Then, just as the priest announced them man and wife, Emperor Caligula had arrived.

Caligula announced that he’d taken a fancy to Orstilla. The guards arrested her husband and dragged him away without a word of explanation. Then Caligula ripped her beautiful wedding gown to pieces and left her naked and crying in front of all her guests. When she tried to run away, Caligula made her father help tie her up and whipped her until she stopped struggling. Then he took her to her bridal bed and raped her virgin cunt.

“Stop crying you stupid whore! Don’t you realize I’m the high priest of the land? I’m bestowing on you my blessing. You should thank me! Now squeeze that cunt extra tight and maybe I’ll just banish your husband, instead of killing him. Now thank me! before I change my mind!”

“Ugh! Ahh! Thank you! Thank you lord!”


“Greetings my friend! I have come to see how the interrogation of the Princess Fiona is going.”

“Ah you arrived just in time Glabius, the stuck-up bitch was just telling us about a secret entrance to her father’s palace in Germania, weren’t you dear? It’s disappointing really; the haughty bitch broke so quickly that I barely had time to torture her. I was looking forward to burning her with a few more of these hot coals.”

“Oh please sir! Please don’t hurt me anymore. I’ll do anything, I’ll be good,”

“Bah! You disgust me girl! Glabius my friend, you once offered to wed this sad wretch of a princess, did you not? To form an alliance between Rome and the Germanic Tribes?”

“Its true! At the time I thought Fiona had spirit, now I’m glad she spurned me. This worthless piece of trash is dirt under my heel. Fiona! You’ll lead our men to the secret passage and help us conquer your father’s kingdom won’t you, you whore? Then we’ll have you mother, your sisters, your friends… Everyone you’ve ever known will die or live in chains!”

Princess Fiona wailed. She knew she was broken, she was completely controlled by fear, she didn’t dare resist her tormentors.

“Oh gods forgive me for being so weak!” she cried.

“OK, boys,” laughed Glabius, “I shall tell Emperor Commodus that we’ll be ready for the invasion soon.”

Posted on March 7th, 2012


Queen Fingulla struggled naked on her cross. Her castle burned behind her and her husbands soldiers died in front of her. How could it have happened? In a single night her entire world had turned upside down. Last night she had gone to sleep knowing she was a proud queen, married to a strong king, a king who defied even the will of Rome. When she awoke her husband was dead, her kingdom was conquered and she was stripped naked and being paraded in front of laughing soldiers.

They had violated her body, raped her again and again, and then they strung her up on a cross, naked, like a trophy for all to see. Her mind threatened to shut down. Only one thought kept her from going mad.

“My daughters!” She pleaded. “Please spare my daughters! Have mercy!”

“The barbarian queen begs!” laughed the Roman soldier. “Don’t worry, your daughters are going to live much longer than you. Emperor Commodus wants to have some spectacles for the people in the Coliseum during his triumph. He’ll probably crucify them for the crowd! He may even keep a few of them as pets! It was your eldest daughter Fiona who betrayed you and led us into your city. The Emperor has talked of keeping some of her sisters alive for a while, in consideration of that. How good of you to have so many children, so we can torture them in so many ways!”

“Its not true! It can’t be!” the queen moaned. “Fiona wouldn’t do that.”

“You know it’s true you dumb bitch,” the soldier laughed “How else could we have found the secret entrance to your city? How else could we have done all this in one night? Now we’re going to leave you here, strung up and naked as a message to your people. When they see their proud queen reduced to a pathetic screaming whore, it will help teach them their proper place.”

The queen tried to maintain her composure and die with some little dignity, but she could not. She wept and screamed and moaned, all around her hundreds of Roman soldiers laughed. And she knew her daughters’ fate would be even worse…


The crowd of the Coliseum cheered. 50,000 Roman voices mixed together and roared like a storm. The people delighted at the suffering of Germanic princesses, crucified for their pleasure.

“Oh Gods,” wept Fiona, “Its all my fault,”

All day long, she had seen them paraded in front of her. Her friends, her loyal servants, her various family members, all naked and in chains. As they were led to their deaths, each of them was allowed one moment to stop and stare at her. She saw them silently blame her as they died, and then she saw their bodies stacked in piles and fed to the wild animals.

The Roman crowd cheered, as untold scores of naked, beautiful women suffered for their enjoyment. Never had the Coliseum known such great shows as this! The people chanted for more and more. Not one voice held even a hint of pity.

Next to Fiona, one of her sister arched her back, and struggled against her bonds. To the very end she was defiant, she refused to give up. But Fiona slumped in her bonds. She had given up long ago. She died knowing she had caused the destruction of everyone she had ever loved.

“Alright lads!” shouted the circus master, after Fiona had expired. “This one looks done. Cut her down and get the next one up there, plenty more Germanic cunts to get through before the day’s over! Emperor Commodus wants these shows to be the greatest ever seen!”


“Take that you blonde-haired whore!” shouted Emperor Commodus.

“I’m gonna fuck you raw you brainless bitch. I’m gonna pound your cunt until your pussy bleeds and your brain melts! Gonna rip apart your insides with my rock hard cock and ruin you, and then, I’m gonna get started on your sister! You feel that cock inside you?”

“Ahhhh! Yes! I feel it! Oh gods it hurts!” shouted Sabia, the one-time princess of Germania.

It was hard to believe that this foul-mouthed monster was emperor of all Rome. But Commodus was the coarsest, most vulgar man to ever wear the purple. It was said he even fought in the Coliseum with the gladiators. As his huge, powerful body slammed into her with the force of an avalanche, Sabia did not doubt it.

Commodus had already conquered her country and put almost her entire family to death in his Coliseum. Now, only she and her sister Nuala remained. She could hear the crowd across the street still cheering, as the last of her friends were being crucified. Commodus’s men had broken her sister Fiona, they could break anyone. There was no limit to the cruelty of Rome.

But most horrifying of all, she could feel an orgasm building inside her. Her hips were rocking back and forth of their own accord, meeting the emperor’s thrusts. What sickness had taken over her mind that this horrible beast could make her body writhe in pleasure?

“Please just let me die!” she wailed.

“I don’t think so,” said Commodus, “You’re more fun alive. Now I’m cumming, take it whore! Take it all with your hungry cunt lips!”

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Lick that dick little Nuala, said Commodus. Take your masters cum on your face, now that IТm done fucking your worthless sister!

Oh yes Master! purred princess Nuala, Thank you for letting this lowly cunt lick your magnificent spunk sir. My worthless sister is not worthy of your mighty cock sir! Please fuck me instead next time master. Fuck me like the cheap whore that I am!

Commodus laughed. Hear that Sabia? I think your sisterТs training is beginning to pay off.

Sabia hung her head and wept to hear her sister talking like such a slut. Once their family had been proud, they had been rulers of all Germania! Now her sister begged for cock with such enthusiasm that Sabia was beginning to wonder if she meant it. Perhaps it was more than just fear of CommodusТs whip that drove her sister. Perhaps she was going mad.

Commodus fucked their minds out every day. His cock was so huge and powerful. He could make them both orgasm again and again. Perhaps his constant ravaging was awakening some sick animal desire in them? No! It was too horrible to think of! That the line of Germanic princesses should end like this, the last 2 of their line turned into the fucktoys of a thug...

SabiaТs thoughts were interrupted by the loud slurping and moaning of her sister as Commodus came on her face.

Thank you master, said Nuala.

Sabia wept.


Cornelia and Octavia had grown up together. They had played together on the banks of the Tiber as small children. As young women they had competed for the attention of young men, Octavia usually had won. That as it turned out, was something Cornelia never quite forgot.

Scream bitch! Cornelia cackled in triumph. YouТre not so high and mighty now are you? Guess your little husband shouldnТt have fought against Sulla eh? You dumb whore! My daddy will make you all pay!

SullaТs soldier looked on, but said nothing; he wasnТt going to cross the daughter of Sulla. As far as he was concerned the dictatorТs daughter could do whatever she wanted.

OctaviaТs mother felt a lump in her throat. She wanted to say something to defend her poor little baby, being strung up and whipped, but she was too afraid. Cornelia had come to the villa this morning and given her a good whipping as well, to make sure she didnТt interfere, she could still feel the whip marks hidden under her cloak. She understood that being forced to watch her babyТs torture was part of the fun for Cornelia.

Wahhhhh! cried Octavia. Oh Cornelia, I thought we were friends?

We were bitch. Once! I convinced my daddy to ad your husbandТs name to his proscriptions. All your property is confiscated and your lives are mine, to do with as I please. IТve been looking forward to this for years.

Octavia hung helplessly. She was tied up at her wrists, being whipped in her own home. Her mother started to say something, but she bit her lip when Cornelia looked at her. Cornelia flicked the whip at OctaviaТs naked white flesh.

Cornelia smirked. I donТt know what the boys saw in you anyways. YouТre not much to look at, see how tiny your tits are! Your pussy's stretched out and shaved like a slut. And just look at your fat ass! YouТre shaped like a pear, she laughed to herself.

Nooooooooo! You canТt do this to me; IТm a noble woman of Rome! I have rights! Mommy help me, some one help me! Squealed Octavia.

Everyone just stared.


No one was even staring anymore, thought Aurelia. Here she was, being crucified in the market square, and no one seemed to care. There had been so many public executions since SullaТs proscriptions started, what was one more?

Please! Aurelia cried out. It was my father who fought against Sulla, not me! Please donТt let them kill me. I donТt want to die a virgin.

A few of the soldiers looked up for a minute. But no one said anything to her; it was like she didnТt exist. To them she wasnТt a person anymore; she was already dead. Just another message to the people of Rome, a reminder that their families would suffer if they dared cross the dictator Sulla.

AureliaТs tight little, 18 year-old body thrashed back and forth, giving the crowd a nice view of her shapely ass. Some of them whistled and laughed, then went back to shopping or doing their business. Everyone was so casual.

Aurelia sobbed. It wasnТt fair. She had saved her chastity carefully for her wedding night for all these years. No man had ever seen her disrobe before. SheТd always been a good girl. Now her she was stripped naked, stripped of all dignity. She was going to die as a barely noticed diversion on a crowded street corner.

And it was all because her father had chosen the wrong side in some stupid civil war!

A soldier slapped her ass, and laughed good-naturedly.

ThatТs it honey, give the people a show! he smiled.

Aurelia slumped and cried. Its not fair she muttered.

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It's not fair! shouted Metella, This marriage is supposed to signify an alliance between you and my father! This isnТt right!

Of course its right! Shouted Sulla, as he shoved his giant cock into Metella's ass.

IТm fucking you up the ass, just as IТll fuck your father up the ass in the Senate, this way you both learn your place.

Please! This is my wedding night, please be gentle, whimpered Metella.

Sulla just laughed and rammed his monstrous cock even deeper into her ass, making her scream even louder.

During day Metella, IТll let you play at being a proper Roman noblewoman. You can go to the theatre and laugh and wear fine silk. I allowed you to wear your wedding veil and have your little ceremony. But thatТs all a show for the Plebs.

HereТs the truth: your my whore now! IТm Sulla; dictator of all Rome and youТll do whatever I tell you to. If I want to fuck you up your ass on your wedding day, IТm damn we'll gonna do it and youТre damn we'll gonna take it! Understand whore?

Please! Please donТt hurt me! cried Metella.

I can see you have a lot to learn you stupid bitch! said Sulla.


This was supposed to be a house of learning! Rebecca looked down at the fresh whip marks on her body in disbelief. When she had heard that she was being sold to the college of the Epicurean philosophers, she had thought her suffering would end. Surely men of such learning would not be cruel masters?

But now she hung, surrounded by their beautiful, opulent hall, with its magnificent paintings, and its finely crafted sculptures. The philosophers had so many fine things, and so much knowledge, but she was still just a decoration to them.

Her new master gazed contentedly at her while some nameless slave girl sucked his cock.

You should be happy little girl, he laughed. Here youТll get to suck some of the finest cocks in all the Republic. Sulla himself visited last week. Just think! If we blow enough enlightened spunk down your throat, maybe even an idiot like you can soak up some knowledge.

Rebecca wept at his cruelty. He slashed the girl kneeling before him with the whip once, indicating she should stop.

I think IТll switch you out again. Hey new cunt! Time for you to come down and suck while I whip this bitch instead.

Yes Master, said Rebecca. Thank you sir, this cunt is honored to suck the cock of such a learned man.


We are an Academy of great learned men, said the philosopher, to his prospective clients.

Over here, you will see our sundial. We take your sonТs education very seriously. Should you choose to enroll your boy here, we will teach him only the finest lessons

Rebecca screamed in agony. As usual, no one paid the slightest bit of attention to her.

In order to make sure we command the full attention of our students, we often incorporate our slave girls into our lessons. As you can see here, this girl has been tied at such an angle, to make her shadow align with the sundials markings, you see?

The teacher placed a sharp lash right across both of RebeccaТs nipples. She started to cry, uncontrollably.

This is also a form of punishment for the girl of course, we strive to be efficient in all things at our school. No reason a lesson for ours students shouldnТt also be a different kind of lesson for her. Would you care to whip her a few times?

Rebecca groaned, no one had even asked why she was being punished. Perhaps it didnТt matter to them.

Oh father, this is the best academy weТve ever visited! said the boy, as he took the whip from the teacherТs hand and prepared to punish her helpless flesh.

Can I go to this one father? Please?

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When Muna had refused to join her fat merchant fiance’s harem and decided to run off with a handsome young laborer from afar, she had made a huge mistake. Little had she known that the merchant was prone to twisted streaks of vengeance when slighted and that he was a friend to the Prince of Tarut.

His dungeon was equipped with apparatus intended to break and rehabilitate the vilest criminals on the island. Three months into her captivity, when Muna was placed in the upright stockade, she finally broke completely, professing her love for the repugnant merchant and begging to see him. She was finally returned to her fiancй and married to him, but not before another month of abuse.

Muna had learned her place the hard way, in a man’s world.


Some concubines of ancient times were spirited away to luxurious countryside villas where they were set up for public use and disgrace by the wealthy and the elite. Local villagers could pay to use the whores as they were bound to all manner of devices just outside the villa walls.

This is where Aara found herself. Sometimes crowds would gather to jeer and mock and throw produce and spit. The sun began to scorch her back and she lacked for food and water, and when her lord’s customers would spit and cum in her mouth she would gobble it down.

Some mornings the lord would take her, and after he had spent his seed in her, the orgy would begin and last throughout the day.


The warlord prince Rhajib was an exhibitionist. His ego was such that he wasted hours of his courtiers’ lives to make them watch bizarre sex acts, all for his own amusement. He was prince of one of the wealthier tribes in Arabia and, having handsomely paid soldiers, had absolute power over all his subjects.

Although this was a tamer show compared to the the countless number of freaks, beauties, oddities and uglies that Rhajib sometimes brought forth for all to see, the circumstances were far more significant. This innocent-looking blonde was a princess and emissary from another neighboring tribe. Rhajib’s courtiers sat aghast, and watched as Rhajib sent provoked their brothers and sisters to war.

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It seemed insane to Lyne that life could be so cruel. She had been living a peaceful life in the countryside around Seville when the moors had come. She had been shipped back to Africa, to a Moorish warrior prince who had not even participated in the invasion, but was privy to first pick of all the riches that it brought home.

Her captor’s power was such that he could sit for hours on end, tormenting her at her most sensitive parts, her pussy and her ass, and he had servants bring him food and wine as he did so.


When the Moors conquered most of Spain in the 14th Century, they pillaged the country not only of its riches but of its women. The black conquerors were told that they could have any of the women that they wanted, and they could do with them what they wanted.

Jabir had found a particularly beautiful slut who actually begged to be whipped and gagged by his cock. He had wondered at first if she had felt bored in her life before the invasion, but now he was content to accept it for what it was as he sat and forced her to pleasure him for hours on end before finally cumming down her throat as he whipped her with all the strength of his orgasm.


One tactic of Franceska’s captor was to tie her up and leave only one of her feet exposed. He began by alternating a tickle and then a strike from his lash. He would tickle her for only a few seconds, and then lash her, not hard but almost gently.

The second time, he would tickle her for slightly longer, and Franceska laughed and squirmed, and actually believed for a fleeting moment that she might enjoy her captivity. But then he lashed her twice, only slightly harder, and when the pain set in she saw the pattern.

Tickle for a minute. Three lashes. Tickle for two minutes. Six lashes. And so on and on it went, until he would tickle her for an hour straight, and then whip her for an hour until she could do nothing but scream and beg, and until she no longer felt the tickling that would come afterward. It had become only a numb reminder of the pain to come.


To a Westerner, this scene in which these women find themselves may appear to be from the ancient Middle East. But the persecution of Christians, particularly Christian women, is a daily affair in the modern Arab world.

Every year, dozens if not hundreds of women are stolen away to all manner of brothels and dungeons. They are forced into cruel servitude and made to declare themselves servants of strange religions and men under the duress and the threat of death.

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At first, the concubine from the West had rejoiced in the servitude to her new master. His palace had a breathtaking view of the marvelous city of Baghdad, and it was filled with gardens and statues and wonders of a beauty beyond imagine. Little did she know that she was to be trained to be the ultimate fuck toy for the Sultan and his most loyal subjects.

Every day, she was strung up on a terrace overlooking the city, and the sun burned into her fair skin until she became red and blistered. The Sultan would lash her with a reed and make her beg for him as his subjects mocked and jeered her naivety. She finally broke on the day that her body began to associate release from the ropes with sexual release. When they finally cut her down and ceased her cruel treatment, her pussy became soaking wet, and she begged for them to satiate her.


