[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Pantyhose Sleeper Creeper

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[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Pantyhose Sleeper Creeper

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Chris works in the neighborhood where Coco is staying for a month long job. He has been stalking her, and also has a buddy who works at the suites she is residing, so he gets access and waits for her behind the cubby curtain. When Coco arrives she checks her messages after removing her coat and sitting on the bed. She grabs her fresh package of sheer toe pantyhose, slowly gets undressed from her clothes, bra and panties, and sits in the chair to put them on. She slowly and sexily puts on her tight pantyhose, and it shines against her lovely brown skin. She stands up finishing putting on the pantyhose, then struts to the mirror to have a look on both sides. She checks herself out in a pose, then looks at her ass in the pantyhose. She knows what dress she will wear so she heads to the cubby and opens the curtain. She screams when a strange man is there coming at her, he decks her out cold on to the bed. Now he has her all to himself for at least an hour. He checks her out, as he is obsessed. She is so perfect, it is unreal, he feels her all over, checking out her pantyhose covered ass, thighs and hips, perfect skin and feet. He flops her a bit on the bed, checking to see how limp and out cold she is. He checks her face, and her mouth to see her teeth and sexy tongue. He just wants to play with her for a while and leave, she will only remember him as a ghost. He plays more, ragdolling her on the bed and stretching her out, playing with her arms and limbs. He bends and stretches her out in her pantyhose, he loves the sheer toe showing of her sexy soles. He is so obsessed with her and her beauty. He rolls her over and checks out her ass, then on to her back to fondle and squeeze her luscious breasts. She is the only woman for him at this time and he has her for a while. As he flops her head over the bed to stretch out her chest, she starts to come to. Chris panics and she starts to get scared. In an instant he is on the offensive, grabbing her in a headlock from behind, lifting her body off the ground like he was trained to do in the military, she struggles and he is reluctant at first, but when she won’t calm down, or pass out, he gives her a hard jolt, and breaks her neck a couple of times , as she is suspended in air. She goes limp and he lets her to the ground. Catching his breath, and keeping his cool, he lets the body dangle there on the floor and then fall over. He grabs the limp, broken necked babe up and tosses her on to the bed. He can now finish what he came to do, and get some extra, because she will never fight him again. Her eyes are open and tongue barely poking out when he tosses her around on the bed. He plays with her pantyhose clad ass, and fondles her tits more. He plays with her mouth and peeks inside. He picks her up and drapes her arched body over his arms, and the bed. He dangles her a bit from the bed, arms hanging down. He finally gets the urge to have sex with this incredibly hot young woman he has been obsessively stalking so he grabs her close. He doesn’t want to mess up her pantyhose, so he lowers them safely just so he can enter her without messing up her hose. He screws her for a bit, slowly and then gaining speed with his thrusts, her mouth is slightly agape as she jostles to and fro from his fucking motion. He finally cums, and has his fill. He goes to the bathroom to get a wet wipe to clean her up nice before he replaces the pantyhose. He puts them back on perfect so he can enjoy her a bit more as he intended. He is satisfied with the sex, but really loves the hot chick in pantyhose. He positions her around the bed some more making sure she is limp, ragdolling her on the bed some more. As he arches her back picking her up at the small of her back, and positioning her so she looks peaceful, he realizes he should probably leave town. He can get a good jump on the ones who will want to catch up to him. Coco’s sexy body is panned and viewed with all her glory, what a sexy woman.
Pantyhose Sleeper Creeper

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