VelvetsFantasies – Staying In And Going Out – With Autumn Bodell

VelvetsFantasies – Staying In And Going Out – With Autumn Bodell

Categories: Death Fetish, SoftCore, Gun Fun, Non Nude, Non Sex, Girls Play, Amazon, RolePlay, F/F

Description: Starring Autumn Bodell

Once again, another new starlet’s biggest wish is to join the roster at Velvet’s Fantasies…and this time it’s none other than the lovely Autumn Bodell! We fade in on SK offering her a glass of wine before the big audition, only to watch her get drowsier and drowsier as SK explains the ground rules. Soon enough, she passes out with a soft sigh, leaving SK the task of bringing her back with some smelling salts. Much to his surprise, Autumn seems to be okay with getting knocked out for real. After all, she KNOWS it’s the best way to guarantee a place at Jacquelyn’s website…so the party begins!

SK does a fantastic job of displaying Autumn’s sharp KO talents and amazing physique, putting her out repeatedly and showing her off via multiple OTS/cradle carries and even some dragging scenarios. Autumn’s long neck and legs arch and stretch as SK displays her limpness, making sure to send her back to dreamland every time she comes to…leading to a final dust-mask game as well as a self-chloro that literally seals Autumn’s deal with Velvet’s Fantasies! SK leaves her on the floor, showing her off for Miss Velvets, and for every fan lucky enough to catch this amazing debut!

This movie contains drugged drink KO, chloroform KO, blackjack KO, sleepy spray KOs, chloroform dust mask KO, self chloroform KO, smelling salts wake ups, over the shoulder carries, cradle carry, OTS into cradle carry, dragging, limp limb manipulation, rag dolling


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