Psycho-Thrillers – The Way She Is Part 2

Psycho-Thrillers – The Way She Is Part 2

Categories: Strangle, Hanging, Rape, Death Fetish, Maniac, RolePlay Snuff

Description: So after she successfully****** Trevor and had sex with his **** body, her stepbrother, Philip walked in on her. He start freaking out to why she ****** his best friend! what’s wrong with you?? Philip screamed She tried to tell her stepbrother that she always want to have *** with him. She told him they are stepbrother and stepsister so there is nothing wrong with it. They are not blood related. She pulls out an old blond wig and told him, she knows what he and Trevor did. She knows all about their secret. Philip gave her a look like he didn’t know what she was talking about, but finally gives and hugs his stepsister to make her relax. All of a sudden both his hands are around her neck. He******* her tight, like a snake on its pray. He through her on bed, next to Trevor, still holding her neck in his hand. His is too powerful for her; she can’t defend herself. She fought for her life, but he over powered her with his strong ***** grip. He watched the life drain from her, not so innocent young body. He stared at her warm *****body laying on bed in front of him, she looked like tasty treat served on silver plater. He never desired his stepsister before, but know he couldn’t resist and wanted to fuck her *****body. He Thought nobody will know, nobody will tell, so he fucked her in various positions and gave her one last good bye by planting his semen inside of her. When he finished he left her body next to Trevor to make it look like they**** each other.


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