Choke Chamber – Peeping Tom

Choke Chamber – Peeping Tom

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Numerous reports of home invasions, and attacks on women have been occurring in the quiet neighborhood of Pleasanton. It seemed like just another day for pretty, brunette beauty Portia. While on the phone in her bedroom, she makes plans with her girlfriend. Little does she realize that an uninvited onlooker has been spying on the tube socks wearing vixen. A peeping tom it appears! She senses a presence, and looks toward the window. Nothing there. Within moments, the onlooker has made his way into the house, and now, on top of her! Her subdues her with his strength, as be quickly climbs over her. He chokes her until she loses consciousness. While asleep, he strips her, and plays with her soft body. Merely in slumber, she awakens only to find she is trapped in a horrifying living nightmare. The peeping tom takes her sexy tube socks, and strangles her viciously with them. She dies within minutes. Upon her untimely demise, the killer plays with her corpse, and fondles with her until his heart’s delight. On to the next victim!

Peeping tom
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