Peachy Keen Films – Death and Diamonds

Peachy Keen Films – Death and Diamonds

Categories: Death Fetish, Necro, Brutal Amazons, Fantasy Snuff, Petra

Description: A gang of tough chicks beat up on a captured thug, trying to get him to tell them where a stash of diamonds are hidden. He won’t talk… and soon his sister and her partner are busting through the door with guns blazing. A hot and sexy gunfight ensues with all of the lethal ladies pumping each other full of lead. Trust us, if you’re a gunfight fan, you DON’T want to miss this one! After a while, the ladies have all gasped their final breaths and only the thug remains. He cuts off each cooling corpse’s clothes and searches the blood-soaked bodies until he finds the diamonds hidden on one of the girls. Bullets, Babes & Blood!

Death and Diamonds

Death and Diamonds.mpg

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