The Guillotine – The Anti Anal Law

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The Guillotine – The Anti Anal Law

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Description: Story – The year is 2025 and there is a new president for Europe, who has outlawed anal sex in the EU. Montse, a Spanish activist has been captured and sentenced to death. But before she dies, she is given chance to talk against anal sex and how bad it is. But, she refuses and so she is put to death. But, before she dies, on the guillotine, in an act of defiance, she fingers her ass hole…..before the blade falls. Here is the script. Opening Scene – Montse sitting with hands cuffed behind Her. her interrogator (you – POV) tells her she has been sentenced to death for breaking the EU anti Anal Sex laws. She shows no remorse and just smiles……you ask her if she will speak against anal sex…..she says no…..she loves anal sex and it is everyones right…….you ask, if she has has anal sex…..she says yes…… ask how many times……..she says many, you ask who with….she says many famous people, especially politicians,…you ask if she prefers anal sex to pussy sex….she says she likes both……..stuff like this. Finally, you say, last time, will you speak against anal sex, ……to save yourself and she says no………So….you say…she will be executed by guillotine tomorrow. You ask if she has any last requests…..she asks if you would fuck her one last time in the ass….you say sorry, but you cannot grant that request. Cut next scene, she is at the guillotine room………hands cuffed behind her…… place her on the guillotine and say…..she will have to wait until the official go ahead is given….. As she is on the guillotine face down she pulls up her skirt with her cuffed hands bending her and pulls aside her panties and starts to push he fingers in her asshole (and maybe pussy)…….we see her face in the front camera she is smiling in the face of death….it’s an act of defiance…..maybe she says……fuck the anti anal law! …..we have some minutes of this…..then you say….it;s time and the blade drops and her hands stop and relax…dead. Some good camera pans of her backside / pussy / legs / arse. Finally some good pans of her head on the cushion.

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