Angella’s screams echoed throughout the halls of the palace as the prince squeezed her breast so hard that the purple bruises appeared instantly afterward. He had fucked her until her pussy was sore and raw, but he still seemed lost in the moment, drawing great pleasure from her screams.

It was apparent to Angella that she was not the first and would not be the last, and that the depraved merchant prince was a master of pain and pleasure. He had tied her extremities so that they now felt cold and numb, and all her mind’s focus was on the parts of her that hurt the most: her throttled pussy, her bleeding thighs, and her bruised tits.

She screamed and begged, but he simply smiled at her and thrust his cock in again.


Rosella was paying the ultimate price for wearing a cross in the Muslim world. She had been accosted in public only this morning, and after one thing had led to another, she’d been kidnapped and sold for some hashish to a rich sheik.

Her new master was indeed as strong and attractive as any man who’d had her before, but she was hardly paying attention. The stockade bent her backward impossibly, and the lashes he’d given her still stung vibrantly all along her body. When he finally lifted her by the hips and began thrusting wild and hard into her, she forgot the pain, and begged her Christ for his mercy. But she dared not say so aloud.


Rowena had run from her family to seek adventure in the East, but was quickly abducted and shipped to Africa, her humanity stripped and reduced to a something like a product with little value. Her owners took daily pleasure in tormenting and fucking her, but today they were particularly cruel.

Because her legs were free to move as she flailed and squirmed beneath the vigorous whipping, her pussy was grinded with all her weight onto the thick, rough beam of wood wedged into her cunt. Despite the insane amount of pain raging through her, her mind found the power to register the sting of a hundred stinging splinters.

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Bernardius was once a slave, but he was now a famed gladiator, and the best. He could destroy a man within seconds and not receive a scratch. It was said that he would deny himself the pleasure of a woman for weeks before a match and that he believed it drove him to such a fury that he became invincible in battle.

Minutes after a contest, immediately after being showered with the adoration and glory of his fans, Bernardius would return to his quarters. Therein waited, bound and gagged, a beautiful slave.

Some say that her screams, and his taunts and cries of pleasure, could be heard over the roar of the crowds.


Cassia whimpered as Lord Kaius leered over her and brandished the lash. Her world had been so much different only months before, when she had lived with a loving family on a green countryside. She was a virgin and to be married, but then the armies of the empire had arrived and torn her world apart and taken her far, far from home.

Throughout her captivity, she was made to service countless men and some women at the behest of yet more men. Her maidenhood, however, had never been taken; it had been preserved for Lord Kaius. She later learned the he had proclaimed that in his lordship all virgins were to be first taken by him as a manner of spreading his magnificent seed throughout the world.

The peaceful chirping of the birds and the crisp, fragrant air of the Lord’s beautiful garden seemed so out of place, considering her position.

Despite her fear, it was impossible to ignore the absurdity of the situation.


“Master, I bring a new slave, Helane, before you, for your approval,” Marcus proudly announced.

The fat Roman consul sneered despite Helane’s striking, virginal beauty, and Marcus frowned inwardly. Lately, the Consul had been especially difficult to please. It seemed as though the fat man no longer valued true beauty, but instead favored the bizarre and the taboo. When men of great wealth and power are treated to any whim they may desire and at any moment, they will often become bored and displeased despite the best efforts of their subjects to offer them the world.

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Caterina had grown hoarse from begging and screaming, and she now simply sobbed and cried silently as her owner administered his twisted punishment of her.

She had been a loyal member of his concubine stable for four years, and she had always done her best to please him. She had been made to participate in all manner of perverted sexual acts, all for his pleasure, and in exchange she had been treated to a life of luxury and splendor. But then she got bored, and she thought that she might tempt fate by having a man in her master’s bed. She had believed that no one was watching, and that it was an innocent little game that everyone played. She was sorely mistaken. A rival concubine betrayed her....


Anaya’s head felt as though it were about to explode, but she had forgotten about it hours ago. It seemed an odd thing to her that such pain could be doled out in a place so lavish and full of riches and glamour. But she had also heard of the perverted practices of some of the richest Roman statesmen. She had laughed when she heard some of the rumors from her friends, and she had blushed when she was told of some of the things that happened in the highest of offices and manors of Rome.

She laughed no more. Here she hung, like butchered meat and bought and sold as such, the whip stinging against her skin. She did not even know the name of her captor, only that he was expecting company for a party that would last long into the night.


Atrus the slave trader displayed the newest conquests of Rome for all to see. Rowena, a beautiful Visigoth princess, did her best to keep her legs together and not be further humiliated for the crowd, but Atrus whipped her cruelly and pried her legs apart so that his entire audience could see what she had to offer. She had been bound for days, and she was growing weak and faint, and so she submitted easily.

“A Goth princess, the finest I have seen in all my years in the trade, here for your purchase,” he said, as he spun Rowena around in her bindings for all to see. “And with naturally fine and fair hair, as you can see!”

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He never even touched her.

The young slave did not speak his language, and she was newly captured from a far more savage land than his. But she understood that she was being held by a person of power and that he could do anything with her that he wanted.

She began to understand the kind of trouble that she was in when she noticed his erection grow more and more massive as he caused her more and more pain. He began to stroke his cock with one hand while rapping the lash against her legs with the other, a bright look of delight on his face all the while.

He would laugh when she would yell out, and he finally came close to orgasming when she began to thrash wildly on the wooden cross. But she finally settled down, and when he did, he stopped stroking himself as well, and he looked at her as if to say “I won’t cum until you are broken.”


Men, and particularly the religious, were not the only victims of crucifixion in ancient Rome, and not all such sentences were handed down from the judiciary system of the empire. Women were often hanged in the burning sun for all to see by soldiers and captains, but they were sometimes spared the brutality of stakes through wrists and ankles.

Instead, their captors simply hung them with rope, naked and tearful, exposed to friends and neighbors.

Their release often came when they ceased begging for their freedom and instead promised their captors sexual favors of the wickedest kind.


Magistrate Traius had had his new plaything groomed to be his pet for years. When he’d found her and learned that her birthday was the same day as his, the headstrong young judge had procured her and made her a part of his household, knowing one day that she’d be his, despite her being so young. A life of privilege and splendor had made it easy to do.

Today was her eighteenth birthday, and it was his thirtieth, on the thirtieth of the month. While it was apparent to her that he would take her one day, she had little idea of the ferocity he would display. He made her bleed and pumped her with hot cum quite a few times, and she barely knew what sex was. It was a birthday fit for an emperor.

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Diana’s pussy spread wide open for her captors to see as they pulled her body in impossible directions with their sinister device. She had lost the will and energy to scream an hour ago; she was now reduced to panting and grunting like an animal, constantly straining every muscle in her body to alleviate the pain and discomfort.

But the jailer went on, turning winches that pulled her tighter and tighter.


The conquerors of Rome were not the only benefactors of the power and glory of the ancient nation. Sometimes slaves were given as appeasement to local lords to quell uprising and keep the peace.

This was such an instance. This mad lord often had his lady stroke him discreetly beneath his robes as they enjoyed depraved shows of bondage and sadism.


General Maximillian did not particularly care about the appearance of his toys.

During the occupation of villages and towns, while his armies plundered and ate the fruit of the countryside, he ate the fruit of whichever unfortunate damsel caught his eye the wrong way. He rather liked the resistant ones. After finding a secluded spot he would treat her to all manner of teasing, probing pain, alternating a tickle with a rap of a sharp reed. It was only after he had his victims broken and crying that he fucked them hard and rough.

He would then release them, naked and bruised, and with Maximillian’s seed running down between her thighs, into the broad daylight of his army’s camp, to return to her family and friends.

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Raina just did not understand. She was familiar with the tales of crucifixion in order to make examples to the populace of what might happen if there was any dissent. She had heard that the men of Rome sometimes raped women during their conquests. She had heard that the women were often removed to faraway lands to serve as concubines and sex slaves if they were not returned, shamed, to their homes.

But Raina was unprepared and shocked when she was crucified, in private, and left to thirst for long hours before a strong Roman appeared. He was strong and handsome, and she wondered to herself that it could have been worse, with a less handsome and perhaps grotesque captor.

How wrong she had been. The Roman conqueror never had her, only subjected her day in and day out to intense pain via whippings, all while pleasing himself vigorously beneath his toga...


“Please…my legs.. they hurt so much…they’re turning purple. My wrists are bleeding!”

Senator Barillus chuckled as Alaya pleaded with him. In response, he only whacked her across the side, and Alaya released a shrill scream.

“Have patience. I am making you strong. You will thank me in a few weeks. After the marks heal, you will be given to men from the corners of the empire, as a gift. Black men, nearly savages. I have seen their sexual rituals before, and you may find them…demanding.”


When examples were made by the conquerors of Rome, they were made sternly. The mob mentality of the soldiers made it easy for them to string up even women to crosses. Before they were raised for all to see, they were stripped naked, and sometimes lashed.

When the women begged for release, the men only laughed and jeered at their squirming about, threatening a spear in the side, or in worse places...

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Lieutenant Krazus he refused all promotion beyond his current rank in the Roman army, citing a desire to serve on the battlefield rather than in a command tent. The generals grudgingly allowed Krazus to risk himself on the field, despite being the strongest and most cunning soldier in their vast army. His estate grew large and rich from the spoils of war, and everyone assumed that the fierce warrior was content with little responsibility and plenty of riches, and a simple life.

The real, story, however, was that Krazus did not want the eye of the public on him any more than it already was.

It would not do, after all, for a general of the roman army to be exposed for a brutal pervert.

It was, therefore, in the privacy of his manor that his penchant for battle and his lust for the brutal treatment of women came together. Krazus had seen many vile things on the battlefield, and so his mercy and was low, and his tolerance for being witness to pain and misery were quite high.


“That’s right, start with a few fingers and then the fist. Don’t let it distract you from the whipping, Elas.”

The Praefectus Gordian of the Praetorian guard led a life of intrigue that was constantly immersed in all manner of deceit and clandestine maneuvering. He had played the game of politics all his life, serving under Emperor Aurelian. He had been responsible for the overseeing of the construction of the Aurelian walls, which housed all manner of secret rooms and dungeons.

Praefectus Gordian knew them all, and he knew exactly how and where to extract information from conspirators when the time arose.


Nerva squeezed the slave’s tits hard, prompting a scream that echoed through his luxurious chamber. He enjoyed the way that the Nubian beauty’s pussy clamped down around his cock when he and his cousin gave her pain.

The Emperor Nerva and his younger cousin shared a deep and passionate homosexual relationship, and an even deeper hatred of womankind.

They would often have slaves delivered to the chambers that they openly shared, and after his cousin would get him hard as a rock, Nerva would fuck the slaves brutally, slapping and grabbing chunks of flesh while his cousin would whip and mock them.

They would force their slaves to pleasure the two of them as they played, often in humiliating and painful ways.

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Thuria nearly lost her mind as the roman governor continued to punish her.

She had been brought to his chambers and locked inside, initially feeling a little peace of mind because of the comfort and luxury of the governor’s manor. But when no food was brought for her, only water, and her pleadings to the deaf and mute servant to release her had gone unheeded, she knew that she was in trouble.

When the governor finally did tend to Thuria, it was in the worst way. He bound, hung, and whipped her and then laughed at her desperately wiggling in her bonds.

He began to fuck her mouth, then, and she vomited out what little food remained in her despite her best attempts at keeping it in. She feared retribution, but the governor only laughed and had her cleaned and watered. But then he used her throat more, roughly and relentlessly, until all the muscles of her body burned with the exertion of gagging and retching to expel the vile ruler’s thick cock from her throat. When he finally thrust himself all the way into her and came, she greedily chugged down his thick white seed: the only sustenance she’d had in days.

Her spirit, body, and mind all eventually broke, and she became just a hanging, lethargic mouth that hungrily wanted the governor’s cum again and again.


“Here I cum again, slut. Be ready to drink.”

Atia was amazed. Her master had cum four times now. She had only one man once before, but he did not know that any man was capable of cumming four times with no sign of stopping. The prince had also shown no outward signs of pleasure, only a shrewd and brutal demeanor that commanded obeyance, along with the lash.

Atia had begun to cry only a few minutes after beginning to suck him, when she had learned that any deviation from a strong and constant sucking on the prince’s manhood would result in a quick sting from the whip. Soon her lips were numb and her jaw and tongue ached, but she did not altogether hate her treatment. The prince’s beautiful body and stern, perfect cock had made her wet in more places than her eyes.

She became distracted by the hope that he would fuck her soon, and made the mistake of appealing to him with her eyes. But he only thrust her face down onto him once more and whipped her, hard, sending her gagging and spasming in pain at the same time. Atia felt crestfallen, but sucked on dutifully. Perhaps the prince had not understood her lusty look, but it proved more likely that he did not care for her wants in the least when he said, “Suck more. I’ve got one or two more loads to go, and then you can leave me.”


When the twisted stranger grabbed a chunk full of inner thigh fat and gave a squeeze with all the strength in his arm, Mirabella stifled a scream at first, but then unleashed a blood-curdling cry that, unfortunately, count not be heard from outside the city walls.

She’d come to this man’s manor at his request, under the assumption that he needed servants for his manor.

But when she arrived he had assaulted her, binding and roughly fingering her and whipping her with a thin metal lash that he had heated on a brazier. Mirabella screamed and screamed, and when the pervert began to suckle roughly on her nipples, she prepared herself for a fucking with his now rock-hard cock.

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Isis’s eyes had come alive when she saw the riches and splendors of Abdullah’s halls, which greatly outshined the squalor of the life she had known. Perhaps she would be a concubine in a rich man’s palace, and that did not seem so bad. How wrong she was.

She had been captured from an army camp in a crusade to the holy lands, and Abdullah had thrown great favor to the soldier that had delivered the beauty to him. She was indeed a treasure, but not fit for ransom or imprisonment.

Daily, he took great pleasure and gratification in despoiling such a treasure of his sworn enemies.


After her father was killed, Anaya’s mother had sold her to a brothel at the age of 19. Knowing a life of only loss, rejection, and fear, she came to need the “affection” of her pimp’s customers, and her mind grew so depraved that she thrived up on their punishment and craved their cocks more than she craved water and bread.

This particular john was surprised that, despite being tied, held, and forced down onto him, she still inched her way further down his cock, cutting herself against her bindings, gagging and retching and savoring every moment of it.


Ceska squealed and squirmed, sending the weights on her tits and pussy jingling about, which drew a smile from her captor.

“It was good to see you have such natural fair hair,” he chuckled as he began to rap at the the inside of her leg with his whip. Ceska screamed, but the bastard only laughed and hit her harder. The jingling weights relentlessly tugged at her skin, sending spikes of pain through her.

Her training lasted long weeks, in which her tits and cunt lips were stretched to proportions she did not believe possible. Eventually she would grow to shiver in terror and nearly lose her mind at the sound of them.

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It had been two years since Jafar had taken Ramona from her home during the Jihad. She had been poor and begging on the streets when he’d stopped for her, and for a year or so, the change was actually promising. Though she understood nothing he said, she learned to love his massive black manhood along with all the riches that her new life afforded.

But then he got a little bored with her, and took another concubine, one more beautiful that Ramona could ever imagine being. For weeks at a time, Ramona would go without her master’s cock as he fucked his new plaything wantonly in front of her.

She could have handled that, but then her new value to him became apparent soon thereafter. Jafar strung her to a makeshift crucifix and whipped her as he jeered at her. Soon, Ramona knew, his beautiful new concubine would come around to play as well.


“Yes, thank you! Please! More!” was what she screamed, though Melissa actually believed that she was asking for her master to stop. The crowd on the corner roared with laughter.

Hazib had trained his slave well. In the early days of her captivity, Melissa had grown to believe that she was simply a slave for pleasure and that her role was simple and acceptable, as long as she was treated well. She hadn’t foreseen the humiliation and dehumanizing she would undergo in the fishing villages around the city. Hazib took her on a monthly tour.

The men in the small fishing village paid for the show, but Melissa saw none of the reward.


In ancient Arabia, when a whore refused to be sold, she was often subjected to all manner of vile treatment. Sometimes this would occur in public, on the very street where she was to be bought and sold like so much meat.

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“Suck harder and deeper, bitch, or I may lose concentration and drop your sister to the ground. Lick my balls as you suck!”

The twisted prince seemed to want the impossible, and Marietta and her sister Lana did their best to please him. But they could see now that his goal was not really to be pleased, but to see their pain and hear their cries, which is what really gave him the most pleasure.

Marietta did as she was told, nearly suffocating herself on the prince’s huge manhood, but he whipped away at Lana anyway. Tears rolled down Marietta’s cheeks as she heard her sister’s yelps of pain.


Ciana’s body had betrayed her long ago, despite her resistance.

She had actually been excited to see her new owner, only because she craved any kind of human contact after weeks of solitary imprisonment. Within hours, he had her impaled on his mammoth thirteen-inch cock, all while she yelped in pain and begged for mercy as her body was stretched to its limits. He did not understand a word she was saying.

He did, however, understand how to confuse her body. He countered each lash of pain with some sort of intense pleasure, and while her mind raced to resist, her body succumbed, and when she came and came on his huge manhood, he lashed at her with all his strength.


Abdul and Quohar were brothers who shared everything, even whores. On their birthdays they often argued about which to take back to their cellar, but when they did find the one woman who they both knew should be theirs, their differences were forgotten and the celebration began.

