Japan Series – Targeted Super Heroine -Tragic Fate Awaited Shuriff Pink- [JMSZ-29]


Japan Series – Targeted Super Heroine -Tragic Fate Awaited Shuriff Pink- [JMSZ-29]

Alternative Names: 狙われたスーパーヒロイン ~シェリフピンクを待ち受ける悲劇の運命~

Categories: Japan, Rape, Bizarre, SuperHeroines, Beating, Snuff Play, Parody, BDSM, Abuse, Bloody Game

Description: Sheriff Pink, she is a Super Heroine to protect the Galaxy. She captures many criminals and send them to the space prison. But one selfish man charges her destiny. There are many brutal criminals and outrageous brother who have bear the grudge against her. They drive her into a corner with the selfish man’s help. Sheriff Pink is tortured by outrageous brother. And Sheriff Pink loses her pride as a Sheriff by outrageous brother…[BAD END]



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