Choke Chamber – Sultry Spies

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Choke Chamber – Sultry Spies

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Featuring: Blonde, busty, Girl-Next-Door Vixen “AMANDA MONROE” and Mistress of Distress, Exotic, Asian Beauty “MICHELLE LEE” Plot: After watching one too many assassin flicks, Charlie suddenly falls into a deep slumber, and experiences a realistic dream of his own starring two gorgeous spies with one mission… to win his affections against all odds. Who wouldn’t love a sultry Asian and a feisty blonde fighting over him? Two skilled spies go head to head, and battle to the death despite years of partnership for their desired man. With three alternate endings, one with a femme fatale shootout, a choke and shooting combo, and a double Choke-out thrill, who could resist this erotic film fest.

Fetish Elements:

Ultra sexy death stares, Female vs. Female, Male vs. Female, garrote choke, bare-handed choke, shooting, no blood, muzzle flash, eyes wide, back arching, agony, body writhing and gasping, necro-stripping, nudity, high heel pumps, bare legs, crawling, legs kicking and twitching, shoot out

Sultry Spies

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