Peachy Keen Films – Marry Me

Peachy Keen Films – Marry Me

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: After some passionate lovemaking, he decides to pop the question. Unfortunately, she does not take him vary seriously, actually laughing at him. His rage silently builds as she acts like its no big deal. He confronts her, but she is still cold and heartless so he does what any emotionally unstable man would do, he shoots her. Stunned–she falls to the side, in agony–begging for help. He renders aid by shooting her three more times in the belly. Then, after some more begging and cries of pain, he plants a bullet in her right breasts. She is weak, but still pleads for her life, her body trembling, her large perfect breasts jiggling–blood oozing out of the wounds. Finally, he shoots her in the other breast — fatally. He looks at his dead girlfriend, touches her now lifeless body, then ends his own life.

Get ready for some excellent acting between Paris and Alan, great special effects, moans, groans and pleas, and most importantly, plenty of pre and postmortem views of Paris’s hot body!!!
Marry Me
Marry Me.avi

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