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Sultan Fakiir Ataa enjoyed all the pleasantries of his social standing, including the most beautiful concubines.

He had many more than Islam allowed, but then again, he wasn’t a very religious man in private. He did, however, treat them all equally, as per Islamic law. Once, sometimes twice a night he would have the concubines brought into his private chamber, bound and hung, and would threaten their lives if they disobeyed any command of his. He seemed to take great pleasure in finding which parts of their bodies hurt the most when stimulated, and he sometimes made other concubines come and watch and make suggestions as to where to hit the bound and frightened women.


The sexual persecution of Christians in Rome to enfore religious unity was cruel and cunning. Even the young and beautiful were made to renounce their faith, under duress of pain and public humiliation.


The sisters were made to do everything together, even suffer. They had made the mistake of coming to the middle east to spread the western religions and ways of life, and their idealism had cost them.

Jobal, the slave master, was charged with making the captive whores lick on each other, fuck each other with their fingers until they were raw and bruised, and binding the sisters together for display, all for the sultan’s enjoyment.

But it was the sultan himself who took the whip to them when the time came, and though they confessed and begged forgiveness, he showed no mercy.

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The Triarii of Legio XI, Cohort IV were enjoying a much needed rest period in the former palace of King Phillip V of Macedon. The Macedonians were broken, the once mighty legacy of Alexander was now but a pitiful stain compared to the glory of Rome.

Suck it you Macedonian whore! Flavius roared, slapping his captive across the face with his cock.

Sobbing the black haired Macedonian slowly opened her mouth, allowing Flavius to slam his cock into her moist quivering throat.

Quintus was next to step forth, grabbing the blonde by the hair and roughly forcing her head up so that he could stare into her terrified blue eyes.

Do I have to get rough like Flavius over there? Quintus asked softly, forcing the girl to look at her friend as long strings of drool came dribbling out of her mouth and QuintusТs cock continued pummeling her throat. The girl shook her head and gently opened her mouth. Smart decision.

The blonde captive gently took QuintusТs cock in her mouth, running her tongue along the thick head and gently sucking his shaft. Quintus was almost gentle, but of course the girl didnТt truly appreciate that until the rest of the Cohort had taken their turn. Eighty men to a cohort and each girl had taken the spunk of forty of them down their throats. Good Roman semen now filled their stomachs, coated their breasts, and soaked their hair. Their throats were raw and lips were swollen.

And then the orgy really began.

The Cohort took great pleasure in taking the girls three at a time, making sure all their Macedonian holes were full at all times


The Praetorian Guard were the protectors of Romein theory. More often than not, the Praetorian Guard would simply oust any Emperor that did not match their criteria and on occasion even assassinate the more troublesome Emperors. When such action was necessary, the dungeons under the Praetorian Palace were where plots were hatchedand information obtained.

Tell me, whore! Servius roared, lashing Antonia across her soft inner thighs with his cane.

Noooo! I donТt know!

Liar! Traitor! Whore! Servius roared, punctuating each word with a vicious lash right across her splayed open cunt!

AAGGGGHHH! NNNNNNOOOOO! PLLEEEEEAAARRRGHHHH! Antonia thrashed and bucked with each agonizing blow across her cunt, each movement making the ropes around her breasts rub and scrape across her swollen orbs.

Servius knew the girl didnТt know anything. In fact the Emperor was already dead, and the Praetor was now crowning the next Emperor. But ServiusТs eye had been on Antonia for a long time, and each time she rebuffed his advances. Wellshe was paying for it now!

Tell me, did you enjoy wrapping that whorish mouth around the EmperorТs cock? Did it please you when that tiny dick of his entered that swollen cunt? Servius asked, shoving the base of his cane deep into her abused hole.

No! No! Antonia said.


The cane came down again, and again, and again


Nothing like a strung up Celtiberian whore. Galavian laughed as he strode into the prison cell. The whore had been captured three days ago trying to steal supplies from a Roman supply train, no doubt to help feed the Celtiberian warriors hiding in the hills. Galavian had spent the past three days trying to extract their location from her soft, squirming body.

Feel like talking to me today? Galavian asked.

IТve told youI wasI was just trying to feed my family! The girl wept, her tiny body swinging by her raw wrists.

Do you not feel these welts? Galavian asked, running his hands across the dozens of bright red stripes across her ass. Those are what you get when you lie to me. I donТt think your skin can handle much more lying.

Please! My mother and sister are very ill! My father was killed months ago! We needed food! IТm sorry!

Your father was killed? So he was part of the Celtiberian tribe that attacked us!? Galavian asked, suddenly intrigued.

Nono I didnТt mean

And who else in your family has taken up arms against the Roman Empire? Cousins? Uncles? I want names girl!

NOOOO! The barbarian girl wept defiantly.

So be it! Since your ass is so well worn I think today I will use your tits as my battlefield! Maybe I can make those pathetic bumps you call breasts look like a real womanТs! You wouldnТt find such small titted women in Rome! Galavian snapped.

And he was right, by the time he was through the girlТs tiny breasts were twice their size

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Amalia thrust her chest out like she’d been taught, her ass still bearing the welts of her painful tutoring.

“This is a fine young whore brought from the far northern reaches of Gaul!” The Slave Merchant roared to the assembled crowd. “As you can see, she has a pair of firm young breasts and her nipples are long and thick! She is wonderfully responsive to a gentle caress and even more responsive to a good hard whipping!”

The crowd roared with laughter as Amalia blushed, wincing slightly as the merchant ran his hands across her proffered tits.

“She has been kept a virgin! Her maidenhead is intact and she is of course open to inspection before your purchase. Her pubic hair has been trimmed, apparently some kind of cultural emblem in those far northern wastes. A rare spectacle to behold!” The merchant declared. “Let us start the bidding at ten talents of silver!”

“Ten!” Shouted a man.

“Twenty!” Shouted another.

Amalia wept as her bids grew in size until finally she was won by a short pudgy senator named Grebus. Seventy talents of silver was what he paid, and he got his money’s worth. When he resold her six months later, Amalia was good only for manual labor and the occasional fuck by the slave overseer…


Legatus Decimus Meridia Scipii needed some downtime between long campaigns. He wasn’t a handsome man, a Germanian’s spiked club had seen to that twenty years ago. Even with the power and prestige of being a Legatus in the Roman army, no woman wanted to sleep with a man whose face was half mangled. Luckily, taking slaves was part of his job and he was free to keep the prime specimens to himself.

“Bet you never thought you’d lose your virginity to a copper cock!” Decimus laughed as he continued thrusting and twisting the copper dildo deeper into his captive’s cunt.

Decimus had taken a copper spear off a dead Greek and had his blacksmith rework the blade into a faux cock. It seemed appropriate that its first lover be a Greek woman.

The woman was shaking so hard that Decimus thought the wooden table might literally shake apart, and her screaming was kept in check only by the noose that was intermittently choking her.

“Yeah, I bet you’re feeling all those tiny little flaws in the copper aren’t you?” Decimus asked, slowing his thrusting so he could appreciate the liberal coating of blood that was now appearing. “That’s the trouble with copper, harder to keep formed and smooth. If you Greeks had used Iron weapons, you might not be in this position.”

Decimus laughed. He had given his blacksmith specific instructions not to file down the cock, it may look smooth to the naked eye, but a woman’s sensitive cunt walls would feel every tiny metal shaving, every spike, and every coarse millimeter of metal. The ruins of her hymen might have coated the cock in blood, but it was the wounds now being left in her cunt that made the blood flow from her hole in rivers…


“Let’s have a look at that gorgeous pierced cunt of yours!” Quintus said, letting his cane dangle in the air in front of her; a reminder of what would happen if she resisted.

“Gentle…please.” The girl whispered hoarsely as Talus tightened the rope around her neck.

Quintus tugged on the small silver bar that had been inserted into her clit hood, pulling it up and away from her body; stretching it so tight it nearly ripped from her body.

“Please! Don’t! Enough!” The girl hissed as the incredible burning pain of her stretched clit hood flooded her brain.

“Where did you get this lovely piece of jewelry? Part of some barbarian ritual?” Quintus asked, twisting the bar so that the tent-like flap of skin turned into a coiled rope, increasing the girl’s pain immeasurably.

“Y-Y-Yes!” She gasped, her entire body shivering as she struggled to maintain her position despite the horrific pain. In truth the bar had been added by her former slave owner, and she could remember every agonizing moment of it. The unbelievable agony that came as the hot iron needle both cut and burnt through her delicate hood. Still, she had learned to say yes to anything Romans said, regardless of the truth.

“After we’re done fucking you in all your holes, perhaps we will hang you by this.” Quintus laughed, giving the piercing another brutal twist, tearing her flesh and making tiny dots of blood appear at the tip of the bar.

“NOOOOOO!” She screamed as her composure finally broke and the pain sent her into an uncontrollable fit of agony and despair…

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“That’s it, both of you keep sucking or both of you will find yourselves on the cross!” Gaius growled as his two slave cunts continued sucking his cock and ass.

Mercuria and Ambrosia were sucking and licking the Roman centurion with all the enthusiasm they could muster. The entrance to the Roman fort above had been decorated with nearly a dozen crucified women, some still alive, and the pair had no desire to join them.

“Hey you, back there, get your tongue up my asshole right now!” Gaius barked as Mercuria’s exhausted tongue began to slow its caressing of his shithole. They’d been at this for over an hour.

Ambrosia was faring no better, she had been forced to assume an awkward kneeling position on the stone slab in front of him, her balance precarious even when they had first started. Now every jab of his cock into her throat nearly sent her toppling over, and the muscles in her thighs were cramped and seizing.

“What’s the matter girl, getting tired?” Gaius laughed as he saw Ambrosia’s body shivering weakly. “You can always rest on the cross if you need to. Just say the word!”

Ambrosia whined and kept sucking, drool cascading down her chin and onto her hands below, making the stone slippery and further loosening her grip.

“I said get your tongue up my asshole, whore!” Gaius roared angrily, slashing the cane down over his shoulder and welting Mercuria’s thigh.

“YES, TAKE MY ROMAN SEED!” Gaius roared as Mercuria’s screaming into his asshole sent him over the edge.


“I hear you Greek whores really know how to fuck!” Aurelius moaned as he pounded his cock into the Appollonian woman’s fuck tunnel.

“NAAGGGHHHH!” Aphelia screamed as the hard Roman cock shredded her hymen.

Aurelius didn’t care about the Greek girl’s pain, keeping a firm grip on her thighs and rutting into her as fast and hard as he could. Reaching down with his free hand he grabbed one of the girl’s small pointy tits, scratching, twisting and pinching her delicate breast flesh every time he bottomed out in her tiny pussy.

“Slow…please, for Aphrodite’s sake, go slow!” Aphelia begged, pleading with the Roman conqueror with her tear filled eyes.

Aurelius didn’t understand the Thracian dialect of old Greek, but even if he could he wouldn’t have slowed. Her hot velvety insides, made slick by her virgin blood, were too much for any man to resist. He needed relief, and if he had to tear out her womb to get it, so be it.

“By Mars, your fucking cunt will be mine!” Aurelius roared as he began slamming repeatedly into her cervix, watching her writhe and buck with every hit. “TAKE IT! TAKE THE ESSENCE OF MARS!”

Aurelius’s cock reared in her cunt, spurting forth a flood his hot jism, which burned like acid in her raw, quivering hole. Aurelius pulled his cock from the sobbing girl, a string of bloodstained cum following him out. He tapped his cane across her inner thigh.

“A good long beating, and I’ll be hard and ready to fuck you again!” Aurelius laughed, slashing his cane down onto her naked thigh…


“What’s the matter dear, not enjoying your wedding night?” Brutus laughed as her body bucked and thrashed under his brutal fucking.

“Please husband! Please it hurts so much!” Lucialle screamed as her cunt was busted open by the hard unyielding rod of her new husband.

“It’s supposed to hurt you! A woman should never enjoy a good fucking from her betters!” Brutus roared, slapping her ass.

Lucialle covered her sobbing face with her hands, bucking, kicking and screaming like a little girl. This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. Her marriage had been prearranged, it represented the union between two powerful patrician families. Her mother had told her there would be pain on the wedding night…but surely she hadn’t meant this much.

“Brutus, please, for the love of Jupiter, go gently.” Lucialle begged again, the nauseating, overwhelming pain in her torn cunt was growing worse with each vicious thrust of her husband’s cock.

“Shut up whore! Would you rather I divorce you for not performing your womanly duties?” Brutus asked, grabbing a handful of her hair and pulling her head up so he could look at her screaming face.

“Nooooo!” Lucialle screamed. While a Roman man could remarry after a divorce, a woman was forever marked as a whore and trollop, fit for nothing more than becoming a cheap slut for the plebians. Her family would be disgraced.

So she took his fucking like a good wife.

Every powerful thrust.

Even when she felt the blood pouring down her thighs.

Even when he ripped her asshole open.

Even as he forced her to lick the shit and blood from his cock.

She took it. Like a good Roman woman.

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“Lash her more, Abdul, she isn’t putting enough effort into her groveling!” Emir Lashkahn ordered as his new slaves squirmed on the floor in front of him.

“Please, Great Emir, allow this lowly Christian bitch to suck your cock!” Madeleine begged as Abdul’s vicious cane left another burning welt across her ass. She’d been begging for nearly half-an-hour, pleading to have her virgin cunt ripped open while at the same time watching two other white slave girls serve the Emir in the most vile ways imaginable.

“God, I can’t take anymore!” Marla cried, her shoulders had been nearly wrenched from their sockets by the inhumane posture she’d been forced into.

“Shut up, you whore!” Abdul roared, lashing Marla across her vulnerable tits, making sure the tip of the cane bit into her nipples. “Do not speak unless it is to beg the Emir to use your unworthy Christian body!”

“It is too late for that one, Abdul. She is too weak and pathetic to share my bed…you may have her!” The Emir said with a dismissive wave of his hand. Abdul needed no further convincing.

“No! OW, you’re hurting me!” Marla shrieked as Abdul roughly shoved her into a kneeling position, her restraints forcing her to bear all her weight on her shoulder and face. “GGAAIIIHHHHHH!”

Abdul thrust his massive nine inch cock into Marla with one ferocious thrust of his hips, the pulsing purple head crashing into her cervix before he even got half his cock into her.

“Shallow…like all Christian cunts. A Nubian woman would have no such trouble!” Abdul spat with disgust, slapping Marla across her ass and thrusting in hard again.

“You’re killing me! Please for the love of God! Mercy! MEEERRRCCYYYYY!” Marla shrieked as her tender young cunt was split and pounded by the huge invader.

Madeleine wept as she heard her friend shrieking in pain and begging for mercy, fortunately she was spared having to watch. The hairy pubes of the Emir were all she could see now as his cock began spearing down her throat…


“Brothers, it is good we turned to slavery to make a living. I was well tired of herding goats!” Ahkbar laughed as the three nude Christian women stood quivering before him. “A trio of beautiful white women will fetch us a handsome price with other Bedouin tribes!”

Ahkbar’s brothers nodded in agreement.

Alice, Clarice and Victoria could do little but mumble and gurgle behind the thick wooden stumps that had been forced into their mouths. Their fair skin was shimmering with a thin veneer of sweat and each of them bore vivid red welts from where they had felt Ahkbar’s cane, punishment for when they had moved too slowly. They couldn’t understand a word of what the Bedouin were saying, but their dark eyes and the visible bulges under their robes told them everything they needed to know…

“Perhaps just a taste of the merchandise brother?” Laroum asked, running his hand across one of the Christian’s taut white buttocks.

“No! They must not be touched! Three virgins will pay far more handsomely than three used up harlots.” Ahkbar said.

Laroum slipped a finger into the soft velvety folds of Alice’s cunt, making her squeal behind her wooden gag. He stopped after Ahkbar shot him a stern look.

“Inch’Allah we will have the fortitude to bring these women to their buyers unsoiled.” Ahkbar sighed as they began their journey.

By nightfall though, the temptation was too much, even for Ahkbar. With one girl for each of them, they spent the night and most of the next day fucking their new slaves raw. Virgin blood ran across the sands and their tears evaporated in the heat almost as quickly as they were shed. The gags remained in, leaving only the soft moaning of the men and the gurgling screams of the girls to disturb the peaceful desert night…


“Good, you are learning well, slave.” Ahmed smiled as the tiny brown-hair woman stood before him, her head bowed in shame. “Continue to obey me, and I will not have to lash those pretty tits of yours anymore.”

“Yes, master! I promise, I’ll obey!” Corintha sobbed, her tits and ass still on fire from her earlier whippings.

“Good. Now start trotting around the room like a horse!” Ahmed barked.

Corintha ran off awkwardly, her bound hands throwing off her balance, but trying to pull off the best horse impression she could.

“Raise those legs higher!” Ahmed snapped, lashing her across the ass for encouragement.

Corintha shrieked in pain and started pumping her legs in such an exaggerated manner that her hamstrings soon began cramping.

“Faster!” The lash wrapped around her hips, the tip slashing her across the top of her pussy.

“Put some heart into it!” Ahmed ordered.

Corintha tried…she tried as best she could, but after only a few minutes she collapsed to her knees, crying her pain and humiliation into the floor. A dozen more lash marks now decorated her firm ass, and her cunt was sticking out from between her thighs, as if begging someone to use it. Ahmed indulged it.

