Choke Chamber – Its Complicated

Choke Chamber – Its Complicated

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Liverpool’s toughest underworld figure Cornell Adams controls one of the largest international drug trafficking operations in Great Britain. He’s perhaps one of the most feared individuals in his organization, so no one controls him. Except maybe one person… his gorgeous, young 25 year old wife. Nearly 65, he realizes his trophy spouse may have needs he can no longer meet. However, that minor fact doesn’t give her the green light to cheat. After the English criminal learns without a shadow of a doubt that his wife has taken on a younger lover, he decides to teach the two a lesson. Nobody makes a fool of the notorious mob boss Adams. One day, while his wife and her lover were about to make love, he storms in the room with his trusted hit man, and shoots two slug in the boyfriend. Now shaking in the knees, little miss hot tot begs for forgiveness, and explains herself. Her cries however, fall on deaf ears at this point. Adams instructs his wife to go to the balcony. She reluctantly agrees. Now outside, he shoots her twice on the belly. She gasps in agonizing pain. She looks at her blood stained hands, and slides down against the wall. The hit man takes his silencer and shoots her in the left breast too. But the angry hubby takes revenge, and finishes her off with a final, deadly shot on the other breast. She writhes in an erotic, yet painful way. Within moments, she dies. That’s the best lesson in fidelity.

Its complicated
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