[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Country Manners

Country Manners.0023

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Country Manners

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: A young woman’s car runs out of gas because of bad signage. She wanders up to some country folks house to use their phone and finds out that unless you are desperate, don’t mess around in the country. Two brothers receive her as a guest until she says something rude, then it’s all bad from there on out. The two brothers beat her, rape her and take turns tormenting her throughout the day and night. They beat her up and knock her out. They hog tie her, then Billy spanks her with daddy’s belt across the ass, leaving red welts. The brothers then force a large 22 oz. beer bottle in her pussy, then Bubba wakes her up with a face fuck, screwing her mouth raw with lots of drool and spit coming out, gagging her with his large member. He fucks her in her pussy hard, raping her from behind. Billy jerks off and watches, but his brother won’t let him have any, just tells him to get more rope. Well, he comes in after a nap and Billy is messing with his toy, I mean Billy got the last two. He face fucks her some more till he serves her up a tasy facial telling her to suck it, open her mouth and clean it off. After she cleans him off Billy face fucks her then adds to the Glaze, a double facial for her to deal with until they decide what to do. “Well brother, I think it is time to do what you do best, and that magic with the rope.” He knows it means a good long strangle with lots of drool and spittle, he also loves to catch and release, to watch them die slower, and harder. He lets her off the rope for a couple times and she gasps, then after a laugh, he pulls tight again and she drools all over herself. After a long, bloodshot strangle, she dies her last death. Her eyes are blood red from the asphyxia, and her neck is raw from the rope burn. He lets her fall face forward into the rug, then after he checks her out from above, he sits, then checks her ass out, with her hands tied up. Then he kicks her on her side, to see her death stare. They are hungry so they head to grab a bite. Bubba comes back pushes her on her back, and grabs a chunk of her hair for his collection. They leave and we see her crossed eyes and dead stare. Hair fucked up and matted from all the abuse and cum.
Country Manners
Country Manners.wmv

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