“Gahhhh! Slow…please master…slow!” Corintha begged between her sobbing, her already well fucked cunt once again being split open by Ahmed’s cock. The familiar crushing embrace of his hands returned to her hanging tits, and soon Ahmed was ramming into her as if he were trying to drill his cock through her body. She half expected it to start shooting out of her mouth.

“Say it whore!” Ahmed barked angrily, giving her tits a good twist.


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Beautiful white women.taken from freedom in the West to the dark captivity of North Africa.

and Чof courseЧ throbbing brown and black cocks plunged into every orifice.

See the bleak misery these women endure. Their hell is heir captors' heaven.


It was foolish of you to bite the ShiekhТs cock. Rabdul laughed.

Please! It wasnТt my fault! I didnТt mean it! Let me offffff! The woman screamed from her perch atop the wooden horse.

Her clit was bearing the majority of her body weight, the sharp peak of the wooden horse crushing and tearing the delicate nub. The unsanded wood was leaving splinters deep in her fleshy pussy lips as they clung to the frame like a lover. Rabdul made sure her entire cunt felt the harsh bite of the horse, lashing her across her stomach and thighs, making her jump and expose a new section of her snatch to the tender mercies of the wood.

Godpleasehelp mesomeone help me! She shrieked as Rabdul began tightening the screws on the breast vice. The two slats of unyielding wood began to crush her breasts even further, squashing them out until they looked like they might burst like pimples. Rabdul grabbed one of her swollen nipples in his hand, feeling the blood pulsing in the taut purple flesh.

Hurt? Rabdul asked.

Yesso muchplease She gasped between agonized breaths.

Good. The Shiekh wishes for you to suffer terribly. Rabdul laughed.

Rabdul took his cane and lashed it down across her pubic mound, angling the blow so that the tip went crashing across the top of her clit as it lay swollen and exposed on the wood


Let me suck your cock! I want your cock! I need your cock! Please! Rachael cried as she hung from the spit like a pig ready for roasting.

SheТd spent the last hour strung up like this, dangling in the air, her entire body weight carried on the back of her knees as they were crushed against the pole. The deep throbbing pain had been unbearable at first, but now she barely noticed it. Her new owner had spent the past thirty minutes lashing her exposed, dangling ass with his cane. The extreme angle of her legs meant her pussy was thrust out between her thighs, opening it to the vicious kiss of the cane.

Every cut across her ass had brought her agony, making her shiver and shriek with every painful lash that cut across the full globes of her ass. Yet even that seemed insignificant compared to the pain when that came as the cane cut across her thighs, ripping apart her soft tender flesh and catching her full on her pouting labia with every strike. Her ass and thighs were a mess of welts by the end of it, but her swollen vulva was devastated landscape of pain. Her pussy lips, once soft and pink, were now swollen, bleeding and turning a horrific shade of purple.

Please! Master! IТll do whatever you want! Please, for the love of God! Rachael screamed.

Poor Rachael. She didnТt know that the man who had tortured her was actually a eunuch. He hadnТt bought her for physical pleasure. No, this man was an artist. With his quill and ink he made sketches that wealthy men the world over sought to buy. His newest creation, Christian in Pain was sure to be his greatest work yet.

And it was to be the first of a series


Come on you fucking Christian slut-pig! I paid good Lira for your whoreТs cunt and I intend to get my moneyТs worth! Rabadal grunted, dragging his new slave by her long golden hair.

Mathild had been her name once, a long time ago. SheТd been a simple peasant girl in a small Polish-Lithuanian town, a town that had the misfortune of bordering Ottoman territory. When the Ottomans sacked the town, she was taken as one of many slaves. Her pussy was kept in a permanent state of soreness from the repeated fuckings sheТd received from the soldiers who captured her. Her ass, tits and back were covered in calluses from her repeated beatings and whippings. SheТd lost track of the days, months and years that had passed since her enslavement.

Come on cow, sit on my cock! Ride me you fucking Christian harlot! Rabadal snapped, whipping her across her soft inner thighs as she plunged herself up and down on his thick cock.

Mathild whimpered as RabadalТs thin cane began biting into her thighs and tits, but she continued to drive her pussy onto her new ownerТs cock. It was like a hot iron bar between her legs, her pussy was still red and sore from an earlier fucking by the slave merchant. That was MathildТs curse: her beauty. The average fuckslave didnТt last more than one or two owners, at which time their cunts and asses were too stretched and worn to provide any good fucking. These used up slaves were sold into the relative comfort of manual labor, farm hands and maids. MathildТs long blonde hair, her perky breasts and her pale white skin made her a rare prize. Her cunt was still relatively tight as well, despite the many, many cocks that had ravaged her over the years.

Yeah, thatТs real good, bitch! Your sloppy fuckhole grips my cock nicely! Rabadal moaned.

Mathild shed a single tear and continued her vigorous fucking of her twelfth masterТs rigid cock.

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Abdallah was the youngest son of the Berber Caliph, and he had always been the weakest. His older brothers had gone on to win great victories on the Iberian peninsula, while he had remained at home in Morocco. That was just fine with Abdallah, however. Let his foolish older brothers wage the wars, he would enjoy the spoils.

“Suck it! Get it down your whorish throat!” Abdallah moaned as the Spanish woman gagged and choked around his cock.

She was merely the latest in an all but unending flow of slaves from the peninsula. The whore now choking on his cock was the daughter of a minor nobleman from the Kingdom of Aragon, her soft bronze flesh was used to soft silken clothes and fine jewelry. Now she wore harsh hemp ropes that were crushing her big, meaty breasts. She was cutting her delicate flesh on the ropes that bound her to the unyielding chair as she struggled to escape.

“Ggggahhhhh! PLLSSSHHH!”

She’d never been with a man before, and she’d certainly never sucked cock before, or taken one down the length of her throat. In fact, as a noble, she had expected to be kept as a hostage so that her family might pay her ransom. Kept in luxury and comfort until such time as she could return home.

Not while Abdallah was around.

“Yeah, that’s it cunt! That fucking throat is a gift from Allah himself! Oh he is a generous lord!” Abdallah roared as he shot his hot cum down the girl’s throat.

She immediately began thrashing and coughing as his vile semen filled her throat and mouth. Her gagging sent white blobs of cum shooting out of her nose like snot, and long white strings of Abdallah’s seed began pouring from her mouth.

“Bitch!” Abdallah roared as she cough his precious seed all over the floor. “I will teach you to swallow all that I give you!”

The poor girl gave a hoarse scream of agony as Abdallah grabbed her bound breasts and began twisting them like screws…


“GGGAAARRRGHHHHH!” Eliza screeched as the cane ripped across her ass for the twelfth time. Her body went into an uncontrollable spasm of agony as the hot, burning welt formed on her round ass cheeks. Her jerking convulsions made the tiny metal spikes on the table below her dig even further into her tits, cutting and shredding her tender breast flesh.

“Please…no more! I beg of you!” Eliza begged, breathless and heaving.

“My master wishes you to suffer no less than fifty lashes!” The big Nubian slavemaster said calmly, slashing her across her thighs, making sure the tip wrapped around to snap at her inner thigh.


“Your god has no power here, bitch.” The Slavemaster growled. “I am your god now.”

The long wooden cane slashed across the backs of her knees, causing her legs to reflexively shoot outward and putting all of her body weight on her breasts, making them sink further into the metal spikes.

“No! No, no, no!” Eliza sobbed brokenly as she felt her left nipple split down the middle from one of the spikes. “I am ruined!”

“Probably… but you are to be an example for the other slaves, so your condition of is of no concern.”

“I’ll do anything! Please! Fuck me up the ass! Please! I want your cock!” Eliza screamed and begged as the big Nubian lined up his cane for another stroke.



Shiekh Al-Nualhem stepped into the baths and smiled as he saw that his fuck swing was filled and prepared just as he liked it. The fuck swing was what he called it when one of his slaves was trussed up in a series of harsh hemp ropes and left swinging from a small hook in the ceiling. It kept them open and ready for his cock, and their screaming bodies would bounce back onto his cock with each powerful thrust he gave them.

“PLLLGGHHH, LGGHHH MMMMMMM DAAGHHH!” Natalia gurgled from behind the ropes gagging her mouth.

“Let you down? Is that what you’re saying? Does it hurt?” Al-Nuahlem asked, running his cane across her body, which bore the scars of many other beatings.

“YYSSSHHH!” Natalia begged, nodding her head frantically.

“Too fucking bad!” Al-Nuahlem roared in anger, thrusting his cock deep into her cunt and slamming her into cervix.

“MMMGGGHHH!” Natalia groaned as her body swung forward on the swing, her cunt sliding along the Shiekh’s cock.

As she slid back down onto his cock, Al-Nuahlem met her with a powerful buck of his hips that once again plowed his cock into her cervix and sent her swinging even further. The head of his cock was all that remained in her cunt when she began swinging back down.

“Now that you’ve angered me with your request for mercy, you’re going to spend the next seven days here on the swing!” Al-Nuahlem growled as he pounded her cunt for a third time.

“NNGGGHHH!” Natalia begged behind the gag.

“I’ll have my servants feed and water you, clean up your shit and piss, but I’ll be fucking you several times a day.” Al-Nuahlem promised.

And that’s exactly what happened. By the time her week was up, Natalia’s ass and cunt were merely ripped and bleeding holes in her crotch. And the scars from the ropes cutting and scraping her flesh would never fully heal, leaving her marred for the rest of her miserable life.

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Beautiful white women.taken from freedom in the West to the dark captivity of North Africa.

and Чof courseЧ throbbing brown and black cocks plunged into every orifice.

See the bleak misery these women endure. Their hell is heir captors' heaven.


The employment agency which had lured the young women into their present situation had offered a trip to an exciting and exotic destination and an opportunity to teach in a foreign land which they could not resist. They were told that their lives would be changed forever but the women had no idea just how much of a change they would undergo....

Abdallah was the youngest son of the Berber Caliph, and he had always been the weakest. His older brothers had gone on to win great victories on the Iberian peninsula, while he had remained at home in Morocco. That was just fine with Abdallah, however. Let his foolish older brothers wage the wars, he would enjoy the spoils.

Malikh dismounted his chainmail clad charger, his thick boots sinking into the sands outside his lair. An accomplish bandit, Malikh had an unusual lookout guarding the entrance to the small ravine that served as his base.

Speak the password, lord. The waifish blonde girl said.

The girl was bound with chains that kept her cunt spread and tits open to abuse, the chains were anchored into the rock face of the ravine itself. The broken, haunted look in the girlТs blue eyes made it clear that she had long since given up hope of escaping. And even if she could escape, they were surrounded by miles of desert. Still, it pleased Malikh to see his slaves in chains.

Perhaps you will serve as the sentry slave tonight, little one. Malikh laughed, dragging his new slave over to him by the chain around her neck and running his hands across her soft, naked flesh.

Please She whimpered, writhing under his brutal touch.

Here, Nasir, hold her. Malikh said, tossing the chain to his lieutenant.

Gladly. Nasir said, dismounting from his horse as well.

Malikh stepped forward to the lookout slave, gently stroking her tear stained and sun burnt cheek with one hand while fishing his cock out with the other.

Open sesame! Malikh roared the password, thrusting his cock deep into the slaveТs dry, sand encrusted cunt.

NNAGGGHHH! The girl began screaming as MalikhТs cock forced sand deep into her cunt, adding to the horrific burning pain his massive rod was already causing. Youyou may enter She hissed between gritted teeth.

Good girl. Malikh said, giving her another brutal thrust of his cock that made her entire body buck against the hard rock wall of the ravine.

Behind him he heard the screams of his newest slave as Nasir began fucking her in the ass, he knew better than to fuck a slaveТs cunt before his master. Malikh smiled, the screams of the two girls echoing off the ravine wall gave their brutal fucking a beautiful musical accompaniment.


SarahТs mind had begun to wander. How long had she been hanging here? An hour, two, she had lost track of time.

Her arms and shoulders were sore from supporting her weight but the pain took her mind off of the beating she was receiving. The cane had found its mark with every swing and had bitten into her soft ass and stomach at least twenty times.

How much longer must she endure this?

She had done nothing wrong, but this wasnТt about that, she was suffering for the pleasure of her employer and she knew that this was only the beginning.

You will quickly learn my dear that my word is absolute. This is just a taste of your training and tonight we will introduce you to the rest of my toys and see how long you can scream before you pass out. IТm not on hurry, you know? Sonner than later youТll be begging to suck my old cock and lick by soiled ass all night long.


The market would be open soon and it was time to put some lovely marks on his propertyТs back. This would show the potential buyers that the slave had been trained in pain and was ready for hard use.

The poor girl was not even allowed to cry out loud during the beating for if she did her trainer would start over.

She would bring a good price for him and the men who came to the market wanted young western white women to break in and enslave, she would make a nice addition to any house.



How many more strokes do you want slave? If I hear another sound out of you I will bring out the flogger with the knotted ropes and then I will get to watch you bleed as well my little whore. Now you start counting again, when you reach number twenty without screaming you bend over, put your tits flat on the bench, rise your white ass high and ask me politely to fuck your asshole again. Ready?

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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

New female slaves were broken in slowly over a long period of time. Cithara was a Celt and the property of Gaius now and he was fond of extreme humiliation as a way of training.

She was now completely owned and had no way of escape. She was naked and chained, withstanding in terror to her Master's humiliating touch.

The girl's helplessness excited Gaius as she squirmed under his command as his fingers were to examine her pink hole. Later she would learn the full extent of her tormentor’s depravity....

“I bought you and your life belongs to me now slave. Today is the first day of your existence as property. If your flesh pleases me I will share you at the orgy tonight and if it does not I will have my male slaves use you as a cum receptacle before you die. Now cum on my hand if you know what’s good for you...”


“Some Roman elites enjoyed the company of multiple playthings simultaneously, indulging in playing their fears and pains against each other.

Consul Ramus would often host all manner of parties in which debutants from across the city would converge for perverted orgies, and when his honored guests would arrive, his not-so-honored guests were often displayed and used at the entrance to his elegant gardens, where the orgies took place.

He enjoyed the feeling of power and fame that such displays brought him, and took great pleasure in seeing the fear in his thralls’ eyes.

“I see you are near fainting. You may have a rest.” Ramus removed his cock from one slave and brought it to another. “Rest well. The festivities are only just beginning. We expect two hundred guests tonight. I am only having you as an appetizer. You will be the main course for the party.”


“Please master, I will never do it again!” Lily begged as her master laid into her with stroke after stroke with his thin cane.

She was being punished for not showing enough enthusiasm when licking his asshole. Despite there being three other beautiful slave girls on the estate, every week it was always Lily that occupied the dreaded punishment horse. Maybe it was her screaming face, or the way her pale white skin would show welts for weeks after a punishment, or maybe he just hated her. It didn’t really matter.

“I love you master! I love you, please don’t hurt me anymore!”

It was infinitely worse when she was tied face up; face down her ass and back would be left bloody and scarred, but it was preferable to what was happening now. Her master sat there, his wrinkled face as inscrutable as ever, looking almost bored as he used his cane to punish her. Her tied pale tits were covered in welts, the flat plane of her stomach was striped like a zebra, and her delicate labia were now an angry red from the constant painful strokes.

“GGAGGGHHH! NOT THERE! NOT THERE!” Lily went into a fit of spasms and screams as her master laid into her cunt with a rapid series of strokes. The tip of the cane cut her clit three times, making it swell and bleed. An even easier target for the cane.

“MAKE IT STOOOPPPPP!” Lily screamed to the heavens.

But no one would make it stop, except her master.

And he didn’t stop until the sun went down.

And they had started at dawn…

“I love you master! I love you, please don’t hurt me anymore!” Lily screamed as the cane continued to ravage her flesh. She couldn’t take anymore.

And yet more was all that she would get.

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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

Power in Rome was absolute and the best way to show power in Rome was through the sexual humiliation of a political rival’s wife.

Tiberia had made the mistake of speaking badly of Marcus at a party and now she was paying the price for her impudence.

Every hole would be painfully fucked as she begged for forgiveness and afterwards the whipping would begin.

All of this would be in the presence of her disgraced husband and all the others who were at the party.

“This is the price you pay slut for your loose tongue. Once I have finished with you I will brand your ass with my mark to show the world what a whore you are.”


The beautiful young slave had been given to him because of his success in the Arena. His instructions were clear, “hurt her as much as you like and use her holes until she passes out.”

He was more than eager to carry out these orders and the young girl’s cries and screams only made his mission more delicious.

Whipping her young tight ass with the cane was just the beginning of his assault on her innocence. His huge cock choked back any sounds she tried to make as he pumped her mouth full of his manhood.

She was completely alone now, her family slaughtered, as her life as a piece of meat was just beginning.

“After I have finished with you sweet angel, you will know the true meaning of Roman dominance and as a reward for your submission I will carve my name into your belly with a red-hot iron so all will know you are mine.”


The Emperors daughter would never again be an embarrassment to her father or his family. Locking her away in a dungeon was his form of punishment for her indiscretions. The gladiators and male slaves had free access to all her holes at any time.

Her sexual humiliation was their only job.

She begged to be killed but her pleas were only met with more degrading treatment. There would be no escape for her and no one would be coming to her rescue.

“Your father is coming to watch your punishment later today and unless he is satisfied with your screams he has instructed us to burn your soft flesh with hot coals until you make the noises he likes to hear.”

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The employment agency which had lured the young women into their present situation had offered a trip to an exciting and exotic destination and an opportunity to teach in a foreign land which they could not resist. They were told that their lives would be changed forever but the women had no idea just how much of a change they would undergo....

