Peachy Keen Films – Grey Panther Films – Girls in Prison

Peachy Keen Films – Grey Panther Films – Girls in Prison

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Producer: Grey Panther Films
Cast: RyAnne Rhodes, Ada Johnson, Felicity Meadows, Candle Boxx, Mallory Paige, Wednesday Harrington, Jaime Leigh, Karen Star, Morris Baer, Savannah Costello, Olivia Glass, Dick Danger, Ruben Lewis, Henry Samuels, Marcus Christensen

Description: Each woman has a different story. Some are innocent victims of circumstance. Others deserve their fate. A gang of tough chicks are on the lam after killing a prison guard and escaping into the wilderness. They hole up in a run-down backwoods hideout, where they change out of those nasty prison clothes and into something a little more trashy. When a snitch is uncovered in their midst, she is dealt with in the only way these violent girls know. As the snitch lays bleeding out on the floor, the remaining girls confront the posse of cops outside. These bad mammas ain’t going quietly. They grab their weapons and go out in a blaze of gunfire!

Girls In Prison1Girls In Prison2

Girls In Prison1.wmv
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