Peachy Keen Films – Toxic Fix

Peachy Keen Films – Toxic Fix

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Rape, Bagging

Description: NOTE: An intense poisoning, emulating thy style of the famous scene from GOT.

Two spies have slept together. In the morning, she wakes up. It was a night of drug use and sex. Maybe a mistake. She does not know, but she has to leave for assignment. She wants to sneak out and avoid eye contact.

He wakes up. Sees her. They embrace, kiss. She must go. He lets her with an odd look on his face—like he is waiting for something to happen.

She finished dresses. He counts to himself–knowing she can’s resists. He is right. She stops, sees the drugs and she needs just one more hit—just a little push to get her morning started. She takes her jacket off, ties her arm and injects. He smiles in the background. It is done.

She feels odd–not in a good way. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong. Maybe a drink of water—conveniently on the shelf. The activator. It gets worse. She collapse on the bed, rolls off. There is a moment when she looks at him, asking for help. He sits calmly her. She knows she will be dead soon.

The poison worked fast. Filling up her lungs….burning. Her throat swelling. Her face begins to turn red. She claws at her throat, arches her back. It is agonizing. Her face darkens more, takes on a purple tint. She pees.

Now the poison is done. Her body is just finishing the dying part. All her organs are breaking down. Her throat full of fluid that now foams out her mouth. The reminiscent of the toxicity leaving her body as she finally turns her head, eyes wide, face moist and purple—and dies.

He gets up, puts on gloves and searches her. Rolling her he eventually finds what he is looking for. Job almost done. She was a good fuck but not so good of agent. Should would have failed eventually—this was just some pruning. He will not miss her. He takes the proof photo, then gets her into the body back and drags her out.

Fetish Elements: Kissing, Drugs, Poisoning, Purple Face, Bladder Release, Foam, Body Search, Body Bag, Body Views.

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