"Ride me, you white, Christian whore!” the Arab master shouted. The turbaned sultan thrust his meaty scimitar deep into the girl’s raw, overfucked cunt. The girl moaned and whimpered as waves of unwanted pleasure coursed through her. She struggled to resist the warm, burning fire that smoldered in her crotch, but her efforts were in vain. She was going to cum again, and she had no choice in the matter!

“P-please, master... not so rough!” the girl begged him. The man’s massive, throbbing kebob rammed into her, completely filling her and stabbing deep inside her! It was like she was riding a huge, sweaty, smelly donkey!

“I’ll do what I want with you, you Christian slut! Don’t you dare tell your master what he can or cannot do with his property!” The turbaned Arab grabbed the girl’s hips and began fucking her even harder, thrusting in and out like a hammer spike! The poor, pretty blonde wailed helplessly, thrashing her long, pretty legs. “Noo! Nooooo please stopppp!”

“You worthless, wailing slut! You spoiled, Christian girls think you’re so much better than us, eh? You think you’re too GOOD to receive a proper fucking from your sand masters! You spoiled sluts need to be broken in! Perhaps I ought to have my stable master train you! You’ll be fucked day and night by my menagerie of camels and horses... that ought to loosen you up!”

“Nooo! Noooo pleeeaasseeee!” the girl wailed as she felt herself begin to cum.


Market day was always one of the busiest days in the bazaar, especially when the caravans arrived from distant lands in the west, where the prettiest, whitest, most pampered, and most tender of European sluts were born.

The turbaned sheik Hassan waved his thin whip through the air, making a loud swishing noise that brought terror to the poor, white girls! They had come to intimately know that cruel and horrible whip through their long march from the soft, wet woodlands of home to the harsh, mountain sands and deserts of the east. Whenever the relentless desert sun, the terrifying thirst, or their poor, raw feet threatened to slow the girls down, Hassan made sure to “encourage” the girls with his whip!

“Move faster! Move faster you virgin, Christian cunts! The last girl who gets there will be the personal fuckpet of my entire caravan! When all the men are done with you, we’ll give you to the dogs and camels! Move!”

The poor girls whimpered and struggled forward, brutally bound and burning red with humiliation and shame as they were paraded through the streets of the east, where robed and turbaned Muslim men stared at them with unashamed lust in their eyes.

These girls had only known the dignity and respect of courtly Europe, but now they were treated like cattle. It was all too much to handle!

One poor girl at the end of the line let out a scream as Hassan slashed the whip across her bare, white bottom. “Hurry up, you western bitch! Get your plump, jiggling ass to the auction block! You don’t want to be my camel’s fucktoy, do you? I’m sure ‘Spity’ wouldn’t mind, though...”


“You whore! I bet you’re liking this, aren’t you? You fucking, western sluts! Answer me!” the Arab man shouted.

“Yes, please! I like it! Please! Pleaaasseee stoppp!” the girl wailed. She grunted every time the man thrust deeply inside her, flesh slapping wetly against flesh as he pounded her from behind, ramming his desert dick inside her dripping snatch. No matter what she did, her poor body betrayed her. In spite of how hard and rough the man fucked her, the blonde girl found herself grinding against her Arab master, panting with pleasure between stabs of pain.

“So you admit it! All you western bitches dress like whores! You try to corrupt and taint men by dressing so indecently! A good, obedient woman should dress in robes and cover her face!”

The man struck the girl with his whip, and another bright red welt appeared across her pure, white skin. The poor girl screamed in pain, her pretty eyes opening wide as pain lanced through her.

“But all you western bitches secretly want a strong man to fuck you bloody! That’s why you dress like slutty cunts! Admit it!”

“Yes! Yes I do!” the girl wailed, desperate, trying to appease this cruel man in the hopes that he would stop. “I do! I admit it! I’ll say whatever you want, just please stoooppppppp!”

The man thrust deeply inside the girl with a hard grunt, and the girl let out a low, weak cry as she felt him fill her overfucked cunt completely. He then grinned and ran his fingernails across the girl’s welts, making her whimper.

The poor girl’s eyes welled up with tears of pain.

“Maybe I will... you slutty, Christian girls enjoy being pussyfucked too much! You were made by God to please a man, not the other way around!” The Arab pulled out his massive, meat kabob and pressed it against the girl’s virgin asshole. “Perhaps I ought to assfuck you instead!”

“Noo! Nooooooooo!” the girl wailed.

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The employment agency which had lured the young women into their present situation had offered a trip to an exciting and exotic destination and an opportunity to teach in a foreign land which they could not resist. They were told that their lives would be changed forever but the women had no idea just how much of a change they would undergo....

The wooden pony was biting into her soft pussy flesh and producing the desired bruising and wetness. Linsey's master knew exactly how to use the cane also. Too much force and you break the skin, but striking her tits and legs with just enough force would leave the marks he loved to see.

This was how each day began, beatings and humiliation. The sexual torture would start in the afternoon and continue late into the night when his associates would come over and take out their deepest fantasies on her body.

“Western women are so weak but my training will make you a better whore for our use and if you don’t live up to my expectations, I will have to give you to my mercenaries. They will use every hole until you beg for death, my dear slave.”


Sharon’s mind raced back to when she was a young girl and laying across her daddy’s lap with her panties pulled down around her ankles. He loved to spank her and she loved being spanked even though she would cry every time, but this was different...

The rope was tearing at her flesh as she hung there, waiting for her new owner to continue the beating. He was looking for a fresh spot to strike and he liked to wait between blows for a few seconds so his slave could appreciate each one properly.

Sharon's owner was delighted with her performance so far and he especially loved that she was from a European background and enjoyed seeing the naive innocence of these western girls fade from their eyes.

Sharon’s tits were aching under the strain of her weight and being exposed like this made her feel cheap and dirty.

“You are my property now slut. I beat you because I enjoy watching you suffer and you will come to enjoy it as well. I have a special treat for you later when my friends come over. We are branding you tonight to show you belong to me, once on your young tigh tass and once under each tit. Don’t worry my child, you will be allowed to scream as much as you like.”


This was Jennifers first time being on public display and she was here for all to see and enjoy. Her owner would begin by flogging her and she knew she was not to scream or it would be worse for her later. The men who came to watch could also bid on the young American woman’s body and the winner had his choice of punishments to be inflicted on her.

She knew they would be inserting their toys into her holes and this brought smiles to their faces.

“After we are through with your beatings keep your mouth open in case we need to piss in it, and if you miss a drop you will spend the night in the coffin again.”

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The employment agency which had lured the young women into their present situation had offered a trip to an exciting and exotic destination and an opportunity to teach in a foreign land which they could not resist. They were told that their lives would be changed forever but the women had no idea just how much of a change they would undergo....

The three black men were panting, their skin covered in glistening sweat, as they stood looking at the helplessly bound girl, panting and whimpering as she hung from the pillar. Her own skin was covered with sweat and welts from the merciless thrashing that the three black men had given her with their crops and canes. Worst of all, the inside of her thighs was glistening, though not from sweat: it was coated in a fine layer of pussyjuice!

“Damn! These fucking, Christian sluts have no modesty!” one of the men said. “We’ve tried to beat the slut out of her, but she’s still wetter and hornier than a sow in heat! I’m not sure my balls have any more baby juice left!”

“Give it here, Imamu. It’s my turn,” one of the other men said. “We’ve just got to keep fucking and beating her until she realizes that she’s a slave for OUR pleasure, not HERS. Fucking white sluts ought to be worried about pleasing their MASTAHS, not getting off when we fuck them!”

The old, bearded, black man grinned as he stroked his fine, white beard. “Be sure to leave some for me. In all my years, I’ve never known a puss so HUNGRY and TIGHT as this one. Perhaps we ought to loosen her up some more, so our great Arab mastah can have a taste of white flesh!”


The Muslim master was grinning as he watched his black slave breaker thrust the full length of his 16” cock down the white girl’s throat. The girl gagged and spat and oozed slime from her whoring, white mouth. But still, she sucked obediently on the massive black man’s shaft, for fear of the consequences if she did not please him!

“Yes! Yes!” the Muslim master said. He tapped the end of his whip against the white slave’s tight, curvy ass. “Take that full cock down your throat, you European slut! I want to see you bring him off! You’d better not let a single drop of his cum land on the floor, or I’ll thrash you until you’re black and blue and leave you in the yard to be fucked by my camels!”

The girl whimpered and tried to force another inch of black cock down her throat. Meanwhile, the other white girl riding on top was whimpering and whining. “P-please sir! It’s too big!”

“Shut up!” the black man roared as he jammed his thumb deeper into her ass. “If I can’t get my tiny thumb up there, my giant black sausage will tear you in half! Gotta get you ready for the mastah’s prick! Gotta stretch you wide!” The black man grinned as he rammed his thumb deeper inside the poor girl’s rear, and the girl whimpered and moaned in pain and humiliation. “Oh don’t worry, honey. When this white whore is done sucking me off... your pretty ass will be next!”


Out on the fields where Europe clashed with Islam, another village had been burned to the ground. The infidel men were put to death, and their pretty, white women were rounded up to be inspected. The choicest prizes would be sent back to the palaces of Arabia, but not before the warriors had a first taste...

The sky burned orange from soot and smoke when Murtaza Faruq inspected the trembling, curvaceous beauties that his warriors had claimed. The girls huddled together, bound tightly and mercilessly with ropes and chains and shivering in fear. His men had “seen” to these ones... these were the best of the best – the virgins and maidens who were unclaimed and unspoiled. Murtaza was pleased. He saw one that caught his eye, a beautiful brunette with a pretty, pixie haircut. “You!” he shouted.

The girl jumped, startled.

“You! How dare you fail to keep your modesty in front of a holy, believer like me! You should show more respect to your betters!” he shouted.

“I... I’m sorry!” the girl exclaimed, terrified and confused.

“Oh, you aren’t now, but tonight, in my tent, you will be...” Murtaza said, feeling his cock harden beneath his robes. “Oh you will be...”

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Today was a grand day for the entire city. The sheiks and sultans were going to share their wealth and reward the people with a generous gift – free fucks for all the poor of the city! The most used and abused girls of their harems were going to be tied up in the square for all the men (and perhaps women) of the city to use to their heart’s content. Many of the diseased, filthy, and ragged poor men looked forward to this regular holiday, for it would be the only time they’d have access to prized, white cunt.

In the early, desert morning, there were already old and toothless beggars waiting for the celebration to begin. The beggars’ hungry eyes looked over the leashed, tight, white flesh of harem girls as the guards of the sultans and sheiks brought out them out into the square. Spittle dribbled from the old men’s cracked lips and across their open sores. The sight filled the poor, Christian girls with disgust. “No! Please! I’ll do whatever you want! I’ll obey the sheik and his sons and daughters and wives! Just please don’t let those men touch me!” the brunette begged.

The harem guard grinned widely as he roughly dragged the Christian slut to the fucking posts. “Silence your flapping tongue, you white devil bitch! You’ll want to save it for licking old men’s dicks as they ram their cocks down your throat!”

The poor brunette struggled helplessly and in vain as the guard pulled her closer and closer to her doom. She looked up, and she saw the sheik, her master, sitting placidly atop a golden balcony. Hope flared inside her. “It’s the master! Look! He doesn’t want me to be here!”

The guard merely laughed. “Oh yes he does! Don’t you know, you stupid slut? The master likes to WATCH!”


The stables of the sheik were full of feminine moans and groans, whimpers and whines, and soft, desperate pleading as the sun sank in the west. The fat, bearded stable master let out a sigh of contentment as he rammed his meaty cock deep inside the white woman’s mouth. The girl let out a gurgling cough, her eyes rolling and full of desperate pleading, desperate for air. The stable master merely smiled. “What, you aren’t hungry for my brown kebob, you slutty, Christian whore? You have no appreciation for how much I spoil you, you fat, western sow! I think your insolence deserves ten more lashes!”

The girl let out a strangled noise somewhere between a whimper and a groan. The stable master continued to deep throat the bitch as her four slender, pretty limbs trembled. The stable master let out a grunt and looked up to the blonde girl tied atop a stable fence. Her whole body was trembling and covered with sweat, and she looked dazed and lifeless, worn out and exhausted. The blonde slave girl shifted her weight and let out her own strangled moan as she felt the hard, wooden ridge of the fence dig deeper into the womanhood between her legs. “How are you doing, you white, western, devil bitch? Do you like riding the horse? Ride it until you cum for your Master and you, bitch, suck harder than that as if you wanted to swallow your Master’s cock down your throat! I won't warn you again!!!

The girl’s lower lip trembled as she looked at the stable master with pleading, blue eyes. “Y-yes... yes master...” she whimpered, trying not to anger him.

“You stupid cow! You are not here to enjoy yourself! You are here to learn how better to serve your master! I think you too deserve ten more lashes for slacking off!”

Both girls groaned with exhausted fear. The stable master gritted his teeth as he began to pump faster and faster into the kneeling girl’s mouth. As he squirted his seed down the choking girl’s throat, he thought “Life is good, yes! Praise god, life is good!”


“Slavegirl, did you enjoy two days in my dungeon without eating? Did this persuade you that you must employ your best efforts in sucking your owner’s cock? I think it did. You may begin.”

“Ahh, that’s better. Your mouth is a delight, little whore. You are lucky… lucky that while I had you chained up in that dark place, learning your lesson in submission, I permitted you to drink water each day. That was more for my benefit than yours, though. Did you know that a slut denied water for even one single day has barely any spit in her mouth? You don’t know that, but I have learned these things with previous girls. Mouth fucking a slavegirl without spit in her mouth is like getting sucked off by a sandstorm.”

“Get your fingers up on your Master’s rod too! I didn’t leave your hands unfettered so they could hang there uselessly. Work your hands with your mouth for my pleasure, slave, or you will see more unfed days in the darkness. Ahh… yes… yes! Suck now, and swallow every precious drop. Know what? I changed my mind! Your Master’s cum is the only thing you’re gonna drink until you perform up to my expectations!”

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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

Her tolerance for pain was going to be tested today.

The heat took her breath away as she tried to cry out for help but the only ones to hear were her tormentors. She had been fully violated in every way imaginable the night before and now she would pay for her crimes against Rome.

Being a witch was punishable by death, and torture was the preferred way to kill witches. It would not be a slow death and being killed quickly was merciful but Rome was not a merciful place.

The Roman guard placed his hands on her firm ass and spread her cheeks, “let’s see how many hot coals you can hold up your ass and cunt before you pass out witch.”


The redheaded barbarian’s whole body was a giant, fleshy statue of pain. She trembled where she hung, stretched between two columns in the senator’s villa. Her hips and her shoulders ached, she was pulled as taut as she possibly could without ripping her limbs out of their sockets, and her thighs trembled from the strain of standing.

The poor barbarian girl whimpered and pleaded as prettily as she could, tears glistening in her eyes.

The Roman senator’s cock only grew harder listening to the poor girl’s pleas. He grinned a wicked grin and he stabbed her raw, beaten belly with the end of his whip. “You insolent, heathen slut! Tell me you dropped my wine on purpose! Admit it!”

The girl shook her head. “No! I didn’t! Your servants pushed me! It wasn’t me! Pleeeeaassseeeee!” the girl begged.

“Liar! How dare you insult a noble Roman and your better! You were just trying to get my attention, because you want to ride my mighty, Roman cock! Admit it, and things will go easier for you!”

Desperate, the girl swallowed her pride and her dignity. “I... y-you’re right... I... I just did it for attention... I admit it! Now please! Please stop!” The barbarian girl felt the cold sting of humiliation and shame saying those words, but she’d do anything to stop the pain! She would say anything this pervert wanted, so long as he stopped hurting her!

“Hah!” the senator said triumphantly. “Now we’ve finally got the truth out of you! You barbarian girls are all whores who would ride anything just to get off! Well, now you’re living off the teat of Rome, and you won’t get your fucks for free. You’re here to work and serve your betters, Roman men, not pleasure your fuckholes!”

The senator tapped the end of the whip against the redhead’s swollen labia. “Perhaps I ought to teach your fuckhole to be as obedient as your mouth is!”

The girl’s eyes went wide, but she didn’t even have time to gasp before the senator struck her hard between her legs!


The blonde barbarian coughed and gagged as her Roman master pulled the noose tighter. Her pretty eyes bulged with panic, and her pretty mouth fluttered open. She tried to suck in breath with all her might, but the rope was too tight around her neck. Her face was red, and the girl shook her head and struggled to get free.

Best of all, her soft thighs quivered delightfully, and her tight puss twitched amazingly around the Roman’s mighty dick.

The Roman grunted as he rammed his cock all the way inside the girl’s puss, and he pounded her hard and fast, thrusting faster and faster. He let out a grunt and let go of the rope, and the blonde barbarian girl let out a gasp as precious air flooded her burning lungs. She coughed and retched as the Roman slowed his brutal pounding. “You like that, slut? Tell me again that you want me, or this fuck may be your last!”

The girl struggled to say the words, but her rasping pleas were unintelligible. The Roman grabbed the noose and pulled taut again, and the barbarian girl let out a strangled cry before she was cut off. The man groaned as he leaned against the girl, putting all his weight on the thin rope cutting viciously into her long, slender neck. “I may need to buy a new cunt soon... it looks like you’re finished!”

The girl shook her head desperately, but the Roman ignored her.

