Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: Hot young Tanner Mayes is fast becoming a porn star as she quickly rises in popularity. See her humble beginnings as we present both part one and part two of Fiendish Tentacles #2 in this remixed re-edited and re-mastered clip with an alternate “game over” ending presented in “Horror Doll” fashion. Tanner is looking for her friend you in the basement when she hears strange sounds coming from the ceiling, she looks up and finds the Alien Sex Fiend with it’s long tentacles snatching her up, she struggles as the excreation from the sticky tentacles get her body all wet and slimey, the tentacles takes of her one piece mini dress that exposes her petite shiney wet body as it starts attacking all of her orifices, soon she becomes air tight as her mouth, pussy and ass gets pumped with the long hard tentacles, the Alien Fiend gets excited and starts showering her body with cum from her ass to her face, thinking it’s over she tries to escape but only this time the tentacles wrap around her neck contricting tightly where she is gasping for air then taps out, now it’s stime for the Alien to feast on her nubile body as it puklls itself down while devouring her into one full meal.



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