Choke Chamber – Deep Cut

Choke Chamber – Deep Cut

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Beauty attracts attention, and sometimes, not the good kind. Successful, and well published lingerie model Chelsie Farah has always had stalkers, but none worth being alarmed about. But one evening, while taking a nap after a long day of shooting, an all too eager fan has decided to pay her an unexpected visit. Now if this admirer were only interested in her autograph, that would be one thing, but this uninvited guest stealthily enters her property wearing a mask, and holding a kitchen knife. It’s obvious his intentions are anything but “friendly.” The fan sneaks inside the house, and awakens Chelsie from her relaxing slumber. She is at first cautious, and explores her apartment. The masked intruder hides in the bathroom, and peeks out. He watches Chelsie, as she obliviously inspects her home, and crawls back into bed. Alas she’s asleep again. The intruder creeps into her bedroom. He watches the brunette vixen as she lays on the bed dressed in only her see through neglige. Suddenly feeling a weird presence about her, Chelsie opens her eyes, and at a state of shock sees a masked man hovering over her. She screams is terror, and runs out of the room. The man chases after her, then pushes her against the wall. He grabs her by the throat and lifts her a foot above the air. She chokes, and struggles, losing focus. He then drops her once she loses consciousness. The fan carries Chelsie over by the couch, and starts to play with her sleeping, limp body, toying with her like a doll. Then he removes her lingerie, and admires her smooth, sexy curves. Before he can remove her panties, she awakens, only to receive a hard, long penetrating blow in the abdomen by his sharp kitchen knife. She gasps in utter horror. He pulls the blade out, and lets blood gush out. She squeals in agony, and falls to the floor. He pushes her down, and stabs her repeatedly. Her body arches and writhes in terrible pain. One after another, her life diminishes. After several fatal stabs, the vixen dies. Bloodied, and lifeless, the fan takes one more look, and leaves. Onto the next model.

Deep cut
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