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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

“That’s right. Suck my cock, your barbarian bitch!” The Roman senator cackled as he felt the beautiful, redheaded Celt wrap her pretty lips around his pulsating, throbbing shaft. “I bet you’ve been dreaming of my mighty, Roman dick all your life! Well, I can’t blame you. Your pinprick shitheads that you lay with in the woods and the mud are nothing compared to me!”

The girl just whimpered as she sucked. She was more afraid of the Roman’s fierce and painful whip than anything else! She remembered the blonde girl’s howls and screams of agony as the cruel, Roman man beat her until she couldn’t even stand.

She didn’t want to suffer the same fate!

As she sucked on him, she could feel the eyes of passersby on her as they passed, and she blushed as red as her hair was. She was so ashamed that she was being forced to do this, and right in front of other people too! The poor Celtic redhead wanted to die, she was so humiliated!

“Praise to our emperor Caligula!” the senator crowed. He rammed his dick deeper down the redhead’s throat. His greedy eyes turned to the blonde, shaking and whimpering in fear. “Oh don’t worry, my barbarian slut! You’ll have your turn next!”


Beneath the shadow of the Coliseum was a vast orgy, dedicated to the mighty Caligula and his insatiable appetite. Girls from all across the empire, along with fresh barbarian virgin girls captured in Roman conquests, were brought to the square.

Caligula knew how to thank his people, and he made these girls available for all!

“HNG! NGH! How do you like that, you fucking barbarian bitch! Yeah, your hungry slick puss is just gulping up my Roman meat!” The roman gladiator fucked the poor, blonde girl hard and fast while she moaned, humiliated at being publicly ravished and even more humiliated because her cunt WAS wet and horny!

“No! Please milord! Stop! I don’t want this!” she begged.

“HNG!” the gladiator grunted. “A slut and a LIAR! Don’t try to convince me that your slutty cunny isn’t enjoying this!” He slapped the girl across the back with his whip, and the poor girl screeched in pain. “I ought to punish you by ripping out your lying tongue! Maybe I will... once I’m done with you...”

Before the gladiator came, he pulled his throbbing, massive dick out. “I don’t want to make some heathen bastard in your belly. A dirty slut like you doesn’t deserve such an honor nor the right to cum! Perhaps I ought to use your virgin ass instead...”

“Noo! NOOOOOOO!!!” the girl wailed as she felt the gladiator ram his cock deep inside her tight, young ass!


“Tell me who’s your master!” the consul roared. He slashed his whip across the girl’s helpless body, and the girl screamed in pain.

“You are!” she wailed, shaking her head. The girl’s body was covered in a sheen of heavy sweat, and she smelled of sex and fear.

“That’s right! I didn’t give you permission to fuck my servants! You dirty, barbarian sluts are all alike! You’re so hungry for Roman cock that you’ll fuck anything! My servants, my horses, even our holy statues! Clearly your dirty, beastly cravings for dick are wild and untamed! I’ll fix that!” The man struck her again and again with the whip as he felt his cock harden beneath his robes. “Tell me you’re a slut! Say it!”

“I’m a slut!” the girl bawled, struggling desperately against her bonds. She couldn’t believe the things he was calling her! It wasn’t true! She burned with shame and humiliation at the accusation. “But I’ve never slept with your horses or statues! Those men took me against my will!”

“Liar!” the consul shouted. He eyed her dripping wet pussy, slick with her cunny juice and dribbling with the spent seed of his servants. “Your mouth lips lie while your pussy lips tell the truth! You’re a slut! You’re an uncontrollable slut!” The man threw his whip away and began to pull off his robes. “Clearly you’re ENJOYING your beating too much, you nasty pain slut! Perhaps a hard ass fuck will teach you what we do to naughty barbarian cunts!”

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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

“A great and terrible trial was being held in the center of Rome under the auspicious eyes of the emperor Caligula. The mightiest and most powerful of the Romans were gathered underneath the pillars of power in a loud and dirty orgy of sex and abuse! Poor serving girls and barbarian slave girls were being used and beaten while wine flowed like the Tiber river. The sounds of fat, lusty men intermingled with the screams, whimpers, and pleas of the prettiest and loveliest virgins that the empire could produce! Caligula himself oversaw everything while lying on a bed of fifty bound girls!

“These girls are accused of sluttiness, lesbian fucking, horse fucking, goat fucking, oh forget it. They’re accused of fucking every creature in the mortal realm!” a Roman judge roared. He pointed a fat, angry finger at the girls crucified in front of him while another bound barbarian girl sucked his dick beneath his robes. “How shall we punish these criminals? These girls that would lie with any creature? These nasty, barbarian sluts?!” the judge shouted.

“Death! Death! Death!” the crowd chanted, each roar growing louder than the last.

The girls wailed and pleaded for their lives as they were tied to the crucifixes. What the judge said was true – they’d been fucked by everything that moved, but it had been done against their will! The brutal, decadent Romans laughed as the girls were hung up, naked and abused, for all the world to see! Unfortunately for the girls, they would not be left alone all night: the crowd was hungry, and there were plenty of dicks on sticks to reach up and violate them still!


"I love fresh meat,” the massive black man said as he laid another welt on the barbarian girl’s tender flesh. “They make such pretty screams!” he said as he struck her again!

The welted girl quivered helplessly against the rope bondage which held her taut. Her mind was a giant, reeling mass of pain and agony. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She would do anything to make it stop. She had tried to beg and plead hours ago, but by now, all she could manage were these pitiful moans and whimpers of pain.

“Ah... she IS a nice one... So SENSITIVE and with such delicate, supple flesh!” the robed man said. He pulled on one of the ropes, to stretch her legs even wider apart. The girl let out a soft cry of pain as she felt her thigh muscles scream in protest. Her throat was so raw, that was all she could manage!

“I think she’ll make a lovely addition to our ‘Coliseum fighters,’ yes...” the robed man said as he ran his hands over her trembling, sweat-soaked flesh. “After these girls are publicly FUCKED by the mules and horses, maybe we’ll let our lions eat some tenderized puss! They’ll like that, and the crowd will cry for more...”

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"NNnyaaaagh! Aoww!”

“Scream, whore, scream! Now, your thigh again.”

“Aaaggh! M…Masters, please!”

“Your screams are good. Stretching your thighs and exposing you this way is good. Your screams bring arousal to my brother and me. Now, one of your firm, fat tits again. ”

“No, nn… Ahh, aaieeeghhh! Master, mercy, mercy… I beg! It hurts!”

“You will continue to hurt and scream, slut, so long as it pleases us. A girl’s cries of pain are the best way to harden the cunt-splitting tool of any true man, and welts on her skin the best prelude to a long fucking. Your fucking will go on all night, little one. Even after we have discharged our seed into your worthless body, we will start ramming this iron phallus into you… while we whip you... until your screams stiffen our cocks again. Now, the other teat, again.”

“No, no… aa… aghhhh! Please, Master, please, give me mercy!”


"You are properly impaled on my manhood, practically dangling from it alone. We will continue with your whipping.”

“Why, Sultan, why must you punish me? I’ve done all you have asked of me! I have cooked and sewn and cared for your wives and their children. I’ve taken you in my vagina and in my mouth and even… even in that most shameful hole. I have striven each moment for your pleasure. How have I displeased you?”

“Fear not, cherished toy. You have not displeased me! But in pleasing me, sometimes it is your duty to suffer. Hanging like this, with your feet off the floor, my cock sheathed fully in your cunt, your every movement, your tiniest squirming, shall bring joy to the erection it is your duty to serve. Though I know you are a loyal concubine and would do all you could to satisfy me, understand I have great experience of women. I have learned that the cruel bite of the whip stimulates in even the finest young concubine certain movements, certain delightful tightening of her most intimate muscles, of which she simply is not capable of unless she is made to suffer terribly. And now, little pain flower, I will beat you until your agonized writhing sucks the juice from my balls.”


“Tariq, clamp Blondie’s tit.”

“Owww! Noo, please, noo!”

“Blondie, we have all day with you. Your father is dead, his castle is ours, and you will tell us where your mother and your pretty young sister are hiding. I want you to understand fully the torture you will undergo. You already feel the clamp pinching your nipple. More will be added. And the rack will slowly, painfully stretch your joints. When we have finished stretching you, with your every muscle straining, and your flesh as taut as the surface of a drum, we will whip that beautiful white skin red… red… red. We will focus our blows upon your firm thighs, your flat belly, your lovely tits, and, at last, on your tender girl cleft. And, as you weep, we will fuck your mouth and cunt again and again.”

“No! Please don’t hurt me! I’ll tell! I’ll tell. In… in the great room, on the right side of the hearth, the black stone… push hard on the black stone and a door will open to a secret room. They must be there. Please take the clamp off! Please get me down now!”

“Thank you, Blondie. You are a good girl. Now we need not rush your torture. Your pain will pleasure us for days, bitch.”

“What! No, no! I told you what you wanted. Please, please don’t hurt me! You can’t!”

“Tariq, clamp Blondie’s other tit. ”

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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

“Yes! Fuck that whore! Show her what happens when her stinky mud tribes try to best Rome!”

The enormous black man grinned a white grin as he rammed the full length of his massive black pipe down the barbarian girl’s stretched pussy. The girl let out a groan, and her eyes popped open wide as she felt the dark giant push himself deeper and deeper and more painfully inside her. “Stop! Please!” she wailed, shaking her head. She struggled to free herself, but the black man was too big and too heavy. “He’s too big! Please! He’ll kill meeeee!”

“You’re lying, you blonde barbarian cunt! You enjoy this! I can already see the wetness on your lower lips! You’re a slut who enjoys having her sluthole stuffed with massive dicks! I’d make a donkey fuck you simply because it’d be entertaining, but my black mandingo here is bigger than that! You’re here to be punished, not to fucking get off!”

The Roman grinned as he turned to the other blonde, barbarian slave, licking the black man’s ass with her trembling, pink tongue. “Let this serve as a lesson to you, you barbarian slut! If you displease me, your holes may be the next to swallow my mandingo’s rod!”

“Plleeeeaaasseeeeee!” the blonde girl wailed as the black man drove his massive dick even deeper inside her.


After a long, hard day wrestling and practicing for the sporting games that would honor the gods, the athletes liked to cool down and enjoy a nice, juicy cunt sandwich. The wrestler’s owners and sponsors thought this was a great way for their muscle-hardened prizes to wind down, though the poor barbarian slavegirls thought differently!

Try as she might, the barbarian cunt was no match for these mighty, Roman wrestlers. The poor blonde barbarian found herself gagging as she struggled to accept one massive Roman cock down her slender throat while another rammed himself up to the hilt in her poor, abused ass!

The wrestlers groaned with pleasure and shouted with pride as they fucked her again and again and again!

The girl whimpered and pleaded as best she could, begging them to be gentle, but each time they fucked her, they fucked her even harder than the last time! They were going to fuck her to death, and she was powerless to stop them!

It was a good thing that virgin, barbarian slavegirls were so plentiful... these ruthless and cruel wrestlers went through them awfully fast...


The Emperor Caligula liked to walk in his dungeons and look through his newest stock. This powerful man was considered a god among the Roman people, and with that godhood came immense power – power to do what he liked to whatever or whomever...

As he walked through his dungeons, Caligula heard the pretty and terrified screams of his newest acquisitions: the choicest and prettiest of the slavegirls fresh from Roman conquests and sold at market. With the entire treasury at his disposal, there was no girl that Caligula could not buy. But even HE had some very cruel tastes.

He walked into one particular cell and found his newest virgin, barbarian princess stretched out on the rack. The cruel, black dungeon master bowed as Caligula entered. The emperor walked up alongside the blonde barbarian princess and ran his hands across her supple, tender flesh. The poor girl wailed as she felt the emperor rake his fingernails across the welts on her skin.

“Good... good! Keep tenderizing this heathen bitch! I want her to be nice and ready for the feast... it will be spectacular!” Caligula cackled. “After I let my generals and senators have their way with her, I want to make sure the ovens are fired up and hot! The feast following the fuck will live forever in Roman memory!”

“Yes sah!” the black man grinned wickedly. As he turned the crank another notch tighter, the poor blonde barbarian girl could only scream in dismay, her unthinkable fate sealed!

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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

“This is how it will be, my bride. Shriek… shriek as my rod cuts into your round bottom! How much I prefer your screams to your laughter. And how I will make you regret your laughter that day when I came out of the Bay of Naples, years ago, before I had developed as a man, and you pointed and laughed.”

“For the sake of my family I have married you to seal an alliance with your father… an alliance your father needs even more than mine. So we are married, and though I have lusted after your flesh, I have always hated you. Now I have you. And you will suffer.”

“Feel the pain sear into your rump! I will never mark your face or your arms, but you will never, never again be free of welts on your buttocks and thighs and breasts. This is your life now! I will only fuck you while you are restrained, and always with the purpose to shame and hurt you! I shall permit my slave girls to whip you, and you will learn to lap madly at their cunts to make them cum so they will stop whipping you.”

“So shriek, slave bride, while I beat your ass. By Saturn, how your screams and your reddening ass do stiffen my cock!”


"Listen to your sergeant, boys and take control of your bitches! You are not philosophy students on a picnic with their wet-twatted girlfriends. You are Roman soldiers of the Twentieth Legion raping the dry-cunt daughters of a conquered rebel lord. Take pride in your absolute, merciless control of their bodies! Look at your sergeant, boys. With a simple twist of the whip around this blonde slut’s wrists, I can haul her wrists up hard behind her back and I have beautiful and obedient cocksucker. See!”

“Vimius! By the sword of Mars, will you stop sniffing and pawing at your girl like a love sick boy! Get some leather cord, a couple of sticks, and restrain her tight with her thighs wide open so you can give her slit a thorough and humiliating inspection before you fill it with your flesh spear!”

“And Flavius! I admire you, lad, for plunging your rod right into that slut’s dirt hole, but you’ll waste your energy chasing her cute rump all over the empire as she tries to crawl her stretched butt hole off your man pole. Tie her wrists to her ankles, for Jupiter’s sake, to keep her still so you can use all your strength pleasing your prick by plowing that cute captive’s narrow asshole!”

“Listen to your sergeant, boys. They’ll scream more and you’ll cum harder.”


"This is my rape swing, slave. With you bound and aching in this stressful position on this swing, all three of your holes are available for my enjoyment. I can simply push you back and forth along the length of my fuck stick for my pleasure.”

“Look how the swing makes your lovely ass stick out for me. Your ass is your best feature, whore, and how I love beating it with a cane! Making those welts rise on your soft, white flesh is almost as good as prying my cock in between your cunt lips to thrust home in your fuck hole. Yes! How snugly your slut slot wraps around my prick. Now I’ll swing your tight young pussy on my throbbing dick and admire the painful red marks on your round butt cheeks and listen to you crying. Soon enough I’ll squirt my goo into your belly and then, maybe, you’ll bear me a red haired slave girl as pretty as you.”



“Nnyaaaagh! Oh, stop, please, Sir, stop!”

“My marriage to your mother brought you into my household, and those under my roof obey me.”


“Owww! Oowww! It hurts so much! I’m sorry, Sir!”

“Of course it does, step daughter. Your teenage ass will hurt terribly every time you disobey me – and sometimes I’ll whip your saucy young bottom just because your red-assed suffering excites me. I have no doubt that you have learned this lesson and you will never again refuse me when I instruct you to take my penis into your mouth. But your misbehavior has caused you more trouble than just a butt whipping. I am so aroused by punishing you that I no longer desire only cock sucking. And I cannot risk entering your vagina, as it would be unseemly for my unmarried step daughter to get pregnant.”

“Therefore, my sweet girl, though you are young and of noble birth… you have brought this on yourself. That is my cock, the one you wouldn’t suck, pressing against your little pucker. Listening to your pleading while I struck your quivering butt again and again with the rod has turned my dick into a swollen, achingly hard, monster, and your untried anus will not yield easily – but it will yield with enough pressure. Ahh! There! Do you feel your asshole stretch open just the tiniest bit as my tool cracks it?”

“Gaaauuugghhh! Aaooowwww! Stooppp! Stooppp ittt! Get it out, get it out, get it oooout! Pleeease! It’s killing meee! In Juno’s name, stop! Oohhh, please, please, stop! Juno! It huuuurrrts!”

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Beautiful white women.taken from freedom in the West to the dark captivity of North Africa.

and Чof courseЧ throbbing brown and black cocks plunged into every orifice.

See the bleak misery these women endure. Their hell is heir captors' heaven.


The fat Adelfez sat comfortably on the cushions, cooling in the shade of his opulent villaТs courtyard. Meanwhile his slaves, maiden servants, prepared his tea and hookah pipe.

My lord, the Nubian is requesting an audience so he may demonstrate his nine new servants, Shara, the vain chief of the slaves, said with servile reverence, stooping over him in order to parade her marvellous tits next to his face.

Well, show him in without further delay, ordered Adelfez while he caressed SharaТs voluptuous, ringed breasts. She didnТt hide the fact that she felt some pleasure in his cupping them. She stood and clapped.

Suddenly Shrim, the Nubian, entered the courtyard accompanied by three Christian women, completely naked and shivering in terror.They obediently knelt in the atrium alertly waiting for the signal to introduce themselves to their master.

YouТve brought me some nice flesh this time, smiled Adelfez sipping wine from his glass.

The best there is, my lord, and theyТre not expensive. The Nubian stretched his arm and cruelly pulled one maiden by the hair in order to force her to stand up. The girl cried, sore and embarrassed, ashamed at her nakedness which she had no way of hiding, and mortified at being paraded like an object in front of the lecherous Adelfez.

