Categories: RolePlay, Death Fetish, Rape, Russian

Description: Starring – Christine & Syrena

Two girls are trying to take some rest after a long night party…As usual in this case, strong headaches and hangover spoil their day… A friendly neighbour offer himself to help with some casual medecine..which they eagerly accept…But is that neighbour so “friendly”? And are those pills so “casual”?

Soon begins for the two roommates a trip into hallucinations and nightmares, involving violence, horror and erotic desires. In their strangely common dream, they find pleasure, undressing and enjoying themselves being abused and strangled by a half-human, half-monster creature..

Then the “friendly neighbour” suddenly shows up, wearing the minimum but leather gloves…rapes and strangles the roommates till their dead bodies eventually lay down …

What part was their nightmare….what part was reality….as they eventually died for real…they will never be able to tell….

Deadly Hallucinations.mp4

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