[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner (Taboo Cinema) – Grace X Double Exposure

[New, Joint] Chris’ Corner (Taboo Cinema) – Grace X Double Exposure

Categories: Snuff Fetish, Rape, Strangle, Bagging, Shooting, Abused

Description: Grace is on the phone with a very big Mobster, who she has stolen documents from to blackmail him for money. She holds the envelope full of testimonies and pictures, proving he made major hits on another crime family. She wants the money delivered where she wants him to, or she will go to the State’s attorney. After her confident conversation she decides she needs to take a bath and get dressed for her voyage. She heads to the tub, slinking off her silk nighty and bending to fill the tub. As she is filling her bath, Faith walks through the door, calling for Grace, but no answer. Grace’s car is hidden around the block so she thinks she must be out doing shenanigans, hustling for money. She is tired from her job as a high powered defense attorney, she slowly removes her Jacket, then her top, revealing her sexy breasts, and the coffee colored sheer pantyhose she wears. She sits to finish the hosiery and gets undressed to her panties. She looks in the mirror, and then decides to head upstairs to freshen up. When she does she sees an envelope full of information, and she starts to read it. A hitman enters the house, seeing the hose on the floor he grabs them for a strangle of Grace. He looks at the picture he has printed of Grace, and heads up the steps. He identifies who he thinks is Grace, but it is Faith. He quickly takes her from behind with one leg of the pantyhose. He yards hard on her standing above her strangling her as she fights for her life. She slaps and gags as he pulls her and holds her up to him by the hose. She tries to get air but just bugs her eyes and tongue comes way out. She fights the whole way but he is a pro, as he makes sure she is dead, hanging there limp eyes wide open, he lets her drop face first into the bed. He inspects her body and gets her panties off so he can fuck her; warm, dead, hot, body. He starts to loosen his drawers when he hears a faint moaning coming from below, could it be another woman in the house?

He grabs his photo, looking at the woman on the bed, “That’s her”. He heads to the noise which is coming from the far bathroom. It is a woman masturbating, getting louder and louder with every step, and as he looks at the photo, she starts to climax, throwing her head back far enough for him to see that she is a twin, and THIS must be Grace. He takes the pantyhose he removed from Faith’s neck and wraps it quickly around Grace’s neck. She goes nuts, thrashing about in the tub, soaps and bottles flying about, and water flooding out of the tub with her thrashing. He pulls her hard bracing his feet on the outside of the tub. He pulls hard and she goes crazy, he gets a bit closer to take more control, he is soaked and wants to kill her good. He pulls harder, choking the woman harder and harder as she convulses, her feet flopping out of the tub. She fights but loses a long battle, her last twitches leave her with a blank stare as she passes. He lifts her head up like a rag-doll, grabbing the garotte from her neck to sign his name to the hit. He heads back up the steps, leaving Grace in the tub for later. He has a dry one upstairs, and heads up, tying the panty hose leg to her neck and leaving it. He is horny so he fucks the dead body of Faith in the bed, several ways until he finishes, grabs the documents, and leaves. He definitely got Grace this time! And got to do her sister as well! Maybe he will get paid extra!? Both sexy bodies are viewed and panned, one on the bed, and one in the tub! Now That Is Double Exposure!

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