Choke Chamber – Backfired again

Choke Chamber – Backfired again

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging


After a mission to eliminate an important diplomat is delivered to a top, female assassin, things go immediately downhill. Even after weeks of preparing for the hit, and being a skilled spy, beautiful, and stealth hit woman Amber Marie fails her assignment. The diplomat learns that he has a hit on his head, and arms himself accordingly. When his assassin sneaks into his home and attempts to stab him in bed, he retaliates with 4 fatal, painful, and agonizing bullets in the body. She holds up a strong composure for as long as she can, showing her tough side. But ultimately, the wounds take her life. She expires, and the diplomate lives to see another day.

Fetish Elements:

FILMED IN HIGH DEF Super sexy death stares, erotic shooting, muzzle flash, silencer sound fx, body writhing, belly clutching, bullet wounds and blood, crawling, back arching, spy assassin scenario, smoking, leather pants, leather boots

Backfired again
Backfired again.mp4

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