Choke Chamber – Barber


Choke Chamber – Barber

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Marina is the hairdresser. That day a strange visitor came her salon. He had long hair and crazy eyes. He took her scissors and cut her throat. He undressed her bloody body, placed to the chair and started to cut her hair. Now he is the BARBER. Two sexy girls were waiting at reception for hairdressing. Luiza, businesswoman came in and started to tell about her hairstyle wish, but the Barber just cut her throat, undressed body and carried to storeroom.
Another client of this salon was daughter of rich parents, club-girl Vika. She was in sexy white shorts and had expensive purse. She saw pools of blood and crazy barber and tried to run away, but she fell on the floor, The barber cut her T-shirt and stabbed her neck. Blood was flowing to her tits, she made expressive dying face, tried to creep away, showing her great ass-view and slowly died.
Two more girls are in the queue. Lazy wife of businessman, Angelina was reading a magazine, but young student Mary felt something wrong and looked through the keyhole. She saw how the barber was stripping Vika’s body in blood. And she was excited! She was a fan of Charles Manson, and Ted Bundy, her favorite movie was « A Clockwork Orange» and «The Texas Chainsaw Massacre». Her darkside burst forth when she saw the dead body and felt the smell of blood. When Angelina entered the salon she followed her. Angelina slipped in a pool of blood, fell on the floor, and Mary started to strangled her. It was her message for Barber: «We are the same people who love kill!». Barber hold Angelina’s kicking legs and Masha strangled her stronger and stronger, just laughing. Can you just imagine how it was for Angelina – usual wife living boding and richly, being strangled in luxury salon? We can only guess, but we will never know because she will never tell. She is dead.
Love and passion between the Barber and Mary was very short. She thought she would be serial killer’s lover, they would drive across America in Cadillac, kill people, eat burgers and hit the pipe. Yes, they could be great killers-couple, but the Barber works only alone. And he choked Mary…
She was looking at him with her eyes full of terror and fear, twitching her body and trying to wheeze pleas for mercy. She wanted to kill but she didn’t want to die. But she did. Her leggy choked body with terrific death stare was just a one of bloody girl’s bodies in the storeroom.

Fetish Elements:

stabbing, cut throat, blood, gore, strangulation, choking, bodypile


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