Choke Chamber – Drowning

Choke Chamber – Drowning

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Starring Sultry, Busty, Beautiful Web fetish star “ATHENA X” After hubby realizes his young, beautiful, but financially irresponsible wife has gambled away their entire nest egg, his temper flies through the roof, and forces him to teach his spouse a fatal lesson in money management she won’t soon forget. News of their bankruptcy takes hubby to another level. Without further hesitation, he charges toward his spendthrift Mrs. while nude and wet from her bath, and pushes her agains the wall, holding her by the neck. His rage strangles the busty vixen. She fights for fear dear life for breath, but his grip is too strong. Alas he lets her go, but just long enough to find herself in the bathroom, where she meets her final resting place. He follows her, and pushes her head down the bath tub. She struggles to get up for air, kicking and splashing away. But he keeps her down, letting her up every so often to keep her going. The pain in her lungs for lack of oxygen is excruciating. She begs for mercy, but it’s too late. Within moments, the lovely beauty expires. He pulls her head out of the water, and lays her warm, wet corpse on the bathroom tile. She will never spend unwisely again.


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