Choke Chamber – Hitwomen

Choke Chamber – Hitwomen

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Italian mob boss Frankie has a new thorn under his boot, and the only way to get rid of the pain is by “taking him out” permanently. Frankie calls the “cleaning agency” a group of talented killers, and hires Shiva, a highly skilled, sultry, yet ruthless hit woman. While waiting for the infamous killer, Frankie handles some business over the phone. Shortly after, in walks this sexy, blonde woman strapped and ready to kill. Dressed in a short, sexy black leather mini,and high leather boots, she displays a feminine appeal which most men may mistake for vulnerability. But underneath her lady like allure, is a cold, professional, hard-wired killer. She sits across the table from Frankie, and listens for instructions. He hands her an envelope of cold cash… “twenty big ones, as agreed.” he says. She takes the cash, and promises to deliver on the job, and provide pictures once the task is done. Shiva heads over to her target’s home address. He is at home, on the phone planning an escape. He’s well aware of the fact that he has enemies, and won’t last another day unless he skips town. As he prepares to leave, Shiva creeps up from behind, and points a gun against his head. The target attempts to strike a second bargain with her, offering to double whatever bounty he has on his head. Shiva smirks at the notion that she would compromise her reputation for a few measly thousand dollars extra. She saunters to the couch, and sits. The target makes every attempt to sway her, but his requests are futile. Then suddenly, he distracts her, and runs to the other room to grab his gun. She immediately grabs the coffee table, and heads for cover. They begin a shooting match. She fires at him, he strikes back. Bullets fly left and right. Alas, the target wails in pain, “I’m shot!” he says. Shiva smiles in self-satisfaction, and stands up to finish him off. Then suddenly, he pops out from behind the door, and shoots her 6 times, one after another… several times on the chest, the navel, and the shoulder. Her face is in shock upon initial impact. Then we see all the wounds around her body. She bleeds out. She falls to her knees, and moans in agonizing pain. Could this be the end? As more blood seeps through her wounds, and her breathing becomes more labored, she comes to the sad realization that today, she does not complete her mission.

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