Choke Chamber – Dead In A Flash

Choke Chamber – Dead In A Flash

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Raquel, an established, and highly sought after model is running late yet again for a catalogue shoot she was hired for. Being the huge name that she is, she has developed quite the ego, and her lack of concern for the time and money of her employers has proven to be an unfortunate reputation for the blonde, curvy, bombshell. Alas, she arrives on set. Already 2 hours late, she saunters in the room, cackling over the phone, blatantly ignoring the already impatient photographer hired to shoot her. At first the photographer waits for her to finish, and politely asks that they start, since they’re already way behind schedule. Annoyed at his request, Raquel rolls her eyes, and continues her phone call. After a few minutes, she finally hangs up, and starts to pose. Her poses are gorgeous. After all, she’s the hottest thing in the modeling world at the moment. But what she has in looks, she lacks in stamina. Within 20 mins of work, she insists she take a break. She starts to gab over the phone yet again. Enough is enough, and the photographer has had it. He has been pushed around one too many times by spoiled, lazy, entitled models, it’s time he rids the world trash like these. He walks toward his equipment, grabs a battery adaptor, then knocks the beauty unconscious with it. She falls like a bag of bricks on the floor. He lifts the sleeping beauty, and carries her over the the chair, and ties her up. A few minutes later she awakens to what ends up being her final nightmare. A lesson in manners and normal human decency. The photographer strangles the blonde with a garrote, leading to her untimely demise. Upon her death, he decides to continue with the shoot. This time, with a private project of his own.

Dead in a flash
Dead in a flash.mp4

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