Choke Chamber – Deception

Choke Chamber – Deception

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: In this new clip, Miss Sarah plays a wickedly sexy high-class gold digger; Dangerously attractive, and equally deadly with her deception. Don’t give her your heart. She’ll take your love, along with everything you own… including your soul! Unfortunately for this blonde number, one of her conquests did not take to her deceitful ways too calmly. While on the phone with a girlfriend, she callously mocks a recent victim to her con. Little did she expect that her “trick” was listening intently behind the curtain. As she continued to brag about her man’s ignorance, the angered intruder decides he’s just had about enough of her cocky attitude. He creeps up behind Sarah, then pulls a garrote out of his pocket. Immediately he wraps it around her soft neck, then tightens the noose rapidly. She is taken aback, and jerks her legs back and forth. She panics and tries to set herself free from her attacker’s grasp. He squeezes furiously, showing no mercy to her pain. He throws her on the bed and continues to strangle her. Moments later, she exhales her last dying breath. Upon her death, her disgruntled sugar daddy decides to pleasure himself with her even at post-mortem. He fondles, and plays with her lifeless body. Revenge is sweet!

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