Peachy Keen Films – Rude Co-Worker

Peachy Keen Films – Rude Co-Worker

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: Mr. McDaniels has just about had it. He’s having a stressful day, trying to get work done but his coworker, Ivy, is just blabbing on the phone. It’s bad enough that she’s not being productive, but her constant, inane chatter is driving him nuts. When he asks her to be quiet, she is not only rude to him, but steals one of his pencils. That was the last straw. Rising to his feet, a mechanically sharpened, number two pencil gripped white knuckle tight in one hand, he approaches the inconsiderate woman from behind and stabs her in the neck. She stands there, frozen in shock, blood leaking from the perforation just above her collar bone. Another coworker, who had been quiet until now, sits wide-eyed at the sudden outburst of violence. Where once Mr. McDaniels would’ve described her as a work mate, now she’s just a witness, so he plunges the bloody pencil into her eye and deep into her brain.

Ivy is still standing, still bleeding, but blessedly silent for once in her miserable life. Mr. McDaniels guides her to the couch and proceeds to strip her of her clothing. His indecent actions bring the woman around and she tries to resist, but he stabs her again. Driving the sharp writing utensil into her gut, she clutches at the wound, moaning in pain, blood pouring out from around her hands. Again he stabs her, and again, piercing each of her pretty, round boobs. Weak from pain and blood loss, Ivy is helpless to stop her attacker from removing all of her clothing and hate-fucking her brutally, making her last moments hellish torture. Holding her frightened gaze with a look of pure hate, he pounds into her, until, with a triumphant grunt, he explodes deep within her, painting her womb with his seed. He walks off, probably to look for another job, leaving the two corpses on the couch. Ivy, bleeding from multiple stab wounds, abused pussy leaking cum, her naked and used body a testament to her brutal end.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Stabbing, Belly Stab, Boob Stab, Blood, Stripping, Nudity, Violence, Terror, Forced Sex, Cream Pie, Body Play, Body Views, Foot Views.

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