Choke Chamber – Realty Bites

Choke Chamber – Realty Bites

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Chelsie portrays a realtor, anxiously awaiting a prospective client for a multi-million dollar property in Beverly Hills. After waiting for over an hour, he calls and tells her he’ll be a half hour late. In the meantime, she decides to walk to the car for her briefcase and get some work done while she waits. On her way back inside the condo, little does she realize some random onlooker has just taken notice of the lovely, brunette beauty. He follows her inside. When she sees the gentleman, she assumes he is the person she’s been waiting for. Gracious, and eager to make that paycheck, she diligently shows the unit. The stranger plays along, and checks her out. Little does the agent realize that the man in front of her is not who he appears to be. Only after receiving an unexpected phone call from the person she’s scheduled to meet, does she understand the situation. She is in deep trouble! Before she can run away, the man blocks her escape, plays cat and mouse, and chases her until she is caught. He knocks her out, and drags her unconscious body to the bedroom to get a more intimate look at what’s underneath the clothing. He caresses, and fondles the beauty, and strips her. Unexpectedly, she awakens only to live a horrifying nightmare that will soon end in her untimely demise. He wraps a tight rope around her soft neck, and squeezes mercilessly. As hard as she tries to persist, his hold is too strong… she dies. Now a corpse, he continues disrobing her, and then exits.

Realty bites
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