Sleazegroin – LEFT 4 HEAD #24

Sleazegroin – LEFT 4 HEAD #24

Categories: Aliens, Vore, Cosplay, Nude, Porn Action, Violation, Horror, Parody

Description: Every horror movie needs a shower scene, ever since Hitchcock made Psycho it was almost manditory to have one and finally we got ours with Blowie takes a break, heck she needs one after fighting and blowing zombies all day she is in the safehouse and takes a shower, she soaps herself up and starts rubbing herself all over her body and her pussy but it doesn’t end there it’s only the beginning as she walks to the bedroom and starts rubbing herself even more, she’s getting turned on and the Zombies outside are peeping in getting turned on with her, sorry guys this is a solo show and boy does she get down, she starts rubbing her clit as she pumps her pussy with her other hand going faster and faster until she achieves an orgasm of her own. For those who don’t like cock in their clip this one is for you.


LEFT 4 HEAD 24.flv

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