Choke Chamber – Impatient Care

Choke Chamber – Impatient Care

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: A nurse (dressed in a real uniform, white panties, white bra, white shoes, no high heels) is taking care of a patient in his home. The patient is almost cured so she tells him that her job is done and she must go care for another patient. During his recovery he develops feelings for her and tells the nurse that she can’t leave him and must stay to take care of him. She tells him it’s not possible and that she needs to leave. She turns her back to him. Big mistake. The panicked patient then charges toward her, and with a pair of stockings he finds in her purse, uses it as a garrote around her neck. He pulls her back from behind and strangles her fiercely. During the struggle we see multiple up skirt angles (some close ups of this) eyes open, tongue out, eyes crossed. After a short strangle(1-2 minutes) she becomes unconscious, the patient thinks she’s dead. He puts the nurse over his shoulder and carries her around to the living room and lays her down on a table, and slowly opens her uniform to play with her body for the last time. Then the nurse wakes, the man gets the stocking again and strangles her again, this time from different positions. Within moments, the beauty expires. He continues to caress her body even after death. He takes her to the bedroom and decides to keep her for good.

Impatient care
Impatient care.mp4

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