Sleazegroin – LEFT 4 HEAD #15 A NEW BEGINNING

Sleazegroin – LEFT 4 HEAD #15 A NEW BEGINNING

Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: Finally! A new clip update of the Left 4 head series and just in time for the Halloween season, this time with more effects, Zombies and a hot new Blowie played by newcomer Lux May. The story starts with Busty Blowie roaming an abandoned city during the day, she encounters a few Zombies and starts shooting her way out as they start to chase her, more Zombies join in and they catch her grabbing her as they pull down her top and grope her breasts then she kicks her way out as she runs some more. She gets caught again and she shoots her way out as they pull and rip her clothes. Finally she finds refuge in a house as she encounters more Zombies, as she pushes and closes the door on them she finally locks herself in a room thinking it’s safe until a Zombie pops out from behind the bed and ravages Blowie by taking off her clothes and making her suck it’s cock, she deep throats and gags on the Zombie cock then the Zombie cums on her face but he’s not finished he continues to mouth fuck her face and takes off her top as he fucks her face until he drops another load in her mouth as she slowly drools it out of her mouth draining the Zombie of energy that it falls to the ground.



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