Peachy Keen Films – Schoolgirl Snuff Education 3

Peachy Keen Films – Schoolgirl Snuff Education 3

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: 7 dead girls sitting in their desks in a circle. One by one the guys pay attention to each.

Some girls get cocks rubbed on them and use the schoolgirls dead hand to stroke cock. Pussies and tits are rubbed.

Elizabeth gets a cock in her mouth and her pussy rubbed, then later, another cock in her mouth and some more rubbing.

Soleil takes a big cock and ends with cum on her face and tits.

Little Nikki gets some dick in her dead mouth.

Tessa loves cock and gets a mouthful as well as her pussy and tits rubbed.

Later, Brandy is laying on the desk, cock in her mouth. Then she is fucked and even later is fucked while giving a dead blow job. Both cream all over her.

Then Brandy is taken away and replaced by Tessa. She gets the same treatment, ending with loads of cum all over her dead face and pussy.

The boys are spent. They came (literally, the came all over), they saw, they attacked and torment—then they killed every last one. Finally, they fondled and fucked the dead schoolgirls until they were exhausted.

Until next time. Adieu.

Schoolgirl Snuff Education 3
Schoolgirl Snuff Education 3.wmv

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