[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Coco Massage Foot Fuck

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Coco Massage Foot Fuck

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Coco is dreaming that a man is massaging her body, as she is in her sleepy dream, the man oils her up, massages every inch of her body, it gives her much sexual pleasure, but when he goes to mount her, he snaps her neck, she falls limp to the floor, so he plays with her, has sex with her dead, oiled up body, then flips her over for some nice ass worship, pussy licking and foot play fetish, with a nice healthy cumshot on her lovely oiled soles. After he finishes, he cleans her up and sets her on the couch for some body pans!!

This is a great Dream! At least for us! There are several views of the necksnap from many angles, and as you know you will never see a hotter, healthier more beautiful woman, dead or alive!!!


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