Mmmm, I like the look of her pussy, it seems smooth, fresh. Let her come closer to me. Shrim ordered her to walk towards Adelfez. The fat manТs greasy hands fondled the tense thighs of the girl and played with her pubic hair.

Noooo, please, please! the girl cried when he maliciously pulled a tuft of her pubic hair.

Sssssssssshhhhhhhttttt! Whore, shouted the Nubian and he tugged her hair painfully again.

Adelfez grabbed her thighs, sinking his dirty pointy nails on her white skin, and started playing with the hookah pipeТs nozzle, pushing it inside her smooth cunt, until he introduced the long, thin object completely inside her vaginal slit. The girl tried to rebel at this rude intrusion, but the Nubian struck her on the bare breasts.

Stay quiet, bitch, he grunted in her ear. If lord Adelfez doesnТt buy you, I swear IТll cut off your udders to feed my dogs.

The girl started sobbing while Adelfez masturbated her with the nozzle and his fingers, scratching her protuberant clitoris with his fingers.

SheТs very wet for a whore that isnТt enjoying it, he joked. I like her bashfulness. How much do you want for her?

50, said the Nubian.

50? I give you fifty for the three scrawny bitches youТve brought with you. This one has been more fucked than a tavern servant. Go on then, donТt waste my time any longer.

Abruptly the girl escaped from the black manТs grip and knelt in front of Adelfez, hugging his hairy, veiny legs. With a pleading voice she said, Please buy me, my lord, or else this cruel Nubian will kill me. HeТs a brute and a bandit, heТs fucked me himself with his monstrous cock, but he was the only one, I swear

Adelfez grabbed the girl and squeezed her breasts in his hands; they were well-shaped and firm. He opened her lips with and inserted his fingers in her mouth to slowly fuck it. At the same his other hand caressed her buttocks.

I give you 30 for her, and 30 more for the other two, who I suppose you also fucked until you got tired, eh, you shifty merchant?

Fine, Efendi, I accept it.

The proud Shara gave the Nubian a purse with 60 coins and he went his way. Adelfez leaned back in the chair and stretched his heavy legs in the air, satisfied with his purchase. Then he pulled down his underpants and revealed his stiff prick.

And now, my pretty whores, youТre going to show me which one is the best cocksucker!


"ItТs never enough, is it, itТs never enough, no matter how many times I fuck you, that shameless lust burning between your legs is never quenched.

Karim, the SultanТs land surveyor, was not a violent man, but Adira, his favourite slave, a voluptuous and lascivious Christian maiden who had been a gift from his Lord two months previously, had seduced him with her love-making arts, and he had lost his patience. Adira was a capricious beauty always in heat, and she distracted him from his work: she knelt under the table, rubbed her face in his thighs, tickled his cock until it became rigid and sucked it while he tried to concentrate on blueprints and sums.

At first this fiery maiden excited Karim, but sometimes when the work was overwhelming, he expelled her from his studio without remorse.

CanТt you wait until tomorrow, you nymphomaniac whore?

But Adira was haughty, and spiteful, and on being denied sexual pleasure she started seducing KarimТs male servants, practising fellatio on them in dark corners and remote rooms and allowing them to fuck her without compunctions.

Ahhh, yes, yes, you have it hard and thick, Hasam, youТre not like your worthless master, who canТt get it up no matter how hard I try to animate it.

And as with Hasam so with Yasul and Saled

Until one night Karim chanced upon her gorging on the prick of Calim, a young and innocent servant, who ran away frightened and fearing the worst.

But instead Karim gripped her by her hair and dragged her to his bedroom, without hearing her protest once against the savage way he was manhandling her. This was the reaction she had been expecting from her master, and she submitted herself to him.

Filthy whore, IТm going to fuck you like youТve never been fucked before.

He tied her hands and feet and picked up the measuring rod. Mercilessly he struck her buttocks, her tits, her thighs, every part of her body that was within reach of the rod. Meanwhile she writhed and rolled naked over the bed, consumed by masochistic delight.

IТm going to fuck you to death. IТm going to destroy you, IТm going to drown you in semen, dirty cow!

Mad with jealousy Karim punished her cruelly, without demonstrating compassion, but then he realized that he had an outstanding erection in his pants.

Yes, my lord, yes, thatТs what I want, kill me with you cock, tear my asshole apart with your dick, spank my face with your dick, split my ass in two, push the shaft down my throat until I choke on your manhood.

Both came almost at the same time, in a savage and brutal orgasm.

Since then Karim keeps Adira chained to the legs of his working table, naked and always with her bottom sore from her morning caning. When he gets tired of numbers he picks her up and penetrates her in whatever hole he desires. And when she dares complain he grabs the cane and strikes her tits with it.


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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

There was no greater humiliation for a noblewoman than to be punished by a slave.

Celia Servilia didnТt even ask for forgiveness or pardon; proud, she unrobed herself in front of her family and lay on the floor, to be bound over the punishment plank that was used to sodomize rebellious slaves.

She didnТt cry a single tear when her uncle Publio sentenced her to this terrible form of discipline.

YouТve dishonoured your family consorting with that Marcus Sextus, a mere centurion and furthermore loyal to Cesar, that impenitent faggot who thinks heТs a god and who, the gods willing, will abandon Rome or disappear from the face of this earth.

You can punish me any way you want, dear uncle, but I wonТt cry or beg mercy or reprieve. IТll continue to love him, no matter what happens

CeliaТs naked and well-shaped body was now stretching over the plank, in an indecent posture, with her vulva and anus exposed before her tyrannical uncle. Publio Servio Grecco moved in front of her and pressed the sole of his sandal on her mouth.

Come on, little bitch, lick my sandals clean and IТll spare you this torment.

Never! Never! You lecherous tyrant!

Publio made a sign and the slave Niso hit her round buttocks with a cane, using all the strength his arm contained. He caned her three times quickly.

Celia clenched her fists and gritted her teeth, her body tensed, but she didnТt emit a single grunt or whimper. She continued to boldly project her buttocks up, defying Niso to strike her once more. Each time a blow hit her buttocks, she felt a stinging pain there that next spread all over her body.

Publio made a sign for Niso to stop. He crouched next to his niece and grabbed her by her hair. Do you believe Marcus will continue to want you if youТre deformed and covered in marks of shame?

He loves me!

Are you sure? For you only have to ask forgiveness and lick the soles of my sandals for me to end this, and of course swear that youТll stop seeing that filthy traitor of the Republic!

Uncle Publio, youТre nothing but a vile, lecherous monster, and youТre not half the man Marcus is!

Niso, flog her ass without compassion, donТt stop until your arms are tired, and then fuck her holes! Show her that, in spite of having the grace of living beneath my roof, sheТs no better than a common street prostitute.

Not a single scream, only muffled grunts during the severe flogging. Publio Servio Grecco remained seated next to his wife and his children, watching the punishment with an insensitive look. Or so it seemed, but his shrewd wife, Livia, didnТt fail to notice the pulsating bulge jumping under his tunic every time CeliaТs ass was struck. And at the same horrible moment Niso started raping CeliaТs asshole, the family matriarch placed her hand over PublioТs virile member without shame. Publio didnТt even stir when she slid her hand under the tunic and started carefully stroking his erect penis. It had been a long time since Livia had enjoyed the rigidity of his cock.

After the martyrdom, Celia was examined by her entire family. Fingered, spat on, insulted. However her mouth didnТt utter a single word of submission. Only tears had run down her cheeks, staining her make-up.

Cover her up and take her to Marcus, this whore is hereby expelled from this family.

When Marcus Sextus gazed upon the battered body of his beloved abandoned in front of his house, he didnТt say anything. He took Celia in his arms and took her into his house, entrusted his maid servant with taking care of her and put on his armour while he swore revenge.

That night the shadow of death hovered over Publio GreccoТs house. The frescoes on the walls were sprayed with blood. Muffled screams and groans were heard, furniture was destroyed. Steps clattered aimlessly on the stone floor. Until not a single living soul remained inside the house. Only a hooded shadow that after climbing the garden wall disappeared into the night.


"Put her in the Fucker. No whore laughs at me! Lucius Priapus was an old senator, disgusting and stupid, whose incredible fortune and power couldnТt help him to harden his enormous dick long enough to properly fuck his slaves. And in the end almost all of them were sent to the Fucker. And he only got hard when he watched them being whipped, tortured or fucked by his male servants, young and vigorous like he wished to be again.

His atrocious and sadistic vice was well hidden and he had always held the fame of being a masterful fucker and audacious penetrator in spite of his advanced age.

The girl was dragged against her will and placed on the terrible low cross built deliberately to facilitate the massive and cruel penetration of slaves.

The wretched girl didnТt stop crying and screaming, asking clemency while her cruel master masturbated in his couch and drank and ate until he was stuffed. Two semi-naked women served him and oiled his prick with special unguents that slowly made it stiffen. The slaves also rubbed their bodies against his, massaged and played with their own tits, brushed their buttocks against the tip of his cock, or sat with their legs between his mouth in order to show their shaved, clean pussies, covered in rings that he himself had pierce through their tender labia.

Priapus liked to lick and nibble, especially nibble the sensitive vaginal lips, until he had caused the girls damage, who withstood his abuses the best they could, anxious not to be sent to the Fucker too.

The ceremony lasted almost an hour, and the maiden slave at the Fucker was covered in red marks and semen. Several young studs had fucked her without rest, but Lucius hadnТt managed to maintain his erection during the show and he needed to cum yet.

He rose from the couch and approached the girl.

The slave was exhausted, nearly unconscious from the pain. He slapped her to revive her. The girl moaned. No, please, I canТt take it anymore.

YouТll endure pain until IТm satisfied, whore!

He ordered that Mamela, the house cocksucker, be sent for. And that they bring the ceremonial phallus, a huge wooden dildo with a handle, used to break in his fresh whores.

Mamela, the expert cocksucker, arrived immediately at her masterТs call, carrying the terrible instrument on a golden tray. After delivering it to her master she knelt between him and the punished slave in order to practise her art. That woman, after many years of service, had her body covered with a thousand marks of punishment, and a mouth and throat capable of accommodating in them the longest, thickest cock for indefinite periods of time, besides being capable of giving indescribable pleasures with her tongue alone. To demonstrate this she always sucked with her hands behind her back.

Lucius Priapus, feeling his cock engorge itself inside MamelaТs warm mouth, introduced the ceremonial phallus ruthlessly in the tender vagina of the slave, who permitted the impalement without complaint. Meanwhile Mamela licked and sucked his cock at a delectable rhythm, succeeding in obtaining an enormous erection from him.

Priapus didnТt take long to shoot his load, it took only three or four thrusts of the phallus in the dilated pussy of the slave, who couldnТt endure the brutal penetration any longer and passed out in shock. This caused him to ejaculate and Mamela swallowed his semen and carried on sucking it even though it was turning flaccid again, still giving Lucius pleasure in a way only she knew how to give.


"Crucify all of them, ordered the prefect. Exhibit them up on the hill, and soon these curs will come out of their hideouts!

The troops of Caius Zinnius were camped on the margin of a river, prepared for the attack of the rebels, who from the other side were hiding in the woods. The capture of some women during the push had enabled the troops some amusement during the night.

These women were the rebelsТ lovers, who taken by surprise during the raid had been made prisoners. After intense interrogations they were delivered to the lascivious brutality of the legionnaires. Tied up to poles they had been raped without truce. Their harrowing screams of suffering stained the night with shame.

Only Adete, the lover of Sardo, the rebelТs leader, hadnТt been touched but remained naked and on her knees in the tent of Caius Zinnius. He had fondled her, examined her and kicked her, but he hadnТt forced her. Arrogant, Adete remained dauntless, in spite of the screaming and crying of her companions.

On the other side of the river, the revels observed, exasperated at their impotence, the legionnaires protected behind an impenetrable barrier while they heard the piercing screams of their women.

The men are furious, Sardo, they canТt bear this infamy much longer, said Lico, his second-in-command. Meanwhile the rebel chief didnТt stop analysing the enemy troops, searching in vain for an attack strategy that could meet with success.

We canТt do it, if we crossed the river theyТd massacre us with their arrows.

But we canТt let them do this to the women, we have to rescue them, or kill them.

ThatТs what Zinnius wants, Lico, that we attack without a plan, in despair, but I have another option.

In the meantime, on the Roman side they started nailing the women on the crosses to complete their martyrdom. After tying them up they fucked them barbarically. Several were nailed upside-down and brutally raped through their mouths, which were at the level of the soldiersТ waists and erect cocks.

Others were tied with their bellies against the main beam, in order to be fucked from behind. The crosses were small, perfect for the men to fuck and punish these female prisoners.

Your time has come, Adete, said Zinnius. Come on, cow.

Two soldiers escorted Adeta to her cross. The young woman walked naked before the leering gazes of the soldiers, paying no heed to the obscene words they shouted at her. When she arrived at the top of the hill that dominated the marginТs landscape and she was finally able to see what they were doing to her companions, she lost her composure and started sobbing. Nooo, please. No, donТt do this to me!

Hurry up, whore, what are you waiting for, your cross is here! She had to be forced with violence but finally she was crucified. Soon she was suspended from the cross in a painful, awkward posture, no different from the other women.

On the other side of the river, the rebels witnessed, desperate, the hill of crosses covered with martyred women. However Sardo had given an order and they were committed to carry it out, regardless of what happened.

Start beating them, you bastards, and donТt stop until I say so, ordered the prefect. And the hill of crosses became the stage for dozens of shrill voices shouting at the same time, in a maddening, piercing cacophony of fists hitting soft flesh and female screams bleating into the air. Each crucified woman was punched and kicked furiously with sticks by one or two soldiers at the same time, each man taking turns at a different woman until every soldier had spanked all of them at least once. Adete, lost in the middle of her companions, was spanked without mercy by two centurions, her radiant body easily covered in dark, infamous bruises.

But once in a while an arrow flew into the mass of bodies, coming from the other side of the river, in a desperate attempt at killing the soldiers or at least putting the agonizing women out of their misery.

The horror continued until nightfall, and Zinnius ordered replacements for the men whose arms were tired. Keep on pounding these women until the rebel dogs attack! They have to do it, if they want to save their honour!

The bodies of the women, covered in wounds and cuts, dripping with sweat and blood, shivered in cold and only moved in reaction to the blows that struck them, otherwise they were lifeless and their lips only managed to grunt some incongruent noises. Adete, terribly flagellated by now, retained her eyes closed shut, fervently wishing for her beloved Sardo not to be foolish enough to fall in the RomansТ trap.

Barely aware of what was happening, a terrible blow against her breasts caused her to pass out.

Wrapped in a strange dream she heard muffled screams, the clashing of weapons and the crackling of fire.

She woke up many hours later Someone had washed her bosom covered in weals.

In the woodsТ darkness, in an improvised camp, the rebels cured the few remaining women. And their own wounded. The stench of bitter smoke hovered over the treesТ foliage.

On the Roman side of the river, the soldier camp was a chaos of black smoke and blood. The legionnaires worked tirelessly to put out the fire and regroup. Caius Zinnius was in agony due to a wound between his legs.

In a display of ingenuity and courage, the rebels had pierced their flanks not without difficulty, attacking from behind with the help of darkness and the soldierТs distraction, all their attention focused on sexually abusing the women. Making Caius fall in his own trap.

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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

“The Vizier will be pleased with you, white whore! But first, we must teach you what happens to disobedient sluts!” The harem guard brandished a terrifying looking whip in his hands, and his rippling muscles, earned through years of hard labor in the mines of the east, made the girl so frightened that she nearly wet herself! The girl’s massive blue eyes were wide as dinner plates, and she pleaded as prettily as she could. “No! Please! I promise I’ll be a good girl! I promise I’ll do whatever you say! Just pleased don’t hurt me!”

The black harem guard laughed a cruel laugh, his robed belly rolling with sadistic glee. “You stupid western cunt! You’ll do what I say whether I hurt you or not! You are the property of the great and powerful Vizier Ahmed which means you are MINE to do with as I please!” The man raised his mighty whip and brought it down on the poor girl’s soft, feminine flesh! The girl screamed and wailed, shaking her head. “Nooooo!!! Please stop! It hurts so much! Please!”

The harem guard felt no mercy as he struck her again and again, laying wicked stripes along her tender flesh. Tears ran down the girl’s cheeks, and she whimpered and begged. “Please! Please no more! Please! Please have mercy!” The foolish cunt did not. She would receive no mercy here in the fleshpots of Arabia! She was genuine untrained fuckmeat for her desert masters, a mere toy to do with as they wished!

After what seemed like an eternity, the guard finally stopped. The poor white girl hung at the end of the leather straps which bit cruelly into her wrists and held her, suspended from the ceiling. The black guard threw the whip aside. “Now that we’ve taught you how we treat you pampered western bitches, let’s see how good you are at sucking black sausage!”


"Fresh meat from the west! Fresh meat for sale!” It was market day in the bazaar, and a caravan had arrived from across the hot desert, towing row after row of flush-faced female slaves “harvested” from the wet lands of the west. The poor frightened girls were followed by barking dogs, jeering children, and leering eyes hiding behind the shutters and windows of the hot, desert city. The girls had been forced to walk the entire way from their home villages to the deserts of the east, and their poor bare feet were bruised, blistered, and sore from the journey.

“Fresh cunt meat for sale! Get it before it’s been fucked! Fresh meat for sale!” The merchant thwacked his hand with a heavy wooden club. “Fresh meat for sale! These girls are young, sensitive, and tight! We only pick the best, the juiciest, the sluttiest white women! Get your own personal fuck slut before we’re sold out!”

