Choke Chamber – Hit Woman Hits Back

Choke Chamber – Hit Woman Hits Back

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: The assailant is never heard and barely seen. There is no music or extra sound effects, just the natural sounds, silencer, and Victoria’s voice. This custom highlights her acting and beauty. No blood effects are needed at all in this erotic video. Victoria arrives home in a tight micro dress, wearing pump heels. She strips her dress off in an upward sweep and gives us a nice stretch. She’s wearing only a very tiny string thong and tiny French cut micro bra. She sits on her bed, makes a cell call. She says, “It’s me. You won’t see Michelle no more. I got rid of her. Don’t worry no one followed me. See you at the meeting.” She removes her bra, begins to proudly pose and admire herself in the mirror, and the camera studies her face and body while she puts her hair up. She hears a door close. Her eyes widen, and she gets a small pistol out of a drawer. She is only in her thong and heels. Pistol in hand, we see her slowly and quietly making her way around the place, looking around as she goes. She is afraid but brave. She backs herself against the wall several times listening and looking. She swings her pistol into a couple of spots but not one is there. She’s breathing hard with fear now, her chest rising and falling visibly. Alas, someone fires at her. She takes cover, and starts a shoot out. Bullets fly back and forth. She suddenly turns, gasps in shock, her eyes widen, she says, Victoria: Michelle, NO! I thought…. (A pistol silencer sounds) Victoria reacts by arching her back, clutching tightly the center of her upper chest, and throws her head far back with a cry. She staggers back gasping, gets her balance, tries to raise her pistol. Another shot sounds, she drops her pistol, and clutches just below her sternum. Now she staggers away for a bit, groaning, still clutching and arching, then slowly sinks to her knees but stays upright. She arches slowly backward, holds the pose gasping for a moment, and gently rolls sideways to the floor. She pleads, “no more…” Michelle aims straight at Victoria’s heart, next to her left breast. The shot makes her arch upward with a cry, hold the pose a moment, the sink back to the floor. Now she is breathing hard, her chest heaving and arching. Her hard breathing, gradually slows, her chest heaves less and less, and she is finally still. Her body very slowly relaxes, her close indefinitely. The camera goes slowly over her form from above and from the side for a full minute, fading out on her beautiful face.

Hit woman hits back
Hit woman hits back.mp4

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