Peachy Keen Films – Pawn Shop — Micah

Peachy Keen Films – Pawn Shop — Micah

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: Two weeks later, the pawn shop owner cleans his counter with the shirt from the woman he killed back then. Her body, long disposed of. The door opens and a hot girl enter.

She is on her way to spring break, but just looking around. She is traveling alone. Perfect.

He smashed her head against the counter. She stumbles back and falls to the ground. He is on her, covering her mouth with duct tape, zip tieing her, then dragging out through his secret door to his game room.

He rubs her and fondles her. She tries to escape, but that just make him mad and he strangles her unconscious.

Stripped, he suspends her upside down, then explores her young body.

She wakes up when he tries to shove his cock into her mouth. Now she was not about to cooperate at all, so he got a rope and wrapped it around her neck.

Hanging upside down, he pulled the rope tight. She tried to fight, but the blood was rushing to her head, her body jerked and tongue lashed out. The rope dig into the girl neck. She had no chance, but fought to stay alive as long as she could, and it took a while.

As she finally slowed down, he crouched down next to her to watch the last bit of life leave her face–then, he let her swing loosely.

He explored her dead body some more.

Once lowered, he kept her legs in the air for easier access as he fucked her corpse. She was warm and very tight. He came over her big tits, then left the room to wait for new customers.

Pawn Shop -- Micah
Pawn Shop — Micah.wmv

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