Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Milk With Blood

Crime House (aka Dark Rooms) – Milk With Blood

Categories: Strangle, Death Fetish, Snuff Play, Shooting, Abuse, Gun Fun, Bagging, Nude Sexy

Description: Starring: Hass amd Nata


Fetish elements: shooting into the chest, much *****, shot while drinking milk, milk from hole in her neck with *****, headshot, dead face to the cake, classic shooting to the heart with long agony, carrying dead body, death stares


Young lady from poor class with low culture is married with rich old man. She is sitting at her living room with ultra short sexy dress and with hairdress from 1980-s. She is eating a cake greedily and drinking milk. Suddenly her young ex-lover came o the room. He said he needs money and asks her tfor help. But she’s too rude with him. Young man shot her by gun to the chest and to the neck and fresh milk streamed out with *****. He shot her in her head and she failed down straight to the cake.

Suddenly a young maid came. She heard a noise. The murder shot her to her heart. She was surprised and died with an agony and face full of tragedy and pain. He carried her to the dead «lady» and put her face to the cake too.


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