Choke Chamber – Foxy spies sequel

Choke Chamber – Foxy spies sequel

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Leia, dressed in a white business shirt, black leather pencil skirt, skin-toned pantyhose and heels is a spy in a chair awaiting her contact with some important documents. The intentions are not good, however, as Leia has learned that Michelle is a mole and it’s time for her to be eliminated for good. Michelle knocks on the door, dressed in a teal business shirt, black pencil skirt, dark pantyhose and heels and a briefcase. Leia welcomes Michelle into the room and ushers her to a chair on the other side of a coffee table. As Michelle sits down Leia asks if Michelle has the information they’re looking for. Michelle shows the folder, but won’t turn them over until she sees payment. Leia opens a desk drawer, pulls out an envelope, and drops it on the table. Michelle does the same with the documents and picks up the envelope. As she looks inside, she notices it’s just newspaper clippings. A stunned look comes across her face, you hear a muzzled gunshot. Michelle winces in pain and looks down to see a bloody hole in her belly. Leia is holding a silenced gun and says, “We know you’re the mole, bad move.” She fires a second shot, this time into Michelle’s breast. Michelle drops the envelope and clutches her wounds in pain. She tries a couple of times to get out of the chair, but to no avail. She’s seemingly fading fast and knows her time is numbered. Michelle then gives a shocking answer, “Your time here is numbered too.” She pulls a knife from her back, launches up, pulls Leia in and stabs her in the gut. Leia gives out an erotic scream. She shoves Michelle off of her to the ground and stumbles over to her chair. She pulls the knife out of her gut and throws it to the side. Michelle, knowing she is in a lot of trouble stands up using the table for support. She looks at Leia, and says, “Bitch, I’ll see you in hell.” Then turns and makes her way to the door. Michelle gets to the door, but not before Leia has picked up the gun again and given her one more round in the back. Michelle slams forward into the door, knowing the end is near, she tries to say something else, but just coughs up blood instead. She’s trying desperately to hold on, but does a slow wall slide instead, landing in a sitting position. She grabs the door handle, trying to get up and last time, but fails, her breathing slows, and she expires. Leia, now with a mortal knife wound. She can’t believe this has happened. So careless. Eventually, she expires as well. Now both lay dead on top of each other. A fitting ending for two trained killers.

Fetish Elements:

Filmed in high def, Super erotic death stares, arousing shooting, navel stabbing, F/F shoot and kill, blood, muzzle flash, eyes wide, gasping, moaning and groaning, bloody wall slide, multiple shots, coughing blood, agony, body pile

Foxy spies sequel
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