[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Pool Shark Strangle 7

Pool Shark Strangle 7.0020

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner – Pool Shark Strangle 7

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Description: Our good pal Chris is waiting for this new girl to show up and shoot some stick. He sees her and is wowed by her beauty, class, and style. She comes in and starts to put her cue together, and asks Chris what the stakes are, because the ad he has on Ed’slist is vague. He says, “$100 a game for 8 ball”, she immediately starts to put her cue back in the case and simply states that she is from Vegas and they only shoot for a thousand or more. “This is a huge waste of time for me” she states, and so she packs up and starts to leave. Chris surprises her from behind with a silk stocking, wrapping it around her neck and picking her up off the ground with his initial hoist, he fights with her and she fights back, harder than anyone yet, sh knees him in the chest, slaps, punches, and claws at Chris while he manages to double wrap the garotte, and hold on for dear life. She squirms every which way possible to get away. Chris uses her energy against her, using her fight to help him take her out. A very long battle ensues, moving accross the table and finally getting a good hold on her in the far corner. He pulls so hard he lifts her again and she starts to lock her legs, and muscles, all the while clawing at the nylon, trying to free herself. her tongue sticks way out, and her eyes bug out due to the tightness of the killing strand. After a major bout, and more twitching and bucking, she slowly twitches and fades away to death, letting out the last small gasp of air when she is final.

Chris removes the nylon from her neck, and we see the remnants of a hard fight. Chris gathers himself and then starts to play with the body. He pulls her up by her arms, flopping her around, rolling her on her stomach, then back again. Then he sniffs and kisses her lovely neck before getting ready to fuck with her feet. He moves her around the table, fingers her, plays with her tits, then he decides its time to fuck her feet. He positions her in his favorite pose, being a foot fetishist, he lays her there and rubs her down with coconut oil. He slides his fingers deep into her pussy, as he rubs the oil on her feet, and kisses them to get him hard. After lots of foreplay and foot play he rubs his cock on her feet and fucks them, then busts a huge creamy load on her feet, real time, no cuts, then whips them with his dick before cleaning himself, while he looks at her in the perfect position. After some intimacy with the feet, he cleans her off and flips her back onto her back and positions her to lay there till he is ready to fuck again!
Pool Shark Strangle 7

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