Choke Chamber – Island Of The Clones

Choke Chamber – Island Of The Clones

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Nikolai like his father, is a KGB hit man. His new mission, sends him to the United States, to find two highly trained Agents… Erika Jordan and Leia Christiana, spotted on a small Island off the coast of California. He has no idea that the Island is the home of GENO, a scientific lab, creating clones of their best agents. As he moves in on the location, he takes out Erika’s clone first. He stealthily moves around the house, taking out Leia…but, she doesn’t die easily. He doubles back to finish her off, then continues around the house, where he shoots Erika’s second clone. He continues into the house where he shoots Erika’s third clone. She crawls through the hall where he finishes her off. As the original Erika, moves into the living room, Nikolai sneaks up behind her, putting his gun to the back of her head. But the action doesn’t end there…

Fetish Elements:

Shooting, muzzle flash, silencer sound effects, spy assassin scenario, clones, Super sultry death stares, exciting shoot out, 2 girls, 4 clone kills, body writhing, back-arching, back shot, belly clutching, navel shot, gasping, moaning and groaning, silencer shot, pantyhose, white collar blouse, leather skirts, bra top, and high heel pumps, boots, stilettos, special CG style shooting bullet effects, agony, break-in scenario, gasping, heavy breathing, body crawling, multiple bullets, point blank shooting,

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