From behind the Arab merchant, the terrified girls sat huddling together in wooden cages in the shade of the cloth awning, jiggling female flesh pressed together, desperate for safety. Whimpers and mewls came from the cages. “Please let us go!” one of the girls wailed, struggling futilely against the cage bars.

“Quiet, you infidel sluts!” the merchant roared back. He lashed out with the heavy wooden club and hit the girl in the hand. The girl let out a pained cry and pulled her bruised hand back inside.

“Excuse me,” a vicious looking Turk said, wandering close. The man smelled strongly of goat and tobacco, and he had a hard look to his eye. His dark eyes scanned the frightened white girls lined up on display in the cages before him. “I’m in the market for a new western cunt. I’ve been without an urn to hold my seed since my last white whore died!”

“Ah!” the merchant said, his greedy eye glittering. “I think I can do business, my friend. What are you looking for?”

The Turk turned a dour eye to the girls. “I need one with lots of stamina. A man like me needs at least ten fucks a day to be satisfied. My last sex slave disappointed me. She won’t disappoint me any longer.” The Turk casually stroked the pommel of his scimitar with his thumb. Every girl understood what he was saying.

“Ha ha!” the merchant laughed gleefully. “I’m sure I can find just the thing for you, my friend. Why don’t you sample my wares. We’ll see if we can find one to your liking...”


"Hassan the stable boy was tending to the Sheik’s prized camels when he heard soft, scared whispers coming from an empty stall. Curious, he crept over into the dark stables, full of the smells of camel and horse dung and hay. Hassan was as quiet as a mouse as he stepped closer and closer until he could hear feminine words coming from inside the stall:

“We’ll wait until nightfall, and then we’ll flee! There’s no way I could stand one more day as that bastard’s concubine! I swear, he’d drown me in cum if his tiny peckersack could make more than a squirt!”

“You said it!” another girl whispered furtively. “We’d better be careful, though! If those big nasty harem guards catch us, they’ll fuck us to death! You saw what happened to that one girl! The guards made her fuck a camel! I couldn’t think of a more humiliating way to go! I’d rather die than have anything like THAT happen to me! Can you imagine it? Being fucked by one of those dirty, disgusting, filthy camels! I’d rather shit on it than ever ride one again!”

Hassan felt his dick harden in his pants as he licked his lips. It seemed like two of the master’s concubines were trying to escape! This could turn out very well for him. Very well indeed.

Hassan was well rewarded for his efforts. His master sung praise to the loyalty of this lowly stable hand and promoted Hassan to royal bitch trainer. Hassan even had the added pleasure of making the two white, rebellious sex slaves into his own personal pain sluts! Hassan made sure that the girls regretted every trying to escape from the Sheik’s personal harem. Even more importantly, Hassan made sure the girls regretted insulting the Sheik’s magnificent camels...

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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

“Now tell me what you did with my olive oil!” Centurion Septimus was extremely irritated with his Germanic slave girl. The girl couldn’t do anything right! She failed to suck him off more than three times in a row before letting him go flaccid, she screamed when she took a dick in all of her holes when Septimus invited his esteemed countrymen to his villa, and worst of all, Septimus had caught the girl engaging in unnatural, lesbian behavior with his other slave girl!

“I... I didn’t do anything!” the girl said, still as defiant as they day she’d been brought from the isles of Britannia. “I don’t know what happened to it! You have to believe me! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Septimus sneered. He ran a finger over her succulent pale flesh. “You seem awfully greasy for suck a lying little Britannian cunt! I think you were fucking my other slave girl with your crude lesbian lusts! As my property, you girls are MINE to fuck! You are NOT allowed to enjoy each other in such perverse, unnatural behavior!” Septimus lifted up a heavy leather riding crop used to beat plow horses. “Clearly such low, barbarian ways need to be beaten out of you!”

The Britannian barbarian screamed as Septimus laid a heavy slash across her full, supple tits. All of her defiance seemed to drain from her immediately, just as it would from a cowardly barbarian cunt! Her pretty eyes grew wide with terror. “No! Please! I am sorry, master! Please don’t hurt me! I won’t do it again!”

“Too late!” Septimus roared. He laid another heavy slash across her tight, young body. “When I’m done beating you, I’ll fuck all your holes, and I’ll fuck all the lesbian lusts right out of you!”


Senator Marcus Julius held lavish parties at his country estate. He was well known for throwing the most amazing feasts and lavishing wine, meat, song, and women upon his guests. But that was not what made him well known and beloved throughout the empire. Senator Marcus was better known for the special games that he would play with his guests once their hunger and sexual appetites were sated: the cunt hunt! Senator Marcus, flush with power and wealth, often purchased the most beautiful and most defiant slave girls from the distant Roman conquests and set them loose upon his expansive personal grounds and gardens. The grounds were fenced in with mighty walls that could not be climbed by naked, female flesh and patrolled by the strongest Roman Centurions and their vicious hounds known to have a taste for female meat!

The girls were given a head start at high noon. Any that survived uncaptured until nightfall was given her freedom. Those that were caught became the personal property of their hunters to do with as they wished! Senator Marcus himself was known and feared among the slaves of his household. Even though few knew what happened out in the grasslands and orchards of his estate, the great senator would always return at nightfall with a cruel, sadistic grin on his face and covered in blood! The frightened female slaves of his household were kept in line by the rumors of what he did to the barbarian cunts he’d capture during his infamous cunt hunts. They would say that he’d fuck the poor girls to death, that he’d beat them with branches and limbs that he himself ripped off the orchard trees. They say he’d take the girls to the guards on patrol and let THEM fuck the poor girls after he was finished, and they say that he would feast on cooked, female flesh long after the sun had set!

In all his years hosting his popular cunt hunts, not a single captured slave had managed to earn her freedom. As far as what Senator Marcus did with his own prizes, only the gods knew what cruel games he played.


Flavius Octavius, Legion Commander of the African campaign, was displeased. Although his mighty army had crushed Carthage’s warriors time and again to resounding victory, Commander Flavius was displeased. He was displeased because his camp followers, the soft and weak Carthaginian girls, could barely service and satisfy his men. Too many of the girls were disobedient and rebellious and continued to fight his men even while in the pleasure tents of the Roman legions. Even worse, too many of the girls were soft and spoiled brats who couldn’t even survive a single night of brutal, Roman fucking! Commander Flavius knew that if he could not satisfy his men, he would have a mutiny on his hands. Clearly these Carthaginian whores were to blame. It was clear to Commander Flavius that these girls needed to be taught a lesson that they would not forget!

On his orders, the captives and sex slaves conquered from the spoils of Carthage were gathered before a great stage. The girls were clearly terrified and frightened without a single idea of what was in store for them. These soft girls, pale as snow and delicate as flowers, were the cream of Carthage’s wealthy elites – their daughters and wives, their concubines and mistresses. They had no idea what was in store for them.

“Attention!” Commander Flavius bellowed, his mighty voice carrying throughout the entire valley. “Some of you Carthage sluts think that we’re being too hard on you! Some of you Carthage whores think are thinking of escape, are thinking only of yourselves instead of your new, Roman masters! Clearly this is a terrible crime that will not go unpunished! The new sex slaves of Rome ought to think only of pleasing their Roman masters and serving their mighty, marble-strong cocks! Perhaps it would be best if I taught all of you what happens to naughty, rebellious slaves that don’t satisfy their Roman masters!”

A pair of Roman centurions led the prettiest Carthaginian princess the legions had yet found. The girl had beautiful red hair that flared like the sun, and her skin was so soft and smooth that it made oriental silk seem as coarse as rough-spun wool! The Centurions brutally took this delicate flower and tied her down for all to see. The poor girl’s entire body flushed with shame, humiliated to be presented naked before her fellow countrywomen and these brutal Roman conquerors! The girl, not even beginning to comprehend her ghastly fate, began to shout and scream, still arrogant and vain. “You let me down this instant! This humiliation will not go unpunished! Do you know who my father is?! He’ll see you all hang!”

Commander Flavius lifted a hand up to the girl. “My young sluts, behold! This is what happens to girls who disobey their Roman masters!”

The ground shook, and all the girls quailed in terror as a mighty black giant emerged from the shadows onto the stage. Even the redheaded Carthaginian princess stopped her screaming to stare at the massive mandingo, a mighty tree of gnarled muscle with a cock over a foot long! The mighty giant grinned a most wicked grin as he split his mouth into a sadistic grin, showing row after row of hard white teeth! “Behold! The Fuck Tyrant! Spawned from the dark heart of Africa and champion of the coliseum, this man could fell ten men with his mighty sword, and he can fuck even a mighty mare to death! If you fail to please your Roman masters, perhaps the Fuck Tyrant will get his hands on you!”

“Nooo! NOOOOOOO!!!” the Carthaginian princess screamed, shaking her head as the giant black man bore down on her. Her horrified eyes watched as his massive meat shaft slid between her legs and slowly, inexorably invaded her most delicate, helpless pleasure hole! The girl’s scream grew unearthly as the black man’s cock drove deeper and deeper inside her while the Roman soldiers jeered and laughed.

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Enslavement of all the peoples they conquered was the right of Rome. Men were put to work and the women were put to use for the pleasure of their new Masters.

Senator Marcus Julius held lavish parties at his country estate. He was well known for throwing the most amazing feasts and lavishing wine, meat, song, and women upon his guests. But that was not what made him well known and beloved throughout the empire. Senator Marcus was better known for the special games that he would play with his guests once their hunger and sexual appetites were sated: the cunt hunt! Senator Marcus, flush with power and wealth, often purchased the most beautiful and most defiant slave girls from the distant Roman conquests and set them loose upon his expansive personal grounds and gardens. The grounds were fenced in with mighty walls that could not be climbed by naked, female flesh and patrolled by the strongest Roman Centurions and their vicious hounds known to have a taste for female meat!

The girls were given a head start at high noon. Any that survived uncaptured until nightfall was given her freedom. Those that were caught became the personal property of their hunters to do with as they wished! Senator Marcus himself was known and feared among the slaves of his household. Even though few knew what happened out in the grasslands and orchards of his estate, the great senator would always return at nightfall with a cruel, sadistic grin on his face and covered in blood! The frightened female slaves of his household were kept in line by the rumors of what he did to the barbarian cunts he’d capture during his infamous cunt hunts. They would say that he’d fuck the poor girls to death, that he’d beat them with branches and limbs that he himself ripped off the orchard trees. They say he’d take the girls to the guards on patrol and let THEM fuck the poor girls after he was finished, and they say that he would feast on cooked, female flesh long after the sun had set!

In all his years hosting his popular cunt hunts, not a single captured slave had managed to earn her freedom. As far as what Senator Marcus did with his own prizes, only the gods knew what cruel games he played.


Flavius Octavius, Legion Commander of the African campaign, was displeased. Although his mighty army had crushed Carthage’s warriors time and again to resounding victory, Commander Flavius was displeased. He was displeased because his camp followers, the soft and weak Carthaginian girls, could barely service and satisfy his men. Too many of the girls were disobedient and rebellious and continued to fight his men even while in the pleasure tents of the Roman legions. Even worse, too many of the girls were soft and spoiled brats who couldn’t even survive a single night of brutal, Roman fucking! Commander Flavius knew that if he could not satisfy his men, he would have a mutiny on his hands. Clearly these Carthaginian whores were to blame. It was clear to Commander Flavius that these girls needed to be taught a lesson that they would not forget!

On his orders, the captives and sex slaves conquered from the spoils of Carthage were gathered before a great stage. The girls were clearly terrified and frightened without a single idea of what was in store for them. These soft girls, pale as snow and delicate as flowers, were the cream of Carthage’s wealthy elites – their daughters and wives, their concubines and mistresses. They had no idea what was in store for them.

“Attention!” Commander Flavius bellowed, his mighty voice carrying throughout the entire valley. “Some of you Carthage sluts think that we’re being too hard on you! Some of you Carthage whores think are thinking of escape, are thinking only of yourselves instead of your new, Roman masters! Clearly this is a terrible crime that will not go unpunished! The new sex slaves of Rome ought to think only of pleasing their Roman masters and serving their mighty, marble-strong cocks! Perhaps it would be best if I taught all of you what happens to naughty, rebellious slaves that don’t satisfy their Roman masters!”

A pair of Roman centurions led the prettiest Carthaginian princess the legions had yet found. The girl had beautiful red hair that flared like the sun, and her skin was so soft and smooth that it made oriental silk seem as coarse as rough-spun wool! The Centurions brutally took this delicate flower and tied her down for all to see. The poor girl’s entire body flushed with shame, humiliated to be presented naked before her fellow countrywomen and these brutal Roman conquerors! The girl, not even beginning to comprehend her ghastly fate, began to shout and scream, still arrogant and vain. “You let me down this instant! This humiliation will not go unpunished! Do you know who my father is?! He’ll see you all hang!”

Commander Flavius lifted a hand up to the girl. “My young sluts, behold! This is what happens to girls who disobey their Roman masters!”

The ground shook, and all the girls quailed in terror as a mighty black giant emerged from the shadows onto the stage. Even the redheaded Carthaginian princess stopped her screaming to stare at the massive mandingo, a mighty tree of gnarled muscle with a cock over a foot long! The mighty giant grinned a most wicked grin as he split his mouth into a sadistic grin, showing row after row of hard white teeth! “Behold! The Fuck Tyrant! Spawned from the dark heart of Africa and champion of the coliseum, this man could fell ten men with his mighty sword, and he can fuck even a mighty mare to death! If you fail to please your Roman masters, perhaps the Fuck Tyrant will get his hands on you!”

“Nooo! NOOOOOOO!!!” the Carthaginian princess screamed, shaking her head as the giant black man bore down on her. Her horrified eyes watched as his massive meat shaft slid between her legs and slowly, inexorably invaded her most delicate, helpless pleasure hole! The girl’s scream grew unearthly as the black man’s cock drove deeper and deeper inside her while the Roman soldiers jeered and laughed.


The barbarian girl whimpered and screamed as she rode the Roman Centurion’s massive cock, driving into her like an ox-drawn plow. “Pl-please sir! Not so rough! You’re hurting me!”

“NGH!” the Centurion grunted in response, driving his mighty Roman pillar deeper inside her cock pocket. The girl let out a pained cry, shaking helplessly in the Roman’s powerful, oaken arms. “You fucking barbarian cunts! You got so used to your pin prick men that you don’t know how to take a REAL man’s dick!” The Roman Centurion lifted the barbarian girl off his throbbing dick and threw her onto the bed. The girl let out a startled cry as the Centurion laid a heavy SMACK to the girl’s tight, young ass! A dark welt already began to form on the girl’s behind as she mewled in pain.

“Do you see that cunt over there?” the Centurion shouted, pointing to another barbarian girl bound to one of the columns of his villa. “She thought she was BETTER than me! She refused to get on her knees and beg to suck my dick! Now look at her! She’s been there for three days, and I make sure to walk by and mark her precious body every time I pass, just because I can!” The Roman jeered and brandished his heavy wooden cane in front of the terrified girl on his bed. “I could easily do the same to you! I wouldn’t mind. I always wanted living, screaming caryatids for my columns! In fact, I could easily ask the stone mason if he wouldn’t mind making a very special bondage room for you, a nice column shaped one that you’d spend the rest of your days in!”

“N-no! Please sir! Please!” the barbarian girl begged, quickly scrambling up to her feet. “P-please dir... may... may I suck your cock?” The girl felt her face burn with shame and humiliation. She couldn’t believe what she was saying! She was begging this disgusting, sick, filthy Roman asshole for permission to suck his horrid man meat! She wished she was dead!

The Roman grinned. “Well, since you asked so nicely, I think I will be generous and grant you permission! You’d better make it good, you barbarian slut, or else!”

Several days later, the centurion got some new support columns for his villa. They were curiously shaped like beautiful, barbarian women bound in ropes and screaming! The Centurion’s servants said they heard muffled whimpers for days...


“Now tell me what you did with my olive oil!” Centurion Septimus was extremely irritated with his Germanic slave girl. The girl couldn’t do anything right! She failed to suck him off more than three times in a row before letting him go flaccid, she screamed when she took a dick in all of her holes when Septimus invited his esteemed countrymen to his villa, and worst of all, Septimus had caught the girl engaging in unnatural, lesbian behavior with his other slave girl!

“I... I didn’t do anything!” the girl said, still as defiant as they day she’d been brought from the isles of Britannia. “I don’t know what happened to it! You have to believe me! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Septimus sneered. He ran a finger over her succulent pale flesh. “You seem awfully greasy for suck a lying little Britannian cunt! I think you were fucking my other slave girl with your crude lesbian lusts! As my property, you girls are MINE to fuck! You are NOT allowed to enjoy each other in such perverse, unnatural behavior!” Septimus lifted up a heavy leather riding crop used to beat plow horses. “Clearly such low, barbarian ways need to be beaten out of you!”

The Britannian barbarian screamed as Septimus laid a heavy slash across her full, supple tits. All of her defiance seemed to drain from her immediately, just as it would from a cowardly barbarian cunt! Her pretty eyes grew wide with terror. “No! Please! I am sorry, master! Please don’t hurt me! I won’t do it again!”

“Too late!” Septimus roared. He laid another heavy slash across her tight, young body. “When I’m done beating you, I’ll fuck all your holes, and I’ll fuck all the lesbian lusts right out of you!”

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