Choke Chamber – Call Girl Two

Choke Chamber – Call Girl Two

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Henry, a successful, very influential businessman has very particular tastes. He loves his company, and he loves the company of beautiful, busty, women. While on a business trip, having ended the afternoon strong, by closing a multi-million dollar merger, he decides to celebrate by indulging in one of his most favorite activities… call girls. Contrary to how he may appear (clean cut, and white collar) the usual, boring cash for sex transaction is not this mogul’s style. Henry calls a local escort service and requests a busty, beautiful brunette to visit him for the afternoon. His previous tryst was with another escort earlier in the day… a blonde, busty babe. He had his way with her, and is now hungry for another. The strange thing is, she came in, but never came out. Within half an hour, Kymberly, dressed in a short, tight, black, lace dress and high-heel pumps, strolls in the neighborhood. She’s instructed by the agency to meet with a VIP high-roller, and give him a “great time. Kymberly agrees. She enters his hotel room, and is first asked by Henry to strip, and do a sexy dance for him. Kymberly obediently cooperates, and plays along. Then Henry, pulls out an usual tool of foreplay… a long, kitchen knife. He approaches the half-naked vixen with the blade, and caresses her breasts and stomach with it. Kymberly at first resists, and shows reluctance. Henry reassures her that he will pay her triple her rate, and it’s all standard play. She accepts the game, until he starts to show aggression with the knife. Kymberly starts to lose her cool, and begins to panic. Before she is able to stop her John, Henry lifts the knife high above his head, and rams it hard and deep into her belly button. Kym wails in agonizing pain. He pushes the blade deeper, and relishes every moment of agony she endures. He pulls it out, and slowly digs it deep in. He repeats the stabbing several times. To him this is just the beginning… to her it’s never going to end! Alas, after penetrating her with his blade multiple times… Kym expires. Indeed, the perfect end to a wonderful day. Onto Call girl number three!

Call girl two
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