[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner (Taboo Cinema) – Agent Druthers Vs Jolene Hexx

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner (Taboo Cinema) – Agent Druthers Vs Jolene Hexx

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Agent Druthers enters her flat dressed in a long, sheer Peignoir, g string, heels and a scarf. She walks to the desk and sits down, she admires the knife for protection and puts it within reach as she starts to type on the computer, sending a message to the director about a possible breach. As she stretches and thinks what to say next, a double agent sneaks up behind her, looking at the knife, but seeing she is wearing a long scarf, so she uses it to strangle her. As she unravels the scarf and uses it like a garrote, wrapping it tight and right as she strangles the special agent. Both asses jugle and shake as the strangle ensues. Agent Druthers fights for her life but can not seem to take control, no matter how much Druthers tries to get away, Jolene follows with a brilliant move and bearing down harder. She grabs both ends of the garrote with one hand freeing the other for fondling and groping. Jolene gets her fill laughing and loving every minute of Druthers demise. After a long strangle where they change positions a few times, Druthers weakens and slowly dies with her ass up and head hanging from the edge of the bed. After making sure Jolene takes her time feeling up and fondling her ass and tits, as well as her crotch. When she has her fill of groping and grinding on the dead agent, she licks the knife clean and takes it with her, taking one last look as she leaves. Agent Druthers lies there dead and her sexy body is panned and viewed from every angle.

I love working with these pros, and wow Jolene Hexx is absolutely stunning and wow, charismatic. Caroline is always looking hot and a wonderful performer. I am so looking forward to Jolene coming to my place next month and getting her naked and…well dead. This is her first ever scene in any type of Erotic Death Fetish.

Agent Druthers Vs Jolene Hexx.mp4

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